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Cosmic Updates

Friday 15th January 2021 Did you have deeper emotions running around your thoughts over the last 24hrs? That's the Pluto effect, as mentioned yesterday. Fears find the tiniest wee chink in our confidence armour and infiltrate. The shadow on the back of the bedroom door becomes the bogeyman.. then dawn breaks through and we kick ourselves for fearing we'd not make it through.. here's another day, another chance to be YOU. Today the Moon is void of course till 22:17hrs ( when she'll arrive in dreamy escapist Pisces..cut yourself some slack!).. so do what you need to but give yourself a break from having to have answers, change the world in a flash, etc. A little YOU time is a good idea, as is being warm and friendly with no expectation whatsoever, just shine a little by being you. Friendship begins with your relationship with that special person in the mirror. but never underestimate the power you have to be the best friend to those around you, too. 🌟♥🌟 

Thursday 14th January 2021  🌟♥🌟   As yesterday's new Moon moves onwards now across Aquarius, the forward looking, logic seeking sign of humanity and community, the Sun aligns with Pluto, still in Capricorn, sign of the current order of things, stirring our fears and perhaps inner pain, empowering us to work on resolution, on releasing our deeper strength as we move towards next week's arrival of the Aquarius Sun time.

Today's Sun/Pluto aspect links back to the big conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12/13th last year, as a time , of "consequences" and of stripping things back to rebuild, like a phoenix from the flames, sort them out, properly.

Which may mean going back over old ground, being patient, stepping back to take an overview so that forward progress, more in evidence from March, can be the best sort.

Sometimes this Sun/Pluto aspect finds us on a personal level dealing with pain within from times when we felt powerless. Pluto is power within.

Sun aligns with Pluto now, shining a light on the power we each have within to get the torch out and climb down to the basement and clear it out, best we can, wherever in our lives there's something rumbling around needing attention.

It's also about aligning with the power we each have to apply our efforts to getting things working from the roots upwards, at all levels.

Some might simply now deal with more mundane, practical, fixing and mending or renewals.

Pluto represents darkness that precedes dawn. Not leaving stones unturned, being forensic about problems, doing things very thoroughly, intensely, with laser beam focus. Getting to the very root of matters.

It may be a time of discomfort, or when we feel that ancient fight or flight to survive adrenaline rush, but there's potential for "sorting things out" on all kinds of levels. Pour energy into clearing, decluttering, fixing, mending, getting to the root of things to work off hyped up feelings. Try not to feel overwhelmed by what you cannot control. Switch off from the flow of information that just unsettles.. it may help to be quietly focused on something that will straighten things out at your own root level. This is a bit deeper today, I know, but so is Pluto . Lotsalove all and stay well, stay safe.🌟♥🌟

Monday 11th January 2021 Today's Capricorn Moonphase is good for taking care of business, being industrious, getting organised behind the scenes with what needs to be in order, in place before a bigger plan can materialise. New Moon is coming up in this sign on Wednesday, so Capricorns, (and for all of us, to some degree), this is your all change new year point, a time for casting off what no longer works or fits, for perhaps taking a certain "plunge" into a new era of commitment and of harnessing your own power to shape your world. Today is good for calls and meetings and for grasping the bigger picture as Mercury aligns with Jupiter in far seeing, logical and fast thinking Aquarius. Make it a good one, best you can. Life may not be ideal or perfect, but what you achieve or decide today could feel rewarding.🌟♥🌟

Thursday 7th January 2021  The long awaited ( six months) sign shift of Mars has happened. Congress declared the Biden win in the wee small hours shortly after Mars arrived in Taurus. The earlier madness was part of a tricky Mars phase lasting six months).


Mars kicked off as he left Aries, as astrologers across the globe anticipated, bringing that madness around the shifting of power in US. Mars then arrived in Taurus late last night, adding a more measured, effective and determined approach to action. Taurus is Venus ruled and wants the best long term outcome, seeks stability and steady growth rather than wild untamed action. So in your world somewhere are the stirrings of a process towards a steadier state of affairs, more in evidence after 20th January, which as we all know is a key date out there, but it's also a key astrological date where Mars conjuncts Uranus.

This conjunction last happened in Taurus over the years of 1938-1942 on each occasion in March, I seem to recall. So the world was going through some pretty momentous changes then..... Taurus is also linked to cash, possessions and physical wellbeing. Uranus is the wake up planet, who can bring destructive rebels and far sighted visionaries. People like Che Guevara, who you might think of as a revolutionary, a guerilla leader, but he was also a physician and a diplomat, oh and a Taurus (14th May). We're all every colour of the rainbow, never quite black or white.

Uranus is currently reminding us that the only constant in life is change itself. That sometimes from a crazy time can come unexpected twists and turns that take us along a new path, one that wasn't on the "to do list" but ultimately serves us well. Mars doesn't "belong" in Taurus any more than a sword belongs in a person's hand, but his mission here is to take action to bring harmony. I am biased about this Mars placing as my husband has it in his own chart, and I see how it works, which is peaceably but very firmly, and that feels like just the energy that's called for right now. ♥🌟♥🙏🌟♥🌟

Tuesday 5th January 2021  Moon's in Libra today, harmonising with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the justice and officialdom duo, while Mercury and Pluto align. A good time for a quiet fact-find, for research, and for bringing key information and lost items to light. Libra Moon favours us weighing and balancing the most advantageous route, rather than giving in to fiery or impetuous instincts. Take your time and gather the facts, listen well and think long term. ♥🌟♥


30th December 2020 Beautiful full "Cold" Moon.(exact at 03:28hrs GMT).so sharp and clear in her home, the mother sign of Cancer, the home land, roots, family, nurturing, the past. If ever it mattered that we, quite simply, care-take, it's now. Kindness to each other, self care, community care. We've got this. There are enough good people in this beautiful world to turn the tide, as surely as that amazing full Moon turns the swell of the oceans. You are LOVED. 💖

Saturday 19th December 2020  Watch out now for Aquarius superstars!..Jupiter just arrived for a year of opening doors for you Aquarians... Saturn arrived on Thursday in Aquarius and yes there's the Great Conjunction in Aquarius on Monday. Clear night skies are hoped for, with those planets to be found kissing, fairly close by the Moon.

