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Matters Cosmic on the way...

Monday 14th May 2018. I've been away checking out the birthplace of Galileo, and doing a lot of thinking about how amazing Aquarians are, even if they are a wee bit eccentric or cranky at times. Like Galileo, they are usually born way ahead of their time..hence the idea that maybe they are eccentric or "difficult". It's often because they are misunderstood, they can see further ahead, they question the status quo, they dare to think outside of the old parameters.

So here we go with the Aquarian ruler planet sign shifting, and Mars coming to fire Aquarius energy up. Get ready for some stubborn trailblazing! A massive cosmic shift is happening. Right now, we are in Moondark, (due to a new Taurus Moon at 12:48pm tomorrow) just as radical, innovative, shake it up planet Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is about to make his sign change to Taurus also tomorrow at 16:16hrs... can you feel it? Have you felt that electricity/impatience/rebel mood coursing through you since yesterday? Uranus has been connecting with Mercury, and with the Moon and by Wednesday, sparks are made with Mars who'll be entering Aquarius. It's an unsettling energy, rather like an earthquake within, and it'll be creating great excitement for some, but that sense of being on the edge of a parachute jump for others..How are you feeling this, folks? 

Friday 27th April 2018  Moon is currently in Libra, bright as can be, making some real "get this sorted" aspects with Mars and Pluto, then swelling to her Scorpio fullness come Monday and she's got Jupiter magnificently close, alongside, marking times of celebration and liberation, in some cases, rather unexpectedly, seeing as Uranus is also in this picture. Matters that looked impossible to resolved or to situations that looked incredibly unsettled could just quietly settle down. It's a strange time, with a lot of intensity around some of us, yet energies that can be driven into fabulous transformations and excellent efforts to improve life from the roots up.

Resources will be in the spotlight, ad of course mother Earth and plastics is a big bigs issue, interestingly as the Uranus return is happening (once every 84yrs approximately) of the introduction of plastics. Now is the time literally of "further revolution", and a very important chapter in global history is being written.

Scientific minds are wonderful, and they will find the way forward for our beautiful planet. One of the things we must do is agree to do what's best and right for each other and for our home planet of course!!

Scorpio full Moon time is often the tide turner after a number of significant exits and then entrances. This applies all over the place, on many levels.

Expect much to start blossomming .. again, on many levels.

Have a great week, and thankyou for visiting. :-)



FRIDAY 20th April 2018  04:13hrs BST  The Taurus Sun is here, so babies born from this time are  cuddly wee Taureans. Steadfast and usually very tolerant, so long as life is comfortable and there's plenty of time to smell the roses, but capable of great strength and fire when roused. Taurus dislikes too many changes, or at least changes that are imposed. Ask a Taurus to rush - they're not best pleased unless it was their idea! They make glorious friends and usually very reliable workers. Check the signs of the longest serving employees, actors in a series etc. Taurus sees it through.  One of my favourite signs of the zodiac, probably because my mum was Taurus!

Monday 16th April 2018 Today's new Moon with Uranus is mixed up with some very powerful cosmic rays, with Uranus and the Sun in close conjunction till midweek, and meanwhile Chiron enters Aries this Tuesday 17th April 2018, for the first time since 31st January 1969, there to stay for about nine years

Chiron is known as the maverick planet. It's a time to think outside of confined spaces.. to get fresh air about us to do some serious thinking about what we truly need and want to do that's fresh and different.

Uranus says there have to be changes. Truth is that we need to change our routines if we want life to's in our power. Maybe not to cosmic order an exact detailed wish, but it's in our power to make the little changes that open the door to bigger ones.

Aries is the sign of the pioneer.. we're all being stirred a little to be pioneers right now, in our own ways. Chiron is also associated with health and healing. New regimes and routines might come into play.

He's connected to the skills we use in daily life and he's also on a deeper level associated with the scars we bring into adulthood, which might be creating self defeating spirals now and then in our lives, as unhealed ancient pain. He's not the cause nor are any of the planets the "cause" of situations any more than an X ray that reveals a fractured bone is its cause, but these cosmic shifts, like X-rays often reveal the shifts in our own lives.

So,Chiron is neither bad nor good, but his entrance into Aries will very likely correspond with a lot of people shifting paths, perhaps to be truer to themselves. And that's going to feel unsettling right now, this week especially, given that Uranus is aligning with both today's new Moon and with the Sun exactly by Wednesday. So whether you are all out of sorts, or energised and raring to go, all of that is understandable. Uranus can be a status changer, brings splits and soul mates into our lives, and unusual encounters that we look back on and say "that changed my outlook".

Wednesday 12th April 2018  There's some deep cosmic energies afoot right now, with today's square between the Aries (Spring) Sun and the Capricorn (Winter).Pluto. Having to accept that for Spring to follow Winter, we have to clear out the debris, de-clutter, make space for fresh chapters to blossom and grow.

Pluto is associated with the death of situations, but also very much with rebirth, as depicted by the mythological Phoenix, reborn from the ashes. Sometimes we have to go through rings of fire to reach a goal, or to travel through unfamiliar, even scary territory to mature, to be transformed into who we need to be for the next stage of our life journey.

At the moment, relationships are easily stirred by the fight against any threat to independence or individuality. Over this next week or so,some might be feeling stifled, needing to break free, and some may be set free at last, yet this can take many shapes.

Power trips around relationships of all sorts can feel intense, and it's important to listen well right now, to what's really being said, and to think long-term if you can. Mercury is still retrograde, so expect more to come to light over the next week that could awaken you increasingly to your own best path forward.

Monday 9th April 2018  Mercury is well into retrogradation now and is extremely slow moving over this final week of his three week retrograde phase. As those who call my horoscope lines, (where I go into detail about such matters) will know, it'll be a week where heels feel like they are dragging at times - not necessarily yours. Mercury is associated with information and communications and with the little fasteners and connectors that make things move along. Also with youngsters and with students. Expect plans to shift and change. Watch for systems glitches and hitches and expect to have to take a step back here and there to see the bigger picture in the midst of complications or schedule changes. This afternoon's lunar tide, currently in Aquarius the sign associated with the higher mind, with innovation and ingenuity, with the ability to see further ahead, is favourable for changes that could benefit, and for reconnecting with people, and for coming up with new solutions to ongoing issues.From an irksome or unsettling situation may come a blessing, or at least a better outlook.Footnote: Mercury goes forward on 15th which is next Sunday of course, but there's a Moondark phase then, and a new Moon on 16th, and I would suggest Tuesday shows more signs of the forward move, although Mercury stays "in shadow" till the start of May, which means some plans won't be fully up to speed till then, but at least he's going in the "right" direction, tho his retro often allows us time, breathing have a rethink or revise which can be helpful in retrospect! 

