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Cosmic Updates

Solstice Greetings!  21st June 2019, at 16:54hrs (BST) 11:54hrs (EST)  the Sun arrives in Cancer and we have our longest day here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Focus is on our roots, on what's growing and needs to be nourished. Family ties and the place we call home are emphasised by the Cancerian month, and as this is a time of maximum light, traditionally it was easier to travel longer distances to get "home", and building a "home" is easier because we have more light hours ( as well as better weather, hopefully!).  Light can be shed on the past, on what's at the core of a situation, too. Sun's maximum light also helps to bring forth the crops that nourish, so Cancer's month is also often a fruitful time for food.

This weekend holds some mad extravagant, glorious "live well and live fully, live now!" aspects, so splashing out on partying, on pleasures, on indulging ourselves and our loved ones, on stretching the boundaries, on adventures, could prove tempting, although for some this will be a time of higher emotion around love ties for various reasons. There is a theme of being reminded that everything has its time, its limits, and yet of some aspects of life, some spirits that will never be contained or bound by earthly limits.  

A celebration of LIFE itself, for whatever your personal reason may be could be relevant to this time. For some, it's going to be utterly joyful, for others it may be poignant, bittersweet..yet a life well lived is a life worth celebrating. Solstice is a good time to remind ourselves of our connectedness, our roots, and to acknowledge that we are all branches of the same tree, no matter how differently we've chosen to blossom.

Lotsalove x


Friday June 14th 2019. Can you feel it? The sweeping intensity of an emotional watershed that's all about releasing and healing and letting go of what's passed? Moon is swelkling to her fullness in Sagittarius, exact on Monday at 09:31am BST/ 04:31am EST. That Moon is Jupiter ruled and will bring some blessings, sometimes disguised, it's true. There could be a massive development in many a life that will alter the shape of the future. Give up a bad habit and feel the shift, the picture of your own potential altering. Accept what you could never have changed, the thing that hurt or even nearly broke you in the past. Marvel at your own spirit that's come this far. Pain sometimes has no rhyme nor reason. Sometimes we're sent lessons, karmic lessons and sometimes we just find ourselves in a bad place. But guardian angel energies are also around, and over this coming, quite unusual week, when Saturn and Neptune make the second of their three quite rare 2019 aspects (first was January this year and the last will be in November) you might go through an emotional, nostalgic or inspiring time. See how and who you can inspire, too. Healers could work well. You could achieve something of a personal milestone, whatever sign you were born under as this is a big important time for us all. The next lunation is a total solar eclipse on 2nd July, and an eclipse is a super powered fresh start new Moon. Now is the time to cut away the deadwood, trim and tidy, ready to make the transition that could turn a tide that's been with you for as long as 19years. Jupiter is with the full Moon, adding his larger than life but usually rather beneficial influence. Life can improve through what's worked through this week. Have a good one  ✨💖✨💖✨

 June opens with Saturday's Taurus Moon making smooth connections with Venus to sweeten the afternoon  and evening, while Sunday's Moondark phase says tend and tidy what needs attention and prepare for what's new and upcoming over this next week,  as Monday 3rd June 2019 brings a Gemini "Let's get moving and let's talk!" new Moon.. I'd like to add to that "let's listen to each other". Time to make those calls, write those letters, get into that new regime, connect with your community.

The coming week has some unexpected twists and turns with Jupiter and Uranus making a connection that can bring unusual opportunities that carry an expectation of what might initially feel inconvenient effort. By Friday, there could be rewards that surprise, and some added stimulation that acts like a mental reboot, which for some, after dozy Neptune has slowed us down, will be most welcome! Have a great week!

Friday 31st  May 2019 This week has seen Mercury squaring Neptune ( and opposing Jupiter) which gives fatigue, misinformation, such as getting dates wrong, muddling times and arrangements, feeling overstretched and overtired, and maybe being tugged between two places at once.  Thinking one thing and saying another.  

