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Cosmic Updates

Saturday 20th October 2018  The escape from it all Pisces Moon has us hankering for the stuff that dreams are made of, and with Mercury more softly aligning with Mars and Neptune since their exact aspect yesterday, today might be given over to thinking and planning, maybe just cosying up and having a day of indulgence in favourite movies, or whatever floats your boat, while tomorrow, Mercury gets busy again, which just might prompt lots of conversations about future possibilities and maybe action, too, to press the buttons on making dreams happen. Dream, think..Be.

We're entering a full Moon week, and that full Moon has Uranus in her sights, seeking to break out of the established ruts and routines, shaking things up. Maybe shaking Mother Earth up.., as well as shaking many of us up into awareness and a mroe awakened state as to those aspects of our world that provoke that sense of collective outrage.

Protests and rebellion are a theme, and there's a powerful "fixed" eneergy to the aspects forming by Wednesday's full Moon. People who will not be moved.. which goes both ways and yes can bring frustrations and standoffs. Breaking through will require logic, reason, harmony and respect, although some will be at break point, where what's been awaited or requested or even yelled for, might be taking you to a point of trying a new tactic.

If the door is firmly locked, maybe try the windows. Analogy, only!! But sometimes when a problem peaks, the answer, the route out of that situation suddenly becomes more obvious. I believe in the wisdom of Karma. so always say, tread softly, stay firm, and you'll walk far. Best wishes all and thanks again for stopping by.

Thursday October 18th 2018 Moon is exactly aligned with Mars this minute and stays close for the next few hours and they are both in Aquarius..sign of humanity. Yes there are signs of
the rage of the collective..but the positive power of the collective can and is shining brightly, so use this time to actively connect with and share and promote all that's good and positive. My recorded forecasts for you for next week will be available tomorrow night from midnight..and you might be pleasantly surprised at the potential for making positive moves in your own best direction. 💫💞♥️💞💫

Friday October 12th 2018  Moon is weekending in freedom seeking, anything goes, make it good, make it happy sign of Sagittarius, which is great for overdoing things, be warned!  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and he's in Scorpio just now, which again, emphasises a time of contrasts and of potential for extremes. Extreme weather, too, which we are of course seeing everywhere.

Love, relating and cash planet Venus is retrograding across Scorpio too, which can bring lovers of the past back, sometimes to complete some unfinished business. Sometimes things end without understanding or explanation and we beat ourselves up endlessly, then up to the surface comes an explanation or even a realisation that might shock, yet can heal.  Money matters  and global markets can be the subject of extremes too, when Venus is here, so maybe not the time to put it all on the one horse/roulette number. Venus tempts us to take on debt, so try to thik a few beats ahead to when the repayments are needed. If you need to borrow, shop around for the very best interest rates, and even look at ways of consolidating debt. Get good advice. Venus can also bring money back to you that you gave or lent in the past. For some it'll be a time of re-evaluation of what you really need and what you truly treasure.

Feelings about betrayals of the past and secrets about tough times can sometimes surface, with realisations of who or what was never really right in the first place, which can prove liberating. Certainly this weekend's Sagittarius Moon favours rising and moving on.

Decluttering, revamping and repairing are favoured activities at this time.Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe and look after yourself. Lotsalove :-)

Monday 1st October 2018  Pluto is stationing in Capricorn,( which opposes the USA's sign), ready to slowly resume forward motion, while Venus is in her shadow, about to retrograde, and of course, making news are women, stepping out of the shadows in USA particularly along with a shadowy woman from USA who's trying to steer media attention in not such a good way on TV this morning. So it's a time when skeletons in closets are being rattled. Friday, which is when Venus stands still, before retrograding, could be a pivotal date for some, in connection with what's being rattled. Keep an eye on the news.

Tuesday 25th September 2018 As the full Moon in Aries, sign of the head, begins her waning process, many may be left with headachey tiredness, feeling slowed or even blocked, maybe more aware of insecurities, thanks to Saturn in square with that Moon and applying his precise square to the Libra Sun. A day for being methodical and for using past stumbling blocks and ancient pain as building bricks for achievements yet to come. Go gently, and don't try to be all things to all people. Focus on one key plan today, and to reiterate what I wrote about the message of that potent Aries Moon that swelled full bedside Chiron, for some,stirring ancient pain right up to the surface, know your value as an individual and your power as part of a "we".

Monday 24th September 2018   Looking at the chart of tomorrow's full Moon, happening in independent, fiery and self focused Aries at 03:52hrs (BST) here in the UK. It connects events back around April 15th and in late July.
Fortune favours those who work in harmony, as a couple, a team or a group, yet there's a tension around the whole issue of individuality. The Aries Moon asks "what about me?", while the Sun in Libra is asking us to find balance and the best route to mutual success and happiness.

There may be a battle between the urge for freedom to do as one pleases, to express one's "whole" self versus the benefits of being part of a complimentary rather than conflicting team/couple. 
Leo, sign of rulers of showbiz and of the art, of children and of Royalty, rises in the full Moon chart, with the Sun and Moon in areas of the sky associated with resources, funding, possessions, endings and beginnings, so there's emphasis on financial relationships and for some, on go-aheads that'll come on the heels of a storm.

It's a sensitive full Moon, a very sensitive one, as it swells full close by Chiron,who's linked to our inner "raw spots", to childhood experiences of vulnerability, so if you find yourself more emotional, more raw about situations that trigger ancient feelings of being unsure about which way to go, cut yourself some slack, please. You have got this, even if you feel shaky, or wary of being in uncharted territory right now.

It's also a brave Moon. One for standing proud about all you are, and for being courageous where you are letting go of old security blankets, because it's time to embrace something more, something bigger than what's gone before. And maybe to discover deeper resources than you knew were there. Aries is the pioneer, and Mars, travelling through Aquarius is the ruler of Aries, so there could be some amazing discoveries made that happen "by accident" which could prove beneficial.

We're being reminded that no man is an island, yet every one of us is an important part of the whole. The "Butterfly Effect" springs to mind. Never doubt that you matter. You are absolutely unique and you have the power to make a difference, even if it's just with a smile that warms someone's day up, so they go on to warm another's day..So when the Aries Moon (represented either by you or another) asks "what about me?".. the cosmos wants to answer "you're great, and if we each respect one another's strengths, together we can be amazing.."