Wednesday 4th April 2018. Hello all, from a crazy chilly, snowy west of Scotland at Easter, which has been known to be hot and fabulous, but not this year!

Moon is in freedom loving Sagittarius today, but Mercury is in a boxed in aspect with Mars and Saturn who are currently aligned.

Your head might be bursting at times as you try to work some things out while feeling hemmed in.Mercury is retrograde, so if you can use your own quiet initiative and stick within rules, guidelines, maybe even chat with folk who have trodden the same path as you, that could help. But everything is slowed just now, including responses and mind speeds.. so not a time for fancy manoeuvres, more a time for small steps in tried and trusted routes, which is why it might be a headachey day as that Sagittarian Moon wants us to fly and to rise higher.

Find little ways to feel granting yourself a couple of hours off to do what you want .. even those mundane chores and tasks could prove therapeutic as instead of railing about what you can't do, you do what you can and look back and see you've actually done well and cleared a different task load. But be kind to yourself too, okay? :-)

Thanks to a quirky, pressure aspect around social and love ties, followed by a challenging square from Saturn to the Sun, today (Thursday 29th March) shows some lively encounters but also some cranky or obstructive moments. Closure may be discussed in some quarters.

Today's analytical Virgo Moon says tend the details step by step, and Saturn won't allow us to hurry what needs time, so if you are trying to be everywhere at once, you might get headachey.

Try to still your mind and tend the task list, one thing at a time, rather than mind-leaping and feeling stressed. You've got this..


Mercury is ongoing in his retrograde phase (till April 15th), which means that new plans can take longer to happen,and arrangements are often rejigged, delayed, brought forward, postponed, and wires can get crossed, so it's good to double check details and read the small print, but it can be great to make use of a delay with some catch-ups.

Mercury's retrograde also often brings awaited answers connected to the period before his retrograde began (23rd March).

Moon will swell full this Saturday in her Blue Moon mode, which isn't blue of course, it's a term for the second full Moon in a calendar month. She'll be in sociable Libra, full at lunchtime, emphasising the contrasts between folk just now, and reminding us that every tide has to turn, that getting a good balance is essential, too.

It could be a chatty, busy weekend, but there may be tugs, thanks to that retro Mercury, between what you want to be doing and what those around you want. Libra Moon likes us to compromise a little where we can though 💗. Take care and remember "every tide has to turn" 💗

Hello all.. here's a Cosmic Update for you.
Communications planet and winged messenger of the gods, also know as messenger between mind and body planet Mercury will be retrograde from tomorrow, Friday 23rd March 00:19hrs GMT until Sunday 15th at 10:21hrs BST.
When Mercury is in retrograde motion, it seems as if it's moving backwards in relation to planet Earth, but it's our planet that's speeded up temporarily in our non circular but instead elliptical orbit around the Sun. 
This happens three times a year, and during these phases it's NOT the time to attribute BLAME to the planet.. it's just reflecting what's afoot. 
And at such times, we can be moving faster or trying to move things along faster than maybe we should, so details get overlooked and we trip ourselves up. 
Information can be inaccurate, so double check the details. Agreements may be made that get re-made as details come to light and change the picture. 
So get the details tied up if you can today, and be prepared for some rescheduling and rejigging of plans over the coming three weeks. 
On the plus side, expect some problems that looked to have no obvious solutions to take on some surprising new slants and bright minds will find answers now. There will be re-connections made and for many, delays will offer opportunities for some catching up.
Genuine Astrology isn't about making people fearful or apprehensive. It's simply giving a wee heads up about what the energies are reflecting for us. 
So this next three weeks may bring delays now and then or you may have to revisit old ground, but it is also a time for revising, reviewing and looking out for previously overlooked solutions and brainwaves!

Thursday 8th March 2018  I've been a bit slow with my updates this last wee while, not for any big reason, but like has happened with lots of folk the lurgy aka a fluey virus grabbed and kept me out of mischief for a few weeks. Hopefully that's ebbing away now, but with transitting Neptune over my  Pisces Mercury, I have been like the Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland. Actually I've been like that wee rodent for most of my life, but Neptune has accentuated that of late as his influence is to dissolve boundaries, including those of the immune system. Naughty Neptune!  But his influence also heightens intuition and softens the lens ..and stirs the imagination, so it's been an inspiring time too!

Currently, we have a stationary Jupiter. There may be a theme of looking again or looking differently at options, whether that's in career, education, with officialdom, with travel plans that have been on a to do list, perhaps. Jupiter is linked to the law and in Scorpio is all about resources and about the whiole life and death, birth and rebirth cycle, about sexuality, too, so no surprise that with Saturn having joined Pluto in Capricorn, there's a serious clamp down on misdemeanours. Scorpio and Capricorn are feminine signs, too, so this is a lot to do with the role of women in society. It's also about global resources and energies, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are suggesting it's time for big shifts and transformations around those in power generally. One one level, this is about accountability. On another, a more serious issue of population control is underlying, and government control/religious control very much implicated as undergoing shifts of focus.  

Our planet is struggling. Resources need to be better managed and respected. Our seas and rainforests need to be nurtured, not destroyed. This will impact all of us. The urgent requirement for recycling and restriction of plastics is being given more airspace.

Youthful voices are rising, and it is to the shame of those of us who have become entrenched in the assumption that life can stay the same no matter what, that because something  was done in a certain way in the past that it is somehow written in stone that it should continue.

2018 is a transition year as I've mentioned several times. Time for us to own our own patch of ground and make it as good as it can be, not fret about who is pretending to have a perfect life on social media and wate time scrolling anxiously for self validation. Here and now is the message.  Live well, be kind, here and now. Make your own blessings work for you. Be mindful of your planet. 