The last time those planets were as closely aligned in the beginning of Aquarius was 993AD. Previous conjunctions in Aquarius happened in 1285, 1345, the last one being 16th January 1405 , with the last very close conjunction in Leo on 16th July 1623. Interesting to look at the history files, as we astrologers do., seeing patterns and themes that echo down the years!

This is a cosmic alliance where one party wants to fly and the other insists on getting all the safety checks done first. It's a good alliance if we can quietly work with that. Harness one another's strong points to pull together.

Last time Saturn was in Aquarius 1991-4 and Jupiter was there in 2008/9. Do some homework by Googling those years history, and you might get an idea of themes at work. This won't be identical to either of those periods as the planets are working in tandem, It's also akin to a probationary period of being supervised as we learn to use our wings.

Pandemics have been linked to periods in time where the heavyweight planets Saturn and Pluto are very intensely aligned as they have been this last couple of years, exactly aligned on 12/13th January this year. Interesting to note that there is a new Moon on 13th January 2021, which offers us a new chapter waiting to be written as to how this next phase pans out. There's a lot that is in our own hands right now. The cosmos reflects the potential, in a sense like the weather. Working with what we have, making it as good as it can be, that's up to us. Our call. Work with the tide, in our own best way, or keep fighting it and getting nowhere. Our call. There's potential as ever, for devastation and there's also potential for triumph.

Jupiter's just completed journey across Capricorn is in part a story of efforts to protect in the face of threats. Jupiter's journey across Aquarius now is one of sharing of ideas, intelligence, science, and evokes the myth of Prometheus who dared to share the gift of fire, previously only available to the Gods, with mankind, thereby changing their lives forever, but he paid the price by being cast out of heaven and for a long time suffered for his "misdemeanours". Eventually he ascended once more. In modern terms this is Robin Hood, trying to re-balance injustices.

Have it or don't, but one of the positive things about this conjunction is the way the vaccine is being rolled out. For the good of mankind, benefiting all. It really is interesting to read about the scientists, everywhere, how they work, how it came about and why some vaccines can now be created this fast, created with a whole new structure and designed to operate differently. Lots of you are just young things but y'know, I can remember my overseas passport having slips of paper inserted showing I'd been immunised against smallpox, diptheria, tetanus.. cholera.   

So, this next Jupiter in Aquarius year will bring to the fore those whose views and actions favour the interests of many, and very likely, inevitably, clash with those wielding mega-power. Especially given that another cosmic character, revolutionary Uranus is in this mix sending showers of sparks like a mig welder.

Imbalanced unions break under these major aspects. New co-operatives and community ventures can thrive. People power is massive, if we just realise it. Time to mention that the Emperor has not got new clothes.. he's in the scud!

Aquarius is about the power of the individual. Every single act of caring for our fellow man, for our community, adds up to one big brighter picture.

There's never been a more important time to realise how much our individual contributions to our planet and to each other truly matter. Let's shine, Friends, let's shine. Sending you love and warmest wishes always ♥🌟♥


Monday 14th December 2020   This afternoon in UK ( 16:17hrs UT) the total eclipse of the Sagittarius Sun isn't visible here, but its effects are tangible. Don't be afraid of the closing of doors, of a temporary pause in one area of activities or communications, or of letting go of something that's been holding you back, in some instances maybe for two decades. It's a new Moon, a chance to write a fresh chapter in the book of your life. It's in Sagittarius, sign of international affairs, reminding us that we are all citizens of planet Earth. Sagittarius prefers no boundaries and barricades, no limits, which is why this sign is linked to extravagance and excess, so watch for some bigger spending impulses as the day goes on!

Blessings will be felt, too, even if for now, all isn't as we wish it could be.. Venus and Jupiter align, like midwives of the soul, to smooth and soothe us and to remind us that we absolutely are not alone. Eclipses are often times of departures, some literally, and with Venus and Jupiter connecting here, there may be outpourings of love for those who've gone ahead.

Eclipse season brings powerful dreams that seem to strip the veil between worlds and maybe a chance to, through dreams, heal parts of ourselves we never thought could feel whole again.

The cosmos this week is at a once in a lifetime juncture, affecting us all on so many levels, but on a personal level, the more love and kindness we share, the closer we get to healing. Lotsalove all 🌟♥🌟

Friday 11th December 2020  Are you tired? Drained? No wonder. We just had a big solar flare which can bring fatigue and exhaustion and headaches and all sorts as well as technological outages which have been reported with online messaging and social networking this last week..

There's a solar eclipse on Monday. It's in the sign of Sagittarius at 16:17hrs GMT (UT) a sign associated with matters international, political and of legalities and education and travel. Out with the old and in with the new, says an eclipse. It's about a new era impacting our horizons and our freedom, and as this week brings a major planet shift first on Thursday for boundaries and structuring planet Saturn arriving in futuristic and  equality seeking Aquarius ( look back with a fine toothcomb to 1991-4 and amongst other points, to the early months of 1962 for some historical context).  Jupiter then comes to Aquarius on Saturday 19th December, and that will be followed by a very rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which  will write some more about . It marks a whole new era, a bit like when horse power became something linked to four wheels rather than four legs... more shortly. Meantime make allowances for low energy and don't rush things, be gentle on yourself and others and take your time where you know it's wise to. Lotsalove and stay safe, stay cosy, and take care. 🌟♥🌟

Monday 7th December 2020   Hello Monday.. wow what a pretty frosty morning for those of us safely warm and cosy. Reminding me to buy less of what we can do without and to donate more to the homeless charities. So very important always, but more so now.