23rd September 2018  It's Autumn equinox, when day and night are equal, and since 02:54am (BST) LIBRA time, so getting the right balance in our lives is the theme. You might be trying to get a work/play balance, or a better balanced relationship. Maybe getting something in your body balanced. The Scales of any situation can be easily tipped at this point, and we can be knocked off-centre. If you need some time to get your own balance back just now the current PISCES Moon favours you taking that. Mercury, communicator planet, also the messenger between mind and body is tricky and unsettled right now. So the right messages may be hard to convey, and calls or journeys have hesitation around them or words feel stuck, answers trickier to find, but that will begin to ease this evening. And yes there's a full Moon swelling, exact on TUESDAY at 03:52hrs in ARIES. My posts are always for UK time. More coming up tomorrow on why this Full Moon will have links to events in late July..

Tuesday 18th September  Whatever your plans are for today, be prepared for changes..some fast paced, some mild, and some exactly what you've been hoping for, and at some level, be prepared to be challenged.

If you are behind a wheel, try to practice a wee bit of patience. At a junction look twice to make sure folk aren't leaping the lights, being impatient. Mars and Uranus make a 90 degree aspect for the third time this year, the previous two having been 16th May and 2nd August.

These two planets are about sparks to action.. which can be inflammatory, and it can be inspirational, the spur to do stuff you've needed a proverbial nudge to tackle. For example, you find out you are having visitors so you are suddenly tearing about under pressure to do stuff you meant to have done a while back.. you get things done that please you, but perhaps, a bit of a stressful wee while.


People can suddenly be raging about injustices when these planets spark off of each other, yet it's often a case of what's been brewing up, spills out. People can be surprising, heroes, not just narky.

Machinery might suddenly start working..or stop. Technology can be cranky. But there is always a Yin to the Yang. You get the stress but you also get the leap of progress when things are fixed.

They may not be sweetie-pies when they get together, these two planetary wild kids, with Uranus the teen and midlife rebel, also the golden year rebel too, incidentally. Uranus rears very noticeable as rebel around ages 21,42,84..with a few other points in between. Mars kicks off regularly, scooting right around the zodiac every couple of years and without Mars, nothing would ever get done, but he is energy. He needs a good outlet!


We are still in Virgo time, until the Equinox, which happens on Sunday 23rd, when the Sun rises in Libra for a month long phase of "time to get things balanced out". So while Virgo is strong, the jarring effect of this Mars and Uranus energy makes us a bit picky about details, and we notice the messy stuff.

We are jarred by things not being properly tended. We fret about health and fitness and about work skills, feeling sensitive to our doubts and fears and yet there's also a "let's get this cleared up and fixed" energy coming in, over the coming days. Skills and talents will be honed and well used to bring good results for many, but the jarring feeling persists on and off for a few days. Relief is in the cosmos for the end of this week, possibly when something is given full and proper attention..

Lotsalove always  💗

Friday 14th September 2018  Mercury opposes Neptune..double check the details and re-read your texts..better still, snooze lots, watch movies, read books, plan or do something you can lose yourself in imaginings about, a fab trip, a creative project..immerse yourself in something that takes your mind right away from all the mundane stuff. And if you need to focus, factor in some YOU time when you can.

Love and assets planet Venus,  has just begun a lengthy visit to Scorpio and in her shadow phase to boot, which means that for many of us, relationships, past, present and future are more important, that we're looking to be more authentically true to ourselves within the bonds and alliances we're forming and within existing ties.
Venus is sparking away in opposition today (Wednesday 12th) with springer of surprises, hectic, chaotic, rebellious and innovative, shake it up planet Uranus, so in a wee nutshell, resources and the affairs of women are prominent!

Venus arrived on Sunday 9th September ( at 10:25hrs BST)in (sultry, emotionally charged sign of rebirth and resource) Scorpio and will retrograde on October 5th,( with potential for impacting those born 1-3rd November with possible rethinks about matters personal and financial and for some marking the rekindling of unfinished business,or the return of faces from the past) backtracking into Libra on 31st October, turning direct on 16th November in Libra ( Those born 17-19th October might feel this as quite a powerful personal or perhaps financial turning point).We are all going to be re-examining ourselves at times, in relation to what we need to give and to receive in our relationships with others.

After her visit to Libra between August 7th and September 9th, 
Venus will also spend all of November in Libra once more, so watch for second time around love, and for people coming back, and also for something that looked lost, being found or a lost cause that may flare into the realms of possible and then "happening". And for realisations about what's right for us, who's right for us.
Venus is in her own sign, when in Libra, and especially given Jupiter's arrival in Sagittarius from November 8th, this could be a hopeful harbinger of more cordial international negotiations.
After a phase of to-ing and froing over a retrograde Mercury phase between 17th November and 6th December, a collective sigh of relief may be felt around such matters by Winter Solstice over 21st/22nd December.

Tuesday September 11th 2018 New Moon energies are with us, with a bit of "make it happen, get it fixed" magic in the air, and Jupiter is aligned with the Sun and with Pluto today, as Jupiter is (exactly tomorrow) sextiling Pluto for the third and final time of 2018, ( previous dates were 16th January and 14th April) making this a good time to set the record straight, to embrace opportunities to do something that's a bit out of your comfort zone, yet that might well lead you to magnificent adventures. It's a time to rise and shine, on many levels and a potentially rather fruitful time for many. 
The world of legalities, marketing, politics, showbiz and travel and education are in the solar spotlight, with efforts at bridge building, and at displaying accountability.

