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Cosmic Updates

Friday 7th May 2021  Interesting skies right now, suggesting a time of much reshuffling ahead, rethinking, restructuring. Many of us are trying to hang tight to the status quo, whatever that may be, whilst others are stirring the revolution, although the revolution may not quite be ready to happen, not quite. Wait till the final square in November and then we'll be better armed, better informed and more likely to make that "push" in the direction of the "new order".

Such is the way of times when Saturn is in square with Uranus. It's as though it's getting clear that things need to change and things are unsettled, one way or another, but like old slippers we could be reluctant to let go of the devil we know, whoever that may be, whatever that is.  The Aries Moon coming in today for the weekend adds some fire to a strangely "fireless" sky.  More inclination to get out and about and do things rather than think about doing them.

Venus will square Jupiter this Saturday, buoyant, favouring women, favouring Taurus and Aquarius , but actually givng us all a bit of a boost of feelgood confidence, which I have to be honest can bring mad extravagances and overdoing things is easy. Those hours  this Saturday, probably mostly between 8am and 3pm BST,are uplifting for many of us though, and good for connecting with people and enjoying life.  Hopefully the sunshine will find you wherever you are and make it a good weekend!

Sunday brings Venus into Gemini, adding love and sparkle to the lives of the air signs especially. Gemini, of course and Libra and Aquarius, but this Venus phase is lovely generally for connecting with love and warmth.  

Tuesday evening at 8pm (BST) the new Moon happens in Taurus, time to make some new plans and get ready to set them rolling out? . Matters physical and financial are in the spotlight and Taurus gets a boost of new vitality, as do the other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. 

Wednesday will be a happening day for many, as Mars aligns with Uranus, and that favours new activities for Cancer and Taurus, a burst of passion that flows into something fresh. New technology, scientific breakthroughs, shiny new purchases. Agreements are made on Wednesday evening, paperwork perhaps signed off.

Thursday night towards midnight brings mighty Jupiter into Pisces, who's scouting out the terrain there until the end of July on his initial foray into Pisces which he will commit fully to as 2021 closes. A cycle from 2010 is repeating in essence. Jupiter and Neptune are the rulers of Pisces, and both in that sign together will repeat a cycle from the mid nineteenth century. 

For Pisces, you are truly coming into a time of being able to more fully express who you are..and what's more, it's going to be appreciated. All of the signs will experience Jupiter's sign shift personally, but it is so clear that global kindness and compassion will become ever more important.

It's a good week to get practical paperwork in order and to take note of the little details of conversations, too.  Mercury is in Gemini for a lengthy stay and will be retrograde as May closes, and you might well find yourself wanting or needing to revisit conversations and exchanges made at this time, so keep notes, and remember passwords and pin numbers, and here's a thought. The word Silent is made up of the same letters as Listen.  Listen well.   

Hope you have a good week and sending love as always 💜✨💜


SUNDAY 25th April 2021  Here's ( fired up) Mars (protective, nippy) Cancer, oooft, jarring with the Libra Moon yesterday. Crowds swelled in protest against a lockdown that's been essential, stabbing themselves no doubt, and therefore all of us, in the feet as they invited the virus to hop around and make more mischief, whilst NHS medics tweeted their angst as being simply HUMAN, they have come through way too much trauma themselves already to be dealing with yet more inevitably to come. 

So Mars in Cancer for the next six weeks will stir a lot of defensiveness and nippy stuff especially for Aries, Cancer, LIbra and Capricorn and for those with planets and angles there. Check your placings on if you'd like to. 

Mars here  also stirs the urge to protect what we cherish and what we need to survive and thrive. Good for pouring energy into building security, a home, working on your home, doing what you have been perhaps intending to for the last couple of years.  

We have a full Moon swelling, and Mars in Cancer is triggered constantly now by each Moon aspect, as Moon rules Cancer, so the Scorpio Supermoon that'll be exactly full by Tuesday morning at 04:32hrs BST  is going to feel supercharged. Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio along with Pluto, who at the time of this full Moon will be stationing, motionless, making a point in Capricorn, sign of government, ruled by Saturn, who's in Aquarius, sign of the people, of unions, of science, innovations, challenged by  the Aquarian ruler, (time for a change) Uranus in Taurus (keep things as they are, says Taurus).  I know this might be a lot to take in, but skip by the astrology and here's the bottom line.  There will be some amazing examples of human endeavour, of kindness, of crisis response, and there will be those who make life harder, heroes and villains, as always with a Scorpio lunar tide, but this is a chance to turn things around, to dig deep and be our best selves, though for many just now that feels like a big ask, when there seem to be so many conflicting emotions and requirements of us. Minds are busy just now, maybe over busy. Pluto's station on Tuesday at Full Moon can churn things up from years ago, maybe unfinished business, maybe feelings that were never honoured, maybe ancient secrets that have weighed us down.  The urge to trace our DNA can also stir at this time, as Scorpio is associated with conception. 

There will be some now or never moments around this lunar swelling. It's a point where we can literally cross the line. Be aware of this in all you do, that actions have consequences. That could be amazing, a time of reaching out and healing, a time of swift rescue, a moment of truth where old dilemmas can be resolved.

The word Fate isn't often used here by me, but Destiny may indeed reveal herself around this full Moon. Being true to yourself, really true to yourself is important. And as Scorpio can bring deep transformative experiences, some will reach that moment where they step forward at last into a new era that's been a long time coming. Turning points beckon. I do hope yours is the one you feel you could do with, but whatever it is, that Scorpio  "after the fire" phoenix effect of rebirthing and renewal and rekindling is very much with us all this week.

