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2021 Your Year Ahead from Lynne Ewart


The message of the cosmos is about making adjustments. It’s a year of a triple square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.  And yes, if you are born under those signs, it’s more personal, but these energies impact on us all, via the battle between what used to work fine for us and what we feel we aren’t being given much choice about, making changes.

What’s happening now is about societal shifts. Think back to before the internet was available to all, to a time before mobile phones which then started using the internet, about communications which have altered SO much. Texting instead of chatting on the phone, Face timing by choice, now a life/ business saver, how they have completely shifted our connections with one another, the quality and very personality of our interactions, already distancing us.   It’s time perhaps to take stock and reset if needs be.

Thanks to this horrendous pandemic, (something with which that other rare planetary alignment in January 2020 has historically been associated with, but which also heralded the breakdown and rebuilding of so many of our structures), technology and communications are once again at a thrusting forward point in time.  Space missions are buzzing with the Moon in their sights once more.

This time last year I wrote about the changes coming, and about massive leaps with science.  Jupiter and Saturn just aligned, too, on December 21st marking the start of a massively important global cycle.  Technology, science,  community, all subject to the magnification of what we need to do to create what will strengthen us for the longer term. 

New humanitarian style leadership is a big theme, but all leadership requires weighted compromises, not all of which pleases everyone.

Science is a vital area for investment and we need to encourage and nurture our children’s bright minds to focus less on the assumption that what we own or how we look is our net value as humans. What we contribute and how we share is way more important, for the health of the planet. This is such a key year for positive innovation, for upcycling, for repurposing, for team and community efforts. It’s a year of adjustments, of transition. There’s never been a better time for sharing, caring, being the best version of ourselves.  Marrying the best of the old with the best of the new, going back to grassroots and using new understanding to make essentially excellent, maybe previously considered outdated ideas work in new ways, could bring a whole new set of success storied. Dig deep, look back and learn and see how you might use that knowledge in a different format, to get the best of the challenging aspects of this  new era.

Wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity for the coming year.

With love,

Lynne X


ARIES  This will be a year of openings, a time of great potential for you to rise above circumstances and situations which in the past have held you back, or had you feeling you shouldn’t push yourself forward.

It already began in 2020, this new personal era, probably thanks to the reset that’s been happening for everyone, along with that long retro phase of Mars in Aries since summer.

You’ve probably learned more about yourself, your inner strengths, than ever before.  Now you are beginning to value yourself in a different, brighter way. Yes that could come about through falling in love, with a soul mate, with a new baby, with LIFE itself.  You’re more vibrant, on top of what in the past has weighed you down.

Your year shows at least one announcement of a celebration, notably around your birthday month, when there’s a success connected to precious ambitions, family, career and property.

House moves and family ties are intertwined in a promising way, and a passport or official document that features in March could be used with smiles in June.

Financially  it looks as though you’ll be fine, with the possibility of a new or revitalised string to your bow. July may be slower going, with something you have to wait a few weeks for.  Creative and caring, community connections could feature in your work.

The eclipses for 2021, where you’re sweeping away the past, ushering in the new, form across areas of your chart that  connect to siblings, to neighbours and to communications, education and travel.

2021 has tough challenges, that much we all know, but you seem to ride any rough patches, with finesse, and to find more to be pleased about, especially in the first half of the year, than perhaps you might expect right now.   

To hear me chat more about your year ahead Call   09044 705700   65P per min  (ROI 1550787001  €0.97per min)



TAURUS   Life as you know it has shifted track so much, of late, with Uranus the awakener, the swift game changer planet in Taurus for a long visit, and now this is intensified by Jupiter and Saturn at the peak of your chart, sending showers of  “time for a change” sparks across your path.

 You may find yourself unexpectedly rising to prominence now, perhaps heading up a business or becoming a team leader, or you could be about to change direction completely and surprise everyone.

Some Taureans will have a status change this year, maybe tie the knot after years of planning to. You could buy a new property or decide to swap town for country or vice versa. Your career could take you into a new training chapter, and the digital world will inevitably feature more.

Quite a lot of Taureans, especially those born could unexpectedly become parents/grandparents/great grandparents.  It’s that kind of year. There’s a real sense of “expect surprises to be sprung when least likely” around you right from the start of 2021, with April/May, July and October showing glad tidings.

Expect to get fired up and probably super busy this January as Mars begins a journey across Taurus that he repeats every couple of years,. It looks like a hectic time, with  a decision you’ve been pondering that may well actually make itself . Men in your life are prominent with their plans, and machinery could need replaced. Everything seems faster paced for a time.

You’re making choices about “quality of life” this year, which may see you deep in thought at times about what you really need and what you don’t. All in, it’s a streamlining year that could feature a crunch point or two that has the effect of setting you on a firmer footing.   To hear me chat more about your year ahead Call   09044 705701  65P per min  (ROI 1550787002  €0.97per min)


GEMINI  2021 might begin with you champing at the bit, dealing with pressures around a transitional phase at work or perhaps in a more personal sense. It could be that you are “betwixt and between” with your hands tied over certain matters, yet doors are indeed set to start opening on a chapter that you very much want to see unfolding, probably increasingly so from March, when go getting Mars arrives in Gemini, popping you into that driving seat at last, with something made official in April/May that leads to not one but two positive shifts in late summer, autumn, possibly affecting you and a close “other”.

There may be decisions taken about streamlining, detoxing, or  perhaps tackling something that’s been a bit like the “elephant in the room” , for years. Something that’s been pushed aside, which once seriously addressed, could leave you in a stronger position than you ever expected it to.