This week's aspects favour those engaged on making their own new chapters and on positive transformations. The weekend 10/11th has some fiery and some frustrating moments, some "no way" moments, and some schedule blockages, maybe some actual blockages. Minds may feel a bit dull at times, although that all perks up around 11am GMT on Sunday 11th, when the words "mojo returns" could fit for many!

It's a shrinking Moon week. Get those tasks out of the way and dates sorted out. Mercury will be slowing and then on 23rd, turning retrograde until 15th April, so tie up loose ends where you can.

More next time, and thanks for stopping by to have a read! Stay well and have a good week!


Moon is swelling to her first March fullness come Friday 2nd March, in Virgo A further "Blue" Moon follows on 31st, in Libra. Two full Moons in a calendar month, same as in January, but not the same in terms of what they might mean for you.

The coming week focuses increasing light around services or lack of. Over matters linked to transport and to education and to the civil services.

Jupiter in Scorpio right now brings extremes that make it impossible for us to ignore, either the opportunities or the blasting away of what's now no longer there. Scorpio reminds us that in the brightest of lights there is also darkness. That life and birth also bring endings and death. the whole circle of life is apparent, and at this time of year there's a hopefulness in the possibilities of what can emerge, thanks to what ended, although it's often a fragile hope, just as spring bulbs push through earth that's been warmed by an unseasonable warmth, then comes the big freeze and snow, before the true spring season gets fully underway, yet those brave early bulbs so often persevere and thrive. What emerges now is a picture of how things can be, the first signs of new life. The world is getting ready for some major's a year of transition and even the tiniest of efforts, when linked to those of others, can make such a difference. It's a time to listen to our young, to really listen.

This coming week will  bring some special moments of connection, of unity and warmth. Love is never far from the picture this week, as compassionate Venus in Pisces will prove.

Sunday 18th February 2018 at  17:18hrs.. Sun comes to Pisces. babies born from then are born under the sign of the two fishes, bound together, mythology has it from when they were but two woodland nymphs strolling along the banks of the river Euphrates, suddenly hearing of the approach of the scary giant Cyclops.. rather than face him, they held hands and jumped into the river, transforming themselves into fishes as they did.

Pisceans.. sometimes do you shape yourself into something that's long term not so great for you for fear of the challenge of being bolder..? Just a thought..

Happy Chinese New Year!.. welcoming in the year of the Dog,  a sign noted among many other traits, for tenacity and fidelity and for nitpicking over the fine details, too. Dog years include 1934, 1946,1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.. Check out  for much more on your Chinese sign, and on the mix of western and Chinese astrology too.

The, just happened solar eclipse in Aquarius is about the importance of unity, and about friendship. A classic symbol seems to be found in the Winter Olympics, where North and South Korea unite under "Korea" to participate in the bigger community and to me this theme is so symbolic of the Dog year arriving too. Putting aside the petty stuff, the differences that divide us, to focus on what unites us.  Worth a thought, maybe.

It could be that a lot of people will find that around midweek, comes a turning point, one that brings an intake and exhalation of relief or even pleasure. as reminders arrive about who and what truly supports and sustains us at root level, and about the importance of sharing and helping our fellow man, just where we each feel we can. The only competition you should be in is with yourself, to just be the YOU you truly aspire to be. Do your best. It's enough.

Aquarius is about individuality, and reminds us that we can each be a humanitarian in our own unique way. Don't guilt trip over what you are not. Don't compare yourself with what you perceive others to be. Be who you are. Be proud of who you are, of the you who reaches in to be your best YOU. 

As the eclipse approaches, there's often a sense of trepidation/weariness, maybe even of temptation to give up on something that seems outwith our grasp.  And that's when we are most tested, when secret self doubts and feelings of vulnerability can scrape our self esteem raw, or render us mroe physically low. But it will pass. Technology can be tricky around an eclipse, especially in Aquarius, associated with such matters, so back up the computer and also look out for unsual re-appearances of what you thought was lost, such as information or gadgetry. Be ready, too, this Thursday afternoon/evening for  bright moments of awakening, realisations and insights that prove helpful , enriching and worthwhile. Eclipses can close old doors, but they are the portals, too, the signal for fresh chapters to begin. Hope your week is kind, and that what you are beginning as your own fresh chapter, feels just right. Sending love and soothing where it's needed.

There's lots more to hear on my recorded horoscope lines for your year, month or week on your starsign under the horoscope tab for the numbers and costs (65p per minute UK) with full details are on that homepage too.

Friday 2nd February 2018  That lunar eclipse on Wednesday (13:27 GMT)  stirred many emotions for a lot of people, and agitated situations, in some cases to bring solutions to problems which have been ongoing for months, maybe years. In others, maybe to brigns awareness of what needed to be let go of, accepted perhaps, and for some, probably especially the Leos, self awareness moments that have been uneasy.

This is a waning Moonphase now, so if you're a bit weary, make allowances and try not to drive yourself too hard. Mental stimulation is strong at times, so it's easy to feel you need to get a move on with plans and yet there is a real benefit from thorough research and planning. Jupiter hypes things up in energising aspect first to Venus and then the Sun. Proposals could come out of the blue for some. Excitement will stir where least expected. Look for surprise news too of changes in the lives of prominent women. Midweek has a sense of the wheel of fortune turning for some, releasing and renewing. Friday has a bit of a grump going on until teatime, probably well justified, but still , try to make allowances..  

Hope your week is kind. Sending love out there where it's needed :-)


Tuesday 30th January 2018   Feeling emotional? Hyped up? Maybe about a relationship or about rubbed raw "old stuff"? The eclipsed full Moon is exact tomorrow, Wednesday, here in UK , in the sign of Leo by 13:27hrs GMT. Love ties are prominent.. Planet Venus is involved in a karmic link, again emphasising relationships, friendships, love ties, business ties, team ties. Eclipses are landmarks. You may be feeling acutely aware of time's way of altering our personal roles, altering our place in the world. A couple of years ago you may have made a choice or had a moment of truth that connects to this point. There are many takes from fellow professionals on this eclipse, and I'd like to add a personal thought which is that we are being reminded that whatever stage we are at in this life, we should never forget that we matter too, as individuals. Leo Moon says shine and be proud of you. Emotions ease as Moon completes this Wednesday, so if today, you're unsettled, it's not surprising, given that tugging lunar tide. Lotsalove :-)

The  full Moon on January 31st, described as a Blue Moon and a Blood Moon..the Blood Moon refers to the colour created by the atmosphere. This eclipse does not show herself to us in the UK, ( but there's one in late July that will) but she's nevertheless a significant full Moon and as January 2nd also brought a full Moon, making two in a calendar month, which means she's a Blue Moon, in 11degrees37 minutes of Leo, so this will especially touch the Leos and Aquarians and those who have birthdays around 29th-2nd of the month or to get more technical any personal planets and angles at that 11-12th degree..

