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Cosmic Updates

Equinox is with us..night and day poise opposite one another for a moment in time n perfect balance, before night claims her right to reign a little longer and we turn inwards once more, prepare for sharper evenings and crisper mornings . Cosy up and connect with each other, albeit in new, safer ways, and also enjoy your own fireside 🔥 It's Libra time, from tonight at 20:21hrs (BST) and it's time to (attempt to) get the balance back in our lives. Relationships of every sort, romantic, personal/interpersonal and business, including those between nations are now in the solar spotlight.

Rebalancing isn't just about relationships though. It takes many shapes and forms. Balancing the books? Getting health matters better balanced? Duty rosters to be more fairly balanced? The work/life balance? Where in your life do you see things shifting or needing to shift, to get the balance back?💟♎️

Friday 17th September 2021  As the Sun angles to Pluto, things are being repaired, renewed, and phoenixes are arising from the flames. Standing steady and firm on matters of key importance is never wrong. Women's wisdom, female strength, mother nature's messages are in the air, as is a tug or two to remind us to be decent human beings, to take responsibility for the direction we are collectively driving ourselves in. Serious vibes. But also some seriously good vibes for those who find themselves proved correct on bigger issues. 

There's an inner peace that comes from knowing and understanding boundaries, working with the rulebook or guidelines because they make sense, not because they're forced.

Friday 17th September 2021   We're reaching a turning point, even though it may not yet be apparent, as we approach the "scales need to balance" Equinox coming on Wednesday 23rd.  The balancing of the scales point of the year when that Equinoctial Libra Sun arrives, in this case, could swing the collective mood towards a stronger sense of the need to take responsibility for how our actions (and our words) impact the world and the people around us.

Equinox  will follow on from this Monday night/early Tuesday's full Pisces Moon, where some who have been blinkered may be seeing the light that shines over their wisest path forward, because in some ways this full Moon speaks of "gifts" of insight.

It's true that a Pisces full Moon has a way of stirring idealism and escapism setting some reaching for the vino or the duvet, stirring urges to book a farflung holiday escape, but this one may also illuminate where we have been sabotaging our own route to freedom.

Relationships of all sorts could benefit from what could be an unplanned, just "happens" (often the best sort as barriers are not raised)  heart to heart on Monday evening as Mercury befriends Jupiter, co ruler of this big swelling ( 0:55hrs BST Tuesday morning) Pisces full Moon.

This annual Pisces full Moon can shine a light that alows us to see ourselves in the mirror. Think about what we are seeing in others just now. There may be a lesson to learn about what we aren't acknowledging in ourselves. Are we over reacting to something, which if seen through a different window, might not be what we assumed? Are we giving away our power by assuming someone else has all the answers, is smarter than us? 

Is there a pattern we keep repeating that we might benefit from taking stock of, getting to the root of why we are somehow "open" to an energy that doesn't  work for us? No matter whether we speak about what we are mulling over at this time or not, the big big thing is self truth. Not to be afraid for example, that because we have some work to do on ourselves that we are too "flawed". Truth is that those who are working on themselves are truly alive and awake to life's best bits. It takes strength to own all of ourselves.  As the song goes, maybe it's time to hold the mirror up and sing " This is ME!"     lotsalove, always 💜✨💜

Tuesday 14th September 2021 Tis a dreamy, slightly low energy day with Neptune bang opposite the Sun, bit draining, or distracting, lovely for having time out..but also stirring compassion, in some cases guilt tripping us about the list of "to do" items which seem to keep being nudged aside. "Ah dust if you must, but it'll wait", says this alignment.

It's also an aspect that can have us yearning for the good old days, maybe in the case of the good stuff, because we know how that script panned out.

💜✨💜 Nostalgia has us missing folk, or missing who we hoped they were, taking us down memory lane towards parts of the past we might wish we'd appreciated more, or fretted about less. Now is our gift, though. Now is where we are. What can we do with "now" to light up our lives?

Neptune can fool us into thinking less of our own contribution, or have us wishing we looked like this person or that, or had their life, but when Neptune is tugging you to think less of yourself or to put others on a pedestal, try to be aware, that it's all smoke and mirrors.

Nobody has got it all just "right" and the smoothest line is a flatline, and that's when we aren't living. Live, love, give yourself permission to be the flawed, NORMAL human you are. You're doing just fine. 💜✨💜

Friday 10th September 2021  As the new Moon reaches her first quarter in freedom loving Sagittarius come Monday, it's a good time now to press forward with projects and plans, with teaching, learning and healing work of all sorts,mental and physical, to seek out the information you need, get things fixed, tie up official business. Insurances, investments, mortgages, passports, visas, all of the details that need to be in place before certain other wheels can turn. 

Tonight Venus comes to Scorpio, favouring the water signs, of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio of course with a flow of loving warmth, but generally adding relationship intensity, most evident over this next 36hrs., as Moon is also in Scorpio, so deeper feelings may come more readily to the surface, where folk feel safe to share. Venus associates with the female gender so women's talk may be especially deep. Healing potential is strong.  Scorpio Moon phase is intense, and we can see the best and worst of human nature at such times. One thing is certain. Half heartedness, detachment isn't on. It's a case of "be real, be all or else be nothing to me" . Truthseekers will, over the next few days, very likely find answers. 

Tuesday will see the Sun opposing Neptune,  could be a dreamy, slightly low energy day, great for rainy day movie, book, escape times.  It's an aspect that encourages us to be compassionate, creative, but also a warning time that we can be told what we want to hear, so keep the torch bright enough to shine on the shadows, and dig for the truth of a situation. Intuition will very likely spark its own warnings to be through with checks and details. 

