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Lynne EwartI'm Lynne Ewart ,a busy Scots astrologer, who loves writing about astrology in action. I write for the Scottish Sunday Mail, for YOURS magazine, and for No 1 Magazine, as well as providing web content and audio services for various national and international publications. I'm also a wife ( to an artist and woodsculptor) and a mum of two great kids, with three gorgeous grandbabies, and while age is a plus to any astrologer, as the subject takes a lifetime to study, well, yes..I did start young! I was a mum as I turned 19, and an astrologer since I was 22. I plan to be doing this for as long as I am here on planet Earth, as it's my passion and simply, my path in life.


Lynne Ewart, Sunday Mail astrologer ,was first astrologer for  sister paper,  Scottish Daily Record, over 18 years, and also is astrologer for No 1 Magazine in Scotland, (  and astrologer for the hugely successful YOURS magazine (, and provides audio and web content for various publications both national and international.

She currently writes and records horoscopes for around 4 million readers. She's also an experienced radio presenter, and has a first class reputation as a reliable media personality.

Lynne is available for freelance feature work, and can, of course supply horoscope columns, along with the full range of today's technological add on services.

Corporate functions are a speciality,and always over subscribed, such is the interest generated in the subject matter which is presented in an intelligent and entertaining style.Email for more details.


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