 Sometimes fear of the unknown can prevent us from triumphing. Time to have faith in your ability to transcend, to achieve maybe more than you dared hope for. And what you are “held back” from doing, or what takes quite a while to happen, has great potential to bring you reasons to be glad of that delay.

Career wise, you might step into someone else’s shoes temporarily, but by the time you are in a position to fill them fully, there may have been some sweeping changes that actually suit you better, and your message there is not to feel you need to force changes which are on the way anyway. May and September are months when your personal world looks livelier, with the possibility that late September/October could see the return of a familiar face or the arrival of something you’ve awaited for about a year. To hear me chat more about your year ahead  Call  09044 705702   65P per min  (ROI 1550787003  €0.97per min)


CANCER  Mostly it looks as though 2021 will feel simpler, after that fierce three year phase where Saturn and Pluto tested you sorely, a bit like putting petrol into a diesel engine,  creating all sorts of havoc.

The cosmos brings a swift paced phase from early January where it could feel as though you have to leap fast to make the most of opportunities that may not come again.  Except, they very likely will, maybe even better second time around,  so don’t assume too much if some plans don’t initially pan out. 

 Although you can achieve plenty, ideally as part of a group or team,  it’s very much a year of transition, with work, wellbeing and surroundings likely to be focal points. There are unexpected financial and morale boosts along with friendships that might have a business angle. Moments too, where you get a chance to flex those clipped wings. Late May, early June is a good time to recharge batteries and be away from the usual demands, ideally being on or by your natural element of water!

There could be a phase over May/June where it’s worthwhile to listen, learn, plan and prepare for a potentially rewarding and productive phase, which looks set to manifest from 10th -29th July, a period that favours partnerships and big team efforts. Also make note of the period of 18th-20th October, which is highlighted for career, property and family success.  Your title or address may alter, in a beneficial way, come the autumn.

Relationships  might be a bit unsettled now and then by external matters, such as one half of a couple being distracted by work or other ties, but November begins a four month phase of strengthening the bonds that mean most, and for some, finally getting around to making longer term plans. To hear me chat more about your year ahead Call  09044 705703   65P per min  (ROI 1550787004  €0.97per min)

LEO  There’s a significant cosmic shift that should see an easing of the heavier atmosphere that’s perhaps been dragging you down physically or hemming you in workwise. Jupiter opens doors, getting you out into fresh air after being cooped up with the windows closed for too long for your liking.

It’s a year of opportunities to collaborate and to get involved with community and other partnerships, a time when you may surprise others with the path you decide to take. Career options might come up out of the blue, maybe requiring you to rethink previous plans and to reshuffle other commitments and obligations. Something you thought was dead in the water turns out to have been just paused.

March is a significant “let it go” time, when you’re really aware that a certain challenging chapter is now in the past, and over April/May you feel you’re clear of what feels like quite a lengthy phase of adjustment, possibly going back four or five years,  but from then on in it seems as though you’re more on top of a whole lot of situations which have been on top of you.

Money matters are easier to work with from April, and there may be an agreement or contract firmed up that’ll connect March and September.

Solo Leos may find that a connection made via a work or skill linked event in June develops into something deeper over the summer. It’s a year when people who come into your life have a way of enriching and teaching you more about your own potential. Personal life is strengthened over 2021, despite those times where it will feel as though you’re in something of a whirlwind. Strong pairings will ride the rollercoasters and you could find, maybe surprisingly, that new vistas suit you just fine.  To hear me chat more about your year ahead   Call  09044 705704   65P per min  (ROI 1550787005  €0.97per min)

VIRGO  The theme of this last year has in some sense been about waking up to who you truly are,  as opposed to who you felt expected to be, realising what you are capable of, ( a LOT!) and rebuilding aspects of your life in new ways. The warmth of friendship has been a gift, and this is leading you now to some interesting new chapters. From what could perhaps be described as birthing pains will come gains.

There is tremendous focus on community and on skills, maybe on newly acquired qualifications and recognised talent, and on your environment. Reminders that who you are at the very core is exactly right for the challenges of tomorrow’s world. Some Virgoans will become more politically active, with added focus on health and ecology.

Jupiter and Saturn are suggesting a home based busines or working environment, and you could be in a team or partner set up, doing well. Is there something you and a partner have talked about doing that could encompass a particular long cherished aim/vision and maybe a particular location? 

2021 is a transition year for us all, but for you there are fertile prospects that link to you being so true to you, being in the right place, right time, right company, and shining. You’re shedding layers of the past, with the current eclipse pathways opening new doors, thanks to what you’ve perhaps gradually, finally been letting go of that hasn’t panned out as planned, Sometimes gifts come disguised.

This is a rebirthing chapter, and from May onwards, there will be more wind beneath your wings, perhaps a new role coming that fits you like a glove. Personal life has a real shine around it. Something or someone is lighting you up this summer.  December heralds a busy domestic chapter.  To hear me chat more about your year ahead  Call  09044 705705   65P per min  (ROI 1550787006  €0.97per min)

LIBRA    At the core of your chart has been a break down and rebuild aspect with links to 1982 and 2001. Some will have recall of those times, some may not be old enough!  You might have literally  had things to renew or fix of late, and family life may have changed shape.  It’s not been a simple time, but it’s a learning curve that can strengthen you deeply and when you look back, a few years’ from now, you’ll be impressed by all you’ve done.

