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Cosmic Updates

Thursday 23rd March 2023 There's a big shift happening as Pluto arrives in Aquarius today. Those with strong Cardinal charts ( planets in Aries,Cancer, Libra,Capricorn) are beginning a chapter of using power more comfortably, pointing in the direction of new goals, perhaps. It's far from just about today though, as this is a long term gradual process which at times, like a car hitting a pothole, there are moments of real awareness of what's changing. Listen to the wind, hear the zeitgeist, what's making headlines, tune in to the vibes, especially between 5:30pm-7pm (GMT) today . You may well be made aware of where there are inevitable transitions, chapters closing, making way for what's up next. Aquarius is an observer, one who circles the globe and notes the bigger picture. Pluto rips away the superficial and gets to the truth, digs deep, is about resources.

Whenever a major planetary shift happens, there is an inevitable tendency to think of it as good or bad.

But both co-exist, my friends.

The good of Aquarius will very likely involve a stronger global awareness of connectedness, of what we can do when we unite to make a better world and the bad will likely involve the awareness of too much connectedness, via our lives being monitored. That's a very simplified version. Aquarius is associated with the rebel who won't be ruled, the humanitarian who speaks up, born ahead of their time, seeing the shape of things to come. But Aquarius can also bring the despots and harsh rulers. Watch out for the latter and try to listen well to the former!

My father was Aquarius, a quiet but very self disciplined rebel, far sighted, scientific, way ahead of his time in perception, glittering with intelligence, and definitely shone, at his kindest and best when he wasn't suffocated by the intimacy of daily family demands. Aquarius fascinates me, with many friends and family born under this sign, and I am looking ahead to this new Aquarian age. I expect we'll see many amazing scientific leaps forward, and so many of these will come from our amazing, already born youngsters.

So Pluto, as you arrive in Aquarius, this Thursday lunchtime, 23rd March 2023 at 12:13pm.. here's to the planet, to peace and to us uniting as humans to be kind to one another, and to nurture mama Earth. Thoughts are things... think of the Butterfly Effect.. send our best thoughts out.

Love from me xx

Saturday 18th March 2023's gettin towards Moondark..the cosmos is a bit scratchy still, and it's awful easy to beat yourself up or to just feel a bit jarred.

Tomorrow is probably less introspective, maybe unexpectedly so. Today is a good day to quietly focus on what's in front of us.

Be kind, to ourselves and maybe make a few allowances for others. We're all just walking each other home lovelies. Lotsalove xx

March 16th 2023 Cosmic thoughts: If in doubt.. sit it out.. if your intuition is strong, heed it. Try not to push against your own best interests.   Mars jars with the Sun, while Neptune fogs Mercurial astutness..

March 15th 2023..Moon's in take care of business Capricorn,, but the Sun is aligning with sleepy Neptune, so take care of what you must but don't feel the least little bit guilty when you also give rein to your dreamy, escapist, cosy up self, too.

Monday 6th March 2023 Saturn the planner is coming into the sign of Pisces,the dreamer.. tomorrow, just as we have a full Moon in Virgo the detailer. Saturn was here 1994-1996. What did you strengthen over that period? Was there a vision that became reality? I can remember my own story so vividly. Saturn doesn't hand you easy rides, but he rewards effort with lasting results. Believe ... achieve. 💗💖💝♓💐

Sunday 26th February 2023

Hope your weekend is being kind - the cosmos has some powerful "closure" energies around just now, sweeping changes for some that have been somehow a long time coming.

That's in itself neither good news nor bad, simply a matter of "Time" being at a turning point, where milestone shifts can happen, portal points. So there will perhaps be extremes around news you're hearing at the moment.

Please, don't think the planets are the orchestrators, good or bad, but they make patterns that astrologers have studied for millenniums, and like a weather forecast, we suggest what those patterns are showing, and right now the shifting tides are all about things being ready to change, so do have faith in your own ability to shape upcoming new eras well for you and yours. You've got this! Horoscopes for the coming week are in Sunday Mail  and here,  written for you with love from me 💝


February 23rd  Have you seen the beautful alignment of Moon with Jupiter and Venus in the early evening skies?  Next Thursday 2nd March, Venus and Jupiter are aligned in Aries. Warmth and closeness in loving ties, a bit of extravagance, perhaps, and yes, watch for women in politics, on any kind of platform, coming to the centre of the stage. Interesting here in Scotland that two key, more prominent contenders are Aries, another is Pisces, and Saturn about to enter Pisces says there are new duties to shoulder here.  It's fascinating, and if I can get their birth times, I'll say more. But all very interesting to observe.  For the record I vote always for the person who does the best work for our community and over the many years I've had a vote, it's gone to members of  five different parties. Our local MP is amazing, and she gets my vote without question for all she does for our community.  Vote for the good guys, not just a party,  and you get a better government, is my thinking. So we'll see how this all pans out here in bonny Scotland!

February 19th 2023 Hey Sunday! We have the Sun in Pisces now, and it's Moondark, with a powerful Venus Pluto connection, good for going deep, good for dipping into creativity with a view to makeovers, and also important to allow ourselves to be human, to pause and reflect and be honest with ourselves about what we might need today to feel that precious inner peace that's so often lacking in this crazy world of mental overload. Maybe it's rest, maybe it's quiet Moondark busyness. You'll know. Venus and Pluto remind us of the power of love, the depths of relationships, stirring strong emotions which can torment as well as transform. If there is turmoil, try flipping your perspective to imagine the other party's present state. Maybe there's turmoil there, too. Sometimes just changing focus, from a challenging emotion to doing something kindly, loving, for others who aren't part of that puzzle, turns frowns upside down. If someone has been absent, hard to reach, just send love. They'll know you're there. There may be insights, intuition that flows unusually strongly this Moondark day.. Another plan is to plough through the wardrobe or THAT cupboard, dig deep for lost treasures. Fill a bag with things to donate to those who will benefit. Feeling creative? Go muse around paint charts. Feeling unsettled?( Moondark can do that) Have a gentle walk to let the wind blow away your cobwebs. With every step, tell yourself you're rising above any nagging issues, because you came to this planet equipped for your journey and invested with the love and hopes and capacities of all your ancestors. Moondark can be a great time for giving yourself permission to pause .. or for quietly clearing the decks, ready for tomorrow when a new Moon offers fresh chapters. Lotsalove and have a good day. My horoscopes for you are here,as ever, written for you with love from me 💗

February 17th 2023  Moon is  currently in serious Capricorn, shrinking, darkening  on through Aquarius over the weekend, ready to become new in Pisces come Monday morning at 07:06 GMT . That's coming, of course, after the  Pisces Sun arrives from Saturday night at 22:34hrs. Babies born from then are little Fishies! 