Full Moons are release and closure points, bringing matters to a peak and turning the tides.

Donald the US chappie whose surname escapes me (😉) has Leo rising at a later degree, but it could bring revelations for him. Also, this is a peak time for Royal announcements..a peak year of transition, as I said in the 2018 forecasts, given that Leo is the regal sign, and other planetary pointers that are at work in our monarch's personal chart.

A full Moon that's eclipsed can mark new generations coming in, relationships shifting, roles altering. And yes, it is true that Blood Moons are associated with aggression. Action (and warrior) planet Mars will be in Sagittarius from 26th for some weeks, which can agitate matters international.

Sagittarius is important in the USA chart, in Spain's and in Australia's, so the combination of Mars and this lunar eclipse adds heat..fuel to any ongoing fires, but what peaks could then be followed by some intelligent dialogue.( I have also talked about this eclipse on my recorded horoscope lines  in terms of how they might manifest in our lives.)Thanks to all who asked me about it, for your interest!

SUNDAY 21st January 2018  Aquarius time is here! Time for innovations and for taking the long view. There is often an inclination to get rishing into the new year with plans you feel you ought to be making, but actually, the better you plan, the more you'll benefit, and if you are in some way impeded from doing certain things just now, well maybe the cosmos wants you to really think about your best way forward. Try not to stress about what's "not" and focus on what "is". Lovely Venus warms ties that demand little of each other, not she's arrived in Aquarius, which she did on Thursday,  just before the Sun made yesterday's 03:09am ingress to Aquarius. This weekend has an escapist Pisces Moon, so go gently and be kind..look after yourself and be understanding of anyone who might need a little TLC. For many, Wednesday heralds a turning point, with some awaited news by Thursday, courtesy of a positive alignment of Mercury with Jupiter. Have a good week, and speak soon!

Tuesday 16th January 2018   January's New Moon is TOMORROW here in UK at 02:17am. at 26 degrees and 54 minutes of the sign of Capricorn. This means the Sun and Moon are united, focussing on the same goal, which is about security, structure and building something new, or else taking a new approach to thsoe areas. Capricorn is very much about achieving a level of security that allows you to feel safe. This sign of the zodiac is known for caution and reserve, not for throwing cash around or wasting what can be recycled. Our Queen has Capricorn rising, as does Prince Harry. It's Kate Middleton's star sign, too. Capricorn is about creating a dynasty, too, a family business, perhaps. This sign knows the value of bonding together and being united as a clan. So family is important to Capricorn, although they don't tend to go in for too many public demonstrations of affection.

Your new Moon prospects have been explained in my month ahead recordings which are on my website. but essentially, here is a fresh opportunity to bond together to make things work well for you and yours, and here is a reminder that unity is strength. Capricorn is also about "Taking Care of Business", so pour your efforts into getting things in order now, and you'll feel the benefit later. Lotsalove from Auntie Stars X

21st December 2018   Winter Solstice brings the Capricorn Sun, and this year Saturn, the Capricorn ruler has just arrived yesterday, waiting for you to take command.. Saturn is not exactly a sweetie-pie, but he often brings shelter, rewards diligence and industry, and reminds us that even when we hit brick walls there's a lesson there.. Some will take the bricks apart and build something new. Some will realise that perhaps that's not the best route to go and find a better one.

Experts and professionals can be amazingly wise/helpful. It's a get sorted, get organised day/ time.

Authorities won't let us away with rule bending, but careful analysis of rules and wording can bring many a solution at this time. Communications planet Mercury is retrograde till Saturday and slow moving then until January. Some arrangements for Christmas are probably not even made yet, uncharacteristically. Details yet to mull over and too many other things on the agenda to even think about that festive stuff for some. Yet maybe we could all do with less of that hype and pressure. maybe we could do with toning things down to focus more on who and what actually matters? We are being taught patience, and we are also being nudged to look again, look closely and try not to rush into what we might benefit from being more thorough with. I hope you have a gentle time. Lotsalove all. X

Massive cosmic shifts are around us, in what will be quite a year of transition and transformation. Capricorns already have Pluto stripping things back to basics these last nine years or so, bringing turmoil and truth and sometimes treasures, too. Now Comes Saturn this December 20th until 2020, joining Pluto. These two are the buiolding team who combine to bring the demolition squad then the building, revamping processs. Saturn is taking charge in Capricorn. Revolutionary energies are going to be more effective when we play from within the rule book.

I will write more, but for now, am about to have some time off after a very hectic phase. Sending you my warmest wishes always :-)


Tuesday 19th December 2018  A good day for getting things which are already in the pipeline, done, agreed, ready for what's changing over in the not too distant future. Taking time to plan carefully, analyse, assess and even to get professional or official approval or advice this week could lead to a smoother transition come early January when (Mercury will have sped up out of his retrograde and shadow phase) life gets busy for everyone, and when there are such power loaded aspects propelling us into our new chapters, so being well organised/informed now, helps a lot.

Tuesday 12th December 2017 Today's a good day to set out your stall, make your plan and work through it step by step, but try not to feel swamped by what you feel others are expecting of you, or caught up in the as a fellow astrologer recently put it "compare and despair" mood that might hover around 3pm when you could do with a reminder that we are as the song goes..only human. Minds are going into overdrive trying to forward think and plan just now, but this evening will be sweeter than you expect..

Sunday 10th December 2017  Moon is in Virgo, analysing, perfection questing, wantng things to be done just right. Mars has arrived in Scorpio as of yesterday, Saturday 9th, joining expansive Jupiter. There's an intense desire to be so thorough and to dig till the truth or the detail is understood. Look out for closure, brainwaves and some sweet moments this week when we pull the stops out for each other and do our best. Contrasts are so obvious just now. Giving feels good.