Now comes a two year chapter that reminds you of  a time of personal commitments over 1991-4 with echoes of what was fruitful  in 2009/10, as Saturn and Jupiter visit your horoscope house of love, kids and personal happiness. It could be quite a big year for love, and for a loved one who could have an achievement, an announcement to make that makes you proud. If you are a parent, watch for a youngster blossoming this autumn, finding their way, succeeding.

Your own ambitions, personal or professional, have an air of adventurousness around them. Confidence will rise. Hobbies could move up a gear, and you might learn more or teach.  There could be a work contract that gets underway in the autumn, or a booking made that will first be discussed right at the start of 2021, then bears fruit around mid- October/November, when a lot of uncertainties will be easing off. Look out, too for a real lifting of  what’s been an ongoing tricky phase for a significant “other” with April and July marking turning points.

2021 is still shaky for us all, that’s in no doubt, but actually, looking at your chart for the coming year, it seems that the tide is beginning to turn your way, more obviously so from October.  To hear me chat more about your year ahead   Call  09044 705706   65P per min  (ROI 1550787007  €0.97per min)


SCORPIO  This could be your most important building chapter in years, a time of priority resets, and of creating something you perhaps visualised or  started working towards, planning for years ago, for some, maybe even as far back as two decades ago.  There’s a tussle going on between “hold steady, keep everything as it is” Saturn and “lets shake this whole scene up” planet Uranus.  Which means that having a back up plan and also being willing to step into the shoes of others could be your secret to success in every area of life.

We’re meeting cosmic traffic lights, and the best way of describing what your message for the coming year is, may be this. Imagine you are rebuilding a house, but you need to live there, too. You have to think ahead, plan and do it in stages. Traffic lights are there for a reason, give us thinking time too, to be surer about the route we’re taking. Plan wisely, making adjustments along the way where it makes sense to, and your end result should be worth it. 

What is finalised in April seems significant for a partnership, maybe marking the end of a certain involvement, followed by some deeper reflection over May and a reset in June, when a solar eclipse tugs finances to the fore and the beginning of a pretty dynamic phase where so many plans should start to come together.  Mid May also brings the first hint of what’s opening up for you personally, highlighting a special plan that’ll link to  Feb/March 2022

 Don’t discount the idea of a change of or to your base this year, with November handing you more personal power and upping your passions, showing a door opening, and possibly a boost to security through something that’s been “building up”.    To hear me chat more about your year ahead Call  09044 705707   65P per min  (ROI 1550787008  €0.97per min)

SAGITTARIUS  The words “window of opportunity” often act like a key turning in an ignition for you, and there will be times where you go leaping to grab a chance to do what you’re itching to. You are often first out of the gate, but might benefit from stepping back and thinking ahead, so bear that in mind, especially mid-January when crazy Uranus aligns with Mars, egged on by Jupiter your adventurous ruler. Just a few beats of thinking ahead could make a difference.

2021 themes are of communications, teaching, training, negotiation and of community connections. An effort you make in March, with a genuinely open and caring attitude, could put you in exactly the position you long for by the year end.. New ventures will widen your horizons, and home improvements, extensions, additions could happen, too. One cherished project will happen in three stages.

The period from mid-May to later in June shows a period where you’re fast off the mark, ready to organise and then take a repeated journey, although July might bring a wait. Watch for someone dragging their heels while you’re champing at the bit though!

With the eclipse path proving pretty personal it’ll feel increasingly important to live your own best life, and you will buck against anyone or anything that seems to clash with what you need. Indeed, as December’s total eclipse in your sign is followed by the arrival of passionate Mars, partners who are fairly flexible will fare best on your team!

A long awaited refund or rebate could turn up just when you least expected it this autumn, with 18th October underlined as an important point for going forward with many aims. Some Sagittarians will have a new job or a boost to income as we head into the end of 2021. To hear me chat more about your year ahead  Call  09044 705708   65P per min  (ROI 1550787009  €0.97per min)

CAPRICORN    As your ruler planet Saturn has  just moved from Capricorn to his next port of call in Aquarius, now meeting a challenge aspect with all change Uranus, it’s as though one task is complete and another awaits.

You’re presenting a stronger  “you”, stepping more confidently out of old shadows, using hard won knowledge and expertise, to build something new that’s about your value, your “fitness” to succeed.

If you are an athlete, this would be about training in new ways, and if you are in business, it’s about working with what you have, not focusing too much on what isn’t possible. Seeing opportunities in adversity, turning any disadvantage into a success story, seeing a spoiled sponge and making a fabulous trifle. That’s a real Capricorn gift.

Friends, kids, creative or leisure and pleasure enterprises bring crazy hectic times, right from the start of 2021. You could be drawn to foster parenting, or to something else that reflects an interest in understanding others.  Capricorns often succeed in this world as a result of a quiet ability to assess both people and situations, and this year those traits are more important, for some via a career path.  Finances show a time of key choices, decisions about streamlining or revamping, with signs around midsummer that your canny instincts are paying off.

In personal life, with Uranus acting like a lightning conductor, life can be a rollercoaster, but as Venus, the love goddess will be in Capricorn way longer than usual, firstly all through January and then from November until February 2022, love isn’t lacking.

February marks a breakthrough time, and there’s a blossoming coming, with more personal scope, notably over early summer, with choices, plans, efforts that are destined to lead you to a door opening new chapter, beginning as this year ends.  To hear me chat more about your year ahead Call  09044 705709   65P per min  (ROI 1550787010  €0.97per min)

AQUARIUS    Within the soul of an Aquarian there beats the heart of a far sighted soul who so often sees the way ahead long before others, because you step back, climb higher and get that overview, rather than running with the herd.  And with Jupiter and Saturn travelling in Aquarius, you are in your element. Indeed you may have already manoeuvred yourself into being in the right place to make the best of what this new era is bringing. 