By the end of the week, action could be underway to ring those changes, whether it's a new look home or a new life chapter beginning.  This is a good time to shrug off old bad habits, too, even those you thought you could never kick.   Wishing you well, safe, happy. Lotsalove 💜

Friday 16th April 2021 The cosmos is jaunty and vibrant, as Mars aligns with Jupiter , sure to be stirring spring fever, and given that over Saturday the Moon is also with Mars in restless Gemini, the roads will be busy, but that lunar alignment ( clearing just after 1pm (BST) also makes for sharp exchanges, or folk feeling that their view should be "cared about". Spikey moments could lead to open talks though, so for some, there may be resolution and a clearer path forward. 

Mercury gets into a moody vibe later into Saturday evening, so here's what I think, (should you be asking😉).  If your instincts are to go in a certain direction, and someone tries to talk you out of it later on, trust yourself and question the motive of anyone who's trying to steer your thinking.  Sometimes the most important thing to do is show faith in yourself, and your best chance of straightening things out is to stand gently but firmly, exactly where you are, be true to you, rather than a pleaser or appeaser.

The Taurus Sun arrives on Monday at 21:33hrs, so babies arriving from then are Taurus and Mercury will precede this by making his entry to Taurus on Monday morning after a powerful alignment with the Aries Sun. This suggests an arrangement or agreement that takes plans forward, a chance to press the button on a plan that quite simply works.  

Expect more news of prominent women before the week is over, and around the end of the week there may also be some more clarification on vaccines.

I've had my first Pfizer one, for the record, and my other half has had both. Lots of family and friends are likewise, now vaccinated, and as someone who came of age at a time when travel abroad meant getting jabs for smallpox at least, it's no big deal.

Have a good weekend all, take care, stay safe and if someone's viewpoint clashes with yours, try to step back a bit and appreciate that they are probably just as passionate as you.. you're allowed to differ, and sometimes agreeing to differ is the first step to harmony.

Lotsalove 💜

Sunday April 11th 2021 Hey, hope your weekend is being kind! Sunday Mail has your horoscope for the week ahead as usual, and here comes a new Moon in the wee hours of tomorrow (at 03:31hrs BST), which mens it's a Moon Dark time just now, best for pottering and preparing, a bit like on Hogmanay, the sense of anticipation of something new this way coming, but as we move to meet it, we are already shedding aspects of the past, some of which feels like it's been a part of us for a very long time.

The aspect right beside this new Moon is one between Venus and Pluto, which symbolises physical endings and rebirths, very much tuning in to what's happening out there in the world not just with the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's husband

( Venus/Pluto is apt for this, and this year is the Saturn return of her Annus Horribilis, plus as I've previously written, always due to be a major year for her as she has a Pluto (death and rebirth) transit over her birth chart's Ascendant) but also for news of the passing of many others just now. We really are all in this world together, and we're all just walking each other home, regardless of rank or wealth.

This new Moon is carrying a noticeable weight of heavier emotional intensity, and indeed of apprehension over security and safety issues we may each of us be dealing with in different ways, but it's followed fairly rapidly by a spring-like vibe, and reminders that in the midst of tougher times, babies laugh, lambs frolic, flowers bloom, life happens, miracles appear.

So if for now you feel a bit weighed down, despite the sunshine that may be around, if for now you feel you aren't too sure of which way is forward, try to give yourself permission to go gently, nurture your own needs, that inner child. If you feel you need some time for you, that's understandable. Go gently on yourself and try not to expect too much of others as everyone is under this same Moon, just human. Be your best you, but first and foremost as this is the Aries new Moon, tend the needs of the self, put on your own oxygen mask before you go charging in to be all things to all people. Look after YOU. Moondark is good for being a wee bit quieter, and for musing, reading, gently tidying and tending what you must and not driving yourself to fast into anything new. That time will come soon enough. Let Moon become new before you point yourself further forward. There'll be plenty of progress this week in directions that please. Take care, stay well and speak soon!

Lotsalove  💜♥💜

Thursday 1st April 2021  

Moon has come into jolly Sagittarius, always game for a laugh and up for an adventure, but also inclined to be a bit blunt with the facts, sometimes. The sign of Sagittarius is often prominent in the charts of journalists, who manage to rise above everything bar the quest for the story, and it's also in the charts of great teachers who open the windows of the world to their pupils.

Sagittarius Moon brings restlessness and also an inclination to connect with a wider audience, and to learn more about the world, brings out our generous spirited selves, but also can turn us into overly hyped and excited souls too, so hopefully we won't go too mad as lockdown terms shift! 

This Easter weekend has a mixed bag. Look out for answers/results/information coming to light that explains ancient mysteries, and look out too, for a wee flat phase on Saturday where there's a bit of push n tug between options, maybe some fixing and mending afoot, or deeper thought needed to work out pieces of practical plans, followed by a Sunday that makes up for that, with lively ideas, breakthroughs, bursts of relief, bright, friendly, maybe surprise connections, much more "mojo" coming into play.  Easter Monday afternoon could bring news linked to new starts, turnarounds, news that's been awaited.  Stay well, all, stay safe and hope the sun shines for you. Lotsalove  💕🌟💞

Friday 26th March 2021  Venus is in the heart of the Sun just now, in Aries, by Chiron, wounded healer, teacher, (maverick little chap!) and there's a swelling  Libra super Moon coming up, (Venus is the ruler of Libra, so her themes are underlined)  exact Sunday at 19:48 BST. Remember UK friends, the clocks go forward Saturday night into Sunday at 02:00hrs.

So Venus is about love, right? She's also about how we value ourselves, what we value, what we own, or want to, and about our physical selves. This full Moon phase is likely to stir some deeper relationship issues, for better and for worse. If it's great, maybe it's time to commit further?  If it isn't, maybe love yourselves enough to move on?

