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Cosmic Updates

Friday June 24th 2022  Since Wednesday.  the cosmos has been a bit agitated, first with  trailblazer Mars and then shake things up planet Uranus is acting up till tomorrow morning around 8am UK time, so watch for spanners in the works and for the need to switch lane, change plans. Sometimes what's thrown up at these times brings a new possibility that works out just fine, though. And the weekend does seem set to improve with age for many of us. We're heading for a new Moon come Wednesday, so now is the time we'll notice what's served its time, needs a decision made, possibly needs to be renewed or a thorough revamp and repair process instigated. 

Look out for someone stepping up, stepping forward with solid, workable ideas that could resolve currently stuck situations. A man in authority will be making news on Monday, showing leadership skills, humanitarianism shining.  Talks happening behind closed doors as the week opens could bring a needed improvement.  However, what's not resolved could well flare up between Thursday and Saturday,  when Mars and Pluto will be clashing, and it's important to "keep the powder dry" and to be very thorough in exploring  every area where there is power to turn things around.

This Wednesday's new Cancer Moon will bring celebrations, too, marking a time for some where ther'll be announcements that delight. Look out for news of weddings, births and of success linked to funding. It's a time that'll favour the caring pioneer.   And with Venus in Gemini, warmly linked to Jupiter, it's a time to make the effort to be in touch, to connect with those who lift you up, who hold keys, answers and helpful guidance.Gifts will warm many hearts this week, too, so although there are narky situations with sparks around, there will also be moments this week that we'll all enjoy. 

Have a good one, all. Lotsalove as always ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Saturday June 18th  Mercury is out of his lengthy shadow, and what you might have been hanging fire over, a bit undecided about, or where you've been waiting for key pieces of the jigsaw to arrive, now that seems to be clicking together.  There could be agreements, announcements and signatures on papers at the beginning of this coming week that will enable "progress" which is connected to May 20th for many.  Check it out, just out of interest!

Summer Solstice happens on Tuesday, as the sign of Cancer takes prominence for the coming month, a time when day is stretched and night is briefest. It feels like a week tht'll bring some uplifting news, encouragement, goodwill and added confidence for those who are spreading their wings. Some will feel more in tune with one another than has seemed possible.   Yes there are narky spats too, with Moon and Mars aligned on Wednesday, which is sharper edged but also strong for heroics, too.  And Friday has a cranky moment or two, with Moon and Uranus stirring our inner stubborn, but overall, this has the makings of a week that'll have a few more smiles. Have a good one. 

Lotsalove from me ✨💫🪐🌟♥️


Saturday May 28th 2022   There's a funny old mix in the cosmos just now. Are you feeling mixed between exuberance and caution, between weary and itching to do things?  Seeing a task that needs to be tackled, maybe even making some inroads there, but feeling tugged to cosy up a little. The Moon is growing darker, going to be new at 12:30pm midday in UK (BST)  in the communications sign of Gemini, ruled by restless, curious Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods, a little akin to a wee busy bee taking pollen around from flower to flower, taking the news, stirring interest, getting the message across, but right now Mercury is backtracking, or appears to be. The retrograde is when Earth speeds up, rather than Mercury slowing down.  So this is a bit like charging off on a business meeting, rushing to catch the train, which you do, (whew) then realise you forgot the laptop/briefcase/ your phone. It's a time when progress can be slower, sometimes the bright new idea you chase after turns out to be more complicated than it might have been had you taken a bit more time, slowed down to get a good scan of all available options, of a checklist, review and revise being Mercurial themes.  So committing right now may be very tempting, in fact super tempting, even turbo tempting, given that action, go get em planet Mars is in his own sign of Aries, conjuncting the "go large" planet Jupiter, which is a real Rambo aspect, saying "don't push me, don't constrain me".  It's not that we shouldn't be doing things, more that we will benefit from doing "due diligence". being a bit more SAS than Dad's Army.  Mars is of course the planet of War as well as the engine, the motor that once fired up has great scope for getting to a target, achieving a goal, and with Jupiter there's that hyped up vibe that can, with due diligence, propel us further and faster at this time. Mercury says that no matter how fast your engine can go,  remember to check the fuel gauge, not to ignore the lights on the dashboard, and take the paperwork you need, the keys, the phone numbers, all of those little details. Checkout a back up plan even if you think you won't need it. 

There need be no hiccups, no issues, but the more thorough you are now, the less potential there is for the wee niggles, delays and frustrations that can arise over a Moondark with a retro Mercury.  Having said that, things can be slipped in under cover at this time, so look out for situations  in the news where we're told one tale while the real story is unfolding elsewhere.  

Venus is now in her own sign of comfort and harmony loving Taurus, so she will reflect our urges for unity and stability. Her placing at a point where Mars is also in his own sign can bring out the best in us. There are so many good, proactive, caring, decent humans on this planet.

Mercury is slow, stationing to go direct come Friday 3rd (09:00hrs BST)  so some people will seem to be dragging their heels after an initial flurry of activity. We're going to hear poignant news as the new week opens and there will be events which are about release, forgiveness, compassion. A surprise turnaround, maybe a surprise resignation or retraction coming. A big shift is afoot, and it's all about letting go of what holds us back, moving into a fresh "make NOW count" phase. 

Wishing you a good week, and reminding you that no matter what's going on out in the world, it's worth taking time to smell the roses, listen to the birdsong, breathe, make yourself a nice cuppa, and relax. Lotsalove, Lynne   ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Friday May 20th 2022  Here comes the Gemini Sun month from  02:23am on Saturday 21st May.  Babies born thereafter are multi faceted, will o the wisp Geminis. They like to keep it light as air, and not to let life bog them down. Always curious about what's coming next, they can sometimes leave a trail of yesterday's muddles and dare I say broken hearts in some cases, too,  behind them. The past was perhaps a blast but the mystery of the future is far more beguiling to a mercurial Gemini. Which is why these folk seem to be sipping at the fountain of youth. They're way too busy looking at what's next to even have time to age!  