There is a gentler aspect coming into being, as Saturn heads towards a mid June  sextile with Neptune , and as Jupiter squares Neptune, there is a stronger tug towards finding peace, noting that two Pisceans (Jupiter/Neptune ruled) have thrown their hats into the Tory leadership ring,  Aquarian Jo Swinson is standing for Lib-Dems leadership, Capricorn Alex Phillips is MEP for Brexit party and they are more conciliatory in tone and regardless of your persuasion, there are a lot of signs of politicians working to unite rather than to divide. I make no secret that I prefer to be European but I want to hear the reasons being given for not being in the EU, so I listen to everyone. I think we all need to stop hating one another for having different opinions, which is all they are, as few of us are even given full facts after all. Yet that anger is born of fear that we'll lose something precious and damage our country's security.  I see a new set of political voices springing up, and it makes me much more hopeful. Even the ones I disagree with, I hear principles surfacing over policies. Fingers will remain idealistically crossed, but I do feel more hopeful. 

That said we'll have some potent and passionate aspects around and beyond the full Moon of 17th June, with Mars and Mercury opposing Pluto over 19th/20th.. David will be tackling Goliath, power struggles likely and some heavier news may be reported. It seems we have to be shaken into consciousness to see what we are doing, where we are taking ourselves, not just in UK but globally.  This planet is so beautiful and so bountiful and has finite resources, and we have to wake up, for sure, but each and ever one of us can do all sorts of small things to make a difference, if we just do a wee bit of homework. If we don't just yell our opinions, but actually do our bit to caretake the most precious thing of all, our home. Our planet.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019  It's well seen that (warrior, passion and assertion planet)Mars and( shake things up, revolutionary, electricity planet) Uranus are in aspect.. can you feel that fierce electricity out there echoing what's in the cosmos today?

Monday 20th May 2019 Sagittarius Moon alongside Jupiter will be pretty if the sky is clear tonight. Jupiter is such a bright light. Linked to travel, teaching, to the spirit of adventure, and to having a good time! Extravagance, larger than life situations and expansion are Jupiterian. Moon aligning with Jupiter stirs us to say the heck with being disciplined.. let's have some fun, or let's ignore the diet and have a takeaway.. It's your call, but know what the cosmos is up to just at the moment. Tomorrow (Tuesday morning just before 9am here in UK ) comes the Gemini Sun, followed a couple of hours later by Mercury, companion of the Sun, winged messenger of the gods. And the pace could hot up, so try to complete what you're supposed to today, so that tomorrow you're primed for action as life turns livelier!

Glorious love and relating, also bargaining and assets planet Venus arrived on Wednesday into Taurus, which is a smoothing, helpful incoming energy, and then action planet Mars in moody, defensive and as we Scots say "crabbit" but caring ( sometimes too much, perhaps? ) entered Cancer for his six week stay, from first thing yesterday, and there's an unusual wee window of opportunity at work between now and Saturday night's full on intense full Moon in Scorpio, to team up, pool resources, really make things happen as a couple, business, organisation or team, possibly to the surprise of "doubters"!

That full Moon has harmony loving, beauty seeking Venus and shockwave, revolutionary, awakener planet Uranus aligned in Taurus for the first time in 83 years. Expect important shifts, twists and turns around this point, with women prominent and financial news underlined. Eurovision and any large scale gathering this Saturday could be more eventful than usual.

There's an energy at work around this time, too, that's evocative of the mood of the collective when (Cancerian) Edward 8th was creating a stir with (Gemini)Wallis Simpson. Scorpio, where this Moon swells up, is Prince of Wales sign, and there's a lot of shifting and changing going on in that very prominent family, with a decisive turning point being reached at this time, whether or not we hear about it. The last time this Venus/Uranus aspect happened around a full Moon, Edward was proposing to Wallis and major waves were being made around discussions connecting to this. And of course, far more importantly, this was a period when our planet was very unsettled politically. Venus is strong. Women will feature in the solutions, but may also be wave-makers, possibly in the quest for "balance". The fortnight leading to this annual Scorpio full Moon time often marks a period of more passings and arrivals, doors closing, and new chapters heralded. It's intense. Feelings are stirred so powerfully. Expect to be stirred, with potential for this to work out in a positive way, to move life onto a new track that, as an overall outcome, feels like an upgrade.💫💖💫

May 9th 2019  There's a potent sort it out phase coming into play as Saturn and Pluto align with the Taurus Sun, suggesting serious application to resolving practical matters, perhaps reviving security for some, connectiions being made between people who can help each other out, and who could be good news for one another. So it could be a good time for business and career alignments, and also, if applicable, for finding the right accommodation, given the brick walls association with Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn and Pluto together are in some sense akin to the Tower in Tarot as it can be about breaking things down to rebuild them. The demolition squad coming in, usually with a plan of what's going to be built in the place of what's deconstructed though.