Moon, today, is in balance seeking Libra, so we want to be connected and to feel validated in the eyes of our peers, yet with Mars newly re-arrived in Aquarius, once again beginning the journey he set out on on 16th May, now is the time to get serious about forward planning, as teams, couples, and as organisations in need of some kind of a rebirth. Mars says "no bullsh*t please!", and demands fair consideration and equality for all (which of course never truly happens), but his theme is one of trailblazing, with humanitarian causes very much in mind. Much could be starting to happen now that has links back to that initial visit of Mars in May, prior to his retrograde that began late in June and which has just ended, although not completely out of shadow until the new Moon of October 9th, so green lights appearing and "traffic" gathering momentuum now. Efforts made now look more likely to go in a straighter line to their intended outcome. 
One wee warning... when Jupiter connects with Pluto, it's always wise to stick to the speed limit, and to check that your vehicle tax is paid, your MOT up to date. 
And on the up side? Watch for cases of second or even third time lucky.
Lotsalove 💗😀

Friday 31st August 2018 Moon's settling in for a cosy Taurus time till she switches into lively chatty Gemini on Sunday morning, although over Saturday, much chewing of the fat could be happening! Minds will be kept very busy, tossing ideas this way and that, possibly going over some old ground and wondering which way's best in view of what's recently been brought to light.

Saturn, the planet of boundaries, linked to security, career and duty is motionless this week, which can leave certain things hanging in the balance, and it may be around September 11th/13th before some key issues are worked out. Saturn does make a murmur in the skies over Thursday 6th, Friday 7th as he fully stations, ready to progress forward, this time with Mercury newly arrived in Virgo and the distinct possibility that information then coming  to light might paint a fuller picture, allowing those in positions of authority and expertise to take (perhaps, more) informed actions.

There's a lot happening around Capricorns in the public eye, (Google the birth dates of those you might be thinking about) which isn't such a surprise given that Mars has just revved up from his Capricorn station,as of Monday 27th just past, and  the Capricorn ruler planet ,Saturn, known since ancient times as the reaper of that which has been sown, is making this station, forming an aspect with shock factor planet Uranus, although with that Virgo Sun, truth eventually surfaces after a couple of subterfuge aspects have worked their way out.

Virgo is in a good position, but may be tested this week, to be absolutely fair and to be logical too. Gemini is also tested, perhaps to do likewise. There are a few well known Geminis in the news over relationships just now too. (Google those birthdays!). Cancerians are being ruffled by agitation planet Mars, stymied by Saturn and for some, feeling daunted by (spectres of the past and fears for the future) Pluto just now, and it's good to work as part of a team, as a "we", not just a "me".

Hope your week is kind and thanks for stopping by! 


Friday 24th August 2018  This Sunday 26th August 2018n at 12:56hrs BST brings a full Moon in peaceloving Pisces, coming after a fiery, scratchy Mars phase, over the last few days and following a magical grand earth element ( matters practical, physical and financial) trine,( involving Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and the newly arrived Virgo Sun) which is a flowing aspect that brings ease to a situation, enabing things to come together. Until 06:32 hrs BST on Sunday, Moon is in logical communications sign Aquarius, the often misunderstood observere and forward thinker, stirring  the world of politics and aviation and media.

There could be closure for some, and in certain cases, a veil of mystery cast around departures that'll have been made for the good of all.

 Pisces is water, emotion, illusion, magic, inspiration and deep  compassion. It's also a sign that's very hard to pin down, not easy at all to fathom, as,  like the ocean, it's prone to shifting shape all the time.  There may be many situations around us that stir curiosity, confusion, those is she/he isn't she/he moments. 

The oil and gas industries are under a powerful spotlight, as is the world of film and the arts.

Personally, watch for resolutions coming that could be deemed "miraculous", yet behind the scenes will be hard graft and lengthy effort.

Sunday's full Moon is followed by a deeper aspect that could be quite emotional. Watch for issues of the past that are easily reignited, and try not to dive into anything that actually, probably would be best left to work itself out. Over commitment or overly intense involvements are easy to make in moments of emotional overload.

There could be news of a prominent couple re-uniting officially. And also of some relationships folding. But what's true and good, what's really right for us, will remain. Emotional rebirths are in the air, so rekindled passions could make news. Capricorn and Libra are very much in this line-up too.

Advice? Take a beat or ten before reacting to situations that make you uneasy. Get the bigger picture. It might change the path you then choose to take.



Monday 20th August 2018 Just been reading a colleague's post about Mercury, who stationed yesterday after his usual three times a year, three week phase of retrograding. She's reminding us that Mercury wasn't yet shooting forward, (which some people posting online seem to be implying, ) 
Mercury is not fully Direct yet. And that's been much discussed by myself on my horoscope phone lines and elsewhere on here. 
But the wee trickster planet Mercury has paused on his road back. So I thought I'd describe in layman's terms for those who might be interested. what actually happens.
Planet Earth orbits the does Mercury and all his planetary companions.
This orbit is not a circle, but an oval. So the orbits are elliptical. 
Okay don't fall asleep yet..
At certain times of the year as Earth rounds a bend, it speeds up a bit. Some planets seem to be travelling backwards. They're not. But we are travelling a bit faster round the Sun.
Mercury is linked to information and to communications and to travel, too. So the flow of information,the progress of projects is often slowed down too, often because key facts aren't yet known or key people aren't around.
So imagine this. You are out a walk having a talk about new ideas and plans with a pal who has contacts and knowledge that's helpful. You chat away enthusiastically, get a few insights but not all that you need, then your pal has to take a call and to head back to base, (Mercury is stationing, then 
appearing to reverse for those three weeks).. a bit further on you may have pressed on regardless, ( possibly running into some complications that held you back anyway) or opted to wait(whilst keeping busy catching up with unfinished business) for the extra information or for further developments, and you might even feel it's all ground to a halt.( that's where Mercury stations direct) So now ( Mercury has paused, stationed in hid direct path yesterday Sunday 19th from 0524hrs BST) your pal's on the way back into that chat, but it takes a wee while, although over that time you could be calling to one another, reconnecting and communication is being resumed, just not fully, and it's good to take time to get details right.
So your pal catches up fully come September 2nd, but you're already beginning to get his/her message.