There could be some encouraging news or whispers of what's to come that lifts us a little over Saturday. Helpful developments thanks to the input or intervention others . Situations where a need is met with less hassle than was expected. Life may seem unsettled just now, what with big planetary shifts ahead, but there will be reminders, too, of past investment that's going to pay off, perhaps in terms of connections and kindnesses.  People who reappear to give us a boost.. Saturday night has a sense of cameraderie, kindness, maybe a call or message that brightens us up.  Sunday, watch for revivals, ressurections in friendships and for someone who pulls the stops out to make quite an impression.  

Monday's new Moon carries a wee bit of magic around it. Look out for bold women making a difference this week!

More to come..   meantime, wishing you a happy weekend and a very good week ahead.  Lotsalove all 💕☀️

February 10th 2023. Hey, after being away on the usual (post busy December period) annual winter leave, switching off from it all, it's time for a wee cosmic foray.

Today is for getting deep and delving into the facts of a situation, for thinking carefully from all angles, then donning your bold Hermes helmet of accessibility, if not invisibility, and courteously but courageously accessing those areas that cannot be ignored, must be addressed.

On another tack, the alignment of Mercury with Pluto today is all important, likely to prove a crucial date ( possibly in retrospect, but connected to today's events) when certain things click into place, finally are cleared, decided, known, and there are connections to this date that go back to mid July of last year, when Mercury was opposing Pluto.

Ongoing aspects over the coming week are pointing to something being made official around 16th-18th which may be key to a process that's underway for you, and a further link to 27th February, when the word "resolution" or "completion" may be significant.

Libra Moon favours courtesy but Libra being represented by the only inanimate object of the zodiac, is no pushover, very much an advocate of justice, and a protector of material security. So today may be about getting things done, on many levels.

The weekend sees Mercury arriving in Aquarius Saturday 11th at 11:22am GMT. This will encourage more flow of conversation, people who've seemed out of touch, absent, may be ready to talk, to connect over the coming three weeks, not necessarily right away though, as Scorpio Moon time begins Saturday 11th at 18:24hrs. and immediately there's a sparking aspect with Mercury.

Deep feelings challenge sharp logic. It may be a good weekend for clearing, tidying, mapping plans out, researching possibilities, not trying to rush what needs musing over, thinking through. From Monday some things are being laid to rest, cleared away, and a needed or hoped for breakthrough may become possible this coming week, thanks to the largesse/support/insight of (possibly older) women who grasp the bigger picture and help to make things happen.

There's some unexpected magic in the air, despite all we're seeing in news reports that's making us flinch, sigh, weep.

By the end of this coming week, into the following, new Moon ( Feb 20th) week, there'll also be some welcome/heart-warming/soul-restoring developments for many. Lotsalove all 💕☀️

Today,  January  18th 2023 at 13:12hrs here in UK (GMT) Mercury pauses to begin heading forward once more after a more complex than usual retrograde phase since 29th December, but tangled up with that ( 30th October till 12th January) retrograde of Mars in Gemini, Mercury's own sign. Shifts and changes are about to start tumbling onwards, with Fridays Aquarius ♒ Sun arriving, then the Chinese New Year new Aquarius ♒ Moon on Saturday, freshening things up, adding lightness and indeed lightning bolts of realisations too. Sunday 22nd sees the station, the pause to go forward time for Uranus, the lightning fast bringer of changes and enlightenment. If you have a sense just now of internal racing, irrational stress, adrenaline rush, it's quite likely that the turning point comes from Sunday. The cosmos has had such a lead weighted feel, of issues without clearcut answers. While the world isn't magically healed, we might over the next week or so find that we're more effectively dealing with what IS as opposed to the apprehension of what might be.. Jim and I were chatting earlier about how precious life is, how important it is to try to find contentment in the journey. So many people are driven towards goals, when the whole of life is the goal, all precious.. So Mercury's mash up retro phase may not have taken you the direction or at the speed you expected. But maybe it's all part of your path. Lotsalove 💕☀️

Friday 13th January 2023 Mars is now stirring forwards (he stationed last night 12th January 20:56hrs GMT)  after his lengthy retrograde (since Oct 30th) . Did you feel your energies stirring at all overnight? Are you feeling more fired up? Mars went forward at 8 degrees of Gemini, so those of us with planets and angles around 8 degrees are stirred that bit more. [You can check your chart degrees at ] Birthdays around the end of a month are more likely to have the Sun around there.

Mars stationing is powerful, as it is like that elastic band effect, pulled right back to it's tautest, then fired forwards, so there are bound to be items in the news that reflect this very sudden vibe. Take a deep breath, count to ten if possible before firing off words 'n deeds.

On the plus side you might find yourself getting through a task list that's been awaiting action for ages, finally feeling energised to tackle what's outstanding. A project that got shelved last autumn might come to life again.

Mars is sparky, so there can be sizzling attraction sparks, and there can be irksome sparks. Count to ten and see the bigger picture if it's the latter! As the action planet, he reflects a time of getting on with business, and as the anger planet, he underlines situations where there has been pain or fear. Taking time out to understand the root of emotional reactions can be helpful.

As Mars is in Gemini just now(until March 25th) and has been since last summer, there are sparks around travel, communications, mail, and fiery words that are causing strife out there, hopefully easing or being better addressed as March unfolds.