With both the life giving Sun and the revolutionary planet Uranus in earthy, money and produce linked Taurus, there is an energy just now that's saying we are being offered routes to take, solutions that could well work, if we just look at them in the right way, with open minds.   

There will be a sign shift for Venus on Wednesday, also into Taurus, which is a smoothing, helpful incoming energy, and then action planet Mars arrives in moody, defensive and as we Scots say "crabbit"  but caring ( sometimes too much, perhaps? ) Cancer on Thursday, which isn't necessarily bad news, as there's an unusual wee window of opportunity between then and Saturday night's full Moon in Scorpio to team up, pool resources, really make things happen as a couple, business, organisation or team, possibly to the surprise of "doubters"! 

Mars in Cancer is like a Roman Gladiator with full armour on, in a hot kitchen with an apron on.  He can get GRUMPY. Especially affecting go getters not used to having to be stuck home with domestic chores. But this can mark a very busy chapter for home improvements and house builders, although my instinct is that we'll see some issues in the news around building societies, perhaps merging or changes to regulations.

Care homes could be more in focus over the next few weeks especially, too. Uranus is the planet associated with the rise of the populace, with revolutions and reactionary responses, so as he'll be angling in harmony with Mars, some positive reforms could get underway.

Mars in Cancer also evokes images of birds ready to fledge the nest and take off for independent living. News over the next few weeks will have themes of this too.

Meantime arrangements that have been tricky to sort out thanks to clouds that have never cleared, may well be about to come together for many of us, over this next, swelling Moon week, and into the following week, when communications planet Mercury will increase in power.

If you are Cancerian, an Aries, a Libra or a Capricorn watch for a touch of the grumps if you feel hemmed in, and for more impatience than usual as well as to be fired up and energised and perhaps to be feeling more inclined to set out on new personal or career paths over the Mars in Cancer transit, which is between Thursday 16th May 2019 and July 1st 2019. The paths we're all on right now, especially from this week forward could already have an air of added intensity about them, with a total solar eclipse then coming on 2nd July 2019 in the sign of Cancer, which marks an area of your life, whatever sign you are, depending on where in your chart this eclipse falls, that's ready for a new look, a fresh chapter. Plan well and wisely now and be ready for the new dawn that'll very likely already be manifesting in your life, filed under the banner of "it's time for this change in my life".  

Best wishes, always and thanks for stopping by! 💫💖💫

May 6th 2019   Our new Royal baby boy was born on his parents' pal George Clooney's birthday, and this wee Taurus with Taurus rising is going to be a gorgeous looking baby boy, full of charm and quiet mischief, all the while under the rather stern and watchful eye of his definitely doting but duty conscious mum and probably the more indulgent eye of his dad. Taurus likes to have harmony around him and doesn't tend to make big waves, yet in a quiet sort of way this young man may well do just that, perhaps in the name of ecological causes. His chart, rather akin to George Clooney's shows an apparent charmer with a serious side. Also someone who is very likely going to have quite a voice, one that'll be heard. Mercury in Aries in his chart suggests he's very intelligent and impatient, and Mars in curious, animated Gemini, where his Moon is, shows he's not likely to sit still for too long.
He's got a real sporty aspect so expect him to be competitive and maybe even to be a champion in some specific arena. He's also got Saturn the career and duty planet in a very intense configuration that shows a destiny that holds responsibilities. Saturn can show connections to the forces. His gran, the Queen is also a Taurus, as are his cousins Charlotte and Louis and his great uncle Charles Spencer. Expect this young Royal to make his mark on the world!
Copyright: Lynne Ewart

Thursday 2nd May 2019 The Aries Moon aligns with Venus stirs us to take initiatives to bring smoothness and harmony into our lives, very likely because of a rather unsettled 24hrs previous, where frustrations could have led to folk behaving in ways that have a ripple effect, not always helpful. Dizziness and headaches could have been experienced of late under a cosmic mix of being knocked off balance, perhaps by rigid adherence to old ways that no longer serve. Late evening aspects show secrecy around discussions, journeys and forward planning, followed by harmonious results coming into Friday that spell ease on the heels of a stuck phase. Compromise is more readily made possible where there's less restriction,  more room to manoeuvre. Expect some welcome news.