This weekend could bring solutions, communications long awaited, and answers, maybe even visits and calls you weren't expecting. It's a good one for fixing and straightening things, and there could be some encouraging news, glad tidings, maybe a sigh of relief over this coming week for many, although it's also a time of letting go, of knowing when the time has come to make transitions, shed old ways, open the door to new options. Clearing the decks will prove deep down satisfying, making space for something fresh to begin.  Look out for the reappearances of some familiar faces, for news of prominent departures and arrivals.

Have a good one all. Lotsalove as always

Lynne   ✨💫🪐🌟♥️


Thursday May 12th 2022   Little messenger planet  Mercury began the second of this year's  retrograde three week phases on Tuesday 10th at 12:48hrs BST, until 3rd June, moving back across Gemini and then  tipping further back into Taurus, marking some rethinks and reconnections  and suggesting that we might have a bit more time to mull options over so maybe good not to rush into new ideas over this time as plans and thoughts and options could still shift, although what's underway already initiated prior to May 10th could be the focus of follow ups and reconnections and action. Mercury's retrograde can bring up complications linked to communications, and with Jupter in Aries, we're more assertive about tackling those, but it's good to take a beat or two to weigh up information so you can use it very wisely, to bring the best outcome. Listen a lot when Mercury is retrograde and read the fine print, check important documents and receipts. You may benefit from doing this.

Jupiter arrived in Aries on Wednesday 11th at 00:22hrs BST for a year of boosting all of you fire signs to spread your wings and follow your hearts, your desires.  For all signs, this marks a period where there'll be more inclination to go after personal dreams and goals, to dare to be the YOU you are when constraints are loosened!    There's a lunar eclipse coming up, a super full Moon in Scorpio come Monday (16th May) morning ( 05:14 BST here in UK), and there's an intensity already brewing. Deep in our psyches, in the psyches of nations, is a sense that eras are ending, a starker awareness that change is a given, that time is limited for us humans, whatever we are immersed in, it shifts, life moves us along. Scorpio is about hatchings and matchings and dispatchings.

Expect news that stirs us to initiate lifestyle changes, with Scorpio being about awareness of mortality, healthier regimes might appeal or be imposed as the eclipse ebbs away.  This is the time now to attend to the details that may have been overlooked of late, especially those labeled "commitment"  Look at where there's a "drain" that can be tackled. Things come to a peak at full Moon, as we face our fears, as we see what's beneath the surface, then the tide turns. How we make use of what we recognise at such times is our call, though this intense eclipse marks points where Fate seems to have placed some obvious signposts that say " that's all folks - this chapter will now give way to the next".  And it'll more than likely be the case that this is a tide turner for all you've been going through since last November, maybe way way further back than that. 

Neptune, planet of the oceans, of oil and gas, of visionaries, victims and viruses is prominent over the eclipse, as is  Pluto, a planet of  resources, power and of rebirth, ( and labouring to bring a new life is no sweet experience for mother or baby, remember, so rebirth is a challenge that tends to be one we're designed for)  All  of this is suggesting a significant moment of karmic rebalancing , moments of truth, release of ancient burdens, maybe even release on a more personal level via forgiveness or finding the courage to let go of what we need to, whtether that's an ole bad habit or a relationship that needs to evolve or even dissolve. 

Life is shifting and changing at a very deep level, a time of reading the landscape and strengthening foundations, tying up loose ends, stripping things back to basics if needs be and working out what we genuinely need, and perhaps which connections are draining and which are enriching.

Sometimes it seems like our lives are pretty much set on a track, and then we're reminded that there could be other tracks we've never thought about or noticed.  Observe the shifts, see the possibilities and know we're equipped for the changes.

This eclipse might be whispering to some "Let it go, let it go, whatever it is that you know you need to.  Maybe you've clung to a slippery straw for ages, not realising you had a built in lifejacket."

Lotsalove, always,

Lynne ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Sunday 24th April 2022  

Hey, hope Sunday is being kind to you.. If you have felt a bit low or flat over the last couple of days, or if it's been a case of all work and no play, well, we have just seen the back of a heavy wee Mercury Saturn square, which makes us more aware of the "can't" than the can do, but between now and Wednesday Mercury is getting into a door opening mood, and minds are likewise going to be seeing greater possibilities. Imagination can fly once more. But for now, tis more a time for reflection, planning, clearing the decks, preparing for what you're doing " next". No need to be seen to be madly busy. Pace yourself, do what you need to but try not to beat yourself up if you feel you can't see the wood for the trees just yet. You will, and soon.


As there's a new Moon in Taurus, (a partial solar eclipse) coming up on Saturday 30th, in Taurus, ruled by Venus, and as Venus is in her sign of exaltation, alongside Jupiter in one of his own signs too, all in Pisces, my feeling for this eclipse is hopeful. There will be lots of stories of the impossible becoming possible and some marvellous moments of human kindness that'll shine a much needed light. Obviously it's not all sweet and perfect, but I think that there will be some better news on many different levels, alongside some quiet departures, replacements, glad arrivals. Miracles can sometimes take a while, but they do happen. Lotsalove from me ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Full Moon in Libra this Saturday 16th April 2022 at 19:55hrs BST. Emotions rise in relationships, with some bridges being built or even rebuilt and others under very close scrutiny.  Libra is Putin's sign, so this lunation is very much about the ties he needs to be invested in.

It's obvious to the world how wrong  the situation is right now with Ukraine, and this lunation is a reminder of the strength of unity which can make such a difference. I have no words really to describe how sorry I feel for those suffering in the world.