If you're fired up and cracking on through tasks just now, sounds like Mars is activated in your chart. If you are feeling ratty, unsettled, sounds like Mars is ruffling your chart placings in a more challenging way. Either way, he often has the effect of getting us to address things that need our attention. Hope he sizzles with bright positive energies for you! Lotsalove 🏃‍♀️🏃🔥🌟✨

January 7th 2023 and  Mercury continues to retrograde until 18th January, (since 29th December) and Mars is also retrograding, which is less usual, and in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, so when these two are backtracking, maybe an idea not to expect to make big leaps forward. Sometimes what happens is things unravel like a piece of knitting with a dropped stitch nobody noticed till it all started to come undone. It's time to bite the bullet and go back to where things first went wrong, malfuntioned, to where you can see the problem started, and get things straightened out. This coming week has Mars turning forward from Thursday 12th,, so this is akin to someone starting to clear a backlog to get to do a job for you, or to clear the decks ready to start afresh.  Mars back tracking can be tricky of things like cars and mechanical items so when he goes forward, often you see what needs sorted or finally get repairs underway.

If in doubt, double check tyres and all things that carry air.  (Mars in Gemini, the air element) and make sure you have things like screen clear, antifreeze sorted. Mars will continue across Gemini till late March, and as he has bearing on communications, teaching, and travel, it may be that once he goes forward and until the end of March, much is under discussion that needs is, more so from 22nd January, by which time action planet Mars, communication planet Mercury and Uranus ( associated with unions) are all going forward. People mean business, that's for sure.

As for other things in the news, a peacemaking effort is underlined towards the end of this week. Will it be effective?  Perhaps not YET.. as once more the retrograde of Mercury and Uranus ending on 18th and 22nd, have more to say. New Moon is Chinese New Year , late on 21st..followed by that station of Uranus on 22nd, so events will overtake earlier initiatives and possibly some big economic sanction or even a natural disaster could shift intentions. Things never stay the same, do they.  And also that shift over 21st/22nd will bring more news around the warring/we're not warring..yes you are.. house of Windsor. Meantime, given the world's a bit mad,  it feels wise to just keep being our own best selves, helping a few folk where we can, and counting our blessings that at least we're "normal"...   lotsalove all! 💫✨🌟

Happy 2023 ! Your YEAR AHEAD lines are open for your calls. If you click on the Horoscopes tab to the top right here, you'll find the number under your sign. Pen and Notepad advised, as there's a lot of detail. Thank you for all of your support and wishing you all good things always. Sending love 💫✨🌟

Friday 2nd December 2022    Moon is in Aries and gathering light as the weekend gets underway, with Saturday's aspects pretty bright and encouraging, good for setting wheels rolling, and watch out for women with a spirit of adventure bringing a touch of the unexpected, given Venus in her Sagittarius phase is sparking off of Uranus, planet of the unexpected and the unusual, around teatime on Saturday. Sunday's perhaps better suited to not having too much to do, more suited to letting things and people be, making it easy and keeping it simple.

Monday sees the swelling Taurus Moon unsettled as she aligns with Uranus. This is a bit like when you're overtired and get jumpy, so fresh air and smooth, not jarring exercise could ease things there. People are a bit out of sorts, maybe thanks to that 24/7 overload of news we can't really do a lot about. It will feel better to DO something though, that will feel like a positive contribution to the crazy world, even if it's as simple as smiling as you go about your day, or donating a little to ease others lives, or smoothing someone's furrowed brow. Every little thing matters and adds up to  a better chance of switching the collective vibe around us from stressful to smooth.  

Watch out for temptations to promise more than is realistic or to overdo things on Tuesday, but overall there's a sense of something being settled, resolved that will make for good news. Then Moon swells up in Gemini and is right beside Mars, the go getting, action and yes, warrior planet, exactly full on Thursday morning at 04:08hrs GMT.. which means Wednesday holds a lot of that full Moon intensity and drive and push, and if here's something to speak up about, Mars beside the Gemini full Moon will make that hard to hold back, despite the fact that he's retrograding. He may however, help to bring things to the surface that have been simmering or neglected on the back burner, and what Mars likes to do is be very direct, so it can be a time when folk "express themselves".. and when what's been troublesome could be getting an airing and a sorting.  Some folk might begin the week at odds and end it feeling a lot better. Bear that in mind. There's plenty to be glad of. 

Sending love 💫✨🌟


Friday 25th November 2022  The Moon just  became new in sunny Sagittarius on Wednesday (23rd,) with ruler orb Jupiter, paused to go forward, suggesting that the fortnight thereafter could have some encouraging, perhaps liberating developments, some positive outcomes, but as she slips into Capricorn tonight,  serious, be responsible, take charge Saturn is also  in the picture over the coming days, as is Mars,  good for pouring efforts into a project and doing well trhough single mindedness, and maybe more easily given to nippiness until midweek, so we'll be taking care of the nitty gritty, of business, taking one step at a time, but it's important to also take breathers to remind ourselves of the bigger picture the overall plan, what actually matters, not setting too much store by little matters that can most likely be worked out. 

Try to chat face to face rather than over analyse messages, as Mercury's  building opposition to retrograding Mars, exact come Tuesday  might see some leaping to  (probably wrong) conclusions. Rise above and think the best, rather than imagine the worst.

For example, watch for narky moments in car parks, where it'll feel good to be the better person! Mercury rules youngsters too, and as Mars is backtracking in Mercury's sign of Gemini, try to stay cool and as logical as possible if there's any flickers of potential friction , more likely on Tuesday. Fairness and consistency wins the day.

As next weekend approaches, the Moon's heading for a "let it be, make it happy" assignment with Jupiter, something you'll see in the sky, that bright planet that looks like a big sparkly star, which just makes you smile in wonder.  Sometimes it's good to stop and look at the night sky and just breathe. 