Remembering too, to feed the birds. Jim's been out, as always, refilling everything and there's been a great deal of entertainment out back. Not a lot of 2m distancing one has to say, and pecking order is a bit annoying, when big fat starlings commandeer the suet balls while the wee goldfinches nibble nervously on the sunflowers, waiting for a turn on the fatballs. I'm looking out across a silvery smooth sea, sun shining as the frost melts, seeing the glorious sight of the shrinking to her last quarter Moon in Virgo. This then is a day to tend those small details, make those calls and send those emails. But.. it's going to be a day of distractions ( like me mesmerised by the birds feeding, the Moon's prettiness, the sea's icy silkiness).. so try to keep your sights on the target you want to reach, and by tomorrow you may be thanking yourself! Have a good one all ♥🌟♥

Friday 4th December 2020    Moon's in Leo since 12:53 (GMT today. That's not unusual as she visits every month, of course, but what is a bit special is that as she left the previous sign of Cancer, earlier today, she made her last opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, for another 29 years or so. This monthly aspect can drag and drain on relationships, work and personal, but especially the personal sort. Those with the Sun/Moon, angles or planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will gradually feel things lifting over the next fortnight, as the Moon completes her rounds of challenge links to Saturn before he leaves for good on 14th. Moon in Leo is connecting with Mercury this evening, so you might find yourself thinking in a different way about what's dragged you down.

It's not that all is suddenly sweet and perfect, but there's a bit of light shining that should be felt.

Maybe the mountains yet to be climbed will feel less daunting. as you see routes to take, in stages? It's just getting a bit easier to see what IS possible, that's all.

Have a good weekend all. I'm working on 2021 forecasts just now, a bit later than usual for me, but it's been a challenging year for us all, hasn't it, me too, with long Covid slowing things down, but there's a chink of light, folks.. I see it, hope you can, too.

Lotsalove and stay safe, stay cosy, and take care. 🌟♥🌟

Sunday 29th November 2020   Seeing that huge full Moon in the sky? She arrives in Gemini this Sunday at 16:16 (GMT) where she will engage in an eclipse, this Monday 30th November morning, reaching her fullness at 09:30am. This marks a milestone if it's your birthday a day either side, on 27th-31st of any month, it could be a tide turner time for you, not necessarily in terms of external events, but deep inside, moments of truth, recognition of what's precious.

This Gemini eclipse underlines and stirs the need to connect, the threads that bond and connect us all, maybe a sense of greater importance attached to being in touch with others. And as it's an eclipse, there's an underlining of the preciousness of time. Make time for those you love as sometimes, we run short on that. Gemini eclipses are always about the conversations we have. This one is about the discussions that can heal, as Neptune sits stationary.

For some, a negotiation or legal process will conclude this week. Decisions will be made "at last", concerning education and international affairs. Mercury is ruler of this eclipse, currently in secretive, resourceful, deeply emotional Scorpio (until Tuesday evening's sign shift). Travel and transport are prominent, as is "Getting the message across".

This is a time to tie up loose ends, to properly straighten things out where it could make a real difference.

And that Scorpio placing of Mercury says listen to the whispers beneath what's said. Some will say not a lot but wish they could spill all, some will reach out casually when really they're feeling the need for connection. Being kind costs nothing. One wee effort , one small proffered warmth could mean one great big, big deal to another. Full Moons tug our emotions so much. Sending my love as always. Take care and stay safe and cosy up as you can when you can ♥️🌟♥️

Tuesday 24th November 2020. This afternoon, from five past three (GMT) the Moon begins her monthly trip across go getting, impatient, assertive Aries, where the ruler planet of that sign, Mars is just beginning to rev up again after being "confined" in his retrograde phase since September 9th, and in shadow since July 25th so over the next couple of days, be prepared for moments where you want to do everything at once, and try to factor in the possibility that not everything has to be done at once. Walk, albeit at a brisker pace, but try not to run until you have strengthened any out of practice muscles. Make allowances, too for others who may have their own "de'il at their heels".. we're all doing our best. Lotsalove ♥️🌟♥️

Sunday 22nd November 2020 Happy Sunday wishes to you 💞 Your Horoscopes are here as ever,with be well wishes from me to you. Sun came to begin the freedom loving, adventure seeking Sagittarius month last night, while Venus, planet of relating, of love, of what we value, came yesterday to spend a few weeks in Scorpio, deep, intense, secretive, containing a lot of powerful emotion, too. It's important not to judge ourselves over harshly, to compare our lives and relationship experience with anyone else's. Same with resources. This energy can stir folk to feel they need to be more than they are. It's good for what you want to do by way of making improvements that feel good to you, but please don't beat yourself up feeling pressure to compete or that everyone else has life sorted out better. Cos they don't. We're all just muddling along, doing our best. The Moon is now in escapist, dreamy, compassionate Pisces. On a day that stirs us to feel we need to be doing something "more". Do what soothes, reach a little ,if you can, to boost another, remembering that the smallest hello might change someone's day so much.💖 It's a funny old time. Don't feel bad about doing what amounts to self care. You matter, too. We're all just walking each other home. Sending you love and sparkles of smiles and warmth. I'd send you some of my home made chocolate orange cake too if I could. 💖💞💖

Friday 20th November 2020. Mercury's back on track and information will flow more readily, delayed arrangements start to flow forward.  Secrets come to light, what's been going on in the background is coming out...silences end. Until Jan 2nd Mars is still in shadow, so some activities are held back, but things are getting back on track, slowly, steadily. New chapters yet to unfold, but we'll get there. Lotsalove 🌟♥️🌟


Sunday 15th November 2020 A new Moon just formed in Scorpio this morning at 05:07hrs (UT) and lovely harmony seeking Venus  is rising in Libra, her own sign as this happens. Women are playing such a prominent role in finding the balance around the world just now. And I think women will be in the news this week, more than usual. It's a crossover time, when Scorpio rules, so we often seem to see a flurry of departures, one way or another, some sad, some with relief.