It's a full Moon in Libra. Relating, partnerships of all sorts are at a peaking point. Culmination, recognition, realisation.  And in wheelings and dealings, there's closure and completion. This is a time to get the balance right, and it'll be apparent in all sorts of areas and ways if there is imbalance. With Venus so strong over this period, watch for warrior women seeking to "redress the balance".  As there's such focus on Aries, watch for impatience, impulsiveness and try to think a few beats ahead.

Because Venus is in the heart of the Sun, with Chiron, this could be such a pivotal point, where wounds of the past may surface. We can suddenly see what's at the root of old pain, what's been holding us back, what's been preventing our growth as joyful humans worthy of love, freeing ourselves to love more fully. 

Love doesn't have to involve being WITH anyone.. finding the key to self understanding, and maybe even looking back at ancient scars with kinder eyes, forgiving yourself for not having the answers, the skill, the emotional skills to heal something way way back in your life. This is Chiron's domain, as he passes through Aries, sign of beginnings, of the individual.

Forgiving yourself for expecting too much of yourself, looking back at who you were then with all the compassion and wisdom you've gained since then, perhaps  having a little chat with the child within, being kind, understanding, could be the most healing experience under this super charged cosmos. Some will relate to this Chironic phase, some will be lucky enough not to. 

It's also a time of being true to yourself in other ways. Lockdown gives many of us more  space for introspection. And Libra full Moon with Chrion opposite, could well mark a time of social and personal streamlining. How many people are you allowing to have headroom whose ideas and impact on your life isn't healthy/kindly/caring/enjoyable?  There may be a lot of streamlining afoot just now and it could feel as if you're gaining more inner peace from acknowledging that it's just fine for us all to be different, but we don't have to be tied to one another, however loosely, if our time and minds are overfull with under-healthy connections.

Chiron is also about health. There could be many a turning point this weekend, a peaking of awareness of where we're hurting, where we're harming ourselves, and as the full Moon then begins to shrink after her dramatic full beam on Sunday night, well, we , too, might well find it gets more achievable, feels more like the time is right, to begin more successfully, to shrink away from anything toxic, excessive, unhealthy. Love isn't always about romance. It starts with you, with me, with caring enough about the magnificent gift of life we've been given, and realising how many thousands of ancestors have poured love into the miracle that is YOU. Whatever you do this weekend, remember that, and let love shine, reset your track if that seems right for you. Take care, stay safe and lotsalove as ever 💕🌟💞


Friday 19th March 2021  We welcome Spring Equinox, when day and night are balanced,  this Saturday 20th March at 10:37hrs GMT. This is a special point, a moment of truth, a time of choices. Venus is about to align this coming week with that Aries Sun, and it's a week when initiatives will be taken to tip the balance in favour of comfort, harmony, peace and fairness.

This equinoctial Aries Sun time emphasises directness, open-ness and honesty. Getting straight to the point, being up front.  Relationships are at a turning point for some. Indeed the getting to the point theme could involve making a decision about forever ties.

As the world begins to come back to life, a flurry of weddings and pleasure proposals could mark this coming week as being "unprecedented" in a better way than has been the case in many a long month. It's a good week for getting a focus and applying ourselves to chosen targets. There may be a significant turning point reached that means "at last we're clear of this and can start working towards that".   

Not necessarily related to the obvious stuff in the news. But yes, as above, so below, the obvious areas may be reflected in developments coming up, although the end of April was always likely to be a culminative, significant turning point, when we will see a lot of milestone, landmark moments, some even shifting history books.

Life is never dull, but this new Springtime week, there will be moments to be thankful of, things that possibly demand fixing, blessings that come in disguise, and celebrations of life itself.  Take care, stay safe and lotsalove as ever 💕🌟💞

Thursday 11th March 2021 Once we get past tonight's sensitive escapist Pisces Moon's square to Mars, currently in Gemini, where words can be swords and painfully so, where action may be swift to mend and heal, where kindness says more than anything, but yes, there's potential for raw wounds to feel scraped, well, once we get beyond that aspect( exact at 23:16hrs GMT), the cosmos is not so jarred for a few days,  more nostalgic, more emotional too, with a new Pisces Moon on Saturday (at 10:21am GMT)and there is indeed more warmth and kindness coming into play. People may be reminded, by what's happening out there, of their own priorities, as Pisces stirs compassion and the strength of shared emotion can move mountains in a good way.

Also there are more "live and let live" vibes, and willingness to look at new options, fresh possibilities that might in the past have been out of the question. 

Look for news around women, more than usual, over the next few days, and for some heart touching moments. There's actually rarely been a better time to show love and kindness and for its power to shine. Hope life is kind to you. I'm hopeful.

Lotsalove 💕🌟💞

Thursday 4th March 2021. Mars has arrived in Gemini, turning certain things around which looked like they were heading one way, now pointing in another, possibly even the polar opposite of what was being assumed. Mercury is coming forward, and he's in Aquarius, cool, factual, logical, speaking truth even if it makes him unpopular, and now Mars is in the domain of Mercury, adding power and energy. 

Communications are buzzing, everywhere. Fire in words, verbal swords raised when Mars comes to this territory, more so when Mercury has been extremely prominent. I love seeing Mars these nights as I look out across the sea and up to the heavens, bright and somehow more of a friend of justice. I get a sense of peace, ironic as that may sound, from his orange light.  There's also been and is a lot of karmic connectivity around communications with the lunar nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius.

So I guess the message that I perceive is, speak your truth, be clear, be David to Goliath if needs be. But don't be silent over what should be aired. Slay the Hydra by dragging it from its cave, as Hercules eventually realised needed to happen, putting the whole fire out at once, rather than running around a bushfire with cups of water, and I know that's a lot of mixed images, metaphors and analogies in a very short space, but all of those thoughts flew in at once as I thought about what's happening out in the world, about the big underlying shifts that are so often preceded by chaos.