Sunday 3rd December 2017.. Full Moon this afternoon in Germini! Jupiter is smiling at Neptune, stirring escapism, creativity. Movie, duvet..put the festive decs up urges. Mercury is stationary and will be retrograde till 23rd so there's a need to feel organised, but that's fighting against a dreamy tide. Words matter today. Make yours thoughtful. Some are truth seeking, wanting to put the record straight, but think a few beats ahead as to how truth might impact. See the bigger picture. Sometimes triumph can shoot the foot, while a loss can turn into a gain. Check what's in the box before you part with cash, too. Jupiter and Neptune stir compassion and kindnesses.. Little things mean a lot.

Saturday 2nd December 2017  

Moon is in Taurus all day, which is a nice one for finding comfort and ease and for lively, fun times too, especially around lunchtime. Moon then finds Gemini at 21:21hrs this Saturday night and we have sight of tomorrow's full Moon .

Full Moon can hype us all up, brings emotions to a peak, and closure to negotiations, too, although internationally, there may be something apparently closed or agreed that's not at all.


Moon at her roundest can also be fabulous for getting together with people and being sociable, but tomorrow is one of those weary days no matter whether you are partying or not, so make time to recharge the batteries. Duvet and movie? Energies are not as high, so go at your own best pace.

Gemini's full Moon wants us to chat, so the jungle drums will be busier for some, or there may be wishes that folk would be in touch.

The full Moon is tomorrow, Sunday, at 15:47hrs GMT with Jupiter and Neptune making an emotional, compassionate, whimsical, sentimental alignment, and the Sun in aspect too, so there's a whole lot of emotion stirring, and it might be one of those days when the weather reminds us of the season, too. Many could be emotionally stirred to make plans they haven't thought through, so go easy Tigers!


Mercury is at a standstill, about to retrograde till 23rd. This period can bring complexity around communications, delays and rescheduling. People seem to be saying things without saying things, an air of uncertainty about what's really going on, or maybe even subterfuge of the sweeter sort as folk plan surprises and shroud them in mystery

One wee bit of advice, especially around this full Moon, if you are unsettled, which many are, even though others may be high on the happy side( Gemini is double edged remember) is to please listen to your own thought patterns.. suss out where any niggles might actually be stemming from. Just take a wee bit of time out if you can to think about what's really at the root of any stirring anxieties, and think before you speak, to get the tone right so that the actual outcome is smoother than fleeting satisfaction that might come from blurting things out. Deep breaths and count to ten. And know that you are not alone. Remember how far you've come. And that you were made from love :-)

Friday 1st December 2018 Mars is opposite Uranus, and the Moon is swelling to her Sunday fullness, so a lot of things are suddenly happening, coming together fast, and given that Mercury turns retrograde from Sunday till 23rd, it might be a good idea to make today and tomorrow as productive as possible. Sunday could be good for doing dreamy, maybe festive things, or taking a breather after a hectic time. Watch that favourite movie? Visit a festive event? A swelling Moon tugs us to compete projects, perhaps with a view to then being free to be a different kind of busy, over the next week, possibly turning back to what's been piling up needing attention? Today is a glorious day here at the coast, hope the sunshine will find you and help you to feel good and focused where you need to. I'm working on 2018 horoscopes, so I'm off to focus! Lotsalove :-)

Thursday 30th November 2017 Watch for impatience and hastiness that eats more time than it saves today! Also for heachachey times.. Mars and Uranus make us feel the pressure of the expectations of others, and of ourselves, to do everything yesterday. Just breathe.. deep breath, count to ten, get some fresh air if you can and prioritise !

Wednesday 22nd November 2017  The Sun arrived this morning in Sagittarius at 03:05hrs GMT (Babies born from then are little Centaurs!) ..and it's a positive fire sign, so hopefully you can feel at least a bit of the "lift" that usually comes at this time. Sagittarius is about going large, expanding, exploring and daring to be more than we are, to make more of what we have, to have a go. And this is a month long phase, and the lift will become more apparent but today, the Moon is in serious Capricorn, aligning with "what lies beneath" planet Pluto by 7pm , a wee bit out of sorts here and there, bringing mixed moments of inspiration and huge nostalgia too.

Dreamy, escapist, inspirational and sometimes overly imaginative worrybags"" Neptune is stationary today, turning forward in its home sign of Pisces, which will stir a lot of deeper reflection too. News of the passing of quite a few musicians including David Cassidy, brings sadness to those whose youthful years were touched by certain tracks that mean something special, so Neptune has that "awww" feeling this Wednesday.  On a mundane note Neptune rules oceans and water, which includes ice and snow and steam, fog and your weather may be Neptunian.

Capricorn Moon says take care of business, so get the head down and do what you must, but when you take a wee breather, make time for pausing and reflecting and for counting the blessings.

Some are making caring efforts to help others today, and you'll feel good about that.

Some will immerse themselves in festive planning, but let me tell you now, this festive season will have a "small is beautiful" vibe, so don't get stressed about keeping up with anyone else. Sometimes the person who dares to step off of that hamster wheel brings a sigh of relief to others.

The Moon is a bit serious in Capricorn, closing in on Pluto's position this evening, which can make us fearful about doors closing, but this same energy can be channelled well in renovations and via all sorts of transformational activities.

Constructive creativity is a theme, too.

Hope your day is kind. Lotsalove from Auntie Stars X

Friday 17th November 2017   Here comes the new Scorpio Moon, which could bring a fresh wave of common sense around those situations that need to be better managed and scrutinised. Resources are very much in focus with Scorpio, and with Jupiter's current journey across that sign, there is so much happening around all of those themes of sex and death and birth and rebirth and energy exchanges of all sorts, the il and gas industries, and global financial matters that feel very intense, too. Whereever there is a sense of danger, of threat to survival, situations highlighted where people have been, or are being overpowered in some way, all of those issues are fired up this weekend, far more than usual. 

Explosive energies are afoot with mars jarring with Pluto, but so too is the intense urge to find the solution, the common ground that'll allow nations and individuals alike to find a route back to harmony. In the limelight is the UK and Russia, Theresa May and Vladimir Putin both being stirred by this alignment.

The new Moon rays do bring the urge to find the way through the political fireworks and volcanic eruptions. Literally, there may be eruptions.