Noting that the new Moon is in a stabilising aspect with Saturn, suggesting common sense taking a hand in proceedings now. Also little Mercury about to finalise his TRIPLE opposition with Uranus  the awakener planet of revolution and swift changes. Imagine being on a bus with a kiddie who keeps pointing out that the person opposite is holding a flame and everyone ignoring them, but the voice gets louder each time, till it can't be ignored. So this new Moon is about getting the truth out there, and taking charge of what CANNOT be ignored any longer.

Direct and straightforward action planet Mars has begun his forward move, and over the coming days increasingly anything connected to resources, authorities, renewals and repairs will start getting attention. This new Moon favours common sense solutions to that which is jarring. A good time to really pull together in the name of harmony.

Yes, when the Moon is in Scorpio we can see the best and worst of human nature, that's true, but I'm liking that Venus placing. Pulling out the stops is a Scorpio theme too, a sign that's amazing in a crisis, and by the way, Joe Biden is a Scorpio, and it's for sure his time to step forward. Did I predict his win? Yes, but it had to happen didn't it. The universe needed a Scorpio to step up to the plate at this time.

Kamala Harris is Libra, with an amazing chart loaded with great potential as 2021 unfolds.

 New projects go better with new Moon energies, so if you can't see the wood for the trees yet, fear not, you might well be pleasantly surprised by next weekend. Tuesday is full of sparks and maybe some twists and turns, while Thursday takes Mercury out of shadow which is better for laying out new ideas. 🌟 Hope you enjoy this wee look at the cosmos and sending you love.🌟♥️🌟

November 14th 2020  Fiery "make it happen" Mars (engines, initiatives, action) has been making a big point as he stationed, having been in Aries since late June and retrograde since early September! going forwards now, so we were always going to see escalation of issues this week as I wrote a wee while ago and earlier in the year, but now comes progress, more so from Thursday 19th  when Mercury, now direct, comes back up to speed and out of shadow. He's been unraveling what's hidden in his trip across Scorpio, very much a time of underwater fire going on and of probing and digging, which is good for research.

We just had the final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, on Thursday, too, which as mentioned before, marks the release point of the year.

It's also apt to bring what we need to know to get clear of what's holding us back. We're all in this together. There's more encouraging light to come...... Lotsalove 💕

Thursday 5th November 2020  With the action and facilitator planets Mercury and Mars stationing and going direct ( 3rd and 14th) we are slowly moving into a faster paced chapter, but first there is an unravelling as what’s been hidden or held back, delayed information, numbers, figures, details, gradually come to light. This is Mercury, not beginning to move forward since Tuesday night 3rd November. There are details which will prove key to important processes that have their roots back this time seven years ago. Watch for connections from then to now.

Tuesday 10th ( at 21:55hrs UK time) sees information bringer Mercury finally returning to truth seeking Scorpio, linking to 27th September when he crossed that border, only to have to recross it as he headed back, “with something to go fix” on 28th October. Those dates could be significant if you check them out.

Mercury’s retrograde was from 14th October ( with an unusual and very fierce sky at that point, (Mars opposing the Sun and of course at his closest to Earth) suggesting a period of unrest, misinformation and maybe of people refusing to hear one another) until November 3rd. So anything initiated over those weeks may well have been subject to rethinks and rescheduling, fine tuning and review. Especially issues to do with empowerment, with resources, with commitments that have a common goal, with secrets and with situations that need to be purged, stripped back and cleaned up, detoxed.

This coming week sees resolutions, official decisions and clearances, events that will spell release from bondage, solutions being found. The cosmos favour those who are willing to roll sleeves up and prepare for a fresh start, probably not the one that was envisaged earlier this year. There is a powerful connection to events back around 4th/5th April. Mars, the energiser, make it happen planet turns forward from 14th November (right after the major closing aspect of Jupiter and Pluto this Thursday 12th), in the same degree of Aries that the Sun shone through over 4th/5th April. Suggesting a time of movement now, of assertive action, with a new Moon on Sunday 15th in Scorpio, which to me suggests we will have some answers that we need, and maybe our own inner powers of resourcefulness are about to rise, which will be our best asset through these tough times.

In the Blitz our parents had to have complete night-time blackouts, nobody could dare to disobey, as one light could lead to massive tragedy, a bit like the ripple effect just now, and there was nobody to complain to when the pub got bombed, or they didn’t see their serving sons and daughters for ages at a time, or never again. They just had to work with the hand they were dealt. I love to watch “Goodnight Mister Tom” and be reminded of the human ability to turn hardship and sadness into joy.