Truth is, I'm hopeful. Lotsalove 💕🌟💞

Thursday 25th February 2021.  How are you doing? I often wish there was an interactive element on my website, but it's there on my Facebook pages if you woud like to comment at all, anytime

Moon is swelling, currently in  magnanimous, outgoing Leo until tomorrow 26th at 17:07hrs GMT when a Virgo full Moon approaches,  and she'll be exactly full at 08:17hrs GMT on Saturday morning 27th February, turning the tide around many areas of health, public services and environment. So I'm hopeful.

Mars is trining Pluto right now, stirring our inner survivor, stirring the resourcefulness we need to survive and thrive and helping with  focus on goals. Mars is not for taking any nonsense, and very much about hitting the target. What has felt "impossible" may, through sheer application of effort, become possible.

Venus has come into Pisces just before I began writing this, and that's good for stirring compassion and kindness, which makes me glad, although it would as I am Pisces of course! I see this full Moon as stirring up agitation and restlessness around the areas she's highlighting, but there could be some rethinking and reshuffling that takes place, you know the sort where someone says, no can do, then you ask again, giving more information, and they say, oh let me just check again....and there's a shift, at last. So being kind, wise and resourceful  could bring sea changes that seemed as though they'd never happen. Be patient, as this coming week will need that, but stay hopeful and focused.  Thursday/Friday 4/5th will be progress points for many, leading to mid March arrangements, when there's good potential for "breathing easier".  Have a safe, healthy, good week.ahead and try not to overthink things over tomorrow evening through Saturday under that Virgo full Moon, okay? Cut yourself some slack. Lotsalove 💕🌟💞

Sunday 21st February 2021   Well, there you go, Mercury's getting a chance to catch up now he's turning direct..or rather planet Earth stops racing away from the messenger and gives it a chance to speak.. rush ye not, but prepare for movement and action, as Mercury departs his shadow phase completely from 13th March. Full facts are made clear, decisions are made with more strength and awareness. Meantime we'll hear of events linked to mid January, and of rethinks, revisions and possibly re-connections after absences.

Mercury links to travel and to education and to all things involving essential information, communication platforms, transport, neighbours and siblings and to paperwork, to documentation that we can't successfully move forwards without.

If you can afford to take a wee while longer before pressing into new plans, then do.

What you commit to may be subject to terms and conditions that you might prefer to be clear on before going ahead, for example. The plan may work and go ahead, but might have a few details around it that you'd benefit from knowing, so you can more successfully prepare.

You might be the one deciding, there's no need to rush, and a three week gradual phase of adjustment and changes could follow.

These are just some thoughts about how Mercury may be acting out just now, and the outer planetary message being one of tugs between caution and revolution suggests that maybe making changes in steps and stages could prove beneficial for the longer term. Only my thoughts, and you'll read many other dimensions of this chapter too from colleagues whose work I respect and often share. None of it will conflict, as we all know what we're working with, just as we all knew we were going to be heading through a time where love and respect and human kindness were going to mean more than ever. Lotsalove all ♥


Friday 19th February 2021 This is true of us all I think just now.  


You’re not imagining it, nobody seems to want to talk right now.

Messages are brief and replies late.

Talk of catch ups on zoom are perpetually put on hold.

Group chats are no longer pinging all night long.

It’s not you.

It’s everyone.

We are spent.

We have nothing left to say.

We are tired of saying ‘I miss you’ and ‘I cant wait for this to end’.

So we mostly say nothing, put our heads down and get through each day.

You’re not imagining it.

This is a state of being like no other we have ever known because we are all going through it together but so very far apart.

Hang in there my friend.

When the mood strikes, send out all those messages and don’t feel you have to apologise for being quiet.

This is hard.

No one is judging.

by Donna Ashworth ( From Facebook)

And  astrologcally it's highly  relevant that communication planet Mercury entered shadow on 15th January and retrograde from 30th until this Sunday 21st after which he gradually gets up to speed and out of shadow by early March, with 4/5th revving things up. Use your quiet not to stir anxiety but like a hibernating creature coming out of slumber..waking, stretching, sifting through ideas. Life's tricky but the light is returning and there's lots to be hopeful about. Lotsalove 💕🌟💞

Friday 19th February 2021. Sun is now in Pisces, since Thursday morning, and that's our annual reminder to allow ourselves to dream, to feel, to allow ourselves some gentle time, to allow compassion to flow, and charity begins at home, so if you've been beating yourself up because you have needed more sleep, more rest, maybe that's because life has been so hard going in many ways that sleep has been the only time your mind would give you a break, or maybe because you have been stressed or struggling your dreams have been crazy, tiring you out, so actually you need MORE gentle rest and sleep than usual. BE KIND.  Look after YOURSELF, too. You matter. You're precious. Lotsalove ♥🌟♥🌟 

Friday 12th February 2021  Happy Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox!  New Moon in Aquarius yesterday was the marker of the end of the old year, start of the new, and as that New Moon was cosy with Venus and Jupiter, there's reason to feel more upbeat, methinks. Yes the cosmos is jarring and Saturn is in Aquarius in square with Uranus, exact next week, and that's about old systems being reset, overthrowing the old orders, something that's happening globally, with the blue touch paper being lit back in December.  It's time for us to shake ourselves out of the paralysis of feeling we can do little so what's the point, and to recognise that every little positive thing we do is a step in the direction of everything getting better. It's time to have faith in ourselves, and to believe in the power of kindness, decency and good citizenship, all very much in tune with Aquarius, where this new Moon has formed.  We've got this. Let's shine. 