You should do well in 2021, increasingly so as you get clear of a waiting period and possibly of something that’s got to be fixed, straightened out or cleared away. Your new year point is 11th February, marking the start of the Chinese year of the Ox. Hard work will pay off, and for you it may be efforts you’ve long since made.

Emotionally, Saturn is strengthening good ties, clearing the decks where a connection is over. Romance sparkles in March, with rekindled flames over summer, for some leading to happy baby news,  or another sort of warm celebration this autumn.

Contracts feature for you or someone close in May, when something begins that links to a time of fruition coming late August, possibly thanks to what doesn’t happen as expected in July. There’s a blue Moon coming as August ends, so reserve judgement in July, be philosophical, and watch for a second chance that’s better than the first would have been had it panned out. 

Financially you may decide to restructure, maybe sell what’s no longer relevant, decluttering. A move may be underway or a modernisation process. Saturn in a sparking aspect with Uranus, your ruler encourages you to be prepared to shake things up, to strip things back as Jupiter definitely wants you to feel fulfilled, lighter, happier and freer.

   To hear me chat more about your year ahead Call  09044 705710   65P per min  (ROI 1550787011  €0.97per min)

PISCES  You are on the brink of a breakthrough that feels as if it’s been long needed, a bit like a phoenix escaping from the confines of what’s become an increasingly tight shell, yet it has taken flames to prompt this to happen.

So, whether in an obvious or quieter way, the changes you are making or experiencing are destined to lead to a deeper sense of inner wellbeing. So do not fear the process. Indeed you may be pleasantly surprised by unexpected support in January, when regular routines could be nudged in a different direction.

Between February and June, there’s an ongoing process of adjustment, perhaps linked to improvements that focus on your physical self, surroundings and skills. June turns an important corner when you find a certain “answer” that proves liberating, or finally feel ready to press on with what’s been held back for one reason or another. Someone close does very well this summer, to your delight.

Jupiter and Saturn’s shifts bring a deepening interest in subjects that you might decide to study further, and perhaps the opportunity to work in a behind the scenes capacity, with the focus on bringing understanding or help to others. You are at your best when you feel a sense of connection with others that allows you to be your best, compassionate self, but which also gives you the quieter time and space you need. A voluntary role will fit that bill for some, too. You will literally shine in the second half of 2021, coming more into your own on every level.  Financially, something new is ahead, with what may be given up being replaced with a plan that you suits you better. You won’t starve, and you might as the year closes, be even more content than you thought likely.   To hear me chat more about your year ahead  Call  09044 705711   65P per min  (ROI 1550787012  €0.97per min)

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Your YEAR AHEAD 2020  from Lynne Ewart

2020 is a year of transition, with two major planetary alignments, one already in effect between serious Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, associated with those in power, suggesting the breaking down of old structures, and much rebuilding, but then in December comes an entirely different vibe with a conjunction in the logic seeking ,humanitarian sign of Aquarius , between Jupiter and Saturn, that last occurred over a period spanning 600-800years ago. Astrologers across the globe are watching this one. The song “Imagine” springs to mind. December will be a landmark month of significant, all change events. I think we are on the cusp of a time of incredible, encouraging, scientific breakthroughs, with mind-blowing technological advancements coming up. Wishing you and yours the best of health, happiness and prosperity for 2020, with love,

Lynne x



 Emma Thompson  Andy Whyment  Nicky Campbell  Ben Hanlin  Reese Witherspoon  Diana Ross

LIFE   With three outer planets alongside the Capricorn Sun as 2020 begins, this is highlighting the shape of things to come around duties and caretaking, your status and your worldly reputation.

There’s tremendous cosmic focus on the part of your chart that’s  about what you’re reaching for, your ambitions in life and your most pressing goals, as well as about what you feel is expected of you, too, perhaps at work or by family, and this is a year where you are being given planetary support and yes, at times pressure, too, to be true to yourself, maybe in a way that you haven’t felt ready to or able to of late.

You’re aware of the need to dance to the tune of whoever pays the piper, but rulebooks can work for you, and with a dream and a well-constructed plan, you could improve your prospects.  .  It’s not really in your nature to be the follower. You’re a ram, not a sheep. Never forget that.

You’ll be more than ever in the driving seat,  with Mars transiting Aries  between late June and January 2021 but may find yourself “ caught in traffic” as Mars retrogrades between 10th September and 14th November , with November bringing gains thanks to an obstacle, perhaps followed by a new community or team role. If life throws lemons this year, you could also be thrown the keys to the Limoncello factory! Steadfast Ariens will end the year with a new sense of deeper personal satisfaction.


Cash and Career    Jupiter repeats a 12yr cycle so look back through 2008 for clues to what benefitted you then, as there could be a niche that’s now blinking like a beacon with your name on it. Something that fits your nature and skillset as closely as a surgical glove.    Keep scanning the horizon for opportunities to shine, because as someone famously said recently “it’s not enough just to survive, you gotta thrive, too”.