Instead of railing against what we cannot change, the cosmos is blowing some wind beneath our wings to encourage us to have faith in our own incredible capacity to adapt and change to make what we do have work as best as it can for us. And with Mercury coming out of his shadow on 19th November, news could well be around us that reminds us that all things must pass, including, step by step, listening to each other, genuinely trying to find the best routes to working together as we need to, the tough stuff. It may be winter, but there’ll be some sunshine peeping through. Sending love ♥️🌟♥️

Friday 30th October 2020

That swelling Moon’s a bit out of sorts today journeying across Aries until 21:19hrs, not quite giving us the answers we want, as she tussles with boundaries planet Saturn and opposes Mercury who’s backtracking, so we might find that instead of going in a straight line forwards, we’re being asked to look backwards, maybe to revise or rethink something, or constantly getting interrupted! Moon is swelling into her fullest, craziest Blue Moon now, in Taurus. Exact tomorrow at 14:49hrs, right beside Uranus. Watch for madness in the news. Taurus is the Queen’s sign too, so there could be Royal news.

Uranus is the planet of INNOVATION and alongside the Moon in Taurus, this is such a clear message to inhabitants of planet Earth to be resourceful, go within and INNOVATE. Life is restricted in certain ways, time to use mankind’s glorious creativity to adapt and modify and celebrate what we can be, what IS possible.

This is the maddest full Moon in a long time, so deep breath, count to ten and think before you react. Uranus is about rebellion against the status quo. Always good to be sure of the long term plan before you start a revolution. It’s a planet linked to breakthroughs, so science and technology are very much to the fore and even if we don’t hear yet, something big could be brewing up that takes us leaping forward. Some unusual deals and alliances are afoot, some temporary, and helpful.

Mercury will begin the forward movement from Tuesday 3rd at 17:50hrs. This may not bring instant progress, but it’s the start.. think of an egg timer being turned, the first grains of information start to filter through, then it gradually speeds up. By 19th, so many plans are starting to become clearer, starting to click into place.

For now, it seems wise to not keep casting nets weeks ahead, but to deal with things on a need to basis. If you don't need to have answers right now, don't mess with your head trying to find them. Mercury, planet of the mind will get us all up to speed soon enough. We WILL get there my friends. Lotsalove ♥️🌟♥️


Hello lovely Scorpios! It's your time to shine! it was at a minute to midnight last night (Thursday 22nd October 2020) that the sign shift happened so babies born since then are plucky wee Scorpios, the sign of immense resourcefulness, of reinvention, rising again and again is needs be, with an almost alchemical ability to use adversity to learn and grow stronger and better than ever.

You are without a doubt worthy of our applause for that stoic perseverance. You can sink to the depths of despair and hit rock bottom yet still I've never known a sign like Scorpio for still managing to keep going and giving, no matter what. Yes you can be dark and self destructive on the quiet when life goes wrong, yes you can feel intense vengeful emotions that usually never see the light of day, you keep them hidden, too.

You are more likely to sting yourself than anyone else, but you can switch off your caring and it will ice over if you are betrayed or personally wounded. You are the eagle who soars, the phoenix, reborn though, and you have this enormous capacity to make a difference to the lives of others, sometimes very quietly, and you are right now the STAR of the month to come.

Drama is around, that's for sure, with Uranus aligning this Halloween with a full Moon in your opposite sign. It is time for a change of tempo, very possibly connected to your home, your family, your closest partnerships and alliances. Sending you love and warmest of birthday wishes over this new birthday month.🌟🎂♥️


Thursday 15th October 2020  Mercury is now retrograde, until 3rd November, so be aware of the importance of taking a beat or two to think before you ink, before you react, before you commit. Now might be a good time to sort out paperwork and maintenance tasks that have been on the back burner.

New Moon in LIBRA forms on Friday night at 20:31hrs BST, so this is the clearing and tidying phase when we may even discover lost treasures. As Moon finds Libra from Thursday 15th morning (06:54hrsBST), this 2020 massive testing alignment of Saturn and Pluto is underscored, so we are tested to be resilient, resourceful and to dig deeper to find more of what connects us and less of what divides us. Reaching out a hand in kindness can turn a frown upside down...🙃😀🌟♥️🌟

Tuesday 13th October 2020 

Mars and the Sun are opposed to one another, and Mercury is at a standstill, pointing to what was beginning around 7yrs ago and perhaps prodding us out of our comfort zone, especially if it hasn't been all that comfortable, just the "devil we know" .

At a personal level, life may be reverting to a shape that fits better, even though what's afoot in the cosmos shows obstacles and hurdles and blockages that do take time to shift, but they will shift.

Mercury retrogrades from tomorrow, Wednesday 14th October, at 02:04am BST, until 3rd November , a powerful date that also has a significant connection to events around 3rd November 2013. Not necessarily as a repeat of history, but perhaps seeds sown then that hold more significance now. There are also connections to a shake up period back at the end of 2001.

Given that Mars is the warrior, (currently retrograding until 14th November, so not operating in his usual very immediate and full steam ahead manner), and as the Sun is the source of energy and vitality, it's no surprise that there is a great deal of polarity and fiery emotion out there just now over anything that challenges us as individuals.

Everyone is "right" , yet railing against what's "wrong" isn't as useful as working to make life the best it can be within that frustrating framework.

Fighting fire with fire just builds a bigger blaze.

New Moon is coming in on Friday, in the sign of the Bridge, of the scales of Justice, Libra, and that's a new Moon with a big "ask" of us, testing unity, but also showing potential for building things via processes that test and challenge yet last. Mercury's pause and retrograde brings an opportunity to review and fine tune and plan and prepare better. By the third week of November, there's more likelihood of a reliable framework being created, for life moving itself forward. As humans we are capable of being amazing., shining when least expected, and we will.. we will.

This new Moon is a good time to dig deep and perhaps resurrect a project that'll entail a "revamping". Mercury will bring a lot to light over the next month with the words "knowledge is power" springing to mind. It'll be a good time for team efforts in research, although not necessarily for miracles to be announced.