This week finds the Sagittarius Sun  arriving from Wednesday at 03:05, with planet Neptune turning forward, which will encourage a lot of idealism, and possibly much game playing involving smoke and mirrors on the political stage. Look out for more Hollywood skeleton rattling. 


Friday 10th November 2017 The big aspect forming exactly by this Saturday is intriguing as it involves Saturn and Uranus in a trine aspect which flows harmoniously and suggests  old adversaries finding common ground, and perhaps that'll be surprising. It's an aspect that deals with clashes of nature, clashes of culture, clashes of tradition, and in mythology is about the classic father son clash that comes as a teenage boy starts to question parental authority. The harmony aspect gives us a chance to build something stronger, to build bridges of respectful appreciation of differences, whilst never claiming to be all sweetness and light. It's about making this work despite the differences. Finding a way to build bridges, albeit they may be drawbridges. Intriguing aspect that's been with us over the last year, (also in December last year and May of this year) but culminating now. 

On a more personal level, Venus and Jupiter bring news of love and of resource boosts, over the coming few days too. We're heading through a shrinking Moon week, ready for the new Moon in Scorpio coming Saturday 18th, so a good time to seriously declutter and streamline, to prpare for a chapter where things can begin to feel more manageable. Ther's a fierce aspect building by 19th, between Mars and Pluto, which can also give us the strength to pull out all of the stiops to get things organised and to climb seemingly impossible mountains (metaphorically speaking of course). Tackling the issue of resouces within relationships of a business and personal nature could be a theme, but there is a good chance of achieving a better state of affairs here. Have a good week all!

Friday 3rd November 2017 Jupiter aligns with Pluto, Venus with Saturn and those who have fairness and decency in their hearts get the better deal . Moon is swelling towards her fullness this Saturday 4th at 05:32am in Taurus, first catching a Venus/Uranus opposition, so relationships are coming under the rays of change, perhaps given a shake up and sort out. Yes, Full Moons can herald the end of a bond to a person or place, too, but they can also bring true feelings leaping to the surface, so there could be some out of the blue declarations and announcements made. Turning the corner, turning the tide, that's what full Moon themes are. Where in your life are you hoping for completion, and is this coming after shake ups and changes that might once have been unthinkable?  Heaer much more on your individual horoscope lines, about how this may be impacting you. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday 27th October 2017  Jupiter is renewed by yesterday's conjunction with the Sun, commencing a new cycle of opportunities and yes, of luck too, for many, but he also inclines us to go large on whatever we are up to. For example right now Mars is in Libra, newly arrived on Sunday 22nd, and he can bring a "go large" feel to partnership plans. Also he can encourage us to be diplomatic as we work to straighten difficulties out.

Thursday 19th October 2017.  New Moon forms in Libra at 19:29hrs, and that's a sizzler as we have planet Uranus aligning in opposition from Aries. Relationships are in the spotlight, and the winds of change are blowing, so look our for role reversals, for sudden news of splits and upsets to what looked like it was settled. Uranus has been building to this opposition for the last week or so, so it your sleep patterns and "normal" regimes have been disrupted, Uranus tends to reflect if not bring that experience. He's the rebel planet and he's the surprise this Thursday has surprises around it and the air is laced with "let's change things around here" resolutions. Uranus makes for tensions, so you may be feeling time tugged, stretched in opposite directions, but you will also benefit from exploring new possibilities, whether or not you pursue them, this is an awakening time.  

Mars will come to Libra on Sunday evening, and that'll stir a lot of passion up in relationships too, alliances between natuins as well as the more personal sort. People tend to stand strong for what they feel is fair. There'll be active diplomatic efforts in the air. Monday sees the Sun arriving in Scorpio at 06:27hrs UK time, and as Jupiter is drawn into an alignment with the Sun on Thursday 26th, everything is being made larger than life here, and it could be a key week for economic discussions and for matters linked to the energy sectors.. Russia is prominent, as are the Royals. It'll be quite a week. Hope yours is good X

Friday 13th October 2017 It's been a busy week here, working away as always, and much in touch with lots of folk going through tougher times especially at the start of the week when Sun/Pluto were jarring, which is a bit like a volcanic eruption a boil bursting, what's been suppressed coming to the surface and what cannot remain as it is or was, reaching the crescendo. 
Then Jupiter arrived on Tuesday at 14:20hrs in Scorpio. Scorpio is also all about revivals and survivals and so many people are in crisis with wildfires, floods and hurricane damage, volcanic activity, too.
Incidentally, Scorpio is associated with sex scandals and Jupiter blows things big
Jupiter's arrival in Scorpio from Oct 10th until Nov 8th 2018 when he'll reach Sagittarius, is echoing a journey he made last between Oct 26th 2005 and Nov 24th 2006. During this phase, can you think back to identify where in your world there a particularly expansive or liberating influence? What got bigger? What did you start to do more of? This isn't a suggestion of good or bad stuff..but Jupiter IS referred to as the greater Benefic, so his opportune effect can cushion us just when we need it too.

Back to today, and the Moon is in pleasure loving Leo this Friday, and the Sun and Neptune are bringing escapist urges, while Moon is aligning with Mars and Saturn to remind us of duties that need to be tended, or of reasons for reining things in a little, but by the time we get into Saturday - actually at 11:11am exactly, Venus the planet of love and beauty and harmony will be arriving for her three week stay in sociable Libra and that should help with relaxation plans, though Sunday morning has three connections involving Uranus, so that doesn't look as quiet as usual or else minds are busy, but from noon on Sunday again, there's more ease. Lots happening next week, so I'll update you on that as we go. Lotsa love and have a good weekend!

Wednesday 11th October 2017 Sending love and soothing to those going through tough times..lots of transitions and necessary repairs on all levels just now. Today's Mars square Saturn requires me to mention the importance of going at a wise pace..not trying to "race your car in first gear".. in a sense. Also a reminder of the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. Quiet perseverance and smart time management work best. Saturn brings brick walls and safety barriers and Mars is action, sharp focus, assertiveness. Some will call a halt to unfruitful action. Some will take measures to secure, straighten and make safe a situation that's been acute or get hold of the right professional. Some will take on new duties. Tests come under thorough scrutiny. Mars is in Virgo sign of health and of digestive systems, challenging Saturn in Sagittarius, which is linked to the liver, and to the area around hips and thighs. I keep hearing about health issues in those areas that have become acute. Get well wishes all. Jupiter's arrival in investigative Scorpio could lead to more realisations about what's maybe hurting us through our diets, too.