Saturday has Moondark agitation with Uranus pitching in to make for wide awake status when sleep is sought, and the day may be better spent quietly focusing on one small step at a time rather than trying to force the pace or rush into something new. It's 23:45hrs BST ( 18:45 EST) when Moon is rebirthed and becomes new in Taurus, achieving a more settled state of affairs over the coming week for many of us. Sunday has Mars opposing Jupiter after getting quirky with Pluto, so something that looked potentially tricky could have a better outcome than expected, possibly after a slow start, rapidly reaching a triumphant conclusion.  This is a significant date for international affairs, too. This coming week should have some lively, breakthrough moments where we're lifted and feel the hopefulness of needed change becoming possible. Saturn will be aligned well to enhance and stabilise matters of security, and Venus gets into in the mood, come Thursday for a celebration that may be mixed with a twinge of regret that all things do indeed change, yet sometimes change can serve us better than we realise at the time. And on that note, I'll leave you with best wishes for the best week.💫💖💫

Friday 26th April 2019  One of my much respected colleagues, Olga Morales forecasts the sort of events that shake the world, and she was right about the religious attacks in Sri Lanka, New Zealand. It shatters trust and faith in humanity when these things occur. It's why I do not subscribe to religion. SO much pain seems to be directed at folk for being "different" to us. Why? I will never know.  The whole point of astrological charts is to illustrate the differences that underpin our uniqueness. The wonderful unity that fellow human beings can show when faced with tragedy, helping one another, is what inspires us to keep hoping and trusting and having faith.

 As for the cosmos, yep, it's unsettled. Geomagnetic storms aren't helping those of us who pick up on those resonances and transmute them into nuisance migraines and other pesky things.

This weekend we have a humanitarian Aquarius Moon, so that'll be encouraging for compassionate efforts and for being our best for fellow man, women, person..   Saturn is on a pause over Monday/Tuesday, and that could be relevant to monarchy matters, seeing as both our Queen and Prince Harry have Capricorn rising, ruled by Saturn. So we'll see! Many of us will have new plans in mind just now, as we reach towards next Saturday May 4th and the New Moon in Taurus (Queen's sign) alongside Uranus ( Let's change it all!) and many of us will be feeling ready to shake off old stuck, entrenched ways and patterns, making way for new chapters. How about you?  Have the best week and lotsalove as always 💫💖💫.

Friday 12th April 2019. No Brexit then.. as astrologers anticipated. It's impossible to imagine an ideal state of affairs, and given the astrology, it just doesn't work as things stand. Anyway on to happier things. Royal news is likely under Sunday 14th's Sun/Jupiter Trine on a Leo Moon weekend.This week brings a second full Moon in Libra, so second time around love is also on the cards, with The Yorks perhaps making an announcement. It's a week of second chances, for moments where the one that got away comes back into orbit and there could be some magic there, all over again. Relationships that suck could also be the focus of action at last, with divorce news prominent over the next ten days or so. Sending good wishes and soothing to those harassed by all the madness in the news..and feel better wishes for those feeling under par as the solar activity undermines vitality for some💫💖💫

Friday 5th April 2019  New Moon in Aries focuses our thoughts on our own needs, on ourselves, reminding us that we need to take responsibility for tending our own needs on every level.

In a way this new Moon is akin to the phase where a student leaves home to go to university or college, to become mroe independent. Where we learn to stand on our own two feet. Likewise, this is an important phase for being firm about your own boundaries and about what you need and how best to find the security and core strength that'll see you towards feeling more settled.