Friday 17th August 2018  This weekend sees Mercury on a pause, turning direct from Sunday at  05:24hrs BST, and slowly the delays and complications and the indecision or the lack of information will be addressed, worked out. The Moon is in adventurous, daring Sagittarius from Saturday at 17:45hrs BST and prior to this, we're in Scorpio, go deep and meaningful, dig n sort and fix terrain. Watch for news that things cannot be repaired, need to be replaced, and for relief this weekend as what's ended or ending could also feel like a blessing. Jupiter and Neptune are aligned by Sunday, exactly, across Scorpio to Pisces. Emotions are easily stirred. There could be celebrations, and there could be opportunities to follow dreams. Creativity shines. Music and art are favoured. Mercury on a pause this Sunday seems to be saying "I've been waiting for you to notice, decide, realise...."  blanks to be filled in by you.

Hope your weekend is kind and thankyou for stopping by.

Friday 10th August 2018 While Mercury in Leo is tugging us back to the past,  it's tempting to go there because we know the way the story goes, and maybe if we go back there, this time we could rewrite things?
But would we? Could we? What can we understand better about ourselves from exploring that aspect of the past that might be tugging at us just now?
We are in the shadow of a solar eclipse in the 19th degree area of Leo, albeit a partial one. It's still important. Looking back to themes in your life from August 1999. Also, for those born in time to recall, you might find themes from August 1961, and August 1980. I know I can, and each time for me,the way it reflected in my own chart, it was very much about family connections. (this same eclipse in 1999 brought a fabulous reunion with our huge southern family, thanks to the power of internet and affordable airline tickets). That doesn't mean it'll be the same for you, though. 
With Uranus newly retrograde from his recent ingress into Taurus, and Mars retrograde in Uranus's own sign of Aquarius, there's a jarring, stubborn energy in the air around some who aren't keen to make the first move to resolve issues. Rebels abound. Yet maybe a certain standoff will allow time to truly reflect on what matters most, or to work out what'll be best.
An eclipse in Leo, the regal sign, sign of children and sign of the heart suggests that something dear to your heart may be coming full circle, beginning afresh,and it's also a call to shed light on what's troublesome, in order to free yourself from focusing there, liberate you to focus on what's beginning. Mercury and Mars retrograding may mean there's agitation around unfinished business that need careful thought rather than impulsive reaction.
On a mundane level, this is a tricky time for technology, with glitches and hitches and repairs that seem to lead to more repairs. Also watch for people perhaps misrepresenting themselves on public platforms, politicians and CEO's maybe more apt to be in the firing line, double check the credentials of anyone you're taking on to work for you,and vice versa, the reputation of prospective employers. Check reviews , and check the provenance of what you are buying. Mercury muddles the details and can bring misunderstandings that in the mix with Mars and Uranus, can create friction.
Venus and Saturn are angling sharply, which means there's a lot to be said for keeping it real, and for taking time to weigh and balance situations. 
The Moon is approaching her dark time. Take time to do the homework, and to be well prepared, clear the decks of old clutter and recharge, ready for the next chapter to unfold.
That next chapter may well involve re-connections. Picking up the threads of something you always wanted to do but never had the chance or found the right moment for. 
Wishing you all that's good for your soul, and sending love to my family and friends, who regardless of miles, months, years, are always in my heart 💗

Wednesday 8th August 2018   Moon in Cancer today = feed the need.

Wednesday 25th July 2018 

Feeling fired up? Folk rubbing you up the wrong way? Irritation can be there to stir you to make positive moves, the piece of grit that make’s the oyster’s glorious, luminescent pearl. Rebel planet Uranus is much in evidence at the same time as Mars is clashing and rubbing the nurturing Moon up the wrong way come Friday. Like someone demanding attention when you really are already tied up. Or waiting for a train at a bus stop.

Eclipse season is upon us and this Friday  evening at 21:20hrs BST  brings the “Blood Moon” which is a full Moon (happening ,on this occasion, in Aquarius) whose usual light from the Sun is blocked by the shadow of planet earth , and right alongside is planet Mars, fiery and feisty and impulsive, hot-headed and wayward. He’s currently retrograding, scraping over old scars, pushing us to heal, to release and let go under the natural closure point of a full Moon. He could also encourage us to rekindle  discarded projects.

 So yes, the crazier elements of life do surface under the full Moon phase, fires rage within and without and such passion can achieve great things as well as stirring niggles and frustrations that are often linked to the sense of having hands tied and being desperate to break free and fly. Look out for news that reflects those themes.

 Mercury is retrograding from this Thursday 26th July, too, until 19th August. This means that information isn’t always complete, so dig deeper for facts and double check arrangements. Also, with Mars jarring until Thursday, watch for machinery acting up, possibly connected to events in May, and for technology blips.

 Mercury will bring you time to review and rethink and fine tune ideas, though, and that can be a very good thing. People could reappear after an absence, too. Long made plans could finally go ahead, while brand new ideas can take a bit of reshaping before they work, or even be discarded in favour of something new that arrives later in August. Keeping an open mind for now and doing homework could benefit us.

This eclipse season is a repeat from 1999. It doesn’t mean that life will replicate, as the planets are all in different locations now, but it says here’s a chance to re-run something or to finally get to something you never quite did, now that time and circumstance have moved us all on. Landmarks and milestones are in the air.  Departures and arrivals and reconnections will make news.

Air traffic control could be making news, as could  TV and Radio stations,  and also highlighted are all things space related plus digital downloads and the world of sport and large scale arenas might also make headlines.

Uranus agitates crowds, challenges “unions” of all sorts and brings protests around the globe over this phase too. Politicians are under fire under this eclipse - yes, more than usual!

This is a  release and move on chapter , bringing the triggers and the strength and the desire for fair play, for space, for humanitarian effort, for team work and the eclipse is loaded with potential for us to try to find ways to work together. It’ll help to take the ego factor out of shared challenges.

Thursday 19th July 2018 There's an unusual aspect forming between Saturn and Neptune just now, exact tomorow (Friday 20th) under a Scorpio Moon, which suggests a time for tackling the stuff we often sweep under the carpet, or make excuses for not doing. A time for clearing the debris,for digging deep into your own resources, finding inner stength to dare to be the raw you, to be YOU with pride.

This energy is excellent for finding the moment to quietly put a STOP sign over an old draining habuit, whether it's emotional self sabotage or kicking addiction of a more physical sort, saying to the addiction. "You are not ME. You don't own me, you don't rule me and I'm no longer going to allow you to do this"

Clearing the debris, focussing on what actually matters, not the superficial things, and being very honest with yourself can prove liberating, adn will also allow the light in on the space that the old habit was taking up. Might be that you find room for something much more enriching and fulfilling instead.