Donations have been made, of course, very directly, too, as friends rallied this last week, taking medical supplies and provisions, fundraising to buy more, directly to refugees in Poland. It was a big week in the cosmos for compassion.  Jupiter and Neptune creating emotional tsunamis and overwhelm.  I was with my darling husband, part of a very industrious family team of 8 , clearing my dear late dad's house, and to say he was a "collector" is an understatement, so there was a lot to do. 

My elder sister and her daughter drove back and forth to several very appreciative charity shops, with things that would be very much of use to those in need. Dad stocked up for the pandemic with many things and the foodbank for the homeless was another recipient. There were local groups who collected items that helped so many. It was a tsunami of giving, caring, letting go. Exhausting, to be truthful, but a very good example of that once in a lifetime conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

Coming up now is this full Moon closure point, a time of acceptance of what has to be cleared  and tidied away, to allow space and opportunity for regrowth, for new growth, new life. That circle of life turns, always.

Then, as Moon wanes through Scorpio on Monday, messenger planet Mercury is  busy, lively, marking a time of significant talks, decisions, announcements, maybe surprise twists and turns, as plans for new eras begin to take shape. That whole cycle of life is in evidence. Watch for surprise growth, maybe literally, with the green shoots of spring, for news of fresh chapters for youngsters, too. Wednesday at 03:24hrs BST marks the beginning of Taurus time, so babies born from then are little Bulls!  Taurus can be stubborn, is a fixed sign, grand for putting down roots that get the time to strengthen as they grow, but watch in the second half of this week for rigidity in all shapes and forms. It may be the following week before something key is agreed, resolved. And much of what's unfolding has a further, maybe more final closure point in mid June.

Sending love and hopes that your week is kind.💜✨💜


April 8th 2022    Saturday afternoon has some warm caring Cancerian lunar connections , good for those  giving or needing hugs, nurturing.  Make that a get together time and enjoy. 

Late Saturday night, Mercury and the Moon are at odds, which looks like Mama Moon asking rascal Mercury " what time do you call this? "   

Mercury is very busy in Aries just now, so a great deal of thought could be going into new chapters, into issues of independence, adventures, pioneering. And being preoccupied with one's own thoughts, too, sometimes deeper as Mercury heads towards Sunday's square with Pluto, which can bring tension around unanswered questions, perhaps over issues of duty, authority, security. Blocked routes, maybe literally, maybe of communication could feature, so watch for "radio blackouts" which could be due to phones running out of power. 

Monday brings Mercury into more sedate, but stubborn Taurus, so people are perhaps less jumpy and impatient in general.

The big aspect of the year, of the century is that Jupiter makes a very rare and perfect alignment with Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday, something that's not happened since 1856 and won't repeat till 2188..

Huge outpourings of compassion surround us as this aspect has been in effect for many weeks now, but there may be a key event this week that stirs an even deeper awareness that we are all connected. If you are born under Pisces ( as I am) you're probably feel that emotion as something quite personal. You may also be restless and longing to escape from the humdrum. Or doing the Pisces thing of guilt tripping over everything going on in the world that you can't personally fix, heal, soothe. Whatever sign you are, though, you know what? Just  being the best version of yourself will shine a kinder light that makes the world a better place.  

Sending love 💜✨💜

Aries new Moon today, April 1st 2022. Time to give yourself a new challenge?  Turning over a new page in the book of life?  Remember that a new chapter doesn't need to begin with a giant step, as even the tiniest move in that fresh direction will mark your desire, your intention, then the next wee move takes you further, every move in that direction is part of the process of makibng the new beginning you seek. Believe in your own strength and in your inner survivor power. It's always been there. 

You have within you what it takes to live your best possible life. You came equipped for your journey.

Maybe all you are seeking to do is some springtime clearing and clean ups, freshen your surroundings, start a more active phase. Or maybe there's a situation where it's "time" to step out and say "this is me". Own your own power and don't give it away to those who frankly don't have your navigational skills to steer YOUR best path.  Aries is independence, pioneering, adventurous and fabulous. Go let your inner Aries shine!


20th February 2022   It's Pisces time now, time for healing, for compassion, for dreaming and maybe some hibernating too in our chilly UK climes. With Jupiter and Uranus being triggered in aspect this last week, things can swiftly alter, and wild weather can certainly be a feature, as can unexpected boosts that you never imagined. This coming week is a clearing, preparing one, with the Pisces New Moon coming up on 2nd March in Pisces, so this is the last quarter Moon week, time for teaming up for a common purpose and getting tasks completed, which of course can be interpreted on many levels.   Sometimes no matter how we try, we can't turn back the tide of what seems "meant to be", and yes, people can team up and gang up for selfish causes, yet oft times when we unite for the best of reasons, miracles can happen.  Thinking long term and being practical, taking responsibility for personal action is always a good idea, as Venus and Mars align in "what's this worth?" Capricorn just now. My take on this week is to go gently, knuckle down to what needs to be tackled, but cut yourself some slack where a wee bit of quiet Pisces time would do you good. "Less can sometimes be more" . Lotsalove all.💫💜💫

January 21st 2022 we're in Aquarius time now, and the most precious Aquarian in my life has just completed his (nearly 96) allotted trips around the Sun, and I am so bereft that I will wait a few days before posting matters cosmic, other than to say the signs of his departure were so clear in my own chart, but that doesn't make a jot of difference when you're sat in a hospital room, as his earthly body cools, wondering how this can even be possible. Crazy as it seems, I know. He went quietly, with such grace, crystal clear to the end, unafraid, on Wednesday teatime. Can't stop loving the amazing man who fathered me.. Love will never end 💫💜💫  Back soon with usual updates. Lotsalove

January 13th 2022  Mercury is pretty much at a standstill, retrograding across Aquarius and then on 26th, back into Capricorn, and finally turning forwards on February 4th, followed by some significant breakthrough developments thereafter.

