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Tarot can be awesome, especially if you can calm your thoughts and really focus on the question you'd like to have answered before you click on the button to select your three cards of Past, Present and Future.
Sometimes when life feels a bit daunting, you just need a wee lift, and it seems, from your emails,  that my instant Tarot can indeed, often be of help. The system I use is unique, with a special, very personal coded input from myself. What you shouldn't do though is just keep casually flicking over new cards... playing with Tarot rather than sincerely seeking focused guidance. If you do that, you'll be missing the point.

The wisdom of Tarot is that it gives you something in response to your sincere request for guidance.  It's okay to just ask Tarot to guide you, rather than one specific question, but you mustn't repeat your question. You can reform it though and ask from another angle. Respect Tarot, and it will reward you with insights which may well prove surprisingly helpful and accurate. Good luck!

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Personal Audio readings are £50 for approximately 30 mins of assessment of your horoscope, current issues and an AstroTarot forecast, combining the discipline and principles of astrology with the more intuitive flow of Tarot. I've trained as an astrologer, and have worked with Tarot alongside, for over 25yrs. I only do a few readings at a time, around four times a year, so please email me on to check if there's a slot free, before making any payment.


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For an immediate one to one consultation with a clairvoyant or medium,   Live Psychic Readings

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FREE for site members  and easy to use! Check out my unique Tarot system to cast your own card reading! Your feedback is constantly delightful, thankyou!

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