Thursday 12th July 2018 There are some unusual formations in the cosmos at the moment. You know that saying "it's either a feast or a famine", meaning the extremes that life can throw our way? That.

Sun today has been in opposition with Pluto. This kills off what's ending, closes the door, at least on what something is in its present form.

To illustrate, and to be cliched (sorry) right where we are at the moment, we've had loads of amber and black caterpillars. They've stopped crawling around now they've munched their way through all of the yellow ragwort around. There are little dark blobs around now, so, it looks like they are dead. It's all over. Or is it?

Most of you probably know this is going to be a story of metamorphosis, that these dead little parcels will soon emerge as striking red and scarlet Cinnabar moths.

Pluto is associated with that metamorphosis, with the transformative process that has us feeling it's all over, afraid of the dark, afraid of what we have to go through to be reborn.

There's more though. Right now is Moondark. Look out there tonight and see if you can see mama Moon? She's all but gone. Life as we know it is shifting. It never stays the same, of course, but in about eight hours time (at 0348am British Summer time) that Cancer Moon is about to appear to be in alignment with the Cancer Sun, making a solar eclipse, one that for some with charts keyed very personally in to around 19-22 degrees of Cancer, will be marking a major milestone.

Women are especially prominent, as planet Venus is making a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus just now. Off with the old and on with the new is such a theme, as is breaking away from old paths. Is it time to write your own story?

Watch for news around prominent women, and trust in your intuition about what to stay the course with, what to shed.

Today's Moondark is/has been good for shedding the clutter, for getting things cleared, tidied, fixing things up. There's an air of expectancy around, so if you've run the gamut of emotions and thoughts have been racing around all you need to do, should do, might not be able to do, are crazy to do, then no wonder, but today is about quietly tending what needs to be cleared away to make space for wings to fly. The cosmic message is that wings are nearly ready to fly but if in the meantime you need a little more time, as you very well might, to be ready for take off, so be it. That's exactly where you should be.

The solar eclipse is about sweeping the past away, making room for the next chapter. Endings and beginnings interlink. One brings the other. For some this will be amazing, for others, it's daunting, but those wings can and will fly.

This Friday 13th July 2018  brings a solar eclipse in Cancer, sign of roots and family and home. Maybe we're bring tugged "home", tugged to our roots, or to where we feel safe, perhaps as in the womb. 

What do you need to shed in order to feel freer, happier, more "at home" with yourself?  Feel free to follow me on Facebook and comment, share your thoughts.

There's a strange brew of agitation in the air..two transient but ongoing astrological T squares happening. Moon right now in bold, pioneering Aries is a trigger, stirring the sort of energy that is pushing us to let go of a caterpillar phase and trusting the process taking us albeit precariously to butterfly . Letting go, surrendering to a process that feels like everything goes dark, before it can be light, maybe in a whole new chapter or with a new awareness of what we have to accept/shift our perspective on. In one week, there will come a solar eclipse in Cancer, sign of the past, the roots, family, nurturing, home, the womb, motherhood and that's marking a milestone for many of us. Mercury is triggering overactive minds just now, and sharpness of words or fierceness of wills. We're all "right" in our own way, but being active, keeping the body moving rather than the mind angry or fretting could be healthy. Find your own best way to working off inner tensions, but understand that they are pointing you to a fresh chapter that naturally might have you wary and a wee bit defensive It's ♋ Cancer time, with a self seeking Aries Moon jarring in the middle of a building opposition between the Sun and Pluto and a proud Leo Mercury traveling opposite Mars (exact yesterday), which doesn't make for easy minds, yet there's also a beautiful grand trine of Sun, Jupiter and Neptune that's in effect, which encourages us to lift ourselves into our higher ,to switch off from overthinking what we can't do much to alter at present and simply go with that bigger process for now.

Wednesday 27th June 2018 

Have you been noticing the beauty of the swelling Moon lighting up the sky and building towards her exact opposition with those glorious sunsets over the last couple of days?

Tomorrow's full Moon will come in Capricorn and will happen at 05:53hrs..and restrictive, security conscious Saturn is opposing the protective, nurturing Cancer Sun right now, so you may already be feeling a requirement to toe the line, feeling like jumping the fence because the Moon is currently in freedom loving Sagittarius, entering Capricorn at 16:52hrs, after which it feels more natural to be structured, organised. That Sun/Saturn opposition keyed into the swelling Moon is about tightening things up at the top, so government and businesses are in focus. 
If you look to the Moon later tonight, you might see planet Saturn, aligning exactly into the wee small hours, bright and beautiful.
This is very much a "Take care of who and what takes care of you" time. There will be a stronger sense of knowing where we stand after Thursday's full Moon, stirring many of us to get active with plans to improve life on various levels too. Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather! 💗

Tuesday 26th June 2018 Fast action (and irritation planet) Mars is at a standstill in Aquarius (sign of for glitches or frustrations there over the next few days), aligned with constructive, security conscious (and yes, frustration) planet Saturn. Those two can help if we just go step by step and don't expect overly speedy solutions. Head down and quietly persevere is their theme, which could make for a very productive day, but Moon us in Sagittarius, filling heads with alternative, freer floating ideas. So folk might feel a mix of being tethered versus wanting to take off today.. staying the course might feel best, with a little time out to dream!

Friday 22nd June 2018  Moon is visiting Scorpio from 20:11hrs BST this Friday until 05:29hrs BST. This is the sign of extremes, of highs and lows and is associated with people being at their most amazing and resourceful and at their moody worst..some of us will soar like eagles while a few may be smouldering at times.

Scorpio is associated also with consequences, and it's important that people think through the potential outcome of their actions. If there's a crisis, there will for sure be heroes around, when there's a Scorpio Moon. Women are especially stirred by this Moon. 