Sending love 💫✨🌟

Friday 18th November 2022

Watch for the flat tyre moments this weekend. It's great if you can coory up and watch favourite movies or programmes, great for a  bit of sheeer escapism, but not so ideal if you need to be on your game and energetic. Neptune rules the oceans, liquids, gases, imagination, drugs, alcohol, escapism, and in a challenging aspect can bring overflows, drip n drain, mislead, as well as inspire the creative impulses. 

Mars, the action and warrior planet in the dual sign of Gemini sign of communications and local matters, siblings, neighbours, twins, books, the written and spoken word,  is square to Neptune yet again, as part of an ongoing phase that's being created by retrograding Mars, and tis a tricky one.

Actions sometimes might have sub plots around them.. where some folk will say one thing and intend another. Stay a step ahead. Watch for tricky machinery, where dampness may cause connectivity issues, and check things like engine oil levels.

Ideally, a dreamy, not too demanding weekend would be good. The Libra Moon is inclining us to seek harmony, connect with others, be social creatures, and be a part  of special occasions and events that take us out of ourselves. "Give Peace a Chance" springs to mind.  Just keep a wee eye on tyre pressures, fuel gauges  and slippery situations.

Lotsalove  from busy me, writing about 2023  ✨✨💕


Tuesday 8th November 2022 Today's Lunation..tis a big Blood Moon, a lunar eclipse in Taurus ♉ with jumpy Uranus much in the cosmic picture ongoing through tomorrow, too. Life surprises us..we surprise others and ourselves, too. Technology might be erratic. Uranus can bring jarring moments, so try to look before you leap.. Emotions are often all over the place. Take deep, deep breaths and ideally get some fresh air and move around a bit (pacing wisely) if you can. Full moon brings completion, revelations, breakthroughs. People realise what works, what doesn't, that bit more clearly. Some will realise they're in love, some will make needed breaks with the past. Eclipses are like milestone marker points, so something in your life may be at a turning point, reaching a defining moment. If emotions are hyped just now, try to just'll ease soon. Lotsalove xxx

Friday 4th November 2022  Look out for the beautiful swelling Moon tonight, aligned with Jupiter in Pisces just now ( exact at 22:05).. emotions are well stirred.. the full gamut. Jupiter can bring joy, liberation, travel, celebration, as well as hyping things up, enlarging and expanding them. That Moon is building to her fullness, exact on Tuesday 8th in Taurus at 11:02 hrs, as a total lunar eclipse, when the light of the Sun gets blotted out by planet Earth's shadow.
This is marking a time of heightened, hyped up developments, again across the spectrum. Ever been going to a wedding and passed a cortege? Or vice versa? The contrasts of life are in evidence. Closure, completion, matters coming to a crescendo, these are full Moon themes. Taurus full Moon is emphasising the material realms, intensity around relationships, the whole cycle and circle of life.
Because awakener planet Uranus is very much in evidence right now and through this coming week, more so till Thursday, there are shake ups, twists and turns, moments where people totally surprise us, in lovely ways, and yes, in eyebrow raising moments, too.
Uranus is also about wakening us to what's changing or needs to, and moments where we rebel against what feels stuck, bringing clashes but also reminders that what feels "stuck" may also be where we have security, so watch for folk wrestling with choices between what feels safe and what looks exciting, between how things have always been done/worked and what now needs to be rethought or reshaped. Some things won't change as fast as we might wish them to, but keeping lines of communication flowing, listening lots, doing the homework, seems like a good investment.
Saturn is also making his mark this week, jarring with Venus and with the Sun, so work within the rulebook, try the mantra "small is beautiful", and count the blessings that ARE in evidence, says Jupiter shining bright each night.
Lotsalove and hoping your week is kind ✨✨💕

Sunday 30th October 2022 Happy Sunday all! Your Horoscopes for the coming week are in Seven Days magazine inside Sunday Mail written for you with love from me. Hope you turned the traditional clocks back and are able to enjoy your extra hour on this pretty damp autumnal day! Mars is pausing and about to retrograde back across Gemini, where he's been since 20th August, backtracking now till 12th January. This phase can give second chances, such as back to school decisions, as well as agitating communications at times, buzzing nervous systems. People can head back to former patterns/locations. Men especially prominent. Long awaited "fix it" actions are often taken. My beloved husband had incredibly successful heart surgery during a Mars retrograde many years ago. Today we're joyfully celebrating our wedding anniversary 🥰💐 Machinery can be tricky. It's often the time when something that's been intermittently acting up needs a repair. If buying expensive machinery, opt for the guarantee. Astrology isn't what causes things, it's more reflective, offering pointers to what may be unfolding. Moon's in serious Capricorn today ♑ favouring what keeps life secure, taking care of our own back yards, investing in what will bear fruit for the future. Have a good one. Lotsalove 💗

Monday 24th October 2022  It's Moondark..Scorpio new Moon (partial solar eclipse) is tomorrow at lunchtime.Time to go within. The quality and direction of your communications becomes more important. Softly does it as you secure each new foothold on the journey to your goal.

Quieten the chatter, switch off the news, put down your phone. Give yourself thinking time.

Scorpio is the time of necessary endings that make way for the shape of something new. Time to clear the clutter, see who and what truly matters. Still your busy mind, spend time in peaceful surroundings and let ideas, inspiration, answers and healing flow.

Life may be shaken up just now, but this eclipse will have the effect of switching us off and on see with fresh eyes our own best way forward. Have faith in your own marvellous inner resourcefulness, in the Scorpio theme of Phoenix rising from flames, so unexpectedly... 💗

16th October 2022 Sending Sunday love on this mid October morning 💞 Moon is in Cancer..we appreciate cosy time and comfort foods. We're sensitive especially with family. Journeys and appointments with home enhancement in mind could be ahead. This is a dippy energy time for some, so if affected, go gently. Pace yourself! It's also a sharper edged time for Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces, thanks to Mars in Gemini. Shining his orange light in the sky these nights to the left of the Moon. Venus is in Libra seeking harmony, adding creative gift to sparky fire, too. Something will be resolved, soothed, sorted by this time next week that needs ease. Hope your Sunday can be sweet. Lotsalove 💞

Friday 7th October 2022 Mercury is now repeating an aspect he made last Tuesday 27th September.