Finances continue to be on a rollercoaster, as maverick planet Uranus travels on through your sky sector of cash , so be smart with what you have and avoid the “dead cert” gambles as Uranus has a way of tripping us up, yet out of the blue bringing gains from the least likely quarters. Dates to be aware of for  splash out impulses or unplanned outlays are January 23rd and  April  7th ,   while  March 8th  could feature a boost with connections to April 23-26th  which marks a new lunar phase where there could be a gain from an unlikely source, and that could replenish a savings dent.  Over mid-May to late June, for some  there could be two roles overlapping, one linked to the past. If you are unsure about money matters then, just take your time. There could be a period of repeated journeys,  with focus on training, travel and transport, which links to a further phase that’ll be tied up in November, when your routines are set to alter, possibly with the words “at last” featuring .


Relationships  The transits of Saturn and Pluto have been testing the foundations of relationships of late, a bit like a cosmic wrecking ball, which means you’re seeing where the sturdiest of bonds is, and having to be realistic where in the past you might have been overly idealistic. Withdrawing your expectations of those who can never fulfil them will liberate you to feel lighter and happier, though.

As for the ties that have withstood the onslaught of those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, well, this year could find you branching out more together, and if you are in the process of closing doors and untying yourself, Jupiter will aid that process, helping you to feel positive about your future.

February is full of personal sparkle and special moments, with a full Moon of love on 9th, by which point Venus is in your sign, so you’ll be feeling the love, maybe heart swelling with pride, too, showing your warmth, and possibly making something “official”!

 A new phase of commitment to a relationship with an organisation or a team begins as March closes, through time, enriching your sense of your own value, which will impact via personal and professional partnerships. If you commit this year, it’s wholeheartedly.

There may be two stages to a new chapter, and this summer could find you juggling your time, trying to be in two places at once!  November shows closure over summer’s to-ing and froing, while December could see you achieving a precious personal ambition.



Sam Heughan,  The Queen,   Kate Garroway,  The Rock , Rami Malek , Vicky McClure

LIFE    With Uranus in your sign, it’s not really possible to have an uneventful time. You’re on a  life shifting rollercoaster ride, and it’s revealing how incredibly resilient and versatile you actually are, and there is no doubt that you are growing in strength. Truth be told, if you look back at how you handled certain situations just three years ago, and how you deal with them now, you’ll have reasons to be proud of yourself. You should be.

There are key points where this lightning changer, maverick planet is activated, worth noting, which will be around your annual new Moon on April 23rd, ,  August 3rd, and October 31st,  when you’re shaken out of your comfort zone or else you’re the one shaking things up and showing a less conventional aspect of yourself.

Taureans can often be thought of as predictable, because they prefer life to be steady and harmonious, and you are the least likely sign to make unnecessary waves, but sometimes you just get to a point where you can see that the old patterns don’t work, that it’s time to move with the times, or to stand up to be counted, and this could be the year where you change direction, step forward or indeed back if that’s what fits, to or from any situation where you can see that it’s “time”. If you don’t make a significant life shift this year, then chances are what you will do is take the initial steps in that direction.


CASH AND CAREER   January and July are key money months.  You could have larger outlays linked to loved ones and celebrations may stir you to go overboard, so you have been advised and the rest is up to you!  When Mercury goes into his backtracking phases, three times a year for around three weeks at a time, financial issues can be frustrating, and at those points spending, especially linked to pleasure plans can be the subject of delays, or you might decide to do some serious saving and budgeting. So those dates are Feb 17-March 10, June 18-12 July and October 14-Nov 3rd, and those periods are also times when commitments need more research and thought. 

Career is under the banner of Saturn and Uranus who are going to be making you so aware of any situation that’s just not been working out for you. Saturn will be pushing you to believe in your ability to step up to the plate and take a more senior role, or to carve one for yourself. March is your turning point, notably around 22-31st. You will benefit thanks to something you’ve been doing recently that’s showcased your strengths.   2020 is a building year for creating new foundations in the place of those old cracked ones,  but  you are also in a peak year for career aims, where you can reap what you’ve been sowing, perhaps since around 2006. And joint finances could be in an expansive phase that’ll allow you to fulfil travel or educational dreams.


RELATIONSHIPS  “Things are going to have to change around here” could be your mantra!    Getting real about relationships sounds like a serious thing to suggest  but as reality checker Saturn and your relating ruler, intense Pluto align on January 12th,  it’s hard to imagine you being more serious about making things work and if needs be, shaking things up, not necessarily just talking about romantic relationships, as this impacts all of your dealings with significant others in business and in personal terms.  The realisation that as they say, this is not a dress rehearsal seems to be stirring you this year to get tough, get stronger about making things work, making things happen, not staying stuck in any situation that really isn’t enriching you. 

Uranus in your sign can bring stress around ties, and it can also bring out your inner rebel. There may be some surprise announcements coming from you, probably long thought about, with March 8th and April 23rd, August 2nd and October 31st  likely to be times when you are pressing the buttons on the wavemaker machine!  December has a major, once in every 20 years aspect that could literally open doors to a new chapter, impacting status and security in a way that might bring a partnership pact. Could be you will work with a spouse in a business venture.  Your relationship with the outer world is altering, and you’re being shown opportunities to shape it your way, with a freer, more settled feel around relationship prospects.



Nicole Kidman    Paul O Grady,   Idina Menzel ,  Richard Madden

LIFE   There’s a shift in the cosmos that’ll be more evident as to its potential by the close of 2020, when the stage will have been set, hopefully by you, for a chapter of greater self- steering, after feeling like you were in a dark cupboard, unsure of why, or how long it was going to take to be free of the circumstances which have sent you  into this time of transition that’s intended to help you more fully find your wings.