The cosmos is reflecting the governmental issues of the day with this new Moon, too. I think that life will feel quite heavy going at times over this coming week, and yet it's a bit like excavating deep for good solid foundations for the future.

Within ten days, there may well be reasons for us all to feel a bit lighter. I also see that by 14th the Royal family are making news that could well bring smiles. 

Have a great week all, and have faith that despite the stumbling blocks, we'll get where we need to be.💫💖💫

Friday 29th March 2019  The date might be Brexit linked to many, but to me it's the date when I became a mum, so Happy Birthday to my firstborn Andrew, who is now older than me 🎂😉💕 and looks after my website!  There's an occultation of Saturn this Friday, in Capricorn, where Pluto also is, which seems to reflect the power leaving Government..albeit temporarily. Not the sweetst of daye unles you have your head down and stay firmly focused on putting one foot in front of t'other. However over the weekend things perk up nicely, with Mercury now going direct  as of Thursday at 2pm GMT and Action planet Mars coming into Mercury's own sign of Gemini. Okay the clouds aren't gone, but there's new initiative afoot and from Sunday it feels like a fresh take on things will start to prevail instead of that Groundhog day feel that's been about for the last six weeks or so in particular. Next week, well Friday brings a new Moon in Aries, which very likely might see a new leader or new elements of leadership arising that encourage a bit of stability where things have been rocky. Interpret this also in your own life and see how it works. 

Friday 22nd March 2019 Moon is ebbing after her Superfull status yesterday morning at 01:43hrs (UT) and over the next day or two she's in a volatile state, travelling the Via Combusta, The Fiery Road, opposing Uranus, planet of revolution and radical change and eventually opposing fiery Mars by Sunday night. Mercury continues to retrograde, goes direct on 28th, but not fully out of shadow for three weeks yet. This weekend sees the second of three, the final being Tuesday 2nd April)alignment (so this is the middle/retrograde one) of Mercury with Neptune, which can inspire the creative, compassionate, the spiritual and artistic, but also warns of clouds of confusion, weariness, skulduggery, deception and of smoke and mirrors tactics in negotiations, some of which are pretty darned crucial right now, with the Vernal Equinox just having happened, and revolutionary Uranus activated. Keeping an open but alert mind is an idea, as is double checking the details, as always when planet Earth has sped up to leave Mercury, planet of essential detail, back at the bus stop. The details are not yet sorted, says Mercury, so tear ahead and sign on the dotted line at your peril. Unless something was long since agreed and is just being finalised, and even then, check for typos and omissions. 💫💖💫

Mercury is Retrograding across Pisces, until 28th, but this communicator and messenger between mind and body planet has been and will be in shadow = not operating quite as sharply over Feb 19-April 16th. 
The shadow phase is a regular feature that astrologers take into account. So here's your chance to fine tune, to research and to get to the root of mysteries, as situations present themselves that are loaded with uncertainty. 
Time to look beneath the surface, yet heed the inner voice of intuition that tells you if something's being missed out, it's worth investigating. If you sense you aren't being given the whole story, you aren't, and that might be because someone doesn't actually know the facts they're asking you to agree with! 
It's good to take time out if you can, to truly think about what's needed, what works, how best to heal, mend, let go , simplify. 
Time to work out the next plan, and under this Friday 15th March's Cazimi aspect , when Mercury aligns to gets the full power of the Sun, light bulbs could flash, with answers and options which could take a few weeks to work on, yet could be worth exploring. Something you'd never thought possible, just might be, but still, use any phase of delays to fine tune that option,to 
get the best overall outcome.
The alignment might also bring insights into self defeating behaviour that's keeping you penned to the past, to old patterns that no longer serve you.
Be KIND to YOU and don't be guilt tripping yourself about taking time to sort your own world. This is YOUR life. Make it work well for you. You're worth it. 💫💖💫.

Friday 8th March 2019 Moon's shining through Aries, and those born under this sign may be feeling a tad more in the driving seat now, in one way or another as rollercoaster Uranus has departed your sign for another 77years or so! For us all,  now that Uranus is in Taurus for a long stay, look to new ways of generating income, and be willing to think outside of the box, to do things differently. Look to growing some of your own food, look to making use of what's changing out there in the world, and adapt to survive and thrive.