There is a lot of unsettled energy out there, so maybe the best we can do is switch off as much as possible and focus on every wee good thing, every blessing. Thanks for following me and warmest wishes as always. 🌟♥️🌟♥️🌟


Friday 9th October 2020  Right now, Mars is making a big "push things to extremes" aspect with Pluto, repeating one he made on 13th August.. quick scroll back to see what was in news then, personally, globally? We can pull out the stops in a calculated, measured way and be super achievers with this aspect, or we can blow things to smithereens with impatience. Mars is making his once every two years opposition to the Sun between now and next Wednesday, so watch for those who are thinking that only they matter, for those who maybe aren't seeing the bigger picture. This is like a car jumping the lights when it's someone else's turn to go. Be extra careful and allow an extra beat or two for the "light jumpers"!

These same energies can stir heroics and efforts from people who will go the extra mile to make magic happen for others. Make no mistake, we'll see some lovely sparkling moments over the next few days too.

Communicator planet Mercury is on a slow down, retrograding from midweek, so be prepared for some rescheduling until early to mid November, and look out for reappearances, and for rethinks linked to getting a better balance, too, with resources apt to be scrutinised, and our amazing resourcefulness to be hugely stirred.


Given the current Libra Sun phase, this can be a special time for all out team efforts, but it's important that we try very hard not to think solely of ourselves. There will be some unexpected rethinks and reviews coming up towards the end of next week, again, with the focus on "balance".


Power planet Pluto along with security and structure planet Saturn is much in evidence as we head to Friday's new Moon, reminding us that if we don't comply with more moderate "asks" we run the risk of being faced with bigger "demands". So the cosmos basically recommends us being as wise as we can be for now, with the potential for more light shining on progress from mid November.

This is a good week for fixing, mending, for renewals and repairs, maybe for finally getting things done that have waited long enough. Team efforts to build, rebuild, use resources well look set to have lasting and beneficial results. And there most certainly will be some magical moments at the start of the new week, too. Have a good one all, stay well and know that life has a funny old way of working out, sometimes when we can't quite imagine how.. lotsalove! X

Thursday 1st October 2020. There's a full Moon in Aries this evening at 22:05hrs. Aries is associated with pioneering, with being headstrong, impatient and has a preference, indeed a need for independent action. Solo operators, individuals and sometimes superfast to react with heroics, sometimes in anger. Full Moon heightens our emotions, brings a tension peak that bursts and subsides. Also in Aries right now is the planet most aligned with that sign, its "ruler" Mars, who is retrograde. Mars last retrograded across its own sign in 1988 and before that in 1973.

We are held back in some way, or maybe accepting that in order to achieve our goals first we have to have less before we can have more. To really focus energies that we might otherwise have used more hastily This retrograde is frustrating for some, especially if we are blinkered, short sighted about what's required of us to win not just a battle but the war. Mars is the god of war, of course, and the battle right now is one that tests us as individuals to think less about what we want and more of what's required to allow us at a later point to move forward with our individual plans. Mars turns direct on November 14th ( Prince Charles' 72nd birthday incidentally) and then leaves this very challenging phase on 2nd January.  I don't think that says everything is ideal then, but that’s when there’s a sea change after the fiery heat and the tendency towards righteous indignation and personal entitlement that Mars in Aries can bring if there's restraint of any sort, whether that's missing a bus, the car breaking down, not being deemed fit to run a race, it's more likely that we will collectively be more inclined to move at a steadier, mor consistent, maybe different pace.

Tonight's full Moon has Chiron alongside. Chiron in mythology  was a centaur who had a wound that would never heal. He was a healer, teacher himself, and is associated in our birth charts with the part of us that is wounded, usually a childhood scar, the part of us that can drive us to want to heal, help, make a difference, as well as a part of us that might be unconsciously drawing us towards situations, maybe relationships, (not necessarily romantic) that scratch those scars.

We may at some point today/tonight experience something that “scratches the scar”  or which draws us to be helpful  with the healing process of someone else. In the story of Chiron, he gave up his life to save Prometheus who was an avant garde revolutionary ( rather Aquarian)  character who stole fire from the gods to share it with mankind and was punished severely as a result , while Chiron had been accidentally pierced with a toxic arrow, and spent his life in pain, but still giving as “the wounded teacher and healer”. Chiron was immortal so his suffering never ended, until he offered to swap status with Prometheus, who was then liberated and Chiron became mortal and was able to pass over and be released from pain.  Perhaps what’s happening out there is reflective just now of those who are putting humanity first, above their own individual needs, wants, wishes. And some brave souls who are daring to, as just one possible example,  test  Covid vaccines for the good of humanity. This full Moon is linked to the new Moon back on March 24th. It’s a fruition point and it’s also a revision point, which could see something coming to light that needs adjustment, but seems hopeful. 

As the Moon swells full, it’s always a time of heightened feelings, and this one could mark some madness around those who refuse to be part of the solution and therefore keep creating the problem. Over in the governmental sign of Capricorn, Pluto, the power and resource and “consequence” planet heads forward this Sunday after his retrograde that began on 25th April, and already Saturn has shifted forward and Jupiter did that a couple of weeks back, so here’s what this mix suggests. Take responsibility as individuals in all we do, seriously.  If all we do is satisfy our own immediate urges, we may be creating more walls around us for the longer term.

Moon in Aries swelling full is a chance we get to shine and be our best as individuals whilst seeing ourselves as part of a team.   We are beginning a six week phase when every little positive thing we do WILL make a difference. Time to shine.   Stay well and have the best week. Your October recorded horoscopes are online and ready for you if you’d like to hear me chatting about what’s happening over this time for you. Just click on  Horoscopes to see those numbers and weekly scopes too.  Thank you for stopping by!


Thursday 24th September 2020

Recording October Monthly scopes just now.

Revisiting routes we've already traveled is a theme.