Tuesday 10th October 2017 Big day in the cosmos, as Jupiter will at 14:20hrs, move out of Libra, arriving for a year of travels across the deeply transformative, financially powerful, procreative, regenerative sign of Scorpio,this being added to the fact that we're currently under a power loaded, crisis peaking Sun/Pluto square, which has been brewing over the last few days, today beginning to separate slowly but this has been bringing so many crises, drawing out all the toxins ( on many levels) and brings repairs, replacements, renovations. Are you experiencing or observing crises, life and death issues surfacing, scandals, toxins erupting, breakdowns and renewals happening? Financial revamps? Pluto won't leave be anything that needs to be brought to the surface to be regenerated, fixed, healed.

Friday 6th October 2017. That Aries Moon is agitating as she wanes, aligning tonight with Uranus, so I'd say best not to take daft risks and chances..and be prepared for some curved balls of ideas being thrown into the mix.  There's a steadier Taurus Moon,( more so on Sunday) weekend coming up.. we'll possibly be in the mood for soothing and comforts, soups and stews, home baking, nice wines and sweet treats. Nothing wrong with a little self soothing!

Thursday 5th October 2017 Tonight, at 1940hrs (BST) here in the UK the Full Moon completes her cycle in Aries. Are you Aries? It's a more personal time of completions for you. Things come to a peak and the tide turns. There's a sense around this Moon of certain ties and associations being worked out, smoothed out, or for some, moved on from. There's a theme of "making it all work", and there's also, over the next few days a lot of realisations about what's run its course, served its time as well as about what might be worth revamping, reviving. Uranus the innovator, the lightning game changer and the awakener planet, moving across the later degrees of Aries ( being felt especially by you mid April Ariens) is prominent over the next couple of weeks, so there's an ongoing agitation in the atmosphere. An intensified pioneering energy that's being born from the shake ups around us. Sometimes we get prodded into action..sometimes we wake up and see what we need to change. That can work in many ways. Aries can be a volatile Moon, but it can also be the hero Moon. Be your best you <3

Friday 29th September 2017  The cosmos is still alight with that Jupiter/Uranus energy, pretty much all of this coming week,, although there's a dreamy, sleepy, Venus opposition with Neptune this Saturday 30th, when Venus is four times triggered, suggesting that prominent woman are to the fore, while on Sunday there is A Mars/Pluto alignment that could bring some surprise devlopments around a troubled organisation. Look out for interesting offers and solutions. And Sunday is good for getting things done that have been on the back burner, repairs, refurbishments, etc. Jupiter and Uranus are still triggered all week, and that can bring more wild weather too. Full Moon happens on Thursday and some significant business will be concluded. Again this week could bring more unexpected departures, and possibly some early arrivals. Hope your week is kind, and thanks for visiting!

Tuesday 26th September 2017  

This is a Jupiter Uranus opposition between the planet of fortune, expansion and of opportunity, and the planet of innovation, rebellion ,sudden excitement and whirlwind changes. It's an anything can happen kind of aspect, that brings release, relief and breakthroughs of so many kinds.And around once in every 14years, these two planets oppose, over the course of a year, usually three times. This Thursday 28th is the third and final one of the sequence that began last December 26th, then repeated March 3rd .

Some will be restless just itching to break free, while some want to break through and transcend challenges.

Jupiter is linked to celebrations and to larger than life developments, too, so some will be springing surprises. And politically yep, it's a mad time. Uranus in Aries is associated with crazy leaders, to put it very simply. He'll be out of Aries next May,for several months before fully taking his leave in 2019.

Interesting the whirl around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as Prince Charles' chart also has this Jupiter/Uranus aspect and it's across the axis of the chart that's linked to his children, so give that this aspect is in force, this week, it's all whirling and swirling at the palaces.

Also for those who may be interested, the links between Harry's chart and Charles' are strong. I did harry's chart within half an hour of his birth and saw the connections. Also saw and said in a feature dictated within two hours of his birth, that Harry would serve his country, flying military aircraft in a war zone, thanks to the alignments in his chart. Astrology is fascinating.

Well the energy of a Jupiter Uranus opposition can be wild like a gale, a right old rollercoaster, but it can also bring serendipity, which means "happy chance", so i am hoping that something will be released into the ether for you that feels positive this week. It could be a time when you have unexpected support, or a week when partnerships are changing, perhaps to become what they were meant to be.

The key to success will lie in good preparation and in taking a breath or two to consider a new development, before deciding how best to make it work for you.

Good luck!

Monday 25th September 2017  Today's cosmic message..try to get the head down and focus on the practicalities, despite your spirit wanting to go dancing some place miles away. Moon is in Sagittarius, the gypsy in your soul sign of the eternal student and traveller, while Mercury squares Saturn, reminding you that there are details to tend to keep you on track for all you want to achieve for the bigger picture. Mars opposed Neptune yesterday and is still in aspect, (flat tyre,drained, trying to race through fog feelings) so try not to rush, whether that's trying to find answers or literally trying to push yourself harder physically. One step at a time is just fine. Let your inner voice of positivity remind you that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. One step at a time. Try not to overthink, Okay? take care and thanks for reading!

Sunday 24th September 2017  There's such a sensitivity in the air with Neptune having opposed Mercury, and now Mars opposing, deflating energies (you'll hear me talking about this on my horoscope lines for the week ahead as "trying to run through fog"... and also the "healer" Chiron having been in the recent new Moon degree..this is a time for deeper healing to flow, and sometimes wounds need to be reopened before they can truly heal. There's sadness in the air, but maybe we need to mourn the past before we can move on. This weekend's Scorpio Moon has brought a lot to the surface, so go gently and be kind to yourself, put on your own oxygen mask before you reach to help, and you'll have more to give.

Tuesday 19th September 2017 We're in Moondark, with a Virgo new Moon forming at 06:30hrs (BST) tomorrow morning (Wednesday), and it's very much about the need to heal, to recharge the batteries and perhaps to tap into your inner creativity.
Old emotional pain could lift at this time, maybe when least expected. There's a shift happening. But it needs us to go softly. There could be enlightenment and realisations coming just now that set us free from old painful emotional chains.

