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Hey there, thank you for stopping by!  I hope you might find something helpful or insightful on here.

Click on  Horoscopes to read your weekly forecast and you'll see the number to call to hear me talk about what's going on in the cosmos for you, weekly, monthly and of course, in depth 2021 forecasts.

Hear about what's ahead on my annual, monthly and weekly recorded horoscope lines for you. Click on your sign and the number for you to call will be there and you might like to get pen and paper ready before you call. I absolutely LOVE doing this and the feedback over these last 20yrs or so that I've provided this audio service is heartwarming.

(Charges apply of course -   65p per min  (ROI  €0.97per min) plus network access charge. Operator is Spoke and Customer Helpline is 0333 202 3390.)

My free Tarot Readings are very popular, and I'm so glad they seem to prove so helpful. We're changing the site so that tarot will be accessible for all, late December 2020.

Meantime,  I wish you the very best  and hope you'll continue to visit the site!

Lynne Ewart

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My website is funded by calls made to my horoscope lines, which enable me to offer the free content here, such as my unique and incredibly popular Tarot Readings.

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Personal Readings

Lynne Ewart’s Personal Audio readings,( transmitted to you by mp3 on email) are occasionally available but not right now, due to writing commitments.

If you would like to be wait listed, then email on  [email protected] 


Psychic Readings

Not currently available.


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Tarot Readings

FREE   and easy to use! Check out my unique Tarot system to cast your own card reading! Your feedback is constantly delightful, thankyou!

Online, in an instant, just for you!

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