Mercury is the newsbringer, and this coming week, on Tuesday,  the higher octave of communication, the radical shake up planet Uranus makes a station as the Moon swells full in caretaking Cancer, ( 12 minutes to midnight (GMT/UT) on Monday 17th)  suggesting some big news that'll bring announcements leading to significant and probably much needed changes at the top, in several areas, with caretaking issues very much to the fore.

Pluto the silent power planet, the string puller, the bottomless pit of passionate determination is very much in this potent full Moon mix, so there will be many extreme situations being reported, big turning points, things all coming to a peak which very likely have been a long time hatching.

Lives change, people relocate, change career path, titles and relationships alter, and some make the move that's been intended, worked towards, planned for, for a long while. 

Mercury is retrograding though, so be aware that whatever is shifting just now, that's not the final picture. Indeed some will take a path that leads to a cul de sac, then rethink and that moment of rethink in the cul de sac will be the moment that brings the best option, so even a wrong turn has meaning. 

Nothing is quite as it seems over this next week or so, so look beneath the surface. And in the case of power brokers, check the threads that connect people. Much will be in the news about  "webs" and links and connections. 

On a more mundane level, energy supplies will be under deeper more political discussion and the next three weeks will lead to deals being brokered.

At a personal level, Mercury brings to the fore what's been said and done that has to be reviewed. It brings a chance to fine tune thoughts, plans and intentions, and it can make mischief in situations where details haven't been quite right at the outset.  It's smart to take time to be thorough, and to not rush into something all new. Soon there could be a different set of options, rules, different perspective which might alter decisions.  Best to be a thorough researcher, get the full facts and the details rather than leap too fast and perhaps limit yourself.

It's worth  repeating too, that a retrograde Mercury indicates information yet to arrive that could influence the outcome of choices.  But conversely it can be that you've looked at a deal and dismissed it then the price comes down, so if there's something all new presenting itself during the three week retro phase ( 14th Jan-4th Feb) there's likely more info to come. But if you already initiated something, looked at it, then as Mercury backtracks, folk get back to you, prices may drop, you may have second chances.    Communications can be slower, delayed, meet ups hard ti initiate too, during this three week phase, while folk you haven't heard from surprise you by getting in touch.

Until 29th January, Venus is retrograding, too, so certain people may not be as outgoing, or expressive of their feelings, maybe holding back, maybe playing a waiting game till they know better where they stand in other directions. But the folk who are always there, rock solid will be more evident, too. Quality, not quantity is a theme.

Lots to think about, I know!  Have a very good week and lotsalove from me. 💫💜💫

January 7th 2022 My first update of the year, after having some time out to just BE. We all need that sometimes, don't we! What's new in the cosmos is that last Wednesday 29th Dec saw Jupiter slipping back in Pisces to complete the journey he began in mid May 2021.

Kindness and compassion matter even more, as Neptune , the other Pisces ruler planet is already there, has been for a while. Time to show we CARE, to stop hiding behind emojis and say, do more to show we care?

Jupiter is referred to as the Greater Benefic, the giant of our solar system, and he represents larger than life scenarios, things being blown up out of proportion, in every sense. He's about wide open doorways, about freedom and travel and expansion, and opportunity. Jupiter represents religion and law and politics and acting, and if you think they are dissimilar, maybe think some more, as they all entail standing up and being a part of something larger than life, projecting, posturing, and yes, praying.

Jupiter opens a doorway of opportunity, magnifies an area of your life, widens the scope of what's possible... he's in a sign where he has added powers, and it's a time when even the smallest kindness will go a long way further, do more good than we expect it to.. Time to SHINE.

Mercury is on a slowdown, so there may be some kerfuffle around plans for a few weeks, then breakthroughs. Bear that in mind, and hold tight to your vision, your aim. You'll get there, but there may be a limbo phase where uncertainty is a pest.

Make use of that time to get yourself ahead of the game, where it'll benefit you in the longer term. Stay canny, stay well and look forward to some smiles over the weekend, when the Sun and Venus align. Look out for news of prominent women.

Female leaders could be back in the spotlight after challenging times, and watch out world, there will be an upsurge of determined efforts to create order out of chaos, made especially by strong female matriarchal figures. Have a good week, and perhaps take your time with any proposed new plans and projects. Avoid knee jerk reactions, hold tight.. you'll get there. Lotsalove 💫💜💫

Friday 17th December 2021 Hey, all, this is a strange unsettling time for many and it's reflected out there in the cosmos, as ever. Saturn and Uranus were clashing in February and again in mid June, and they make their final jarring aspect complete Christmas eve. Not the jolly aspect we hope for. Sometimes this can mark a time of plans changing.

Both these planets are in fixed = stubborn, determined , signs.  Someone or something has to "give" or things crack. Is there a situation in your like where things are cracking or popping and making waves?  Maybe you could benefit from stepping back and asking yourself if that  activity/ project/ route you were  maybe hell bent on seeing through was actually your own best way.  Sometimes things fall apart and as they do we see a better plan for the longer term.

It's a divisive,  challenging aspect and it's linked to overthrowing the old regimes and building something new. It's about government and rulemaking being taken to their breaking point, about anarchy versus order. It's an aspect that suggests that sometimes we have to get to an extreme moment in time before we recognise the need to stop this, do something, take the existing structure apart and rebuild stronger.  Often when this aspect is around there are fears of what's changing or what we may not be able to deal with, but if the road behind us is crumbling, there is only one way to go, and that's forward. We each come equipped for our journey.

In mythology Saturn kills his depotic, tyrannical father Uranus, the sky god,  by castrating him. Then Saturn turns defensive and feels threatened by the arrival of his own children and devours them to avoid a similar fate.  His wife gets fed up losing her children ( eventually) and when her golden boy Jupiter arrives, she feeds Saturn a stone in place of her newborn.