Yes there are distinct U turns around and there could be a certain issue that is being settled at an official level, and this Sunday's Aries full Moon is certainly stirring " impatience to hurry up what's to be tied up"  although with Mars jarring against Neptune over this next week, easing from midweek, there is potential for folk dressing things up to appear different.

Bear that in mind if you're negotiating, and be sure that what glitters is gold, or what you're looking at is the right size and shape for your needs.

Mars in Gemini is nippy words, swift moves and can also indicate narky siblings, too!  In a jarring aspect with Neptune, watch for broken glass, flat tyres and for folk who rush to speak up, before they have full facts, so taking a wee bit more time to look at all of the facts and at what's suggested, what's on offer, could be helpful.

By Friday, it looks as though those using the clearest common sense are winning.Have a good week all, and watch for  impulsive moments, yes, some special heroics, but also flashes of mad impatience around this weekend's Aries full Moon!  Lotsalove ✨🌟💞

2nd October 2022 Mercury is stationing, moving forwards, at 10:07am here in UK. In analytical Virgo. And Mars is heading into a square with Neptune. This is weary time. It's also listen up time. Mercury has been out of sync for the last few weeks which feels like struggling in the rain to find the key to open a door. And with Mars square Neptune now.(Linked with flat tyres, broken glass, flooding and power loss, and with viral infections incidentally) the message may be "What the actual... has been happening here?".. situations are around us that need answers for sure, but which first need in depth analysis and research for better understanding of workable solutions. Listen lots. Take stock of what's coming to light, and do the homework to get the best solution as opposed to a temporary fix or fleeting satisfaction. There's an unsettling, bigger, ongoing aspect just now between Saturn and Uranus, a jarring one that is about the old order changing. It's not easy, but it starts to ease into November, with some positive shifts from mid October, even where that seemed unlikely. Progress linked back to events in Spring. And for now, if you're a tad weary..ahh .give yourself permission to recharge. Lotsalove ✨🌟💞

Friday 23rd September 2022.  Equinox!  Weighing and balancing time. Where in your life do you want to get a better balance?  How might you go about that?  

It's a bit of a low energy phase though, as we are approaching Moondark, with the annual Libra new Moon coming on Sunday 25th, so it might be an idea to go gently on yourself, to assess and appraise and make notes without plunging headfirst or feeling the pressure to do so, into anything all new. Mercury is retrograde until Sunday 2nd October, so that's a cue to do the behind the scenes legwork, to check things out thoroughly. Feeling indecisive about something you reckon you "ought" to get a move on with?  Maybe the answer is "not yet".   If you have a strange sense of needing to hold back a bit, you are very likely spot on.  Catch up with what's in front of you, with what you will benefit from having got out of the way in readiness for the new chapter that's yet to unfold, yet to have details worked out. Or even catch up with yourself, with some self care, Moon dark is often lower energy time, dormouse time, and once the new Moon shapes up, especially once Mercury straightens out into October, you'll very likely have more options than you realised, or see why you didn't need to leap in, why you were night to do the homework. 

Take care and be kind to yourself. Lotsalove 💫✨🌟

Saturday 17th September 2022  Until Monday the cosmos feels unsettled, out of sorts, with Gemini Moon all restless this Saturday aligned with scratchy Mars, and Neptune hovering opposite the Sun, stealing energy and vitality at the same time as there's an added requirement for effort in some quarters.  Monday has such a line drawing, finality, clarity around it, Cancer Moon reminding us of our roots, Sun and Pluto trine across the earth signs, helping us to "tend the fields" of what must be done.  Venus sparkles with Uranus, suggesting that women are going to be prominent.  Our longest serving monarch will be laid to rest,and lines drawn thereafter.

It's a time of deep reflection and of stirred personal grief, of death and rebirth, followed by the rebalancing at the end of this week, with autumn's Equinox, when many delayed matters will come back to the surface for attention. Sometimes, the best thing to do, is just be. Go with the flow of what feels right for now. Soon enough the rhythm will shift.

Lotsalove  💫✨🌟

Sunday 11th September 2022 Such a strange time, isn't it. Time to count every blessing, too. The big round Pisces full Moon was absolutely exact to the minute as the new monarch was proclaimed yesterday morning. Moon is in pioneering Aries now, as the Sun aligns with innovative Uranus, under a major, ongoing tension link between Saturn and Uranus, which is all about breaking with old patterns, off with the old and on with the new. Today may bring you an element of the unexpected, and it may stir you to be more alert than usual, to the details. Mercury is retrograding until October 2nd, so it's wise to stay canny, keeping track of dates, times and key information. Delays may occur, as may "brought forward" arrangements. Get some fresh air around you today if you can. Breathe..remind yourself that tensions pass. Sometimes trying a different approach, or indeed backtracking to reconnect or deal differently with some unfinished business can brighten things up. Sending love to those who are missing someone, or feeling a bit unsettled. Horoscopes for your week ahead are in Sunday Mail as ever written for you with love from me 💗

Tuesday 23rd August 2022 Sun has now arrived in thoughtful, analytical Virgo, as is the Virgo ruler, Mercury, in a high tension angle to Mars in Gemini over this week. Watch for high levels of nervous energy and tendencies to overthink, to try to find answers or conclusions not yet available. Keeping busy, getting fresh air, "talking it out" helps. It's a week when minds can spin, so try not to force big decisions. New Moon coming on Saturday, so it's better from there for a less jarring vibe. If you are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you're probably especially feeling this buzzing away but we'll all feel it to various degrees. Uranus is stationing in Taurus by the weekend so that can give the sense of being "paused"..while under starter's orders. This too shall pass, friends. And sometimes we look back on the unfolding of events and see that things actually happened in the right order. Lots of love ✨🌟✨💕

Friday 19th August 2022  Have a lovely weekend and week ahead all. Mars is heading for Gemini, arriving tomorrow, Saturday 20th at 08:56hrs BST.. and that's where the Moon is. Imagine a flock of birds chirping and tweeting on a telephone wire.. you've got the gist. It'll be a weekend with a lot to talk about, and maybe a busy bustle about one, certainly on Saturday. Sunday is good for reflecting and maybe for losing ourselves in memorabiial, in movies and books. Go gently. Lotsalove 💫✨🌟

Friday 12th August 2022. That full Moon is a full Moon of friendship and with Saturn so close alongside..(did you see it last night?  Wow. I even captured a photo!) it's the old friends who're in focus, with the rock solid pals who you know you can count on, and a good time to show you, too are a rock solid friend.   