You’re moving  towards freedom of a sort that isn’t minus responsibilities, but instead sees you taking charge of your own path. There is huge potential for you to blossom even more than you might be imagining is possible this year. And there will be a six month phase where you will be so focused on a key aim, possibly standing up to be counted for a group or organisation, when there is power to your elbow, even though for a couple of those months you might have to do some more work on a plan or await the input of another, that also could benefit you. 

You are in a clear-out phase, on many levels of your life, akin to moving to a house that needs to be stripped out before it can be modernised. There may be a lot happening around shared commitments, which for some may even mean taking things apart in order to build something that better fits with the future you now have in mind.

CASH & CAREER   With so much emphasis on the sign of Capricorn, associated with security and with career and status, for you this impacts through endings, beginnings, closure around arrangements, possibly tying up a mortgage, sorting out any debts and investments, or making plans for retirement. You’ll be building new security, more on your own terms, or at least beginning the process that’ll take you there. You could have official dealings, notably around the solar eclipse on June 21st which falls in your cosmic cashbox and marks a new beginning linked to what you are  working, probably despite some delaying factors stirred up by Mercury retrograding over that cash sector  ( June 18th-July 12th) , to get tied up. There may be overdue or backdated funds coming your way, but do be vigilant with money matters then, to avoid overlooking bills, too. That said, something applied for in August could be granted in October.

 This year could see you landing a new job, getting onto a training scheme, taking skills into a teaching arena.  There’s a strong chance of career progress that comes via inspirational characters who stimulate your mind.  It’s said that when the moment is right, the teacher appears. That may be someone destined to trigger a life path shift for you, or it may be that it’s time for you to be the teacher, especially  by the end of the year, when a once in every two decades aspect shines a light and opens a door to your own potential.

RELATIONSHIPS   Gemini, you have had “don’t fence me in” opportunity and freedom planet Jupiter ruler of your relating area  travelling in that partnerships sector throughout  2019, and this could have introduced you to some fun new faces, or untied and liberated you from what’s better dispatched to history. 

And as we look to 2020 for you, the phrase “ be careful what you wish for” springs to mind because Jupiter will make three potential  wish granting aspects which could bring what you’ve asked for, also impacting partnerships. February 20th, July 27th and October 12th mark the centre-points of this cosmic activity.

Love planet Venus will spend quite a while in your sign, from April 3rd until August 6th, turning retrograde on May 13th and hinting of reappearances over the summer, so yes, it may well be a romantic summer of love, and as passion planet Mars is also making sparks, places you could find love may be through work linked leisure connections. Team events and  energetic class situations might also be venues where frissons of attraction appear!

For many Geminis, December marks a milestone moment which does seem to shift gears around partnerships. It may be when you are legally free of the past, or when you are finally feeling ready to make a lifetime commitment. Lessons will be being learned over 2020 which can bring you to a more contented, possibly self-understanding life chapter, as after all the most important relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.



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LIFE   There’s no doubt that this is a big astrological year with a rare aspect at the start,  and another at the end of this shape shifting year, where there could be a real sense of off with the past and on with a future holds a stronger sense of possibilities than maybe seemed likely not so long back.

2020’s major planetary aspects have a “blanket effect” for all Cancerians,  but  there’s a more noticeable effect on those with birthdays on 21st June, July 12-17th and 20th  . Essentially, you are in a conclusive year of planet Saturn testing you ( and you’re here, so you’ve passed with flying colours!)  through ties of obligation and duty, and, with Saturn switching sign making his move away from the full on challenging angle he’s been in, initially, over March 22-17th July, and then definitively from mid- December, you’re beginning a significant new era.

 The rebellious, independence seeking planet Uranus will be party to some door opening breakthrough moments, notably in April so if you have a dream, a passion, this is the year to set those wheels rolling. June 21st is your annual new Moon and this one is  a solar eclipse, which suggests a significant new beginning that sweeps away much of how things have been up until now,  with a resurrected plan reappearing , but there is a second new Moon on  July 20th, and that’s the Blue Moon that gives “second chances” which could mean something very important to you.



CAREER & CASH   With a powerhouse of energy focused on your ambitions and your  duties,  it’s  hard to imagine you not being busy!  Others may be surprised by some of choices yet there will be a time where you will really stand up to be counted, showing both passion and courage.  You may be called upon to lead the way, or to step into another’s shoes for a while.

It’s a year that favours team and partnership activities, and some of what you’re tackling looks different to anything you’ve previously done.  Saturn repeats a journey  last made over 1991-3, and this cycle has considerable potential for gain through effort.

Restrictions will gradually ease, and there’s a sense of you having L plates removed and more room to manoeuvre under your own steam in key areas of your life. You may be showing the world a new face, a new aspect of yourself. 

 The triple alignment of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn hasn’t been seen since the reign of Henry VIII , a Cancerian with a reputation for being a tad snappy.  As Jupiter the planet of blessings heads through Capricorn, aligning with Saturn and with Pluto (associated with turbulent times which have burned then reincarnated/rebirthed us) there will also be points where fortune finds a way to favour, free or reward you, such as 5th February, 30th June, 12th November, dates when there may be gains from what's over, and the release of what was stuck. When what’s previously hurt you has a compensation.  