Have a good week and take care, stay safe and double check the details while Mercury's backtracking ( till 21st). Lotsalove ♥🌟♥🌟 

 Thursday 4th February 2021 It's a shrinking Moon phase, with the new Aquarius Moon coming on Thursday 11th, also Chinese New Year, year of the Metal Ox. Steely determination to do what's best and right for us all, may not seem appealling, but the rewards are way better than if we don't.  Saturn is aligning over the next fortnight  to form a jarring link with Uranus, already  well and truly getting into his stride, overthrowing old despotic or unsustainable patterns, shaking out the dead wood, and getting mighty serious about "work to be done".

Mercury is retrograding, so expect to be going over familiatr ground, reconnecting with familiar faces and to be handed long awaited news, paperwork, keys, as the new week opens on Monday with Mercury in the heart of the Sun. News linked to leaderships could feature, too.

Thursday's new Moon has a lovely warmth around her, with Venus and Jupiter in an uplifting aspect, homing in on happy news, and bringing us more smiles than of late. It feels like we're turning a corner, or at least, seeing results for efforts.  Glad news will shine on many of our lives, which could be rather welcome!  

Have a good week and take care, stay safe and double check the details while Mercury's backtracking ( till 21st). Lotsalove ♥🌟♥🌟 


Thursday 28th January 2021   Full Moon happens in Leo at 19:16hrs GMT, with some very deep aspects around it to do with the past, to do with what's built up, never left, never been fully addressed. Relationships that were left behind, impossible once upon a time could bubble up and be rekindled. It's extreme, this full Moon, but it's also very much about being TRUE to yourself. Being your highest self, being authentic, being original. People will respect you more for that. Even if they disagree.

Honouring yourself, honouring your roots, respecting old wounds, maybe, for some, freeing the soul up a little by apologising for old transgressions. Karma is about getting the balance back. And it liberates and empowers us to release others from any pain we may have caused, so that our future isn't hemmed in by the weight of what we're tugging along with us in the present from the past.

Deeply powerful, resourceful Pluto is hosting Venus, exactly conjunct in security protecting Capricorn, sign of parental ties, employment, of dynasties, with a full Moon.

Maybe it's time to open up and straighten out what's never been tended. Uranus is the awakener and in glittering aspect with this full Moon, with the added influence of assertive Mars in his current home sector of Taurus.

People will be finding it hard to be half hearted, which can be daunting, but is also a marvellous thing.

Sparkling, glittering passion, zest for life itself could see us adjusting our take on life to make it work better, and for most that's a good thing. Watch for the craziness, though, of those who fight for the right to prolong their own struggles.

There will be larger than life personalities making a splash around now, of course, and there is, with the full (Wolf) Moon, something brought centre stage in our lives that will stir ancient emotion, passion or sheer determination and focus.

A now or never sense, perhaps, time to take up an opportunity to shine in your own special way. If you are a creative person, this is the most amazing, high octane full Moon. Don't worry if you find it hard to sleep. maybe you're not supposed to.. use those hours creatively and be caring with yourself. Look in the mirror and recognise your best friend, and look after that friend well. You Rock. Keep shining and know you are being sent love and warmest good wishes. ♥🌟♥🌟 

Friday 22nd January 2021. This was quite an intense week of change, with action seeking Mars and revolutionary Uranus aligning , followed by the Moon, in very determined Taurus on Wednesday 20th, US inauguration day, with Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, sign of humantarianism and of forward thinking, symbolising a time to take stock and take charge of what will best benefit the community. A time when history was being made on so many levels and of course  the feminine principle was to the fore so obviously, with the first female vice president, someone whose career and chart I have observed from way back, as one to watch with this election in mind. Personally, I wish we never even commented on her glorious warm skin colour, any more than on the pallor of those with different DNA.  But I get the importance of the shifting of the collective.  I've always loved the lyrics of the song from Blue Mink "Melting Pot".

So yes, the cosmic pattern agreed, it was always going to be  an unusual event. and all went ahead, but in socially distanced and hyper secure surroundings with such powerful messages being sent out about doing what's best for all, of uniting to heal, and nothing marked this point in time more clearly than the combination of  two performances, one from a poet, the other from a songstress Lady Gaga with her passionate and clearly loving rendition of the anthem, along with that huge golden dove of peace she wore on her shoulder, pale and herself wounded by Fibromyalgia, with her Aries Sun and Chiron's transit there.

And the most powerful message of all from  that beautiful 23yr old Pisces Poet Laureate.. words that will echo through centuries to come.. worth watching in its glorious entirety again and again on YouTube.. 

2021: Amanda Gorman, “The Hill We Climb.”
  We’ve seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it,
  Would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy.
  And this effort very nearly succeeded.
  But while democracy can be periodically delayed,
  It can never be permanently defeated..

As a Pisces, myself, I believe inherently in the potential of mankind, and in the power of love and kindness that can prevail over everything, no matter  how long or how hard the struggle to get there may be, but it's hard sometimes not to despair when we see such craziness out there, people who aren't thinking of the bigger picture,  seeing what is right from wrong, caught up perhaps in inner tensions that cause them to behave in ways that serve nobody, only the impulse of a moment.

This weekend watch for bombastic words from one quarter and serious, containing sanity from another. There could be some real sweet gestures on Saturday and some poignant moments.