Come midweek, Mars will be in the bridge builder sign of Libra. The warrior planet is in the sign of peace. Fighting for fairness, working as a team, charm offensives, and determination to get the right "balance" are themes... more next time.

Meantime please have the best weekend, to thine own self be true and use the wind beneath your wings to sort the details, clear the decks as this Monday's first quarter, spread your wings, Sagittarius Moon approaches.  Lotsalove ✨⁠💜⁠✨

Today, Tuesday 7th September UK time at 01:52hrs this morning, Moon became new in Virgo. Focus on what or who you'd like to draw into your orbit, focus, see it happening. Plan on making that new beginning, on being your best YOU.

Virgo is about the details, about feeling useful, worthwhile, making the most of skills and talents. It's about fitness, health, wellbeing.

Be open to new ideas for making the most of all YOU are. It feels like a New Moon with lots of positive potential for those willing to adapt to the changes, to look at the bigger picture with eyes of hope and faith in self. You've got this. Lotsalove 💕🥰😊

Thursday 2nd September 2021  Today finds Mars Neptune opposing each other, and they make an ongong connection over the next couple of days as they are interlinked in other aspects. So..that can bring a flat tire feeling, yet it can also be a time when healing energies are flowing, when artistic imagination fires up, when matters nautical are highighted. It can be a time of mysterious anger, too, such as the story I read recently of a chap who saw an old lady stumble and fall, rushed to her aid, only to be beaten off by another senior gal, who assumed he was an attacker. See?  People can misread actions. It's good to try to keep things as clear as possible!  Be kind, but also be clear about your intentions?  Some people are very sure of where they're heading, but may not be consulting the right map.  Just a thought. Lotsalove ✨⁠💜⁠✨

Wednesday 25th August 2021  ✨⁠💜⁠✨⁠Trying to figure things out? Sometimes they aren't our things and they don't need our energy. We do. Mercury is opposing Neptune, which can turn minds into tangled jungles. These times are wonderful for being creative, of course, but the mind can be creative in ways that don't especially help, especially in the wee small hours, when we spin tales to torture ourselves.

Mars will oppose Neptune through the next week to ten days, too, so if you're having a droopy ole time, if you aren't seeing your way clear, don't be hard on yourself, and don't imagine that everyone else has things sussed. We absolutely don't.

We're all cracked and flawed and we bleed. Me too. It hurts like hell when those images of the life we a) believe is ideal and b) wish was ours often appear on social media at our own low points.

It helps the hurting to know that they are not alone, the wonderfully real to see that messy pic that shows your life ain't polished up either. Mine absolutely isn't. But it's my life and despite what I might wish was different, I have so much to be thankful for, and I know it.

Laughter is such a fantastic panacea. And by the way, regarding last week's #washingootgate on  my washing IS out and a friend IS due..Avatar looking excited. They're trying to balance on a flying yellow pencil. Different mathematical signs and symbols like plus, division and square root are seen below. A blue circle with white stripes is seen in the background.

Friday 20th August 2021  Uranus is making a station  today. It's very personal for me, as it's bang on my Mars, so technology(Uranus)  is acting up for the Mars (man) in my life, which drove us nuts (Uranus rules madness too!)  .

Uranus pauses and turns retrograde till January. Watch for reversals, returns, changed minds..and for about turns out there in the economo-political world. Politics is ALWAYS about resources, and Uranus, the revolutionary planet is vibrating the very foundations for some right now, in his journey across Taurus, repeating a cycle he last made in the 1930's.  It's a crazy time, and if you are feeling that electricity in the air, I'm not surprised. 

The Moon is swelling full , exact (at 13:02hrs BST)  this Sunday, for the second (Blue Moon) time in Uranus ruled Aquarius, (first was 24th July) so this is an incredible, super alert phase where our very nerve endings may tingle. For some it's an exciting time of plans coming to fruition and fulfilment. For others it'll be that point we're reaching of realisation that enough is enough and it's time for things to change, in some key area of life.  Maybe time to recognise the role we play, the investment we make in our own insecurity. Think about that one as it won't necessarily be obvious on first read. It could be as oblique as who we vote for, the choices we make in relationships. When Uranus is strong, we can be the architects of our own downfall by slamming a door and in the process, smashing a treasured heirloom we were arguing over.

.Uranus is cranky.  And jagged edged. He's the glittering eyed reactionary. He's also Robin Hood, helping the less fortunate through rebelling against corruption. But he's also a maverick, breaking rules. This is a break with the past, open new doors to the future time, but it's smart to think a few beats ahead.  Truth is though, sometimes it takes a storm to clear the air.

Jupiter is much involved with this full Moon and he hypes everything up, for sure, but can also bring unexpected benefits. Sometimes what seems to be out of the question, isn't. The impossible can suddenly happen. Miracles can happen when ordinary people dare to do the right thing, the best thing for all, often against the tide. Be as good a human being as you know how, and miracles just might follow, this Blue Moon, make a wish, do your best to make it happen, weekend. Lotsalove 💜✨💜✨

Thursday 5th August 2021  There's a crackle of tension in the air as the Sun and Uranus are making a jarring angle together, so people may be a bit cranky just now, (this aspect having a way of making folk act like teen rebels, whatever their age!) and life seems to bring elements of the unexpected. Uranus is the spanner in the works that wasn't in the plan. Technology can be a pest.   But also there can be wake up calls to notice what we may be overlooking too. We're heading into Moondark over the weekend, with a new Moon on Sunday in Leo, also being framed by this Uranian mood. It's one of those times when trying to reason with the type of character who is ALWAYS right, may prove tricky.