Sun sextiles Uranus by Saturday morning, so many a bright idea will take shape, with family and possibly travel in focus. There may be a phase over Saturday where there's a bit of push and tug and where it's hard for folk to fully read and understand each other. That's when Mercury opposes Pluto, which can bring decisions about what needs to be over and done with or else what requires us to dive deep, very, very gently in some instances, to reach a point of understanding. Think of the gentle touch of a bomb disposal expert, nothing rushed or jarred.

A sensitive discussion might be take place more readily when in a place of serenity. This is a weekend when ancient "male/female" issues are stirred too. The good news is that spirits are lifted in the evenings by the presence of Jupiter close by the Moon and aligning with Venus, who can encourage excess when she gets with Jupiter,so watch for some mad extravagant ideas surfacing! 

By midweek, Saturn the practicality, security conscious planet is tutting away, keeping us all in line, one way or another! Then with Thursday's Saturn ruled Moon swelling full in Capricorn, the take care of business sign, we'll have our feet tugged towards planet Earth!  For some there will be the realisation of a long made plan coming to fruition rather nicely, too. By next weekend, Mercury is buzzing away and there'll be a lot to talk about!

Friday 15th June 2018 We just had a new Gemini Moon on Wednesday night, one that had an agitation aspect around it, so it may be that new beginnings/ plans have had distractions around them, and with relationship planet Venus jarring with unpredictable Uranus this week, which means that women and money and relationships are all being in some way reset, jarred, unsettled. 

There's a bigger aspect forming just now too, between Uranus and Neptune and this can make us all feel a bit off key, out of kilter. In a nutshell, it's about running away from what needs to change or else waking up to what's vulnerable and perhaps being nudged to find new ways to express compassion.

Uranus is the planet of the higher mind, and is associated with mental health, which is very much in focus just now, and with Mars occupying a karmic point, perhaps it's time for us to stop and take stock of what we are truly striving to achieve. 

Social media has become  source of mental stress for many. It's where we go and find everyone having a ball when we're sat at home wondering if we are failing, and it's where we go to be suitably impressed by the flashy pictures of designer this and that, labels displayed as proof of the owner's value. Our value is not what we have, says Uranus in Taurus, and in this aspect with Neptune, comes a reminder that our value is in who we are, how we share what we are, what we have. Spiritual bankruptcy can be quite toxic.  Fresh air and movement and warm chat is far better for us, chirps the Gemini Sun.. Maybe we should try and get some of that over the weekend. Saturday afternoon/evening is great for chat and for shared warmth.

Good news flies in on Tuesday, while Thursday marks the Solstice, when the Sun comes to Cancer and babies born from 11:07am are wee crabs!  Thursday morning could bring sighs of relief for some and also a touch of wanderlust. Travel businesses could do well!

Wednesday 6th June 2018 Neptune is squaring Mercury and the Sun just now, which can mean there's weariness and a great longing to escape from it all, lowered vitality perhaps, but also great vision and dreaminess. 
Neptune masquerades as the cosmic conman, too, so be wary of amazing, too good to be true options. Scrape beneath the surface.
Compassion is easily stirred at this time by what we read and hear, too, so there could be a lot of wishing and hoping for others, and although I belong to no church, I believe so much in the power of the collective when thoughts (prayers) are directed towards those who need healing, soothing, comfort, so never doubt the power of your own kind thoughts. 💗

Friday 1st June 2018.. Finally, a chance to update this section of the website, which has been acting up a bit of late. My own chart has some tricky techno aspects just now ! 

June is beginning on the heels of a truth seeking full Moon which, with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, in Scorpio and forming a rather sensitive, escapist grand trine in the heavens, has many of us feeling the itch and the need to transcend all of the trivial chitchat and make time and space to focus on the wider world, perhaps thinking more about adventures and travel, but also of giving your energy, whether it's practical or emotional, to those who mean most as a matter of priority and also as a way of freeing more space for your own dreams and needs. Venus recently arrived in Cancer focuses on family ties, and there's warmth this Friday as Venus and then the Moon align with Jupiter in an aspect that draws loved ones close. With Moon in Capricorn, it's a good day to take care of family and of business, too. Caretaking.  Venus aligns tomorrow with Neptune, in a sacrificial, compassionate aspect, and again caretaking is a theme. Being a good listener will matter. Some folk around us will need to talk, or be hard to fathom because they aren't so chatty. Choose your questions carefully, and gentle caring helps folk to open up. Mars is aligning with the Aquarius Moon on Sunday morning ( in evidence till midday), which is a spur to action, and to tackle humanitarian issues and to stand up to be counted for others, but it can also bring stubborn impatience and standoffs, along with some passion sparks for some. Public areas could be in the news.

As Sunday afternoon unfolds, there's a lot to be said for getting organised and planning things carefully, and a discussion happening on Sunday evening could be productive and uplifting. There's a lot to be said for doing things in steps and stages. 

Monday 14th May 2018. I've been away checking out the birthplace of Galileo, and doing a lot of thinking about how amazing Aquarians are, even if they are a wee bit eccentric or cranky at times. Like Galileo, they are usually born way ahead of their time..hence the idea that maybe they are eccentric or "difficult". It's often because they are misunderstood, they can see further ahead, they question the status quo, they dare to think outside of the old parameters.

So here we go with the Aquarian ruler planet sign shifting, and Mars coming to fire Aquarius energy up. Get ready for some stubborn trailblazing! A massive cosmic shift is happening. Right now, we are in Moondark, (due to a new Taurus Moon at 12:48pm tomorrow) just as radical, innovative, shake it up planet Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is about to make his sign change to Taurus also tomorrow at 16:16hrs... can you feel it? Have you felt that electricity/impatience/rebel mood coursing through you since yesterday? Uranus has been connecting with Mercury, and with the Moon and by Wednesday, sparks are made with Mars who'll be entering Aquarius. It's an unsettling energy, rather like an earthquake within, and it'll be creating great excitement for some, but that sense of being on the edge of a parachute jump for others..How are you feeling this, folks? 

Friday 27th April 2018  Moon is currently in Libra, bright as can be, making some real "get this sorted" aspects with Mars and Pluto, then swelling to her Scorpio fullness come Monday and she's got Jupiter magnificently close, alongside, marking times of celebration and liberation, in some cases, rather unexpectedly, seeing as Uranus is also in this picture. Matters that looked impossible to resolved or to situations that looked incredibly unsettled could just quietly settle down. It's a strange time, with a lot of intensity around some of us, yet energies that can be driven into fabulous transformations and excellent efforts to improve life from the roots up.