Try not to rush into new terrain with untied shoelaces this coming full Moon week. There's more madness around, but there's also more potential for containment.  Watch for some big announcements around Thursday/Friday, when arrivals, departures and longer term intentions are notified.   Have a good week all, with love from me  🌟♥🌟 

Friday 15th January 2021 Did you have deeper emotions running around your thoughts over the last 24hrs? That's the Pluto effect, as mentioned yesterday. Fears find the tiniest wee chink in our confidence armour and infiltrate. The shadow on the back of the bedroom door becomes the bogeyman.. then dawn breaks through and we kick ourselves for fearing we'd not make it through.. here's another day, another chance to be YOU. Today the Moon is void of course till 22:17hrs ( when she'll arrive in dreamy escapist Pisces..cut yourself some slack!).. so do what you need to but give yourself a break from having to have answers, change the world in a flash, etc. A little YOU time is a good idea, as is being warm and friendly with no expectation whatsoever, just shine a little by being you. Friendship begins with your relationship with that special person in the mirror. but never underestimate the power you have to be the best friend to those around you, too. 🌟♥🌟 

Thursday 14th January 2021  🌟♥🌟   As yesterday's new Moon moves onwards now across Aquarius, the forward looking, logic seeking sign of humanity and community, the Sun aligns with Pluto, still in Capricorn, sign of the current order of things, stirring our fears and perhaps inner pain, empowering us to work on resolution, on releasing our deeper strength as we move towards next week's arrival of the Aquarius Sun time.

Today's Sun/Pluto aspect links back to the big conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12/13th last year, as a time , of "consequences" and of stripping things back to rebuild, like a phoenix from the flames, sort them out, properly.

Which may mean going back over old ground, being patient, stepping back to take an overview so that forward progress, more in evidence from March, can be the best sort.

Sometimes this Sun/Pluto aspect finds us on a personal level dealing with pain within from times when we felt powerless. Pluto is power within.

Sun aligns with Pluto now, shining a light on the power we each have within to get the torch out and climb down to the basement and clear it out, best we can, wherever in our lives there's something rumbling around needing attention.

It's also about aligning with the power we each have to apply our efforts to getting things working from the roots upwards, at all levels.

Some might simply now deal with more mundane, practical, fixing and mending or renewals.

Pluto represents darkness that precedes dawn. Not leaving stones unturned, being forensic about problems, doing things very thoroughly, intensely, with laser beam focus. Getting to the very root of matters.

It may be a time of discomfort, or when we feel that ancient fight or flight to survive adrenaline rush, but there's potential for "sorting things out" on all kinds of levels. Pour energy into clearing, decluttering, fixing, mending, getting to the root of things to work off hyped up feelings. Try not to feel overwhelmed by what you cannot control. Switch off from the flow of information that just unsettles.. it may help to be quietly focused on something that will straighten things out at your own root level. This is a bit deeper today, I know, but so is Pluto . Lotsalove all and stay well, stay safe.🌟♥🌟

Monday 11th January 2021 Today's Capricorn Moonphase is good for taking care of business, being industrious, getting organised behind the scenes with what needs to be in order, in place before a bigger plan can materialise. New Moon is coming up in this sign on Wednesday, so Capricorns, (and for all of us, to some degree), this is your all change new year point, a time for casting off what no longer works or fits, for perhaps taking a certain "plunge" into a new era of commitment and of harnessing your own power to shape your world. Today is good for calls and meetings and for grasping the bigger picture as Mercury aligns with Jupiter in far seeing, logical and fast thinking Aquarius. Make it a good one, best you can. Life may not be ideal or perfect, but what you achieve or decide today could feel rewarding.🌟♥🌟

Thursday 7th January 2021  The long awaited ( six months) sign shift of Mars has happened. Congress declared the Biden win in the wee small hours shortly after Mars arrived in Taurus. The earlier madness was part of a tricky Mars phase lasting six months).


Mars kicked off as he left Aries, as astrologers across the globe anticipated, bringing that madness around the shifting of power in US. Mars then arrived in Taurus late last night, adding a more measured, effective and determined approach to action. Taurus is Venus ruled and wants the best long term outcome, seeks stability and steady growth rather than wild untamed action. So in your world somewhere are the stirrings of a process towards a steadier state of affairs, more in evidence after 20th January, which as we all know is a key date out there, but it's also a key astrological date where Mars conjuncts Uranus.

This conjunction last happened in Taurus over the years of 1938-1942 on each occasion in March, I seem to recall. So the world was going through some pretty momentous changes then..... Taurus is also linked to cash, possessions and physical wellbeing. Uranus is the wake up planet, who can bring destructive rebels and far sighted visionaries. People like Che Guevara, who you might think of as a revolutionary, a guerilla leader, but he was also a physician and a diplomat, oh and a Taurus (14th May). We're all every colour of the rainbow, never quite black or white.

Uranus is currently reminding us that the only constant in life is change itself. That sometimes from a crazy time can come unexpected twists and turns that take us along a new path, one that wasn't on the "to do list" but ultimately serves us well. Mars doesn't "belong" in Taurus any more than a sword belongs in a person's hand, but his mission here is to take action to bring harmony. I am biased about this Mars placing as my husband has it in his own chart, and I see how it works, which is peaceably but very firmly, and that feels like just the energy that's called for right now. ♥🌟♥🙏🌟♥🌟

Tuesday 5th January 2021  Moon's in Libra today, harmonising with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the justice and officialdom duo, while Mercury and Pluto align. A good time for a quiet fact-find, for research, and for bringing key information and lost items to light. Libra Moon favours us weighing and balancing the most advantageous route, rather than giving in to fiery or impetuous instincts. Take your time and gather the facts, listen well and think long term. ♥🌟♥


30th December 2020 Beautiful full "Cold" Moon.(exact at 03:28hrs GMT).so sharp and clear in her home, the mother sign of Cancer, the home land, roots, family, nurturing, the past. If ever it mattered that we, quite simply, care-take, it's now. Kindness to each other, self care, community care. We've got this. There are enough good people in this beautiful world to turn the tide, as surely as that amazing full Moon turns the swell of the oceans. You are LOVED. 💖

Saturday 19th December 2020  Watch out now for Aquarius superstars!..Jupiter just arrived for a year of opening doors for you Aquarians... Saturn arrived on Thursday in Aquarius and yes there's the Great Conjunction in Aquarius on Monday. Clear night skies are hoped for, with those planets to be found kissing, fairly close by the Moon.