Being aware of our own idiosyncronicities might be a help, mind you.  There's a tendency for us all to be "right" . maybe we are, but if we could do with some mutual cooperation, it's an idea to step back and think of what it's like to be in the other person's shoes.  On the plus side, some brainwaves and bright sparks are going to be around. Discoveries could be made that prove rather enlightening.   As it's a Moondark weekend approaching, it's good for tidying, straightening and preparing for new chapters, Listening is a good thing. 

Leo new Moon wants you to find and celebrate the joy in your life,  to live your best life, and maybe to make some space in your life for new beginnings that will encourage you to be your happiest self. a class, a hobby, a new routine that brings smiles, no matter how small, how simple or how grand. Life is a gift, to be treasured. Lotsalove 💜✨💜


Sunday 1st August 2021 Happy Sunday all, and your horoscopes are as usual in the Sunday Mail with heapslove from me and thanks for being the most amazing bunch. You really ROCK!

Talking of rocks, ( we're third rock from the Sun) Saturn ( 6th [big]rock from the Sun in case you're counting!) is shining bright in the skies at night just now, off to the right of a very bright Jupiter both in Aquarius, with a huge emphasis on getting things right, straightened out, not pretending the Emperor has clothes on, wherever in your life it's time for a reality check that's about centring yourself, about being true to your core values, getting things in order, being organised, making/keeping that appointment that shows you mean business. The next couple of days are very strong Saturn days, and they're also marvellous for insights, for asking questions, finding answers. Saturn is a roadblock where we need to go a bit slower, he's a stumbling block where we need to stop and take stock and sometimes his stumbling blocks can also turn into the best building bricks. We don't go that way, because we're means to look another way, find another route, one that's truer to yourselves.

Saturn isn't an enemy, he's the core strength within us all. So on Saturn days, when we feel stuck or clocked. Stop and look around. What might benefit instead from our attention, and yes I know that sounds like lockdown, but Saturn makes this set of oppositions every year.


Saturn is also the teacher, no sweetie pie if you have been ducking away from what you know you really need to. You get tugged and turned around to deal with it, one way or another, and that's your opportunity to get things working well for YOU.

This next month is so very much about being true to the core of you, rather than paying homage to superficial stuff that, if you were on a desert island perchance, actually wouldn't mean a thing.

Get real, says Saturn, it's way steadier than trying to do a balancing act, juggling with the perceived expectations of a society that may not even really be your tribe. Find your Tribe, says this Aquarian duo.. and love them fiercely, be your best YOU.

Lotsalove 🥰

July 23rd 2021  The Moon swells to her fullness, exact at 03:37am this Saturday 24th July, unusual in that she's making her mark twice in the sign of Aquarius , becoming full there once more on August 22nd, when she will be aligning with Jupiter.  There's a lot of Jupiterian energy about just now as he backtracks along the route he followed over the second week of May, about to reenter Aquarius on Wednesday. A lot of people are feeling the joy of "freedom" while many are paying the price. A bit like picking up someone else's bar tab whether you wanted to or not.  It's a time of extremes and a point that's conjuring up impressions of the time when a very young adult is allowed to go beyond certain limits, given a chance to prove they are adult enough now, and sometimes they blow that chance and have to be reined in again.

This full Moon has a "shake it up, then get real" vibe to it. Take nothing as read and try to be wise about "limits". Mercury is busy over the weekend, so youngsters are prominent. Maybe a good time to remind them of wise "limits" too.

There may be trickiness around communications. Watch for scenarios where efforts are made try to keep it sweet and don't say "too much" could, this weekend, turn into snappy moments as Mars will get feisty over Sunday evening.

There could be answers "at last" to mysteries, too.  Be smart about things you might need before you travel, things like house or car keys, debit cards, little tools that make all the difference. Before you leave a place, check the details. It could save a second journey!

The sign of Aquarius focuses on "society" and a full Moon here expands everything, so this could be a busy busy weekend for going out and about. Check travel and transport schedules  so that your time is spent enjoying life, and making the most of free time.

There is a growing, (culminating Thursday) boisterous, vibrant energy around and while full Moons are glorious for get togethers and weddings and all that's good about people can come to the fore and make for a great time., it's good to also be aware that it's a hyped up phase of the month/year, when we can all go a bit "mad"!! 

Wishing you a good weekend and a happy week to come. Lotsalove 💜✨💜

July 16th 2021 There's an intensity in the air just now, despite the sociable, harmony seeking Libra Moon. Venus is stirring emotions, bringing yearnings as she makes a quirky link to nostalgic Neptune, longings for the way it used to be, conjuring up imaginings of how perfect things probably are for others, which of course they are NOT. Trick photography it used to be called. Looking at the Instagrammed cropped images and snapshots of the corner of a person's life that looks good, and sharing that bit, can be fun, but oh so misleading!  

Sometimes where we are right now is actually pretty fine. What we can alter to improve, great, let's do that, if we want to. What we can't change, let's not give ourselves added grief over.  Life is a very very precious gift, as some of us are being sharply reminded right now, having looked down the abyss of Covid-19, having come through or currently going through challenges.  Sun is in opposition with Pluto, exactly in aspect just before midnight UK time tomorrow.

This aspect often brings a flurry of events that remind us not to take people or things for granted, ( it could become clear that something needs to be renewed, repaired). It  reminds us that we are tenants on planet Earth for a short time, and that at any given moment, everything can change.  Catastrophic flooding in Europe is giving us that awful reminder just now, too. News headlines are full of extremes. It will gradually ease, but  it's a weekend to be careful, mindful, not to overlook warnings.

If ever there were a time to be a good human being, to be caring and to be compassionate, to reach to give a wee bit of warmth and support where it could make such a difference, it's now,  and yes, I know it's always now, but this weekend's vibes make that just a bit more sharply obvious.  Being our best selves is always a choice.