This next week favours creating structure, security and revamps, especially with a view to doing things, where you've been waiting for the moment to arrive.  Be wary of either promising the earth in order to make others feel good, or care more, and be careful about overextending yourself towards the weekend. Try to pace yourself wisely..💫💖💫


Mercury stations this Tuesday 5th March, retrograde at 18:19hrs (UK time/UT) in Pisces, emphasising the importance of thinking things through and of being willing to wait for the right plan to morph into consciousness.


Due to the shadowy effect of this Mercurial phase, it'll be the second week of April before some projects get fully underway, even though Mercury will station, ready to go forward on 28th March, which, incidentally, will link to what's beginning under tomorrow's new Moon at 16:04hrs. (UK time/UT).


Something of the past, maybe long awaited or planned may, over the next few weeks come to fruition, and old mysteries could be uncovered. If you harbour doubts about a person, a situation or a suggestion..explore that. Neptune can bring news that inspires, or stirs deep emotion.


There's a massive planetary shift afoot as radical, revolutionary, innovative Uranus finally leaves Aries for the next 77 years, tomorrow, 6th March at 08:26, then making his complete ingress into Taurus, which is linked to Mother Earth, to our very planet itself, and is also the sign of our Queen, who has the Sun right at this beginning point of Taurus. Many members of the Royal family have solar and lunar charts being stirred by this sign shift, which began last May, but is now more obviously becoming a time of major transition.

The next few weeks will be eventful, in some instances as much for what doesn't happen as for what does. Mercury's retrograde is good for things that are prefixed with RE- .. reconnecting, revising, reviewing, refurbishing, and as he's in Pisces by Neptune, for reflecting.

Nostalgia will be stirred.. and weather may be damper or chillier, and for some there will be delays that allow us to catch up in other areas, or perhaps to rethink plans that might be made tighter, better. Mercury's slowdown can affect travel, negotiations and appointments, and some dates are brought forward too. Arrangements are often rejigged. So stay fairly flexible and try to be philosophical. It's often surprising how things work out after Mercury seems to play mischief maker during these retro phases!


Moon is in serious Capricorn until 19:06hrs this Saturday 2nd March, good for minding your business, tending your tasks, although Venus and Neptune are this your way..and if tending the tasks means finishing that miniseries, reading that book, after a few chores are out of the way, then perfect. Tonight you might see (at 22:03hrs GMT) a pretty alignment of the Moon with Venus, which is great for friendship and for rising above the mundane, for seeing the better and bigger picture of your own possibilities. Moon and Venus draw women close, or bring warmth from the women in your world. It's a good aspect for forward planning of nice things too.💫💕💫

Friday 22nd February 2019  Jupiter is pretty buoyant in aspect just now, although Mercury is in shadow, not retrograde till 5th March, but be aware of communications overloads and glitches, oversights and missed information over the next few weeks, as Mercury is in Pisces, beside its ruler, Neptune. So you may well be more aware of those mixups and oversights than usual, and watch for rearranged plans.   Venus is with Pluto this weekend, exact tomorrow Saturday 23rd, and this energy brings a tendency to do what will bring the most successful outcome for the longer term even if it doesn't entirely feel comfortable at the time. The combination of these two accentuates female power, so women in office and at the top are more prominent, and with Mercury aspecting Pluto this Saturday, look for secrets being shared, with a view to mutual benefit. This could be a weekend when behind the scenes overseas business deals are struck, but possibly leading to several stages or times when everything is rejigged. Political  skulduggery is afoot, and financial interests will dominate there.  

International affairs are better served on Wednesday. Look out for better news emerging from political arenas where there is a precedent already set for sommon sense tactics. Progress is indicated.

Tuesday 19th February 2019 Have you been struck by the brightness of the swelling Moon over the last few days? This is 2019's biggest and closest Supermoon, exact this afternoon  at 15:54hrs (UT)in Virgo. What's coming to a peak in your world? Sun arrived last night in Pisces, and for Pisces this marks the returning of your own light and vitality, but first, under this full Moon, you may be stretched or feeling tugged. Emotions stir at a full Moon. People are stirred to unite or divide, depending on where's best for them to be. Some mysteries may be solved, some wounds may be healed, and some may quietly just tiptoe away for some time out from demanding situations, for their own healing.