The last time those planets were as closely aligned in the beginning of Aquarius was 993AD. Previous conjunctions in Aquarius happened in 1285, 1345, the last one being 16th January 1405 , with the last very close conjunction in Leo on 16th July 1623. Interesting to look at the history files, as we astrologers do., seeing patterns and themes that echo down the years!

This is a cosmic alliance where one party wants to fly and the other insists on getting all the safety checks done first. It's a good alliance if we can quietly work with that. Harness one another's strong points to pull together.

Last time Saturn was in Aquarius 1991-4 and Jupiter was there in 2008/9. Do some homework by Googling those years history, and you might get an idea of themes at work. This won't be identical to either of those periods as the planets are working in tandem, It's also akin to a probationary period of being supervised as we learn to use our wings.

Pandemics have been linked to periods in time where the heavyweight planets Saturn and Pluto are very intensely aligned as they have been this last couple of years, exactly aligned on 12/13th January this year. Interesting to note that there is a new Moon on 13th January 2021, which offers us a new chapter waiting to be written as to how this next phase pans out. There's a lot that is in our own hands right now. The cosmos reflects the potential, in a sense like the weather. Working with what we have, making it as good as it can be, that's up to us. Our call. Work with the tide, in our own best way, or keep fighting it and getting nowhere. Our call. There's potential as ever, for devastation and there's also potential for triumph.

Jupiter's just completed journey across Capricorn is in part a story of efforts to protect in the face of threats. Jupiter's journey across Aquarius now is one of sharing of ideas, intelligence, science, and evokes the myth of Prometheus who dared to share the gift of fire, previously only available to the Gods, with mankind, thereby changing their lives forever, but he paid the price by being cast out of heaven and for a long time suffered for his "misdemeanours". Eventually he ascended once more. In modern terms this is Robin Hood, trying to re-balance injustices.

Have it or don't, but one of the positive things about this conjunction is the way the vaccine is being rolled out. For the good of mankind, benefiting all. It really is interesting to read about the scientists, everywhere, how they work, how it came about and why some vaccines can now be created this fast, created with a whole new structure and designed to operate differently. Lots of you are just young things but y'know, I can remember my overseas passport having slips of paper inserted showing I'd been immunised against smallpox, diptheria, tetanus.. cholera.   

So, this next Jupiter in Aquarius year will bring to the fore those whose views and actions favour the interests of many, and very likely, inevitably, clash with those wielding mega-power. Especially given that another cosmic character, revolutionary Uranus is in this mix sending showers of sparks like a mig welder.

Imbalanced unions break under these major aspects. New co-operatives and community ventures can thrive. People power is massive, if we just realise it. Time to mention that the Emperor has not got new clothes.. he's in the scud!

Aquarius is about the power of the individual. Every single act of caring for our fellow man, for our community, adds up to one big brighter picture.

There's never been a more important time to realise how much our individual contributions to our planet and to each other truly matter. Let's shine, Friends, let's shine. Sending you love and warmest wishes always ♥🌟♥


Monday 14th December 2020   This afternoon in UK ( 16:17hrs UT) the total eclipse of the Sagittarius Sun isn't visible here, but its effects are tangible. Don't be afraid of the closing of doors, of a temporary pause in one area of activities or communications, or of letting go of something that's been holding you back, in some instances maybe for two decades. It's a new Moon, a chance to write a fresh chapter in the book of your life. It's in Sagittarius, sign of international affairs, reminding us that we are all citizens of planet Earth. Sagittarius prefers no boundaries and barricades, no limits, which is why this sign is linked to extravagance and excess, so watch for some bigger spending impulses as the day goes on!

Blessings will be felt, too, even if for now, all isn't as we wish it could be.. Venus and Jupiter align, like midwives of the soul, to smooth and soothe us and to remind us that we absolutely are not alone. Eclipses are often times of departures, some literally, and with Venus and Jupiter connecting here, there may be outpourings of love for those who've gone ahead.

Eclipse season brings powerful dreams that seem to strip the veil between worlds and maybe a chance to, through dreams, heal parts of ourselves we never thought could feel whole again.

The cosmos this week is at a once in a lifetime juncture, affecting us all on so many levels, but on a personal level, the more love and kindness we share, the closer we get to healing. Lotsalove all 🌟♥🌟

Friday 11th December 2020  Are you tired? Drained? No wonder. We just had a big solar flare which can bring fatigue and exhaustion and headaches and all sorts as well as technological outages which have been reported with online messaging and social networking this last week..

There's a solar eclipse on Monday. It's in the sign of Sagittarius at 16:17hrs GMT (UT) a sign associated with matters international, political and of legalities and education and travel. Out with the old and in with the new, says an eclipse. It's about a new era impacting our horizons and our freedom, and as this week brings a major planet shift first on Thursday for boundaries and structuring planet Saturn arriving in futuristic and  equality seeking Aquarius ( look back with a fine toothcomb to 1991-4 and amongst other points, to the early months of 1962 for some historical context).  Jupiter then comes to Aquarius on Saturday 19th December, and that will be followed by a very rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which  will write some more about . It marks a whole new era, a bit like when horse power became something linked to four wheels rather than four legs... more shortly. Meantime make allowances for low energy and don't rush things, be gentle on yourself and others and take your time where you know it's wise to. Lotsalove and stay safe, stay cosy, and take care. 🌟♥🌟

Monday 7th December 2020   Hello Monday.. wow what a pretty frosty morning for those of us safely warm and cosy. Reminding me to buy less of what we can do without and to donate more to the homeless charities. So very important always, but more so now.