Jupiter is given to the sea goat Almathaea, who becomes his foster mother and when he comes of age, he heads off to fulfil the prophecy and kills his father, rescuing and releasing his siblings in the process, akin to the Red Riding Hood tale where a devoured grandmother is released back into life.   

So Jupiter has a role to play in releasing stuck situations,  often by being in the right time and place, bringing an opportunity for freedom, liberation, travel, an opening in the clouds. 

While this jarring Saturn Uranus square is bringing clashes and tensions, it's also a point of no return where we can start moving forward where we need to, not necessarily all sweetness and light, but there is a sign shift coming in the morning of 29th December for Jupiter, as he returns to complete his journey across Pisces, and that could begin a six week process of gradual shifts and changes that might open dialogue, open doors, aid a process of necessary changes.

January has a restrained mood, as Venus retrogrades over Capricorn, with a thrifty, careful approach suiting the mood, but into February,  and things seem to be opening up..

Counting the blessings and doing right by one another as much as we can just might help to take the sting out of the current cosmic clash.  And there ARE better times to come.. We just need to make our way wisely through this unprecendented chapter. We'll get there. Together.  Take care, stay safe and  lotsalove 💫💜💫


Friday 10th December 2021  This weekend is a good one for cosying up where you can, for seeing the blessings, the glass half full not half empty, maybe as some say, being thankful to have a glass at all.  Agreements could be reached, plans laced together, and there are clear links to what's talked about this Saturday to what's happening on Christmas day.

Mars enters Sagittarius on Monday, and if there's been an assertive vibe around media and politics previously, it could rev up considerably now. Also expect some more heat around the world of international travel, and around liberty issues in general as Venus slows down, suggesting social activities dampened down. Some plans intended to happen at the end of this week could be postponed for several months, with September/October showing up. On another line entirely there could be a baby boom next autumn too! 

I've just had my booster vaccination after a very busy coupleof weeks with seasonal deadlines. All we can do is our best by each other. Take care, stay safe and  lotsalove 💫💜💫

Friday 3rd December 2021  Moondark time, solar light flickering off, ready to be revitalised.... Moon has been void of course all through this morning, till she entered Sagittarius just a short time ago, at 12:13pm..which means it's best to keep your head down and not expect miracles of yourself, try not to be stressed about wht isn't yet happening. Truth is what's meant for you, what you've put your heart/elbow grease/effort into, is bubbling away, in the background and will come into being when it's good and ready. Moondark before a solar eclipse ( and tomorrow's is total, with visibility over Antarctica and southern countries in Africa) is often a real deflating feeling, energies can dip, more so if this eclipse is touching personal points of your own natal chart, but you would feel it, you'll know, if that's the case by how you feel, physically, mentally, emotionally. Be kind, self care, but especially make allowances for situations where people seem a bit lethargic, not as enthusiastic as usual.. they're very likely feeling that solar eclipse wipeout, too.

Tomorrow's solar eclipse will bring a whole new era for some, with links to this time of year in 2003, and this eclipse also has echoes connecting to 1985 and further back, to 1967, further till, to 1949. All linked to important new eras.. if you are curious, check world news timelines around this date in those years for any recurring themes, as well as having a think about what you or family might have been about to begin..

Wednesday 1st December 2021  Anyone have an odd night last night? Strange dreams? Sleepless? Under par, perhaps? Neptune is on a station, about to turn direct, so that could be you, especially if you are a Piscean or have a busily aspected Neptune in your natal chart. Also Moon was in a heavy aspect too, with Pluto, which can bring many a question mark around relationships, around roots, the family. And there's a Sagittarius solar eclipse on the way, exact on Saturday morning, which often corresponds with feeling more vulnerable, or more aware of the uncertainties around where we'd like to feel freer to spread wings.

After the eclipse there could be a flurry of discussion, some encouraging communications, though, so meantime, know that if you're a bit wiped or wobbly, you really aren't alone and this too shall pass. Sending love 💫💜💫

Friday 26th November 2021 This is a good time for getting yourself organised, as the weekend brings a Virgo Moonphase and Jupiter aligns with Pluto. Try to get any official business tended and tidied, and have that end of year clear out that often comes when you go looking for other things!  It's one of those times when what you do could be of benefit to others, so maybe one person's clutter could be another's gain.  A good weekend to be industrious, and on Sunday, especially around the lunchtime period, there's a positive vibe around long made plans that finally happen. 

We're in the shadow of, very much experiencing the effects of,  a solar eclipse that'll be total on 4th December in Sagittarius, sign of international travel  and of education and of wider world communications.  Eclipses can bring communications blackouts. There was a total one in 1999 that was visible here in UK and I was in Edinburgh to take part in a radio programme - as the eclipse began, boof! Power outage! 

Globally, this eclipse is powerful, especially highlighting events in the areas it's visible. And yes, the areas where the new variant of Covid is springing up, are involved here.  Check it out on this link

An eclipse is a new Moon, an indicatin of an area of our lives where there's a "press reset" situation, off with the old and in with the new,  Hence me mentioning the more mundane aspect of decluttering, although this activity often has a pretty therapeutic effect on the psyche. Not to be underestimated!

Where in your life is there a "press reset" going on?  The solar eclipse could bring you back in touch with people, could bring explanations, bring "truths" to the surface, open a door to tolerance and understanding for some, or maybe help us to see what's causing a certain glitch in our world and with Mercury being the first connection made by that brand new Moon, well, renewed talks could be taking place, so I am placing the word "hopeful" around the new Moon of December 4th, along with all the stuff out in the world that obviously isn't going away magically overnight. Hope is what lights us up, and sets our feet moving.  Lotsalove 💫💜💫

An almost total lunar eclipse that coincides with the full  Beaver Moon this Friday morning 19th November 2021 at 07:18am just around sunrise and  will be ongoing for six hours, making it the longest in 580 years.