Virgo moon time reminds us to tend what is right in front of us, to look after your body and your mind, and as healer/teacher Chiron has just arrived in Aries, the sign of the individual, now settling fully in for a lengthy stay, then self care becomes paramount,not in a selfish way, but in a mindful, fix yourself, take the time you need to do that, way, before you think of springboarding yourself into fresh demands. The next few weeks will underline where we could benefit from healing, where we might benefit from pausing to reflect on choices we made, perhaps many years ago, which perhaps fitted the needs of the time but needn't chain us forever to the past. Jupiter is keen to help us fly free of ancient wounds, chains, self limitations. But maybe first, a bit of reflection, to let wisdom flow?

Full Moons always stir things up. Listen to what's going on inside and outside of you. The energy can feel intense, pressured, perhaps like a bird tapping 🐦 its way out of the shell.. pace yourself wisely. You'll get there..but make a few allowances for full Moon intensity. Try to get some fresh air, be quietly busy, and, given that Mercury rules this lunation, and is aligned with Neptune for some time to come, make time to dream,and to explore possibilities which perhaps you've counted yourself out of in the past, too. If it means something to you, it matters.

Saturday 16th February 2019  Moon is swelling now, towards her fullness come Tuesday 19th at 15:54hrs GMT (UT) in VIRGO, sign of service and of detail. This Moon is ruled by Mercury, going into shadow, so what is coming to fruition now, or seems to be agreed, possibly isn't quite as it seems. I'd be vigilant about what's promised or suggested as what's not being said is somehow going to be more important. So LISTEN, READ, CHECK, and ANALYSE, with your magnifying glass, and take nothing at face value where important issues are concerned. If it feels like something's been glossed over, or not fully answered, plug on with the quest, and expect a fair bit of toing and froing between now and early April, when there's greater clarity. You could be very well pleased with your efforts, come April.

On a personal level, this weekend has a swelling Cancerian Moon, emphasising the need to nest and to make your home as good as it can be, and family ties are underlined, too, with older women prominent, and a breakthrough possibly coming around something that's been stuck. Official matters and paperwork will feature for many around midweek, but remember, Mercury is going into his shadow phase, so don't be rushed into anything at all that you aren't sure of. Trust the instincts that twinge away when you are reading or hearing what's being put to you. 

Mercury is  stirring Neptune's prominence, with Saturn and Pluto also being triggered as part of aseries of triple aspects between now and April, and for some, by the end of this week something that's rendered you vunerable or been hard to locate, could be en route to being resolved. Towards the weekend there are more reasons for us to smile.   But just remember to heed intuition and stay alert to the details.💫💖💫


Saturday 9th February 2019  Mars is getting all fired up thanks to the Moon now in Aries, so if you find yourself over the next 36hrs responding in a more impatient or heated way, try to take a big deep breath and count to ten. The reason being that there's a trigger aspect at work and it might be stirring reactions that aren't so much about the folk we find ourselfs frustrated with. The aspect at work is deeper, and it's stirring our fear of not being able to steer out own path forwards, for whatever reason, and for each of us that'll mean something different and very personal. So no matter who drives you up the wall, try not to credit them with such power. The cosmos is on the brink of several key shifts and that means we have to be ready to adapt to new chapters, but guess what?  You are SO equipped for this. You've got this. 💫💖💫

Sunday 3rd February 2019 Hope Sunday had been good for you. We're in Moondark phase, and if you've had some silly moments, run up a cul de sac, had repeated journeys or found it hard to make a decision, that's because something better has yet to arrive. Tomorrow's new 🌒 Moon happens just after 9pm in the UK, and it's in ♒ Aquarius sign of friendship and teams, full of potential for People power, and for humanitarian initiatives, for standing with teammates and taking a bow, for being unafraid to dance to a different tune, SO beautifully aspected. If you want to bring something new to life, this is your new Moon. Tuesday in particular has all this magical new Moon energy flowing as I've spoken about much more on my prerecorded horoscope lines on and that's your time to make that call, appointment, set out your stall, press the start button get the application form submitted. It's a FABULOUS new Moon, so make sure you dare to shine and fly! What's your next chapter going to involve? Good luck!💫💖💫