Resources will be in the spotlight, ad of course mother Earth and plastics is a big bigs issue, interestingly as the Uranus return is happening (once every 84yrs approximately) of the introduction of plastics. Now is the time literally of "further revolution", and a very important chapter in global history is being written.

Scientific minds are wonderful, and they will find the way forward for our beautiful planet. One of the things we must do is agree to do what's best and right for each other and for our home planet of course!!

Scorpio full Moon time is often the tide turner after a number of significant exits and then entrances. This applies all over the place, on many levels.

Expect much to start blossomming .. again, on many levels.

Have a great week, and thankyou for visiting. :-)



FRIDAY 20th April 2018  04:13hrs BST  The Taurus Sun is here, so babies born from this time are  cuddly wee Taureans. Steadfast and usually very tolerant, so long as life is comfortable and there's plenty of time to smell the roses, but capable of great strength and fire when roused. Taurus dislikes too many changes, or at least changes that are imposed. Ask a Taurus to rush - they're not best pleased unless it was their idea! They make glorious friends and usually very reliable workers. Check the signs of the longest serving employees, actors in a series etc. Taurus sees it through.  One of my favourite signs of the zodiac, probably because my mum was Taurus!

Monday 16th April 2018 Today's new Moon with Uranus is mixed up with some very powerful cosmic rays, with Uranus and the Sun in close conjunction till midweek, and meanwhile Chiron enters Aries this Tuesday 17th April 2018, for the first time since 31st January 1969, there to stay for about nine years

Chiron is known as the maverick planet. It's a time to think outside of confined spaces.. to get fresh air about us to do some serious thinking about what we truly need and want to do that's fresh and different.

Uranus says there have to be changes. Truth is that we need to change our routines if we want life to's in our power. Maybe not to cosmic order an exact detailed wish, but it's in our power to make the little changes that open the door to bigger ones.

Aries is the sign of the pioneer.. we're all being stirred a little to be pioneers right now, in our own ways. Chiron is also associated with health and healing. New regimes and routines might come into play.

He's connected to the skills we use in daily life and he's also on a deeper level associated with the scars we bring into adulthood, which might be creating self defeating spirals now and then in our lives, as unhealed ancient pain. He's not the cause nor are any of the planets the "cause" of situations any more than an X ray that reveals a fractured bone is its cause, but these cosmic shifts, like X-rays often reveal the shifts in our own lives.

So,Chiron is neither bad nor good, but his entrance into Aries will very likely correspond with a lot of people shifting paths, perhaps to be truer to themselves. And that's going to feel unsettling right now, this week especially, given that Uranus is aligning with both today's new Moon and with the Sun exactly by Wednesday. So whether you are all out of sorts, or energised and raring to go, all of that is understandable. Uranus can be a status changer, brings splits and soul mates into our lives, and unusual encounters that we look back on and say "that changed my outlook".

Wednesday 12th April 2018  There's some deep cosmic energies afoot right now, with today's square between the Aries (Spring) Sun and the Capricorn (Winter).Pluto. Having to accept that for Spring to follow Winter, we have to clear out the debris, de-clutter, make space for fresh chapters to blossom and grow.

Pluto is associated with the death of situations, but also very much with rebirth, as depicted by the mythological Phoenix, reborn from the ashes. Sometimes we have to go through rings of fire to reach a goal, or to travel through unfamiliar, even scary territory to mature, to be transformed into who we need to be for the next stage of our life journey.

At the moment, relationships are easily stirred by the fight against any threat to independence or individuality. Over this next week or so,some might be feeling stifled, needing to break free, and some may be set free at last, yet this can take many shapes.

Power trips around relationships of all sorts can feel intense, and it's important to listen well right now, to what's really being said, and to think long-term if you can. Mercury is still retrograde, so expect more to come to light over the next week that could awaken you increasingly to your own best path forward.

Monday 9th April 2018  Mercury is well into retrogradation now and is extremely slow moving over this final week of his three week retrograde phase. As those who call my horoscope lines, (where I go into detail about such matters) will know, it'll be a week where heels feel like they are dragging at times - not necessarily yours. Mercury is associated with information and communications and with the little fasteners and connectors that make things move along. Also with youngsters and with students. Expect plans to shift and change. Watch for systems glitches and hitches and expect to have to take a step back here and there to see the bigger picture in the midst of complications or schedule changes. This afternoon's lunar tide, currently in Aquarius the sign associated with the higher mind, with innovation and ingenuity, with the ability to see further ahead, is favourable for changes that could benefit, and for reconnecting with people, and for coming up with new solutions to ongoing issues.From an irksome or unsettling situation may come a blessing, or at least a better outlook.Footnote: Mercury goes forward on 15th which is next Sunday of course, but there's a Moondark phase then, and a new Moon on 16th, and I would suggest Tuesday shows more signs of the forward move, although Mercury stays "in shadow" till the start of May, which means some plans won't be fully up to speed till then, but at least he's going in the "right" direction, tho his retro often allows us time, breathing have a rethink or revise which can be helpful in retrospect! 

Wednesday 4th April 2018. Hello all, from a crazy chilly, snowy west of Scotland at Easter, which has been known to be hot and fabulous, but not this year!

Moon is in freedom loving Sagittarius today, but Mercury is in a boxed in aspect with Mars and Saturn who are currently aligned.

Your head might be bursting at times as you try to work some things out while feeling hemmed in.Mercury is retrograde, so if you can use your own quiet initiative and stick within rules, guidelines, maybe even chat with folk who have trodden the same path as you, that could help. But everything is slowed just now, including responses and mind speeds.. so not a time for fancy manoeuvres, more a time for small steps in tried and trusted routes, which is why it might be a headachey day as that Sagittarian Moon wants us to fly and to rise higher.