Wednesday to Friday 17th-19th November 2021  An explosive aspect of Mars opposite Uranus, is becoming precise this Wednesday 17th.. flare ups, machinery break aparts..mad hasty moments and swift heroic action..all are possible. Go carefully, wear the seat belt safety helmet, double check the junction before dashing ahead even if lights are green. There's a passion whirlwind. Stubborn do or die determination prevails. There's a lunar eclipse coming Friday morning (UK time) which is a full Moon in Taurus across the same axis of the sky, so everything is getting hyped up. This could be an exciting time of dynamic plans culminating, but as ever, when the cosmos turns intense, it's smart to also be aware of the potential for extremes. News has already been reflecting this explosive, earthshaking cosmic combination. Deep breaths, check the landscape, be innovative while staying alert, and try not to break stuff! 🌟 Lotsalove ❣️

Tuesday 9th November 2021 Moon's a bit deep in serious, take care of business Capricorn. Watch for "overload" created by too much expectation either of yourself or from others.

By tomorrow Mercury will align with Mars and with Saturn and some folk might be drawing lines and saying okay, this is my limit.

There's a sigh of relief coming on the heels of a demanding phase, thankfully, and those who care, those who are meant to be with you on your journey, will make it clear that they are.

Try to be a bit of an observer, step back, rise above and take a bigger overview over the next few days. The less you make an issue personal, the better. Mercury is making for a busy mind phase and it's way too easy to overthink what might be best kept simple. Sometimes, small is beautiful 💫💫

Friday 5th November 2021  Venus has come to Capricorn, there to stay until late February. Much focus will be on relationships of a business nature, on forming mutually beneficial connections. Mercury will arrive tonight in Scorpio, which will bring facts and figures to ligth that need an airing, and could aid any research efforts, too. The word right now is that mutual respect and co-operation is key to lasting success. The new, waking us up. Anything that no longer works or fits may be subject to swift choices which as I mentioned in my previous post, may seem instant , abrupt even, but all the signs will have been there.  MOnday is a good time to have an interview, shape a workable plan for future security and Thursday evening is a good time to spend with like minded others looking at the bigger picture, forward planning, perhaps for some, with this coming week ending  perhaps on a gentler note, with relief linked to official matters. Have a good one all and stay safe , stay well and feel loved, cos we are all made of love and stardust 💜🤩💜

We're on the brink of a shake it up new Moon this Thursday 4th November 2021. Things are starting to happen. Progress is afoot ( at last for many) Eyes wide open, time for the trees to shrug off the dead leaves and strip things back to build something new for springtime. Us, too, time to wake up to what we have to let go of. Old ways that no longer fit. Time to try something fresh. Maybe time to wake up to what we literally cannot keep going with. Listen to those we differ with. Listen and learn. Find the path that unites us. We don't have to all march at the same pace or wear the same uniform, but this is a stunning new Moon of opportunity to break new ground and make the difference that works well for all. Scorpio new Moon is about resources, and this one could certainly be bringing realisations about how we use ours. Could be, on a more mundane level, time to switch bank, building society. How we use cash itself is underlined.

Scorpio is the death of the old, the conception of the new. Looks like we are in a very newsworthy chapter where leaders and prominent figures are concerned. Uranus brings swift changes, lightning like moments of truth. Relationships are filled with sparks. These could be creative, and exciting. Reversals of old stuck scenarios could be in the air.

One thing for sure when Uranus is in the picture is that we can expect to be surprised, and maybe to find ourselves crankier, more rebellious, needing space to do our own thing. There can also be whirlwinds around love. Opposites can attract and rocky alliances can split, in which case that would have been coming for quite a while.

This will be a time when some will reach cherished goals in life, and this next ten days or so will show that hard work, willpower and digging deep brings results. Some unlikely heroes will emerge. Tonight is Moondark. Have a think about the bigger picture and map out those shake it up plans. Lotsalove 💜🤩💜

Friday 29th October 2021   This weekend has a heaviness around it, courtesy of Saturn in a square with the sun. It can certainly serve as a reminder than no pain, no gain, the importance of putting the effort in and of not putting things off, but we often feel our limitations and sometimes become mroe aware of how long the road is, how steep the hill, as Saturn is also the bringer of reality checks. Sometimes he's the tough taskmaster, the coach who drives us to reach the Gold.

This Saturday 30th, Mars is coming to Scorpio for the next six weeks or so, which is great for thoroughness, for research and for getting to the truth, the facts, the essence of a situation. It can also stir those deeper, more primitive emotions, the sort that set ups comparing our lot with that of others and maybe driving ourselves harder  to do better. Given that we are in a shrinking Moon phase though, with an electrifying, radical change new Moon in Scorpio on Thursday, it might be wise to, instead of hammering ourselves into the ground, try pacing ourselves, to take time to clear, declutter, strip things back to basics, get down to what truly actually matters most.

Decisions which have been a long time coming are finally on the way this week, and what's been missed, lost or glossed over will be to the fore.  It's a good time to look beneath the surface, and not to assume too much about other people's intentions as when Uranus is whipping things up, life is never lived on a straight line. Uranus rules aviation, technology and revolution, unions, controversial ideas, space, electricity. Breakthroughs connected to power and resources, breakups, sudden unexpected alliances, not always long lasting. This new Moon phase underlines changes in leadership, eyebrow raising news about "power couples", too.  

Drive safely, and to avoid surprises, check out costs and indeed the necessity of anything you're committing to. This new Moon is a shake it up one around resources, and very apt that COP26 is happening, as the opposition with Uranus suggests Mother Earth  having a tantrum

With Uranus involved, we are woken up to a) the fact that everything is constantly changing no matter how we might tell ourselves it's staying the same  and b) there can be thunderbolts where suddenly we're looking at new ideas and options.  Uranus can bring a swift moment where people act "out of character", yet it's often the case that the situation that led to that moment has been pretty obviously needing a retune.  So this new Moon phase, from Thursday onwards, is filled with news of changes that to some might seem surprising, and to others will seem like a case of "about time".