On a less intense note, the aspects favour decluttering and simplifying life, bringing things to the surface for a sort out. Transforming the look and feel of a place.  Maybe realising what's needed within a cetain key relationship, too.  Perhaps also a moment of truth will arise, when long brewing decisions are made about lifestyle changes. Doors may be closing, so that wings can fly.

Wishing you a peaceful, kindly and caring weekend. Lotsalove.  💜✨💜

July 8th 2021  A new Moon shines on Saturday 10th in the sign of Cancer, which feels like a breath of fresh air for many, especially the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. We're just coming out of a foggy Mercury phase of retrograde and shadow, since mid May, with much having been up in the air, quite literally.  From Monday 12th, it feels as though many of those limbo plans will click more successfully into place, although Mercury's emergence from retrograde and then shadow has very likely upped the pace of life for many, so there's more of a "buzz" in the air! 

That new Moon of Saturday 10th is all about connecting with roots and family and with core values and also about "Home".. and all that means to you.  Many will be thinking about babies, and about love. Creativity for the home and surroundings will shine this week. It's a turn things around time.

A fair element of nostalgia is likely over the coming week. Old photos, old home movies, images and songs that evoke the safer aspects of the past, could stir us that bit more.  Some will be making big lifestyle shifts and perhaps significant moves, maybe over long distances.  It's a favourable time for streamlining, revamping, renewing and perhaps for making lemonade from the lemons!  Hope you have a good week ahead and enjoy using my website's Tarot, too! All my own work, though the technology is the work of my big boy Andrew, who looks after things for me so kindly, so quietly. He's a star. Lotsalove till next time.💜✨

June 21st 2021 Solstice greetings everyone! The Sun enters Cancer at 04:32 this morning, rising daily in that sign for a month. Midsummer . Connections with family, with roots, with memories of the past are stirred as Jupiter is stationary and then Mercury, ending his retrograde around midnight on Tuesday..a turning point. Assume nothing, look beneath the surface, watch for price changes and discoveries of what's been overlooked, omitted, hidden out of sight. Something lost could be rediscovered. Someone key to your hopes or plans could rethink their approach, maybe finally get back to you. This week could bring faster paced changes into being, delayed official processes suddenly speeding up. Hope your week is kind!  Lotsalove 💜✨✨ 💜✨💜

Friday 18th June 2021    Moon is in Libra till lunchtime on Sunday. Good for finding the route to harmony, but some relationships have a more serious vibe due perhaps to what's a bit up in the air initially, at least. Sunday sees Jupiter stationing, ready to backtrack after his first wee steps through Pisces, reminding you Pisceans in particular, to be hopeful and forward looking.. But Jupiter has unfinished business with Aquarius, and will by the end of July, be back there, and I would take this as an encouraging sign on many levels, especially on a scientific level.  Jupiter will be back in Saturn's territory, and newer, more expert knowledge will be applied more successfully to the resolution of what's "plaguing" society.  If you are an Aquarian, you may have options and opportunities you never expected between then and December. 

Solstice is on Monday at 04:32hrs BST, when the Sun starts rising in Cancer, the canny, cautious, family and homeland sign of the tenacious, sideways shuffling to fact find, to gain the best perspective, sign of the Crab. Babies born from then are Cancerians!

Over this coming week, there's quite a shift in the cosmos, so be ready for some switcharounds to previously made plans. Mercury stations preparing to go direct from 23:00hrs (BST)on Tuesday 22nd, and clears his shadow in early July, (although I'm looking at July 12th with interest for progress many of us may be waiting and hoping for). Some projects and plans will be all the better organised thanks to recent rethinks and to the arrival, now, of needed facts, figures and information. Watch for announcements coming midweek about travel and transport, and amidst some rollercoaster ( swelling Moon) moments, perhaps also some news that brings smiles.

A certain level of idealism comes to a point where there's something of a reality check as the Capricorn full Moon arrives on Thursday, and under the apects of this particular lunation, some decisions will quietly be making themselves, proving that no amount of fretting, angst, conjecturing tends to change an outcome, but that with effort we can achieve a lot ourselves. News around the full Moon could serve to remind us that no man is an island., and that the more we unite to heal ..the better. On all sorts of levels, both personal and global.  The message is that there's work to be done, and we have what it takes to do it wisely and well.  Have a good week my friends, stay well, look out for each other and we'll get there. Lotsalove 💜✨💜✨

Sunday 13th June 2021..Hey..happy Sunday all! Neptune squares the Sun today, bit dreamy and weary, so go easy if you need to, you'll soon perk up again. Also double check anything you buy or commit to. Sometimes what's in the box doesn't match the picture on the outside. Mercury is retrograde, which is also wonderful for reconnections and nostalgic trips down memory lane, though please don't go beating yourself up over history that can't be rewritten. Being your best self NOW can be your golden achievement💕. I wish you so much happiness, health and peace of mind 💗 . Your horoscopes are in Sunday Mail as ever, with love from me💗

Solar eclipse in Gemini Thursday 10th June 2021, and it's a very deep one, with planetary links to 2001/2, 2008, 2015, 2019.

This one, with a retro Mercury ruling the sign of the eclipse, and a square with nostalgic, emotional, reflective, dreamy Neptune, beckons us to go within for some deeper reflection, in some cases to forgive ourselves for not knowing how to avoid a rough patch in the past. Truth is, it very likely was never about you, and some things aren't ours to fix. If you've reached and tried, given your best, been your best, that was and is enough. .. you tried.