Usually a new Moon is a revitalising experience, but this one is sleepy, and it's asking us to proceed more carefully, gently and not to be too disappointed by recently made plans that don't materialise this week as there's a gain to be made from the time and the space that's left as a result. It's a time for compassion, but for taking stock first to see where is best to direct that. 
The Virgo new Moon is about serving others and about getting the practical details right. It's about taking care of the physical realms.
It sadly rather fits that a huge aid operation is necessary out in the Caribbean, and that on many different levels just now, not just out in that hurricane zone, many people are bidding farewell to old chapters and needing to take time to plan and think about the next phase and about how best to make it work.

Is there something in your life that is in transition, easing out of your life, making space for a new beginning? This new beginning may be filling your mind with too many swirling thoughts, but that will soon give way to clearer thoughts and plans. 
Mercury opposes Neptune, so thoughts can be very intuitive, and reflective, nostalgic and even melancholic for some, and that aspect can bring self doubt or information that's not quite accurate. It stirs the imagination and makes it hard to see the wood for the trees, bringing mental fog for some of us, too, hence the benefit of taking rest time if you can. of accepting a cancelled plan as an opportunity to recharge the battery. Much could be sorted out or fixed, arranged, on Friday, when Mercury then taps into Pluto, powering up his precision power too, so reassure yourself for now, if you can that current fog or uncertainties will not last.

Wednesday 13th September 2017  Saturn is squaring the Sun over the next 24hrs or so..Road blocks, things getting in the way of the plan. Testing us to see how committed we are to our goals. Being limited in some way by physical challenges or by work details that take longer. 
Saturn is said to be the safety barricade that stops us running out into the road, but he can feel oppressive and like there is such a mountain to climb to get through what you have to do. But persevere if you can, as Saturn also rewards the diligent albeit in his own time.
He's the Time Lord, so he wants us to get our heads down and do our best despite limitations or even the dreaded cloud of self doubt or the urge to throw the snakes and ladders board on the floor and say "game's over". 
Saturn says one step at a time is FINE. See how far up that mountain you get by taking a deep breath and starting to put one foot in front of the other instead of looking at the summit with trepidation.

Tuesday 12th September 2017   Moon's been proper distracted and out of sorts today, and communications planet Mercury has been in a tricky sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) with Pluto in bureaucratic Capricorn..misleading information and messages not getting to the right people , communications equipment playing up.
Like many, I've been distracted by the need to know how people are doing out in the devastated areas of the Caribbean, reading so many of the back stories, hidden under the various layers of news. There's so much devastation of late, since that big eclipse and it's surging, watery full Moon, across the globe, but I know some of these islands more personally, so I guess that hits home. I've read a lot about kindness and about fears today, about tragedies and about inspiring acts of humanity.

Today's Mercury aspect is diversions and detours.. have you had any of those? 
Also with Pluto involved, discussions about deeper topics that feel taboo or complex.have been in the air. Also, Saturn is forming,by the wee small hours of Thursday, a 90 degree alignment with the Sun bringing mountains to climb, testing skills and staying power, throwing rocks in the path. Those rocks can be used as experience that strengthens or as material to build something solid and secure. 
Venus is aligning with Saturn just now, until just after midnight, too, so there will be soothing and comfort around, and as it's Venus, women in particular could bring something to the table in currently stressful situations, with quietly wise words or deeds, perhaps behind the scenes, that just might help to improve matters.
Mercury is still in his "shadow" phase, so there are facts yet to emerge that might be important to know, and if you are being hemmed in or held back in some way, that's, possibly in retrospect, going to work for you.September 19th marks the point where Mercury is clear of fog, shadows and detours

Friday 8th September 2017  Today's alignment of Mars with Pluto (sesquiquadrate) has the feel  of big efforts having to go into getting things sorted, mended, resolved, and of course Mars and Pluto are known for extreme force, which seems to describe the current weather systems wreaking havoc around the world, connected to the eclipse that had such a strong Mars theme, and to the Full Moon in Pisces, with ruler Neptune intensifying the oceanic theme too. Right now, with an Aries Moonphase afoot, well that brings many a hero. Sun will align with Pluto tomorrow (Saturday 9th) in a transformative, regenerating aspect. Sunis in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. People will be amazing in their practical efforts. Before this horrid news broke, I was speaking about the full Moon requiring us to apply practical compassion, and that seems very much to be what's called for. Thoughts with those around the world going through such turmoil and torment. Counting every blessing here on the west coast of Scotland where the climate may not always delight, but is as a rule, more temperate. Hope your weekend is kind. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday 6th September 2017
Today's Full Moon is in Pisces, stirring our intuitive, creative, compassionate instinctual selves, bringing matters to a peak, many of which require a gentle, wise touch, while Mars is newly in Virgo, sign of service, and of detail. Trusting the intuition that tells you to check the detail, and also to do the things that your soul tells you are right and good.
It is a time to show practical compassion. To put shape and form to creative ideas, to take the vision, the dream and believe in it and to work to make it happen. Mars in Virgo works very hard to get things right. Sometimes over hard, striving for perfection which of course proves elusive, as perfectionists are rarely convinced they've achieved that goal! 
This full Moon energy can bring a twist of anxiety about not being perfect, but it can also stir the urge to work hard to make a dream come true. 
That current saying of "believe and achieve" springs to mind. Mercury has gone forward, but he is still slow, so some ongoing processes could take a wee while to come together, but there should be progress over the next ten days, following that unsettled or uncertain phase of delays over Mercury's shadowy and retrograde weeks that coloured much of August, along with that solar eclipse that swept in new events to be taken into consideration. 
Now we're looking at the bottom line more clearly as the coming fortnight unfolds, towards new Moon on 20th. Knowing what you've got to work with is the first step to setting off on a fresh chapter. 
Wishing you wind beneath your wings and success with all of your aims, and if you catch sight of that glorious Pisces full Moon, make a, but also do the homework on how to make it happen! Till next time, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday 3rd September  2017 Mercury with Mars can  bring frustration over details, possibly over what's been missed out. Double check tickets and schedules and timetables and you won't go far wrong. Watch for younger males being peacocks or prickly pears at times too, and look out for male celebrities making news, too. In fact t

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