I keep seeing the image of that "wide boy" wheeler dealer in Dad's Army, the one who could get you anything at a price, but it might not be what you ordered.

Short cuts sometimes lengthen the journey. Mars is retrograde, which can feel like having to keep your foot off of the gas when you want to let that Ferrari fly....but better to reach the finishing line than slam into an unexpected bend.

Until mid November, there seems much to be gained from reining ourselves in, being innovative and resourceful with what we have.

Some will flourish when least expected, by simply being true to themselves.

And there will be reversals of many a decision as Mercury backtracks through Scorpio, back into the "meet, assess and discuss" sign of Libra. Rush nothing.

Coorie in and be a canny soul!

We will get there.. and I will now continue with my recording of your scopes!

We're just closing the monthly Scorpio Moon phase, ending the Virgo Sun phase, which has been more intense, more emotional for some, and that added to Mercury's aspect, has been taking minds deep today, as he's squaring Pluto, which can give rise to a zillion unsaid words, the things we want to say versus the thought of consequences. Secret talks.. Tending matters official that just won't wait...Pluto can bring us to dead ends too, where we have to be resourceful and take another avenue. Pluto is obsessive, and can make it hard to stop thinking along one track. That's a good think if you are immersing yourself in study though. Hope you've had a productive day and got through some of those essential admin tasks. From 20:32hrs we have a Sagittarian Moon, which lightens the mood, and tomorrow afternoon comes Equinox, Libra time begins, when the Scales of Justice demand to be balanced, where I'd say there's a chance that something you're wary of may need attention but turn out not to be quite as tricky as it seemed.🌟♥️🌟


17th September 2020  Hello Virgo New Moon!  A good time to get organised and for structuring plans that can really work well. Follow up date will be 29th when Saturn stations direct, suggesting a "result" or "progress"..with matters of security, property, officialdom and ambition. This coming week brings some serious questions and thoughts about anything that's stuck. It's important to check rules, go over details and sift through paperwork with a fine toothed comb, to prepare thoroughly.   Tuesday afternoon  22nd September  brings autumn Equinox ,  when Libra time begins, (14:31hrs BST)  so those Scales of Justice are well and truly alight!  Matters international will be even more pronounced. Expect some unlikely heroes to emerge..


Thursday 10th September 2020  Planet Mars is now retrograde across Aries, his own sign, and highly visible these nights, that bright, orangey orb . He's backtracking 9th September to 14th November although he started the preps for this by beginning his "shadow" phase on 25th July and his entire shadow and retrograde process concludes on January 2nd 2021. The previous most recent period of this Mars retrograde journey through Aries occurred in the autumn of 1988.

Mars is action, war, initiative, engines, energy. Retrograde pulls things back. Retrograde Mars is a bit like the practice and training an athlete has to do before a competition. It's worth while.

It's smart to make sure that all of the parts that make a whole are intact and functioning before turning the engine on, setting off. Again, metaphors, but during the retrograde, there can be challenges that crop up through not ensuring all is as it should be, for example, and again a metaphor, you're so enamoured with the idea of a shiny new car that fires your enthusiasm for adventure, that you don't check the service history, or look under the bonnet/hood. During a retrograde you might also get back on with a project that was shelved some time back. Look back to April, and back to 2017/18 and beyond. Projects that stalled may be brought back to life now.  I personally think that a retrograde Mars can push us back because the race wasn't ready to be run, let alone won. So if something comes unstuck during that two month phase between 9th September and 14th November, it might well be frustrating, but it might also mean that losing a battle allows time to plan better to win a war.

And with Jupiter pausing this weekend, stationing forward by Sunday 13th, it could be that you were about to rush into something that'd be pretty hard going, not realising that if you waited a wee bit longer, there'd be support, or a shift of rules or something granted that could make a difference, Watch for signs that you shouldn't rush. They could be there to help you.

Watch too for situations that fire you up to point yourself in the direction of a goal that becomes even more important, maybe one you'd not have reached for had a certain frustrating scenario not shown up. Fiery, assertive warrior planet Mars gets closer than ever to planet Earth between now and mid October, gathering power. It could be a good time to finally DO something you've been wanting or very much needing to do for you. 1973 and 1988 .. if you were on Earth and can recall the autumns of those years, did you do something perhaps overdue and big for you? I know I did, and it was life changing, in the best way. Lotsalove 🌟♥️🌟

Thursday 3rd September 2020  Moon was just full over Pisces, imaginative, sensitive and dreamy.  In a helpful alliance with futuristic Uranus in practical Taurus. Great for visualising the shape of things to come, whilst keeping it real! Mercury is very busy just now,  and  that much bigger alignment of stern Saturn alongside Pluto through Capricorn = awareness of need to toe the line or face consequences, and of the old order changing, so don't be surprised to find your mind leaping in a dozen different directions, and do try not to feel you need to have all the answers right away. If you can slow your mind and focus quietly, make a list of priorities, of what really needs action/attention and what can wait, you might find it's all  a bit less daunting. 

That Pisces Moonphase stirs urges to escape, or to find a peaceful corner where thoughts can settle. Moon is wise. Do that if you can. Soon enough, later tonight  (@ 21:22hrs BST)  she slides into acrion seeking Aries and over the next few days she primes us for action, has us on full alert, which can mean we are happily engaged in the kind of busy that gets things done, but at times this weekend there are moments where our adrenaline races and where we feel challenged. Aries is the scout, out along the trail sussing out how the land lies and reporting back where there may be an ambush. Your senses are more alert to possibilties when Moon aligns with Mars as will happen this weekend, exact early Sunday,  ( this aspect happens every month in Aries for a while) which on a plus level will mean you could be rolling up your sleeves and getting a lot done, as Mars is very much at home in Aries, and indeed we'll be seeing lots of you Ariens in super achiever, super hero mode!   