Relax into the knowledge that what's to be will find its way to you.. Get yourself geared up for new chapters that can bring you joy, bring you fulfilment. You are SO worth it. Lotsalove ✨💜✨


Thursday 3rd June 2021.  There's a considerable intensity brewing in th comsos as fiery warrior planet Mars in protective family and homeland sign Cancer opposes Pluto in security seeking, boundary conscious Capricorn. That aspect becomes exact by Saturday 5th June, when the Moon is triggering it further. The Plus side is it's great for stripping things back and renewals on the domestic front, and for digging deep to the root of situations for answers maybe long buried and finding them. The not so easy side is that anger flares wher boundaries feel challenged, that revenge for ancient ills can be sought. Pluto can wait 20 years for retribution for injustice of the past, and truth be told, secrets can come pouring out from the least expected sources at such times. News reports may be more intense than usual. 

 Emotions can erupt. It's a volcanic aspect but it can be cathartic, detoxing, cleansing time, though like a volcano, it can leave collateral damage. So it's wise for us to think about what we hope for as a longer term outcome before pressing any nuclear buttons.

We're in the shadow of a solar eclipse happening next Thursday, 10th June just around midday in UK.  It's a new Moon in Gemini, and the ruler planet is Mercury, the winged messenger, with a lot to say. His focus is the past, unusually, and much could be dug up now that sets us thinking about situations and indeed people, in a new light..

Having absolutely accurate information is key. And if you are in the throes of discussions or making arrangements, be sure, while the wee trickster planet Mercury is not paying enough attention, to double check fine print, and be sure to have "flexible" options around arrangements, as that'll work best during this period leading to early July.

It'll be quite a week, one for keeping cool and focused and on the ball. More movement is indeed indicated, and also more family smiles as lovely Venus is now with Mars in Cancer. So good relationships will have more warmth and appreciation, and there'll be a desire to protect and nurture each other more.  Tricky ties, well, they are where ancient history may stir up and bring some sparks. So do think ahead, that's all.

It's a wonderful time to be creative, especially where the home is concerned. And a lot of reconnections will be made. "At last".  have a good week and may the "force" be with you  and used wisely! Lotsalove as always. ✨ 💜✨💜✨

27th May 2021 Full Moon/ lunar eclipse effects are very much still at for situations where your mind is overworking, encouraging you to feel diminished. Nobody has that power. The power is yours my friends. Some people will never be what you might long for them to be. Maybe you're not meant to be on their present path. I keep reading the word "overwhelmed" on posts just now. The astro chart shows a draining feeling for many, weariness combined with overthinking can be exhausting. Be your best self. Give yourself a hug and whatever it is that's bugging or troubling or indeed exhausting you right now, try to let it be for now. You very likely will discover truths/ explanations you never imagined about the current behaviour of some. Tread softly away and let tomorrow be another day

26th May 2021 Today's full eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius.. make a wish for what you might be best to let go of, or want to complete. Oh, and Sagittarius, look at this Beauty.. shining light in particular for you, where might you not be best serving yourself or even neglecting aspects of your world that you could look back in time on and wish yu'd dealt with.. Tie up the unfinished business as much as you can over the coming two weeks, ready to emerge, unfettered, uncluttered by what's weighed you down, yes, even despite that sunny side up face you present to the world.. there may be secret times where you get caught up in a cycle you'd like to break. There's never been a better time, dear Centaurs. Yes it's a mad, mad world just now for us all, but life DOES go on, and making it fit as best we can is our challenge. Gemini, Pisces and Virgo, you're also strongly tugged by this lunation. Every sign is. Look up tonight at the sky, cloudy or starry, and thank your ancestors for all the love that went into the making of you and ask them to help you to honour them by being your best "you", living your best possible life. We all know, some too well, how battered and bruised events in our lives can leave us, but we have the choice, to lift our eyes up in hope or cast them down and be defeated. Always look UP.. you're worth it. Biggest warmest hugs to all of my friends and family, with love X

Tuesdy 25th May 2021 

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, pandemic fatigued, stressed, strangely hyped , hemmed in, adrenaline racing, tired.. the lunar eclipse is coming up, exact tomorrow lunchtime in Sagittarius at 12:13pm BST and will bring a sense of peaking then ebbing, a bit like a storm breaking, bringing "relief" ..results, completion of that cycle, then awareness of what needs then to be cleared up, away, out.

Meantime the Moon is swelling through Scorpio, sign of extremes, our time to be aware that actions have consequences, that we can shine or show ourselves up as human beings. We can rise like the phoenix and give of our best when the Moon is here.

Troubleshoot, problem solve, be compassionate. and we may not be aware of our own power to shine for others, may be inclined to shy away as not being "good enough" or not having much to offer. Sometimes what we have to offer is just ourselves, and that could, unknown to you, be exactly what someone else needs to see. Don't underestimate your power to make a positive impact, make a difference. Lotsalove ✨💜✨

Friday 21st May 2021. with Saturn slowing to a standstill, a lunar eclipse (Full Moon) coming up in Sagittarius come Wednesday lunchtime, today's Sun/Jupiter square aspect might be stirring us to want to hurry up and do stuff that may not be so likely or possible in the next few weeks.

Look out for the temptation to overdo things that actually could slow everything down in the longer term. The bigger picture, the long game, increasingly become more pressing issues for us to address at this point whatever we are involved in.  

That eclipse is underlining international, legal and educational matters.  The planet Mercury is also slowing down, in its shadow already, which means that some plans may benefit from taking that longer view, looking at the bigger picture. Thinking globally, thinking of others has rarely been so vital to our planet's wellbeing.  Advice?  If  you seem to be being told "not yet".. don't.   Have faith. It's often as we approach the last bend before the finishing line that we think we can't or will never do this. Mid July feels like a more solid time for those "maybe/maybe not" situations and plans.  Meantime, With a full Moon, big super Moon approaching, everything can feel more hyped. It's also a good time for making big efforts in readiness for what'll be going ahead very soon. You've got this! Lotsalove 💜✨💜

Wednesday 12th May 2021..  Late into the evening of Thursday 13th May 2021 sees Jupiter arriving,at 23:36hrs BST in his ancient homeland of PISCES. This is the first foray into Pisces since 2010/11, and it's only till the end of July, then he slips back into Aquarius and completes his work there, ending the year arriving back in Pisces to commit to his once in a dozen years year long visit there.