It's a funny old time, and yes I know these are the oddest of times for so many of us trying to live through and process events in a reshaped landscape, but this weekend in particular, there may be media news of a significant departure or of doors closing on an era.

The Aquarian journey of Saturn is also very significant right now for railways, for communication avenues, and for the power of and over the masses. Saturn is about control..who will succeed? 

We're also reminded by the jarring angles  with Saturn, of Mars and Uranus that patience with limitations can be short fused. Those moments where we kick at the door we are trying to push open, without seeing it may be marked "pull". So think a beat ahead , okay?

It's a Pisces Moon weekend, so  escapist urges are strong, music and movies and books are appealing as may be the allure of the bottle, a sail along the water, a journey along the road less travelled and yet watch out for turning points, for moments where in the middle of whatever your  preferred "escape" is, there could be a moment of truth, where it becomes clearer which way is "forward", and maybe a chance to "make a difference".

From an obstacle could come a big effort that turns an idea into action and with the lunar light shifting through Aries, (aligning gloriously beside Jupiter on Sunday/Monday nights especially) as this new week opens, I'm reminded of that transposition of the word "impossible" into "I'm Possible!".   

Have a good one all.Lotsalove 💫✨🌟

Monday 8th August 2022  If you are feeling the pressure this week, well, it'd not be a surprise, as there's a jarring, got to make things happen Aquarius ( the revolutionary innovator) full Moon coming up by Friday and Saturn and Uranus are squaring up, which is an off with the old and on with the new, shake it up aspect.
It's as if there could be too much in our mindspace, a list of "to do's" that keeps nipping at our heads, although there could also be some reconnections afoot, and some alliances that might surprise us out there in media land.
Watch for folk teaming up for mutual strength/financial gain.. And look out for surprise splits this week, too.
There might be some grumpy folk around - chances are they're feeling pressured, a bit insecure. Be kind to yourself, too.
It's good to remember we're all just humans, doing the best we can, and not to feel overwhelmed by what might benefit from stepping back and prioritising, making a list, trimming it down, making life a bit more manageable.
Lotsalove 💫✨🌟

Tuesday 2nd August 2022 

That jangly, controversy seeking, rebellious, innovative Mars/Uranus/North Node alignment is still very much with us. Try to breathe deeply if you're fired up.

Headachey? Stressy? Hyped up? Overexcited? Breathe deeply, drink water.. give yourself fresh air and space.

Might not fix much but it might help YOU 💜 Stay safe and step out of the box to shine, not blaze

Sunday 31st July 2022 There's a hyped up, jarring link accelerating in its effect between Mars and Uranus and the north node of the Moon, all in Taurus, and it's intense just now, with adrenaline fuelled moments. You might feel hyped up, maybe more "on guard"..or "on your marks". Mars is action, anger, the energiser, Uranus is the flipper of situations, the unexpected. Machines/technology/internet can be stuttery. Stay alert, don't jump the lights, or park in the space someone else was waiting for. If you are putting your foot on the gas, in any sense, stay sharp about who and what's around you. For some there could be split second decisions to "change track" that define the path of the future. Sliding doors moments. Eureka moments. Breakthroughs that just suddenly alter that stuck situation that's been a bugbear for years. It's a dynamic cosmic alignment, with potential to bring significant changes. Being aware of what's flowing through us and thinking coolly about outcome, rather than going blindly after the split second high of the moment could be wise. But this alignment could mark personal bests linked to lengthy preparations, a time of amazing precision that brings great results . It's passionate. It's dynamic. We can be destructive plate smashers, we can be amazing achievers, heroic even. Globally it's one of these landmark moments pointing to matters physical and material. In the much bigger picture, this reflects "Rebellion for Planet Earth" 🌍. Wake up calls, and reminders that the power of the individual is what turns things around . It begins with us. Sending love as always. Your Horoscopes for the coming week are in Sunday Mail as ever written for you with love from me 💗

Monday 25th July 2022  Hi, from a blustery, sunny, cloudy, clear, showery, fresh west coast of Scotland.. 16 degrees and quite pleasant really. How is it where you are? Seems such a contrast right now across the globe, though we did have a simmet free couple of days last week. ( Google knows what a simmet is) 😅 Venus is encouraging a bit of comfort eating, temptations to splash out a little, too, possibly in some cases to make up for something that hasn't been possible. It's a shrinking Moon phase frioends, new Leo🦁 Moon on Thursday in Leo just before 7pm.. so less is often more and it's a great time to cleaer and tidy, plan and prepare, maybe for something good, perhaps a special celebration that's up and coming 💗


Friday 22nd July 2022  the Leo Sun arrives and we want to enjoy life to the full, to shine, to fluff out our feathers and be the best version of ourselves. A new Moon on Thursday 28th evening has an "expect the unexpected" vibe, with youngsters making news, as well as travel and all things technological. The cosmos is filled with a "start-stop" energy just now, and with an intense all change astrological connection being made by planet Uranus in Taurus, aligning with the north node of the Moon and being triggered by Mars, exact on 1st August.

My feeling is that as well as the usual warnings flashing to not take crazy risks, to think a beat or two ahead of all we do, is that this is a time of realignment, with some situations spinning right around, solutions we never expected, coming up. Saturn in Aquarius is in a jarring angle to this configuration and yes, that can be aggressive, contrary, controversial, a time of chins jutting out in defiance and of tough challenges, but it is often at such times that we truly apply ourselves to finding solutions, making things work better.

