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Hallo from the West coast of beautiful Scotland, where we enjoy all of the seasons, sometimes in the same day! I'm Lynne Ewart and I absolutely LOVE working with and writing about astrology. It's simply what I came to this planet to do! 

 I am so very fortunate to be writing for the magnificent, top of the red tops here in Scotland, the Sunday Mail and for thoughly good read,  very absorbing Yours Magazine as well as for the uniquely Scottish No.1 Magazine, a  celeb, fashion and feature packed glossy serving us women!

Here, you have the opportunity to read a little about your week ahead, about what the cosmos is doing in general at the moment. You can also click on Tarot Readings for a free three card reading, using a method created by myself. People write to me constantly about how much they enjoy these readings. Revenue from the weekly horoscope lines fund  this website.                     


Hear Lynne's recorded forecasts for you for Your Week ahead (weekly RECORDED HOROSCOPE LINE is updated at midnight every Friday (please note, to comply with another contractual requirement, my free of charge written forecasts are now updated each MONDAY)) by calling 09044 7057__ followed by the two digits for your sign which are For ARIES 00 , TAURUS 01, GEMINI 02, CANCER 03, LEO 04, VIRGO 05, LIBRA 06, SCORPIO 07, SAGITTARIUS 08, CAPRICORN 09, AQUARIUS 10 , and for PISCES it's 11

There is a month by month forecast on the Year ahead horoscope lines here..so PLEASE have pen and pad ready before you call, to make some notes. Thankyou to all my readers and callers for keeping me busy. Much appreciated, always X
Calls cost 66p per minute from a BT landline. Calls from other operators and mobiles may vary. Weekly readings last approx five minutes, monthly readings approx nine minutes, year ahead readings approx 13 minutes. For entertainment purposes only. Users must be over 18. Service provider: Spoke. Customer services helpline: 0845 270 8302 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

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Reading Responses:

"Everything you said has happened..including the troublesome relationship issue, so i am looking forward to the sunshine coming back as and when you said it would, too! Thanks Lynne, you helped me get through this 2012 annus horribilis!"  Jenna, Libra. London.

AC of Glasgow "You said  that this November I'd be doing some television work  Guess what?..I am!"
Lorna " finally after a very long time, we sold our house, as you said we would"
Claire "I got the job you predicted in the Sunday Mail Cosmic Postbag last week!"         Shayne Ward to Beverly Lyons of the Daily Record " Lynne is spot on"..(March 10th 2011)
Facebook post from my fabulous pal   " Russell Grant Can I just tell you everyone that one of my dear friends on here is astrologer Lynne Ewart. I tell you this wonderful lass is one of the most gifted and brilliant people in my profession there is. I adore her so much - love you (overflowing with Libra rising adoration) Lynne xxxx "  

[Thank you, so much, the feeling is mutual Russell!]

You can email a question to lynne@sundaymail.co.uk for inclusion in my weekly cosmic postbag, if you are able to access the Sunday Mail newspaper, then yours might be the featured reader letter. Do include date, time (from birth certificate if you are a Scot) and town of birth for yourself and anyone else who's involved in the question you're asking!

My website is funded by calls made to my horoscope lines, which enable me to offer the free content here, such as my unique and incredibly popular Tarot Readings (all my own work, shaped by webmaster Andrew Ewart and designer Catherine Lawson)

Click the Amazon button to the right to go through to your own Amazon account and we get a small commission on purchases which also helps to fund the site, thankyou!





Personal Readings

Personal Audio readings are £48 for approximately 30 mins of assessment of your horoscope, current issues and an AstroTarot forecast, combining the discipline and principles of astrology with the more intuitive flow of Tarot. I've trained as an astrologer, and have worked with Tarot alongside, for over 25yrs. I only do a few readings at a time, around four times a year, so please email me on lynne.ewart@sky.com to check if there's a slot free, before making any payment.

Those who get the Sunday Mail in Scotland can always send me an email  to be added to the list for a free reader reply in the paper, with date time and town of birth to lynne@sundaymail.co.uk or write to Cosmic Postbag, Sunday Mail, Central Quay, Glasgow  with your question and birth info.

Psychic Readings

For an immediate one to one consultation with a clairvoyant or medium,   Live Psychic Readings


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I'm currently reading: Santa Montefiore: The French Gardener.. I love Santa's beautiful narrative and gentle descriptions of glorious surroundings. She has such wisdom and insight into human nature and into the complexity of emotion..

Tarot Readings

FREE for site members  and easy to use! Check out my unique Tarot system to cast your own card reading! Your feedback is constantly delightful, thankyou!

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