Kindness and compassion matter even more, as Neptune , the other Pisces ruler planet is already there, has been for a while. Things you have been knowing needed to be done but swimming around in a sea of uncertainty over, will increasingly become clear, get done, with Mars the action planet in fellow water sign Cancer. Time to show we CARE, to stop hiding behind emojis and say, do more to show we care?

Jupiter is referred to as the Greater Benefic, the giant of our solar system, and he represents larger than life scenarios, things being blown up out of proportion, in every sense. He's about wide open doorways, about freedom and travel and expansion, and opportunity. Jupiter represents religion and law and politics and acting, and if you think they are dissimilar,  maybe think some more, as they all entail standing up and being a part of something larger than life, projecting, posturing, and yes, praying.

Jupiter in each sign opens a doorway of opportunity, magnifies an area of your life, widens the scope of what's possible.  I'll write more about this shortly!  Meantime I hope the Sun shines for you and wish you all of the best of Jupiter's new blessings. Lotsalove 💜✨💜

Monday 10th May 2021 Messenger planet Mercury is in Gemini for an unusually long time.. as he will appear to slow down and then retrograde at the end of May. Watch for the clues he leaves.. for the things not said, for the details that you might later need to go back over. Make notes of passwords, back things up. Try not to leave unfinished business, and use this time, too, to take a look at what could do with being revisited, maybe revitalised. Today's Moon is dark, tomorrow evening a new Moon appears and planet Neptune will assume more importance as this week unfolds, which means words need to be just right, facts not fudged, details tended, and compassion is so important. The arts will shine, the kind will shine. Until tomorrow night's new Moon gets up and away, your energy may be lower, so please be kind to yourself too. Lotsalove, always with one eye on the sky! :-)

Friday 7th May 2021  Interesting skies right now, suggesting a time of much reshuffling ahead, rethinking, restructuring. Many of us are trying to hang tight to the status quo, whatever that may be, whilst others are stirring the revolution, although the revolution may not quite be ready to happen, not quite. Wait till the final square in November and then we'll be better armed, better informed and more likely to make that "push" in the direction of the "new order".

Such is the way of times when Saturn is in square with Uranus. It's as though it's getting clear that things need to change and things are unsettled, one way or another, but like old slippers we could be reluctant to let go of the devil we know, whoever that may be, whatever that is.  The Aries Moon coming in today for the weekend adds some fire to a strangely "fireless" sky.  More inclination to get out and about and do things rather than think about doing them.

Venus will square Jupiter this Saturday, buoyant, favouring women, favouring Taurus and Aquarius , but actually givng us all a bit of a boost of feelgood confidence, which I have to be honest can bring mad extravagances and overdoing things is easy. Those hours  this Saturday, probably mostly between 8am and 3pm BST,are uplifting for many of us though, and good for connecting with people and enjoying life.  Hopefully the sunshine will find you wherever you are and make it a good weekend!

Sunday brings Venus into Gemini, adding love and sparkle to the lives of the air signs especially. Gemini, of course and Libra and Aquarius, but this Venus phase is lovely generally for connecting with love and warmth.  

Tuesday evening at 8pm (BST) the new Moon happens in Taurus, time to make some new plans and get ready to set them rolling out? . Matters physical and financial are in the spotlight and Taurus gets a boost of new vitality, as do the other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. 

Wednesday will be a happening day for many, as Mars aligns with Uranus, and that favours new activities for Cancer and Taurus, a burst of passion that flows into something fresh. New technology, scientific breakthroughs, shiny new purchases. Agreements are made on Wednesday evening, paperwork perhaps signed off.

Thursday night towards midnight brings mighty Jupiter into Pisces, who's scouting out the terrain there until the end of July on his initial foray into Pisces which he will commit fully to as 2021 closes. A cycle from 2010 is repeating in essence. Jupiter and Neptune are the rulers of Pisces, and both in that sign together will repeat a cycle from the mid nineteenth century. 

For Pisces, you are truly coming into a time of being able to more fully express who you are..and what's more, it's going to be appreciated. All of the signs will experience Jupiter's sign shift personally, but it is so clear that global kindness and compassion will become ever more important.

It's a good week to get practical paperwork in order and to take note of the little details of conversations, too.  Mercury is in Gemini for a lengthy stay and will be retrograde as May closes, and you might well find yourself wanting or needing to revisit conversations and exchanges made at this time, so keep notes, and remember passwords and pin numbers, and here's a thought. The word Silent is made up of the same letters as Listen.  Listen well.   

Hope you have a good week and sending love as always 💜✨💜


SUNDAY 25th April 2021  Here's ( fired up) Mars (protective, nippy) Cancer, oooft, jarring with the Libra Moon yesterday. Crowds swelled in protest against a lockdown that's been essential, stabbing themselves no doubt, and therefore all of us, in the feet as they invited the virus to hop around and make more mischief, whilst NHS medics tweeted their angst as being simply HUMAN, they have come through way too much trauma themselves already to be dealing with yet more inevitably to come. 

So Mars in Cancer for the next six weeks will stir a lot of defensiveness and nippy stuff especially for Aries, Cancer, LIbra and Capricorn and for those with planets and angles there. Check your placings on if you'd like to. 

Mars here  also stirs the urge to protect what we cherish and what we need to survive and thrive. Good for pouring energy into building security, a home, working on your home, doing what you have been perhaps intending to for the last couple of years.  