Find little ways to feel granting yourself a couple of hours off to do what you want .. even those mundane chores and tasks could prove therapeutic as instead of railing about what you can't do, you do what you can and look back and see you've actually done well and cleared a different task load. But be kind to yourself too, okay? :-)

Thanks to a quirky, pressure aspect around social and love ties, followed by a challenging square from Saturn to the Sun, today (Thursday 29th March) shows some lively encounters but also some cranky or obstructive moments. Closure may be discussed in some quarters.

Today's analytical Virgo Moon says tend the details step by step, and Saturn won't allow us to hurry what needs time, so if you are trying to be everywhere at once, you might get headachey.

Try to still your mind and tend the task list, one thing at a time, rather than mind-leaping and feeling stressed. You've got this..


Mercury is ongoing in his retrograde phase (till April 15th), which means that new plans can take longer to happen,and arrangements are often rejigged, delayed, brought forward, postponed, and wires can get crossed, so it's good to double check details and read the small print, but it can be great to make use of a delay with some catch-ups.

Mercury's retrograde also often brings awaited answers connected to the period before his retrograde began (23rd March).

Moon will swell full this Saturday in her Blue Moon mode, which isn't blue of course, it's a term for the second full Moon in a calendar month. She'll be in sociable Libra, full at lunchtime, emphasising the contrasts between folk just now, and reminding us that every tide has to turn, that getting a good balance is essential, too.

It could be a chatty, busy weekend, but there may be tugs, thanks to that retro Mercury, between what you want to be doing and what those around you want. Libra Moon likes us to compromise a little where we can though 💗. Take care and remember "every tide has to turn" 💗

Hello all.. here's a Cosmic Update for you.
Communications planet and winged messenger of the gods, also know as messenger between mind and body planet Mercury will be retrograde from tomorrow, Friday 23rd March 00:19hrs GMT until Sunday 15th at 10:21hrs BST.
When Mercury is in retrograde motion, it seems as if it's moving backwards in relation to planet Earth, but it's our planet that's speeded up temporarily in our non circular but instead elliptical orbit around the Sun. 
This happens three times a year, and during these phases it's NOT the time to attribute BLAME to the planet.. it's just reflecting what's afoot. 
And at such times, we can be moving faster or trying to move things along faster than maybe we should, so details get overlooked and we trip ourselves up. 
Information can be inaccurate, so double check the details. Agreements may be made that get re-made as details come to light and change the picture. 
So get the details tied up if you can today, and be prepared for some rescheduling and rejigging of plans over the coming three weeks. 
On the plus side, expect some problems that looked to have no obvious solutions to take on some surprising new slants and bright minds will find answers now. There will be re-connections made and for many, delays will offer opportunities for some catching up.
Genuine Astrology isn't about making people fearful or apprehensive. It's simply giving a wee heads up about what the energies are reflecting for us. 
So this next three weeks may bring delays now and then or you may have to revisit old ground, but it is also a time for revising, reviewing and looking out for previously overlooked solutions and brainwaves!

Thursday 8th March 2018  I've been a bit slow with my updates this last wee while, not for any big reason, but like has happened with lots of folk the lurgy aka a fluey virus grabbed and kept me out of mischief for a few weeks. Hopefully that's ebbing away now, but with transitting Neptune over my  Pisces Mercury, I have been like the Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland. Actually I've been like that wee rodent for most of my life, but Neptune has accentuated that of late as his influence is to dissolve boundaries, including those of the immune system. Naughty Neptune!  But his influence also heightens intuition and softens the lens ..and stirs the imagination, so it's been an inspiring time too!

Currently, we have a stationary Jupiter. There may be a theme of looking again or looking differently at options, whether that's in career, education, with officialdom, with travel plans that have been on a to do list, perhaps. Jupiter is linked to the law and in Scorpio is all about resources and about the whiole life and death, birth and rebirth cycle, about sexuality, too, so no surprise that with Saturn having joined Pluto in Capricorn, there's a serious clamp down on misdemeanours. Scorpio and Capricorn are feminine signs, too, so this is a lot to do with the role of women in society. It's also about global resources and energies, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are suggesting it's time for big shifts and transformations around those in power generally. One one level, this is about accountability. On another, a more serious issue of population control is underlying, and government control/religious control very much implicated as undergoing shifts of focus.  

Our planet is struggling. Resources need to be better managed and respected. Our seas and rainforests need to be nurtured, not destroyed. This will impact all of us. The urgent requirement for recycling and restriction of plastics is being given more airspace.

Youthful voices are rising, and it is to the shame of those of us who have become entrenched in the assumption that life can stay the same no matter what, that because something  was done in a certain way in the past that it is somehow written in stone that it should continue.

2018 is a transition year as I've mentioned several times. Time for us to own our own patch of ground and make it as good as it can be, not fret about who is pretending to have a perfect life on social media and wate time scrolling anxiously for self validation. Here and now is the message.  Live well, be kind, here and now. Make your own blessings work for you. Be mindful of your planet. 

This week's aspects favour those engaged on making their own new chapters and on positive transformations. The weekend 10/11th has some fiery and some frustrating moments, some "no way" moments, and some schedule blockages, maybe some actual blockages. Minds may feel a bit dull at times, although that all perks up around 11am GMT on Sunday 11th, when the words "mojo returns" could fit for many!

It's a shrinking Moon week. Get those tasks out of the way and dates sorted out. Mercury will be slowing and then on 23rd, turning retrograde until 15th April, so tie up loose ends where you can.

More next time, and thanks for stopping by to have a read! Stay well and have a good week!


Moon is swelling to her first March fullness come Friday 2nd March, in Virgo A further "Blue" Moon follows on 31st, in Libra. Two full Moons in a calendar month, same as in January, but not the same in terms of what they might mean for you.

The coming week focuses increasing light around services or lack of. Over matters linked to transport and to education and to the civil services.

Jupiter in Scorpio right now brings extremes that make it impossible for us to ignore, either the opportunities or the blasting away of what's now no longer there. Scorpio reminds us that in the brightest of lights there is also darkness. That life and birth also bring endings and death. the whole circle of life is apparent, and at this time of year there's a hopefulness in the possibilities of what can emerge, thanks to what ended, although it's often a fragile hope, just as spring bulbs push through earth that's been warmed by an unseasonable warmth, then comes the big freeze and snow, before

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