However this might also be the stuff of impulsive, hasty action, of speed without forward thinking meeting obstacles or an unexpected fork in the road. Slow the pace down a tad to avoid the potential for having to reverse back up around a bend to get on the right path. Okay that's metaphorical, but for some it could be that simple an experience.  Speed thrills and speed also kills, so when Mars is triggered, advice is to  stay smart, control your pace, try to plan ahead. Rally drivers have navigators, remember.

Mars in Aries rouses the hero, sees some fine examples of  swift action preventing dangers, and inevitably also exposes hot headed, self centred behaviours that go against what's best for all, so we're going to be easily rattled but also easily moved to do our best.

It's a weekend of sign shifts too. From Saturday night,  Mercury comes to Libra, and we will hear from and more readily listen to fairminded peacemakers. We'lll want to talk with those who share our views, maybe talk to those who can help us put challenges into perspective.

Mercury stirs socialising and networking for the next couple of weeks, and Venus, goddess of love, art, money, beauty and harmony shifts to Leo from Sunday morning, so there'll be a bit more sparkle and shine around relationships, news coming that takes our minds off of the mundane and lightens things up. Baby news, engagements, weddings. There'll be some plans or announcements made back in February/March which could in the next couple of weeks finally happen/become reality.

Planet Mars is on a standstill by midweek, retrograde from 9th September to 14th November.  This last happened through Aries in the autumn of 1988. Mars is action, war, initiative, engines, energy. Retrograde pulls things back. It's smart to make sure that all of the parts that make a whole are intact and functioning before turning the engine on, setting off.  Again, metaphors, but during the retrograde, there can be challenges that crop up through not ensuring all is as it should be, for example, and again a metaphor. You're so enamoured with the idea of a shiny new car that fires your enthusiasm for adventure, that you don't check the service history, or look under the bonnet/hood.  During a retrograde you might also get back on with a project that was shelved some time back. Look back to April, and back to 2017/18 and beyond. Projects that stalled may be brought back to life now.

I personally think that a retrograde Mars can push us back because the race wasn't ready to be run, let alone won. So if something comes unstuck during that two month phase between 9th September and 14th November, it might well be frustrating, but it might also mean that losing a battle allows time to plan better to win a war. And with Jupiter pausing by next weekend, stationing forward by Sunday 13th, it could be that you were about to rush into something that'd be pretty hard going, not realising that if you waited a wee bit longer, there'd be support, or a shift of rules or something granted that could make a difference, Watch for signs that you shouldn't rush. They could be there to help you.

Lotsalove, thanks for stopping by and do follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you'd like to. Till next time, stay well! ♥️🌟♥️


Thursday 27th August 2020. I apologise for being a bit intermittent with the updates on here. I really do need a new website, one that'll link to the pages I host on Facebook!  It's got to happen, and this autumn feels like the right time. Meantime the cosmic patterns are a bit intense for relationships, not just the romantic sort but the financial kind, as well as the bonds and alliances that keep us connected out of common interest. Family ties have tugs around them over the next week or so, as we head towards the full Moon in reflective, nostalgic Pisces. Maybe it'd be good to reflect a bit on all that HAS been good, all that we DO have in common and on how we can better serve one another as members of the human race..which actually should never be a race. We're all just walking each other home.. life's so testing just now, and the full impact of Covid-19 is hitting us, and we're realising it's more than about catching a flu. This is long term nasty systemic illness that drains our vitality for a long time in so many thousands of cases.  And its economic impact, is huge. But yknow, if you at least have your health, you can work to rebuild from the rubble, tough as it may be. Health IS wealth. My take anyway. Warmest best wishes, as always  :-)  

Tuesday 18th August 2020 

Tomorrow morning at 03.42hrs (BST) in UK time comes the new Moon. Making this a great time to clear and tidy and get organised for chapters new, and not the time to go mad and press the start button too soon..wait for herself (madam Moon) to get fully charged up, tomorrow, and over the coming week as she is more helpful once "recharged"..aren't we all!

If you're an astrologer, you'll note where the degrees are here, see how this impacts your own chart, or those of others. Looking at this chart, and its ruler is the Sun, in a quincunx with Saturn, so very much a time where limits and boundaries are still with us and impacting resources, work and wellbeing. Saturn's theme is of taking time to get things working properly, at his best.

There are shadows, but there are bright possibilities here too. Some may be having to rethink so much in terms of financial and physical issues, but there's a magnificent pioneering Mars..the red symbol at the top that's a circle with a forward arrow. Pour passions into doing the best with what we have.

The proverbial Lemons have indeed been tossed the way of many, and that is putting it extremely mildly, even too sweetly if you've lost work, health suffered, or way worse, lost dear loved ones, but there will be new dawns, there will come new pathways, new understanding, and there's plenty to play for.

Leo new Moon is time to shine, and for Leos of course it'll be their annual recharge point. I see a lot of people moving around more, and finding those new ways of working, adapting to the limitations and actually in many cases, thriving while working on that overall theme of helping with survival. Two to three years ahead will find many of us looking back and seeing some unexpected positives.

Meantime look at Venus ( turquoisey circle with a cross on top, at the number alongside her and then see Uranus at the same number..he's like a capital H on top of a circle, high in the chart here, in blue.. this means they are making some surprises today, already,. around women and money, adding a wee extra sparkle to our relationships, maybe stirring us to want to sparkle a bit ourselves, with outfits, bit of glam, or letting someone we love know they matter to us.. a spontaneous gesture, however small just might mean the world to someone you care about. Have a good Tuesday all! (ADD-ON.. apologies if you cannot see the REALLY is time for a website upgrade! )


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