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Astrology is amazing..

Right now  the expansive, make it large planet Jupiter just arrived to spend  a year in Scorpio, the deepest of water signs. Jupiter is linked to performances, both on the theatrical stage and on any platform of persuasion, so politics too. It's also a planet that can hype everything up.

Scorpio is the sign of transition, metamorphasis, sex, death, conception, birth and rebirth. It's also a sign of deep research and investigation, of forensics, probing analysis and surgeries that get to the very core of a situation/problem. It's about deep resourcefulness and survival instincts, about financial matters that connect to insurances, investments, inheritances, to the tally of what's  "due" at many levels. When we delve into Scorpio land, we are daring to go deep and deal with what we find, and inevitably there's  murky stuff surfacing, but also if you probe deeper, there are amazing medical/ scientific breakthroughs reported and  great stories of human kindness through tough times. Scorpio is the sign that'll pull all of the stops out to make things happen. This new Jupiter phase is one to pull your own stops out and go that extra mile to transform, rebirth, be the best we can be.

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Lynne Ewart’s Personal Audio readings,( transmitted to you by mp3 on email) are once again available this autumn.

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The fee is £50  payable either through BACS  or by PayPal 

Your Date, Time and Town of birth is required along with any information you choose to share in relation to your request for a reading.  


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