RELATIONSHIPS  So, the very fact that 2020 begins with five heavenly bodies out of ten in the Cancerian partnerships sector plus one in the love, kids and friendships, “express yourself” area of your chart, suggests that this isn’t an ordinary period of your life. And with Uranus, the radical, revolutionary planet associated with breakthroughs and breakaway plans, then twosomes could well be on a new course by the end of this year, and exactly how that will manifest will of course be something quite different and personal to each Cancerian, but it will be a year of shifts and changes, and even in the most settled of relationships, there could well be moves afoot to alter the status quo. For example the balance of who does what, or a decision to buy or build a home or perhaps a business together.

A faraway location may be in your thoughts as the year opens, with huge wistful thinking and yearning to “live the dream” or to be where loved ones are. Indeed,  love may well bring journeys or travellers towards you, and there are points around early March and late April which  could bring or else see you springing  a heart-warming surprise.  Later in August you’re feeling the love, beginning a phase that’ll see lots of happy times, with  a crowning personal moment in mid-November, when everything comes together for you and loved ones. A rare aspect in December could mark a special, once in a lifetime commitment to a shared dream.


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LIFE  On behalf of the tornado spinner, awakener planet Uranus, I’d certainly like to offer an apology, although that’s the last thing that maverick cosmic character would think of.  One minute you are living your best life then wham! You’re on a rollercoaster you never bought a ticket for, you bought the ticket for the scenic railway. Uranus, travelling at the peak point of your chart, has thrown you sideways at times.  This crazy planet even spins sideways. Out of kilter now and then, yet other points where blessings have been showered.  Happy news in one area, challenges in others.

Now comes a cosmic gear shift that puts you more at the controls of the rollercoaster. You may not exactly be getting off but maybe you can slow that thing down a bit, or take it on a smoother track. In fact Uranus is also innovative and has a way of shaking things up that have got a bit stuck. So what’s happened or happening with you of late may be something that acts as a catalyst for needed changes in the lives of others.  Could be you’re lighting the way, albeit unintentionally.

2020 has more of a steadying influence for you, as foundations you possibly expected to have been laying sooner, now begin to be laid, and the shape might well be different to what you’d earlier imagined, but with the benefit of experience, you’ll now be creating something lasting, more solid, especially evident by the close of this year.


CASH & CAREER The career and ambitions, status and destiny point of your chart is alight, and there could be high octane focus on a working alliance or partnership or on a change of title this year, notably triggered  in April and late October, when the  feeling of inner, deep down in your soul need to live life your way becomes irresistible, and when what’s going on out in the world emphasises that urge.  

If you have been feeling the urge to make a lifestyle shift or  maybe a total career change, then your strength could come through teaming up with another. Maybe you already did. You’re ready to work on getting the roots right, when despite the curved balls that planet Uranus sends, along with those showers of sparks of genius ideas, too, you are advised to take a deep breath, step back and plan carefully to ensure that the pieces of your particular jigsaw fit as well as possible. Maybe you’re juggling a career and family life, and want to do things differently.  Role reversal is a possibility, as is a foot in two camps as part of the plan.

Money matters should work out well in February, with a possible repayment or a boost that links to a past effort, and early March has a big push in a fruitful direction, with a possible new role for you or for a partner that positively impacts fortunes.  Professionals qualifications could be underlined  late in March and then more decisively in December.

RELATIONSHIPS   There’s a new, more serious vibe coming around relationships, and it depends where you’re at right now as to how this will work out for you. If you are single and wanting to stay that way, fine. If you are part of a couple and it isn’t working, then by the end of 2020 you will very likely have either got things on track or made that move to free each other up.   Looking for love? Love might well find you by the end of this year, as a very rare aspect which happens once every 20 years but which hasn’t happened in your horoscope house of partners for about 600years, so that’s quite something.  A rare chance to begin something new in your life, as a couple, as a business team with an amazing plan, or as a freer spirit, after a time of feeling stuck.

Passion planet Mars is going to spend the second half of 2020 in alignment with your sign, (slowing things down between Sept 10th-14th Nov, when there may be a call for patience!) stirring up the pioneering, independence loving side of your nature and possibly taking you travelling more than usual, too.   And Venus also sparkles a fair bit, through the friends and shared aims area of your chart, so this is a year for spreading your wings and savouring all that’s good in life and being all you can be and along the way your personal world will be enriched as a result.


VIRGO   Prince Harry  Liam Payne  Beyonce  Michael Buble  Michelle Visage   Idris Elba

LIFE  The last couple of years have shown serious Saturn and gamechanger Pluto in the area of your chart that’s all about joy and love and expressing yourself, so if you’ve felt less than exuberant, well, no wonder!  And Uranus has been activating the freedom seeking part of your psyche, so that combination can feel stressful. Like you have to be self-disciplined, be extremely “adult” in the face of tougher times, all the while feeling like your wings are flapping, wanting you to fight  free of restrictions.

So in the name of practicality, of  security, you’ve been toeing one line whilst  longing for something less binding.  Virgo needs space. Now along comes Jupiter who’s been, since the start of December 2019  beginning a journey that’s about liberating you from the heavy stuff, shining a light on ways you might be able to lighten things up and enjoy life more.  February brings the first of three magical aspects that could see you traveling or at least doing more of what makes your soul happy. May opens doors for Virgos that you thought were long since closed.

Break free urges from situations that have been demanding maybe a bit too much of you,  will strengthen in March when a full Moon in your sign on 9th  will turn the tide and probably end a certain “waiting period”, and that’s followed by a liberating development in April, possibly turning an “impossible” situation right around, and that could have a further finalisation point by October.