People are stirred up, that's for sure. Here's to us being stirred to make the changes that'll be best for us all.  Have a good week, stay safe, please and  sending warm wishes always 💜✨💜

MOnday 18th October 2021 With both Jupiter and Mercury at a pause point today, it feels as though the last couple of days have been very unusual.. I've watched some on the precipice of changes they're very wary of.. yet have to see through, and which will also become woven into the fabric of their ongoing stories.

I've observed some folk shining like stars, doing everything so wisely and well by themselves, and some metaphorically strutting like peacocks, perhaps deep down feeling less safe, the need for approval, yet ultimately we need to be our own best people, worthy of our own approval. Knowing ourselves is a gift. And we're all always learning.

These observations are right across about a dozen different scenarios, noted over the weekend, in all walks of life, yet each one is about life shifting into a different gear and the response to that, and as Mercury appears motionless, about to go forward later this afternoon 16:17pm UK Summer time, following on from Jupiter, earlier this morning, these two all important connectors and communicators seem to have a bigger message for us all.

It seems most (astro) timely for the inspiring Earth Shot Prize and UN Climate Change Conference COP26 to be unfolding at this point. And I think, HOPEFUL for the future.💜✨💜

Thursday 14th October  2021 Sun is angling in harmony with Jupiter, encouraging us to see the pluses, the positives and to embrace life's opportunities, with the aspect exact tomorrow, Friday. Often a time when there are big announcements being made by the larger than life characaters in our groups, in our society. Jupiter is pretty much pausing, stationing on Monday, as if to make a point.  And Mercury is heading for his station point on Monday, too,  each moving forward thereafter.  Much in our lives will begin to move forwards too..


Thursday 7th October 2021  The  good news is that Venus is now in sunny Sagittarius, which takes the "sting" effect out of relationship issues, though the Moon is heading into Scorpio for her monthly two days there, and that can swirl emotions high and low, and a high pressure, jarred alignment of Sun, Mars and Mercury ( retrograde till 18th  = think before you ink, check the detail) in Libra warns of the dangers of too much haste, perhaps a feeling of being rushed into choices, such as pressure sales situations. It's also possible that under this sky, some will be rushing to take a last minute option. Just be aware that when gladiator planet Mars aligns with the Sun, impatience and haste are easily fostered. There may be "eleventh hour" developments over these next few days, and there may also be soothing news by Sunday into early Monday. The astrology is powerful just now. I expect you can feel that, although some more than others, where personal charts are being triggered. If it hits your personal planets and chart angles you feel it more intensely, but for us all, there's that sense of pressure and potential for passionate exchanges or powerful statements that change games. Russia is very much in this cosmic spotlight with wheeling and dealing, as my friends in the world of Mundane astrology will be writing, with Saturn at a standstill and a Cazimi of Mercury in the sign of their leader. 

Back to the regular stuff, and expect progress next week with what's to be restructured. It'll be a time to straighten things out, perhaps in readiness for what's altering that we'll already know about. Older/influential/  powerful women are centre stage around midweek and Friday has a great aspect for unity and the potential for a glad announcement.

Have a good week all. Lotsalove and stay well 💜✨💜


Friday 1st October 2021 Moon is in Leo today, so life feels more precious, drama more dramatic. Mercury  now retrograding, again squares Pluto, which may bring deeper news, perhaps connected to what was discusssed last week, on Wednesday 22nd. This Saturday 2nd shows Venus and Pluto making a potent alignment, too, so women are more in the spotlight, which is very much the case out there in current UK news, where trust in our safety with those who we should most of all be able to have faith in, has been shockingly shattered. Themes of what's coming to light now about events of the past, and news that causes us to be more deeply reflective are with us, and as Mercury retraces steps futher to realign with Jupiter, there may well be new developments that in some way bring long improvements, maybe not overnight, but on the way.

Communications which are long overdue are underlined, too. Mercury reconnects as well as making for potential delays and crossed wires over anything new that's being initiated. Essentially, Mercury is not operating in his usual sharp and speedy mode, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes what's held up gives us a chance to plan a better route.  Lost things can reappear. Missed faces can reappear.  Expected news can finally arrive.  It's a good idea to stay fairly open minded for now about what's being mooted, and to take time to mull thoughts over. 

It's the period approaching a new Moon, too, exact on Wednesday morning. The more peace there is in our hearts and the more we tend our own back yard wisely, catch up with unfinished business, get back to people we promised to, the more at ease we'll probably feel.  It's a tidy up, declutter, fix things up, shed the old to make room for the new phase.   Around that new Moon, looks like a combination of retro Mercury and Mars and Saturn and Uranus might ensure that we need to keep plans flexible, have back up arrangements in place and try not to jump the gun, but instead to think a few beats ahead before we act.   Thursday onwards looks lighter for many of us, with Venus coming to Sagittarius after the new Moon, like a warm welcome... have a good one and lotsalove as always. 💜✨💜

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 Equinox is with us..night and day poise opposite one another for a moment in time n perfect balance, before night claims her right to reign a little longer and we turn inwards once more, prepare for sharper evenings and crisper mornings . Cosy up and connect with each other, albeit in new, safer ways, and also enjoy your own fireside 🔥 It's Libra time, from tonight at 20:21hrs (BST) and it's time to (attempt to) get the balance back in our lives. Relationships of every sort, romantic, personal/interpersonal and business, including those between nations are now in the solar spotlight.