Remembering too, to feed the birds. Jim's been out, as always, refilling everything and there's been a great deal of entertainment out back. Not a lot of 2m distancing one has to say, and pecking order is a bit annoying, when big fat starlings commandeer the suet balls while the wee goldfinches nibble nervously on the sunflowers, waiting for a turn on the fatballs. I'm looking out across a silvery smooth sea, sun shining as the frost melts, seeing the glorious sight of the shrinking to her last quarter Moon in Virgo. This then is a day to tend those small details, make those calls and send those emails. But.. it's going to be a day of distractions ( like me mesmerised by the birds feeding, the Moon's prettiness, the sea's icy silkiness).. so try to keep your sights on the target you want to reach, and by tomorrow you may be thanking yourself! Have a good one all ♥🌟♥

Friday 4th December 2020    Moon's in Leo since 12:53 (GMT today. That's not unusual as she visits every month, of course, but what is a bit special is that as she left the previous sign of Cancer, earlier today, she made her last opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, for another 29 years or so. This monthly aspect can drag and drain on relationships, work and personal, but especially the personal sort. Those with the Sun/Moon, angles or planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will gradually feel things lifting over the next fortnight, as the Moon completes her rounds of challenge links to Saturn before he leaves for good on 14th. Moon in Leo is connecting with Mercury this evening, so you might find yourself thinking in a different way about what's dragged you down.

It's not that all is suddenly sweet and perfect, but there's a bit of light shining that should be felt.

Maybe the mountains yet to be climbed will feel less daunting. as you see routes to take, in stages? It's just getting a bit easier to see what IS possible, that's all.

Have a good weekend all. I'm working on 2021 forecasts just now, a bit later than usual for me, but it's been a challenging year for us all, hasn't it, me too, with long Covid slowing things down, but there's a chink of light, folks.. I see it, hope you can, too.

Lotsalove and stay safe, stay cosy, and take care. 🌟♥🌟

Sunday 29th November 2020   Seeing that huge full Moon in the sky? She arrives in Gemini this Sunday at 16:16 (GMT) where she will engage in an eclipse, this Monday 30th November morning, reaching her fullness at 09:30am. This marks a milestone if it's your birthday a day either side, on 27th-31st of any month, it could be a tide turner time for you, not necessarily in terms of external events, but deep inside, moments of truth, recognition of what's precious.

This Gemini eclipse underlines and stirs the need to connect, the threads that bond and connect us all, maybe a sense of greater importance attached to being in touch with others. And as it's an eclipse, there's an underlining of the preciousness of time. Make time for those you love as sometimes, we run short on that. Gemini eclipses are always about the conversations we have. This one is about the discussions that can heal, as Neptune sits stationary.

For some, a negotiation or legal process will conclude this week. Decisions will be made "at last", concerning education and international affairs. Mercury is ruler of this eclipse, currently in secretive, resourceful, deeply emotional Scorpio (until Tuesday evening's sign shift). Travel and transport are prominent, as is "Getting the message across".

This is a time to tie up loose ends, to properly straighten things out where it could make a real difference.

And that Scorpio placing of Mercury says listen to the whispers beneath what's said. Some will say not a lot but wish they could spill all, some will reach out casually when really they're feeling the need for connection. Being kind costs nothing. One wee effort , one small proffered warmth could mean one great big, big deal to another. Full Moons tug our emotions so much. Sending my love as always. Take care and stay safe and cosy up as you can when you can ♥️🌟♥️

Tuesday 24th November 2020. This afternoon, from five past three (GMT) the Moon begins her monthly trip across go getting, impatient, assertive Aries, where the ruler planet of that sign, Mars is just beginning to rev up again after being "confined" in his retrograde phase since September 9th, and in shadow since July 25th so over the next couple of days, be prepared for moments where you want to do everything at once, and try to factor in the possibility that not everything has to be done at once. Walk, albeit at a brisker pace, but try not to run until you have strengthened any out of practice muscles. Make allowances, too for others who may have their own "de'il at their heels".. we're all doing our best. Lotsalove ♥️🌟♥️

Sunday 22nd November 2020 Happy Sunday wishes to you 💞 Your Horoscopes are here as ever,with be well wishes from me to you. Sun came to begin the freedom loving, adventure seeking Sagittarius month last night, while Venus, planet of relating, of love, of what we value, came yesterday to spend a few weeks in Scorpio, deep, intense, secretive, containing a lot of powerful emotion, too. It's important not to judge ourselves over harshly, to compare our lives and relationship experience with anyone else's. Same with resources. This energy can stir folk to feel they need to be more than they are. It's good for what you want to do by way of making improvements that feel good to you, but please don't beat yourself up feeling pressure to compete or that everyone else has life sorted out better. Cos they don't. We're all just muddling along, doing our best. The Moon is now in escapist, dreamy, compassionate Pisces. On a day that stirs us to feel we need to be doing something "more". Do what soothes, reach a little ,if you can, to boost another, remembering that the smallest hello might change someone's day so much.💖 It's a funny old time. Don't feel bad about doing what amounts to self care. You matter, too. We're all just walking each other home. Sending you love and sparkles of smiles and warmth. I'd send you some of my home made chocolate orange cake too if I could. 💖💞💖

Friday 20th November 2020. Mercury's back on track and information will flow more readily, delayed arrangements start to flow forward.  Secrets come to light, what's been going on in the background is coming out...silences end. Until Jan 2nd Mars is still in shadow, so some activities are held back, but things are getting back on track, slowly, steadily. New chapters yet to unfold, but we'll get there. Lotsalove 🌟♥️🌟


Sunday 15th November 2020 A new Moon just formed in Scorpio this morning at 05:07hr

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