Materially (as Mars, Uranus and the node are in Taurus) and Physically, it's flashes of sudden change, and as little Mercury is also in this picture, acting like a match on sandpaper,  expect flashes of insight, and  brainwaves and breakthroughs.

No aspect is  all good or bad, so this coming week's cosmic aspects are more dynamic, more likely to correspond with " things are happening" that alter the status quo, perhaps rather rapidly , and the stubborn side of Taurus along with those planets  smacks of banner wavers , voices that need to be heard. Yet from adversity often comes alliance and unity. Before you assume this is inevitably a revolution or strike, it's also the right set of conditions for someone to step out on a big stage and be "discovered" as a "voice". 

Disruption is bound to be a theme, to be honest, between now and early August in particular, so make allowances, have  a plan B and check in advance,  routes and options.  

It's also one of those bizarre times when communications technology acts up, so definitely double check everything. Here's an example:  People at a bus stop see the digital information on the sign telling them the bus they await is due in two minutes.  They get ready for its arrival.  The board suddenly changes and that bus is apparently not arriving, but there's one showing in an hour's time. Then that information alters to no bus.  Then just as they are about to walk away, up flashes the original information, and the bus appears a minute later.   Everyone has been on a quiet wee rollercoaster. That my friends is what Uranus gets up to !  Watch for on off/start-stop times, and for things happening faster than expected as well as moments in the middle of a rush when things seem to stall then leap forward.

Have a safe and satisfying week all. 

Lotsalove ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Wednesday 13th July 2022   Full Super Capricorn Moon will happen at 19:38hrs this evening, so things are gathering in momentum, moving to a crescendo when she swells to her peak. Lok out for situations where you might feel you don't have the answers, the information, the solution, which within 24hrs, could suddenly be the focus of brainwaves.
Women over 30 assume prominence as this lunation peaks, and as it's in the sign of government and of those "at the top", and as power planet Pluto, also noted for being around in times of skulduggery and betrayals, watch for revelations that knock "contenders for the top" out of the park, and for someone from the past re-emerging in a new light. This does not only apply to governmental matters, but in our own lives, too.
It's a time to align with those who have always been there for you, and to ensure that loose ends are as tied up as they can be. The next week has a lot of intensity around the world of facts, figures and all important communications, so you may be immersed in something that's all encompassing, around home or family or digging deep for information, maybe looking for paperwork or checking our your own genealogy.
"Digging Deep" is a theme, as is "Staying Power".
Have a good one and know that if this full Moon has you hyped up, this too shall pass, as it peaks and begins to wane tonight, but of course, full Moon is that time of the month when we are more acutely aware of what we might need to "complete" our own circle. Time to think about the path you'd next like to plot.

Saturday 9th July 2022 Moon is in Scorpio and swelling, so emotions are stirring, deep stuff, some of it we might prefer to suppress but can't and maybe that's because we need to sort it out, maybe through talking it out in a safe arena? So please go easy on yourself and indeed on others. Scorpio Moons bring intensity, acts of extreme courage, kindness, the best of humankind along with contrasts, like Yin and Yang, of the opposite end of the spectrum.
People can find themselves so stirred by inner discomfort they have to express it, so excesses happen too. Relationships can be at their finest or worst, be warned! Deepest love, darker jealousies, acts of amazing thoughtfulness, generosity. Scorpio always brings and attracts those contrasts.
If you are Scorpio or a Scorpio Moon person, you'll feel the monthly Moonphase more intensely. (Moon is full come midweek in Capricorn. That's where much of the current political turmoil is at a tide turning point) This is a turnaround time for recognising what needs to be cleared up, cleared away, transformed, fixed up. Sunday 10th has a more lively and buzzing Sagittarius Moon with the Cancer Sun in a sparkling connection with Uranus. A great day for mind mapping, coming up with new ideas, and possible breakthroughs linked to family travel plans. There are surprises in store for some. Wishing you all good things, with love. Lynne ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Tuesday 5th July 2022   Go getting, action planet Mars is about to enter steadfast "don't rush me" Taurus, this Tuesday morning, at 07:04am (BST) with communicator planet Mercury arriving in protective, photographic memory, defensive, sensitive, family conscious Cancer just 21 minutes later, both already in an incisive, mind sharpening connection, one that stirs ideas into action, which works on many levels, neither negative nor positive, same as rain, which is great news for drought, bad news for soggy ground, so this aspect will help many to be sharper, focused.

It's already in action, through Aries and Gemini, the signs those planets are just set to leave, and that can be sparky. Once the alignment is into Taurus and Cancer, there's more emotional drive and determination, and possibly more family connection, or paperwork, keys coming along at last . Some will make plans this Tuesday "at last" as the fuller facts of situations become clear. Look out too for last minute deals and possibilities.

As the Moon will be opposite Neptune and trine Pluto, this could be a day when intuition guides us, when creativity can shine, when from what's perhaps disappointed or not been possible could come the phoenix rising with a new plan that works, and it could be a day when some will rise to the occasion and come to the fore, perhaps through quirky circumstances..

Watch for mindset shifts and for new options arising. Lotsalove 🌟🪐💫

Thursday June 30th 2022 And just like that the first half of 2022 is completed and we just had that new Moon in Cancer that's stirred reminders to make the most of life, and as we move into July, a Leo Moonphase marks a weekend when get-togethers and life affirming moments intermix with passionate sparks stirring those of us who might have been putting things off till everyone else's needs were served, or who have been aware of what's needed to be addressed but never had the moment, the courage or the energy to tackle that scenario. Mars and Pluto stir us, poke us with a stick to stop letting things be, leaving things as they are then we really want and need them to change, so there's a strange mix of peace, love and let it blow wide open moments over Friday into Saturday, with heroics that fix and mend just as likely as outbursts where anything has been simmering.