Rebalancing isn't just about relationships though. It takes many shapes and forms. Balancing the books? Getting health matters better balanced? Duty rosters to be more fairly balanced? The work/life balance? Where in your life do you see things shifting or needing to shift, to get the balance back?💟♎️

Friday 17th September 2021  As the Sun angles to Pluto, things are being repaired, renewed, and phoenixes are arising from the flames. Standing steady and firm on matters of key importance is never wrong. Women's wisdom, female strength, mother nature's messages are in the air, as is a tug or two to remind us to be decent human beings, to take responsibility for the direction we are collectively driving ourselves in. Serious vibes. But also some seriously good vibes for those who find themselves proved correct on bigger issues. 

There's an inner peace that comes from knowing and understanding boundaries, working with the rulebook or guidelines because they make sense, not because they're forced.

Friday 17th September 2021   We're reaching a turning point, even though it may not yet be apparent, as we approach the "scales need to balance" Equinox coming on Wednesday 23rd.  The balancing of the scales point of the year when that Equinoctial Libra Sun arrives, in this case, could swing the collective mood towards a stronger sense of the need to take responsibility for how our actions (and our words) impact the world and the people around us.

Equinox  will follow on from this Monday night/early Tuesday's full Pisces Moon, where some who have been blinkered may be seeing the light that shines over their wisest path forward, because in some ways this full Moon speaks of "gifts" of insight.

It's true that a Pisces full Moon has a way of stirring idealism and escapism setting some reaching for the vino or the duvet, stirring urges to book a farflung holiday escape, but this one may also illuminate where we have been sabotaging our own route to freedom.

Relationships of all sorts could benefit from what could be an unplanned, just "happens" (often the best sort as barriers are not raised)  heart to heart on Monday evening as Mercury befriends Jupiter, co ruler of this big swelling ( 0:55hrs BST Tuesday morning) Pisces full Moon.

This annual Pisces full Moon can shine a light that alows us to see ourselves in the mirror. Think about what we are seeing in others just now. There may be a lesson to learn about what we aren't acknowledging in ourselves. Are we over reacting to something, which if seen through a different window, might not be what we assumed? Are we giving away our power by assuming someone else has all the answers, is smarter than us? 

Is there a pattern we keep repeating that we might benefit from taking stock of, getting to the root of why we are somehow "open" to an energy that doesn't  work for us? No matter whether we speak about what we are mulling over at this time or not, the big big thing is self truth. Not to be afraid for example, that because we have some work to do on ourselves that we are too "flawed". Truth is that those who are working on themselves are truly alive and awake to life's best bits. It takes strength to own all of ourselves.  As the song goes, maybe it's time to hold the mirror up and sing " This is ME!"     lotsalove, always 💜✨💜

Tuesday 14th September 2021 Tis a dreamy, slightly low energy day with Neptune bang opposite the Sun, bit draining, or distracting, lovely for having time out..but also stirring compassion, in some cases guilt tripping us about the list of "to do" items which seem to keep being nudged aside. "Ah dust if you must, but it'll wait", says this alignment.

It's also an aspect that can have us yearning for the good old days, maybe in the case of the good stuff, because we know how that script panned out.

💜✨💜 Nostalgia has us missing folk, or missing who we hoped they were, taking us down memory lane towards parts of the past we might wish we'd appreciated more, or fretted about less. Now is our gift, though. Now is where we are. What can we do with "now" to light up our lives?

Neptune can fool us into thinking less of our own contribution, or have us wishing we looked like this person or that, or had their life, but when Neptune is tugging you to think less of yourself or to put others on a pedestal, try to be aware, that it's all smoke and mirrors.

Nobody has got it all just "right" and the smoothest line is a flatline, and that's when we aren't living. Live, love, give yourself permission to be the flawed, NORMAL human you are. You're doing just fine. 💜✨💜

Friday 10th September 2021  As the new Moon reaches her first quarter in freedom loving Sagittarius come Monday, it's a good time now to press forward with projects and plans, with teaching, learning and healing work of all sorts,mental and physical, to seek out the information you need, get things fixed, tie up official business. Insurances, investments, mortgages, passports, visas, all of the details that need to be in place before certain other wheels can turn. 

Tonight Venus comes to Scorpio, favouring the water signs, of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio of course with a flow of loving warmth, but generally adding relationship intensity, most evident over this next 36hrs., as Moon is also in Scorpio, so deeper feelings may come more readily to the surface, where folk feel safe to share. Venus associates with the female gender so women's talk may be especially deep. Healing potential is strong.  Scorpio Moon phase is intense, and we can see the best and worst of human nature at such times. One thing is certain. Half heartedness, detachment isn't on. It's a case of "be real, be all or else be nothing to me" . Truthseekers will, over the next few days, very likely find answers. 

Tuesday will see the Sun opposing Neptune,  could be a dreamy, slightly low energy day, great for rainy day movie, book, escape times.  It's an aspect that encourages us to be compassionate, creative, but also a warning time that we can be told what we want to hear, so keep the torch bright enough to shine on the shadows, and dig for the truth of a situation. Intuition will very likely spark its own warnings to be through with checks and details. 

Come midweek, Mars will be in the bridge builder sign of Libra. The warrior planet is in the sign of peace. Fighting for fairness, working as a team, charm offensives, and determination to get the right "balance" are themes... more next time.

Meantime please have the best weekend, to thine own self be true and use the wind beneath your wings to sort the details, clear the decks as this Monday's first quarter, spread your wings, Sagittarius Moon approaches.  Lotsalove ✨⁠💜⁠✨

Today, Tuesday 7th September UK time at 01:52hrs this morning, Moon became new in Virgo. Focus on what or who you'd like to draw into your orbit, focus, see it happening. Plan on making that new beginning, on being your best YOU.

Virgo is about the details, about feeling useful, worthwhile, making the most of skills and talents. It's about fitness, health, wellbeing.

Be open to new ideas for making the most of all YOU are. It feels like a New Moon with lots of positive potential for those willing to adapt to the changes, to look

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