CASH & CAREER  Money matters for you come under the rulership of  both Venus and Mars and this is a year when they will both retrograde, Venus across the career and status area of your chart and Mars through the area linked to shared resources and commitments.  This could mean that you will earn through a “return” to a former workplace or previous occupation. It may also indicate a stocktaking, pulling the horns in phase for a twosome who may be saving to make a shared dream or goal come to fruition.  Be pound wise between September 28th and 14th November when there might be a temptation to swiftly renew something that you’d possibly benefit from taking more time to research.

Some Virgoans  will be contemplating changes of lifestyle as this year unfolds, as Saturn changes sign.  Given that Saturn’s methods are calculated and self-preserving, that could well come about in stages, with brainwaves that set you on the right track, but  it’ll all take time, so keep the vision strong and don’t be afraid to take the road less travelled, just pack well for the journey.

As 2020 closes with a “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn which in itself happens every two decades but in your working skills and wellbeing sector, not for several hundred years. So you could be set to make a fortunate move in the direction of lasting security, and one that feels like it’s a real “fit” for you, for your skills, and an investment in wellbeing.


RELATIONSHIPS   Love may have become a more serious matter of late, perhaps as other more practical considerations could have, thanks to heavyweights Saturn and Pluto, got in the way of lighter hearted times. The encouraging news is that there is a rekindling aspect afoot, and the possibility that a long made togetherness plan will flicker into life again this spring.  Remember what first sparked between you, and aim to make this a year when shared dreams finally happening. 

So what if you’re a solo Virgo? That is often the case, by choice, given that Virgo translates to virgin which means “she who will not be owned by any man”, therefore regardless of gender, you don’t especially need to be coupled, being quite self-sufficient as you are.  But what if you are wondering about the likelihood of meeting a match? Well Jupiter is spending a year now opening doors and enhancing chances of romances. He’s also making a potentially magic aspect in late February, one that could see couples reunited after absences, and maybe bring someone back into your life as a free agent. Early September also has special romantic potential for you. Hopes and wishes that focus on ties of affection of all sorts could come to fruition this year, and it’ll end, intriguingly,  with walls coming down that remove barriers to love, and for some, the fulfilment of a cherished shared dream will, this year, bring the patter of very precious tiny feet, perhaps a case of “at last”.


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LIFE   The roots of your chart is where a major aspect between security conscious Saturn and power stirring Pluto forms this January, linking back to 1982/3, with the same alignment, then in Libra.. So what was a major event back then that was about your personal power and security?  This year in some ways could mark the turning of the wheel of fortune in a way that sees you perhaps realising that this is a new era for you, possibly as family build their own foundations, or maybe for you this is about building a home as a couple and creating a family. Depends on where you’re at in life.

The passage of expansive Jupiter will bring blessings this year which could see your home or family expanding in some ways.  New arrivals and home improvements,  either of which could have been long yearned for, could add a magical element to 2020.

There’s big news as Saturn and then Jupiter will start harmonising more with your sign and therefore lightening things up which have probably had you feeling, to be honest, rather weighed down and possibly even a bit more isolated than a Libra should ever feel. So I think your life will, albeit gradually, perk up more than you might imagine.

Your own ruler planet Venus will spend four months, between April and August, teasing your wanderlust, so you may be travelling more,  and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you boarding a plane in August with a big smile.


CASH&CAREER   You could be making some significant money moves this year.  Some Librans may be buying and selling property or land or items of value, with a view to releasing cash that you feel could be better used, perhaps for family purposes or with a view to enlarging or improving your current abode.

A solar eclipse on June 21st  offers the potential for you to alter your career path, or may open a door that takes you into a new role of another sort, as it’s a year when ambitions may be shifting as opportunities open up to explore new avenues and new arenas. Not least because that solar eclipse, is then followed on July 20th, by another new Moon over your career path, so there may be two stages to a new chapter or two offers coming your way.

 October could bring the closing chapter of a process that’s been either on the table awaiting decisions or underway but taking time. Mars is a money planet for you and shows an autumn period of having to wait for something to be firmed up or becomes  possible thanks to what’s happening with another.   There’s a breakthrough aspect coming around Halloween’s full Moon, impacting financial affairs initiated in April. For some this may be connected to what was begun about seven years beforehand. 

December brings a change of title, address or maybe a whole new role which could be within the community, and the world of teaching, technology  and communication might feature.


RELATIONSHIPS   For all you are a peace-broker who can be credited with a certain degree of hesitation, sitting on the fence, often because you don’t like to rush in while a situation is still shaping up. You take your cues in life from listening to what everyone says, assessing then usually making pretty smart choices but when it comes to romance you can fall head over passionate heels in love with love,  because the  “go for it” action planet Mars is your relating ruler, and you tend to be a sociable character,  made for partnership. Libra can also be a highly charged, sexy beast!

 2020 isn’t lacking in passion sparks, with unusual emphasis on partnerships of all sorts, as Mars will be in your partner sector from June 28th till the beginning of 2021, so  huge focus will be on one key relationship, and there’ll be no half measures around your feelings!

There will be quite a lot of emphasis on two’s, as Venus your own planet will be in the sign of Gemini, the twins, between April and August, encouraging you to feel positive about your love prospects, too!  Venus will go backtracking between May 13th and June 25th  which might see you returning to a favourite location with love on your mind, or perhaps someone you love will be off travelling.

Love tie get more serious this Spring,  with parenthood beckoning for some, while December reveals a once in a lifetime moment that could bring a happy “yes” .



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LIFE  This feels like a real pivotal year for you, Scorpio, with a tremendous sense of “gathering strength” coming through, very possibly on the heels of and created, iron

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