We have a full Moon swelling, and Mars in Cancer is triggered constantly now by each Moon aspect, as Moon rules Cancer, so the Scorpio Supermoon that'll be exactly full by Tuesday morning at 04:32hrs BST  is going to feel supercharged. Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio along with Pluto, who at the time of this full Moon will be stationing, motionless, making a point in Capricorn, sign of government, ruled by Saturn, who's in Aquarius, sign of the people, of unions, of science, innovations, challenged by  the Aquarian ruler, (time for a change) Uranus in Taurus (keep things as they are, says Taurus).  I know this might be a lot to take in, but skip by the astrology and here's the bottom line.  There will be some amazing examples of human endeavour, of kindness, of crisis response, and there will be those who make life harder, heroes and villains, as always with a Scorpio lunar tide, but this is a chance to turn things around, to dig deep and be our best selves, though for many just now that feels like a big ask, when there seem to be so many conflicting emotions and requirements of us. Minds are busy just now, maybe over busy. Pluto's station on Tuesday at Full Moon can churn things up from years ago, maybe unfinished business, maybe feelings that were never honoured, maybe ancient secrets that have weighed us down.  The urge to trace our DNA can also stir at this time, as Scorpio is associated with conception. 

There will be some now or never moments around this lunar swelling. It's a point where we can literally cross the line. Be aware of this in all you do, that actions have consequences. That could be amazing, a time of reaching out and healing, a time of swift rescue, a moment of truth where old dilemmas can be resolved.

The word Fate isn't often used here by me, but Destiny may indeed reveal herself around this full Moon. Being true to yourself, really true to yourself is important. And as Scorpio can bring deep transformative experiences, some will reach that moment where they step forward at last into a new era that's been a long time coming. Turning points beckon. I do hope yours is the one you feel you could do with, but whatever it is, that Scorpio  "after the fire" phoenix effect of rebirthing and renewal and rekindling is very much with us all this week.

By the end of the week, action could be underway to ring those changes, whether it's a new look home or a new life chapter beginning.  This is a good time to shrug off old bad habits, too, even those you thought you could never kick.   Wishing you well, safe, happy. Lotsalove 💜

Friday 16th April 2021 The cosmos is jaunty and vibrant, as Mars aligns with Jupiter , sure to be stirring spring fever, and given that over Saturday the Moon is also with Mars in restless Gemini, the roads will be busy, but that lunar alignment ( clearing just after 1pm (BST) also makes for sharp exchanges, or folk feeling that their view should be "cared about". Spikey moments could lead to open talks though, so for some, there may be resolution and a clearer path forward. 

Mercury gets into a moody vibe later into Saturday evening, so here's what I think, (should you be asking😉).  If your instincts are to go in a certain direction, and someone tries to talk you out of it later on, trust yourself and question the motive of anyone who's trying to steer your thinking.  Sometimes the most important thing to do is show faith in yourself, and your best chance of straightening things out is to stand gently but firmly, exactly where you are, be true to you, rather than a pleaser or appeaser.

The Taurus Sun arrives on Monday at 21:33hrs, so babies arriving from then are Taurus and Mercury will precede this by making his entry to Taurus on Monday morning after a powerful alignment with the Aries Sun. This suggests an arrangement or agreement that takes plans forward, a chance to press the button on a plan that quite simply works.  

Expect more news of prominent women before the week is over, and around the end of the week there may also be some more clarification on vaccines.

I've had my first Pfizer one, for the record, and my other half has had both. Lots of family and friends are likewise, now vaccinated, and as someone who came of age at a time when travel abroad meant getting jabs for smallpox at least, it's no big deal.

Have a good weekend all, take care, stay safe and if someone's viewpoint clashes with yours, try to step back a bit and appreciate that they are probably just as passionate as you.. you're allowed to differ, and sometimes agreeing to differ is the first step to harmony.

Lotsalove 💜

Sunday April 11th 2021 Hey, hope your weekend is being kind! Sunday Mail has your horoscope for the week ahead as usual, and here comes a new Moon in the wee hours of tomorrow (at 03:31hrs BST), which mens it's a Moon Dark time just now, best for pottering and preparing, a bit like on Hogmanay, the sense of anticipation of something new this way coming, but as we move to meet it, we are already shedding aspects of the past, some of which feels like it's been a part of us for a very long time.

The aspect right beside this new Moon is one between Venus and Pluto, which symbolises physical endings and rebirths, very much tuning in to what's happening out there in the world not just with the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's husband

( Venus/Pluto is apt for this, and this year is the Saturn return of her Annus Horribilis, plus as I've previously written, always due to be a major year for her as she has a Pluto (death and rebirth) transit over her birth chart's Ascendant) but also for news of the passing of many others just now. We really are all in this world together, and we're all just walking each other home, regardless of rank or wealth.

This new Moon is carrying a noticeable weight of heavier emotional intensity, and indeed of apprehension over security and safety issues we may each of us be dealing with in different ways, but it's followed fairly rapidly by a spring-like vibe, and reminders that in the midst of tougher times, babies laugh, lambs frolic, flowers bloom, life happens, miracles appear.

So if for now you feel a bit weighed down, despite the sunshine that may be around, if for now you feel you aren't too sure of which way is forward, try to give yourself permission to go gently, nurture your own needs, that inner child. If you feel you need some time for you, that's understandable. Go gently on yourself and try not to expect too much of others as everyone is under this same Moon, just human. Be your best you, but first and foremost as this is the Aries new Moon, tend the needs of the self, put on your own oxygen mask before you go charging in to be all things to all people. Look after YOU. Moondark is good for being a wee bit quieter, and for musing, reading, gently tidying and tending what you must and not driving yourself to fast into anything new. That time will come soon enough. Let Moon become new before you point yourself further forward. There'll be plenty of progress this week in directions that please. Take care, stay well and speak soon!