Tuesday sees Mars entering Taurus, so watch out Taureans for a burst of new and passionate, maybe impatient energy, and watch Leos, Scorpios and Aquarians as you're going to be more edgy too, more inclined to DO not just THINK.

Mercury comes to Cancer on Tuesday, 21 mins after that sign shift of Mars, and the two are harmonising, in agreement, glad to co-operate, so look out for cooperative ventures that work well, possibly between those who might not usually seem to have so much in common. It'll be a big help to be sire to sit down and outline each other's expectations, hopes and wishes in any shared enterprise, though, to be sure that everything is fully clear between you. That's the route to maximum mutual benefit.

Mars in Taurus will bring out our stubborn sides, whatever sign we are, and that can be frustrating but also great for staying the course and getting things done, so there's a lot of potential for getting around to and completing projects which have been on that "to do" list!

Have a great week all, lotsalove as always ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Saturday June 18th  Mercury is out of his lengthy shadow, and what you might have been hanging fire over, a bit undecided about, or where you've been waiting for key pieces of the jigsaw to arrive, now that seems to be clicking together.  There could be agreements, announcements and signatures on papers at the beginning of this coming week that will enable "progress" which is connected to May 20th for many.  Check it out, just out of interest!

Summer Solstice happens on Tuesday, as the sign of Cancer takes prominence for the coming month, a time when day is stretched and night is briefest. It feels like a week tht'll bring some uplifting news, encouragement, goodwill and added confidence for those who are spreading their wings. Some will feel more in tune with one another than has seemed possible.   Yes there are narky spats too, with Moon and Mars aligned on Wednesday, which is sharper edged but also strong for heroics, too.  And Friday has a cranky moment or two, with Moon and Uranus stirring our inner stubborn, but overall, this has the makings of a week that'll have a few more smiles. Have a good one. 

Lotsalove from me ✨💫🪐🌟♥️


Saturday May 28th 2022   There's a funny old mix in the cosmos just now. Are you feeling mixed between exuberance and caution, between weary and itching to do things?  Seeing a task that needs to be tackled, maybe even making some inroads there, but feeling tugged to cosy up a little. The Moon is growing darker, going to be new at 12:30pm midday in UK (BST)  in the communications sign of Gemini, ruled by restless, curious Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods, a little akin to a wee busy bee taking pollen around from flower to flower, taking the news, stirring interest, getting the message across, but right now Mercury is backtracking, or appears to be. The retrograde is when Earth speeds up, rather than Mercury slowing down.  So this is a bit like charging off on a business meeting, rushing to catch the train, which you do, (whew) then realise you forgot the laptop/briefcase/ your phone. It's a time when progress can be slower, sometimes the bright new idea you chase after turns out to be more complicated than it might have been had you taken a bit more time, slowed down to get a good scan of all available options, of a checklist, review and revise being Mercurial themes.  So committing right now may be very tempting, in fact super tempting, even turbo tempting, given that action, go get em planet Mars is in his own sign of Aries, conjuncting the "go large" planet Jupiter, which is a real Rambo aspect, saying "don't push me, don't constrain me".  It's not that we shouldn't be doing things, more that we will benefit from doing "due diligence". being a bit more SAS than Dad's Army.  Mars is of course the planet of War as well as the engine, the motor that once fired up has great scope for getting to a target, achieving a goal, and with Jupiter there's that hyped up vibe that can, with due diligence, propel us further and faster at this time. Mercury says that no matter how fast your engine can go,  remember to check the fuel gauge, not to ignore the lights on the dashboard, and take the paperwork you need, the keys, the phone numbers, all of those little details. Checkout a back up plan even if you think you won't need it. 

There need be no hiccups, no issues, but the more thorough you are now, the less potential there is for the wee niggles, delays and frustrations that can arise over a Moondark with a retro Mercury.  Having said that, things can be slipped in under cover at this time, so look out for situations  in the news where we're told one tale while the real story is unfolding elsewhere.  

Venus is now in her own sign of comfort and harmony loving Taurus, so she will reflect our urges for unity and stability. Her placing at a point where Mars is also in his own sign can bring out the best in us. There are so many good, proactive, caring, decent humans on this planet.

Mercury is slow, stationing to go direct come Friday 3rd (09:00hrs BST)  so some people will seem to be dragging their heels after an initial flurry of activity. We're going to hear poignant news as the new week opens and there will be events which are about release, forgiveness, compassion. A surprise turnaround, maybe a surprise resignation or retraction coming. A big shift is afoot, and it's all about letting go of what holds us back, moving into a fresh "make NOW count" phase. 

Wishing you a good week, and reminding you that no matter what's going on out in the world, it's worth taking time to smell the roses, listen to the birdsong, breathe, make yourself a nice cuppa, and relax. Lotsalove, Lynne   ✨💫🪐🌟♥️

Friday May 20th 2022  Here comes the Gemini Sun month from  02:23am on Saturday 21st May.  Babies born thereafter are multi faceted, will o the wisp Geminis. They like to keep it light as air, and not to let life bog them down. Always curious about what's coming next, they can sometimes leave a trail of yesterday's muddles and dare I say broken hearts in some cases, too,  behind them. The past was perhaps a blast but the mystery of the future is far more beguiling to a mercurial Gemini. Which is why these folk seem to be sipping at the fountain of youth. They're way too busy looking at what's next to even have time to age!  

This weekend could bring solutions, communications long awaited, and answers, maybe even visits and calls you weren't expecting. It's a good one for fixing and straightening things, and there could be some encouraging news, glad tidings, maybe a sigh of relief over this coming week for many, although it's also a time of letting go, of knowing when the time has come to make transitions, shed old ways, open the door to new options. Clearing the decks will prove deep down satisfying, making space for something fresh to begin.  Look out for the reappearances of some familiar faces, for news of prominent departures and arrivals.

Have a good one all. Lotsalove as always

Lynne   ✨💫🪐🌟♥️


Thursday May 12th 2022   Little messenger planet  Mercury began the second of this year's  retrograde three week phases on Tuesday 10th at 12:48hrs BST, until 3rd June,&n

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