Lotsalove  💜♥💜

Thursday 1st April 2021  

Moon has come into jolly Sagittarius, always game for a laugh and up for an adventure, but also inclined to be a bit blunt with the facts, sometimes. The sign of Sagittarius is often prominent in the charts of journalists, who manage to rise above everything bar the quest for the story, and it's also in the charts of great teachers who open the windows of the world to their pupils.

Sagittarius Moon brings restlessness and also an inclination to connect with a wider audience, and to learn more about the world, brings out our generous spirited selves, but also can turn us into overly hyped and excited souls too, so hopefully we won't go too mad as lockdown terms shift! 

This Easter weekend has a mixed bag. Look out for answers/results/information coming to light that explains ancient mysteries, and look out too, for a wee flat phase on Saturday where there's a bit of push n tug between options, maybe some fixing and mending afoot, or deeper thought needed to work out pieces of practical plans, followed by a Sunday that makes up for that, with lively ideas, breakthroughs, bursts of relief, bright, friendly, maybe surprise connections, much more "mojo" coming into play.  Easter Monday afternoon could bring news linked to new starts, turnarounds, news that's been awaited.  Stay well, all, stay safe and hope the sun shines for you. Lotsalove  💕🌟💞

Friday 26th March 2021  Venus is in the heart of the Sun just now, in Aries, by Chiron, wounded healer, teacher, (maverick little chap!) and there's a swelling  Libra super Moon coming up, (Venus is the ruler of Libra, so her themes are underlined)  exact Sunday at 19:48 BST. Remember UK friends, the clocks go forward Saturday night into Sunday at 02:00hrs.

So Venus is about love, right? She's also about how we value ourselves, what we value, what we own, or want to, and about our physical selves. This full Moon phase is likely to stir some deeper relationship issues, for better and for worse. If it's great, maybe it's time to commit further?  If it isn't, maybe love yourselves enough to move on?

It's a full Moon in Libra. Relating, partnerships of all sorts are at a peaking point. Culmination, recognition, realisation.  And in wheelings and dealings, there's closure and completion. This is a time to get the balance right, and it'll be apparent in all sorts of areas and ways if there is imbalance. With Venus so strong over this period, watch for warrior women seeking to "redress the balance".  As there's such focus on Aries, watch for impatience, impulsiveness and try to think a few beats ahead.

Because Venus is in the heart of the Sun, with Chiron, this could be such a pivotal point, where wounds of the past may surface. We can suddenly see what's at the root of old pain, what's been holding us back, what's been preventing our growth as joyful humans worthy of love, freeing ourselves to love more fully. 

Love doesn't have to involve being WITH anyone.. finding the key to self understanding, and maybe even looking back at ancient scars with kinder eyes, forgiving yourself for not having the answers, the skill, the emotional skills to heal something way way back in your life. This is Chiron's domain, as he passes through Aries, sign of beginnings, of the individual.

Forgiving yourself for expecting too much of yourself, looking back at who you were then with all the compassion and wisdom you've gained since then, perhaps  having a little chat with the child within, being kind, understanding, could be the most healing experience under this super charged cosmos. Some will relate to this Chironic phase, some will be lucky enough not to. 

It's also a time of being true to yourself in other ways. Lockdown gives many of us more  space for introspection. And Libra full Moon with Chrion opposite, could well mark a time of social and personal streamlining. How many people are you allowing to have headroom whose ideas and impact on your life isn't healthy/kindly/caring/enjoyable?  There may be a lot of streamlining afoot just now and it could feel as if you're gaining more inner peace from acknowledging that it's just fine for us all to be different, but we don't have to be tied to one another, however loosely, if our time and minds are overfull with under-healthy connections.

Chiron is also about health. There could be many a turning point this weekend, a peaking of awareness of where we're hurting, where we're harming ourselves, and as the full Moon then begins to shrink after her dramatic full beam on Sunday night, well, we , too, might well find it gets more achievable, feels more like the time is right, to begin more successfully, to shrink away from anything toxic, excessive, unhealthy. Love isn't always about romance. It starts with you, with me, with caring enough about the magnificent gift of life we've been given, and realising how many thousands of ancestors have poured love into the miracle that is YOU. Whatever you do this weekend, remember that, and let love shine, reset your track if that seems right for you. Take care, stay safe and lotsalove as ever 💕🌟💞


Friday 19th March 2021  We welcome Spring Equinox, when day and night are balanced,  this Saturday 20th March at 10:37hrs GMT. This is a special point, a moment of truth, a time of choices. Venus is about to align this coming week with that Aries Sun, and it's a week when initiatives will be taken to tip the balance in favour of comfort, harmony, peace and fairness.

This equinoctial Aries Sun time emphasises directness, open-ness and honesty. Getting straight to the point, being up front.  Relationships are at a turning point for some. Indeed the getting to the point theme could involve making a decision about forever ties.

As the world begins to come back to life, a flurry of weddings and pleasure proposals could mark this coming week as being "unprecedented" in a better way than has been the case in many a long month. It's a good week for getting a focus and applying ourselves to chosen targets. There may be a significant turning point reached that means "at last we're clear of this and can start working towards that".   

Not necessarily related to the obvious stuff in the news. But yes, as above, so below, the obvious areas may be reflected in developments coming up, although the end of April was always likely to be a culminative, significant turning point, when we will see a lot of milestone, landmark moments, some even shifting history books.

Life is never dull, but this new Springtime week, there will be moments to be thankful of, things that possibly demand fixing, blessings that come in disguise, and celebrations of life itself.  Take care, stay safe and lotsalove as ever 💕</div></td>
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