p>Thursday 31st January 2019  Today's the day for giving shape and form to your creative visions, under that aforementioned Saturn/Neptune aspect,a nd it's the right time to focus on what you need or want to shed to make life sweeter, healthier, happier. Rise into the higher "you" over these next few days, as Mars and Pluto are jarring and we get into burningly intense emotional territory so easily. Forcing things is unwise, while pouring massive energy and effort into something worthwhile is a plan that could channel the intensity positively. People can be heroes under this aspect, but they can also be blazingly mad, which for some will damage ties. having said that, sometimes we burn and simmer and say nothing when we need to cut ties and can't. So along comes a trigger where the volcano goes off and the deed is done, albeit with a less than comfortable vibe. It is good to be honest, but knowing the difference between frank and brutal is wise.   


Saturday has  subversive energy around political and corporate matters, weekend or not. There could be secret deals done this weekend.

Sunday night is good for finding travel deals, for agreeing terms and plans for couples, teams and like minded groups, and could also be good for bouncing around good ideas, which for some will link to a period coming in around 2021. Watch for little details being slipped through nets left unattended, is the message for those with direct interests in the current political maelstrom. A light goes out over one significant figurehead.

Monday's new Moon comes at 21:04hrs (UT/GMT)  in Aquarius and it's all about working to create a clearer, happer, healthier state of affairs, addressing uncertainties and finding answers, which becomes simpler from Tuesday.

Look out  by the end of this week. for some unusual blessings in disguise that favour progress of a sort that feels more fitting than previously foggy options, in whatever pressing situation you may be currently immersed. Have a good one all! 💫💖💫

Friday 25th January 2019  Mars is well poised this Friday for action that succeeds, and for getting ourselves motivated to do things we haven't felt we had time or head space for. Moon is in sociable, fair play seeking Libra, and that's where she stays over the weekend, although Saturday has some weightier lunar tides that could bring challenges that might rejig plans for some. That said, there could be swings and roundabouts situations.  

Sunday whisks in more unsettled aspects, to be honest, and my advice would be to try to keep things simple. Scorpio Moonphase gets underway, and you'll hear of/encounter the best and worst of folk. Women are extra prominent.  Monday brings more of the best of folk, and that's an encouraging day for many of us, with business, legalities, resources and sharing plans looking more promising. 

There's an unusual and significant alignment, which is the major aspect this week, between Saturn and Neptune so essentially this is an auspicious time for us to knuckle down and to stop procrastinating over what we deep down know we want to achieve, which could entail streamlining and decluttering, simplifying things, creating space for new chapters to unfold.

This, quite rare Saturn/Neptune sextile aspect, becomes exact on Thursday 31st at 14:15hrs GMT (UT) and my experience, over the years I've been studying, suggests that we can more readily give up the things we must in order to go forward on our life journey feeling lighter, healther, more fulfilled. So start off on Thursday with that healthier "YOU" intention and begin the plan that'll lead you to success. Good luck! 💫💖💫

Saturday 19th January, 2019.  Did you have a crazy few days there? Is it still all a bit jangly? We've had some tricky aspects around communications, travel and mobility. And key communications have been laced with an element of secrecy, especially those that impact the bow of the ship, the leaders and figureheads. Uranus is in his rebellious, supercharged mode as he's been squaring the Capricorn Sun, which is like a people's uprising, and about changes at the top, changes that are about the individual demanding to be heard,  which can mean people fighting for fairness, and it can also indicate toddlers screaming in tantrum.

We're about to have a big Leo, super full Moon, that's also a lunar eclipse. It's about something getting in the way of what's to be completed. Mother Earth is getting in the way.. practicality is her preference.. and of course the word "lunatic" is appropriate..some folk are showing their lunacy and others are wiping up the mess, or will be if the toddler isn't better directed!

Uranus is in his last degree of pioneering Aries, called a critical degree. This is the point where we can suddenly see what can be done, as opposed to what seems impossible. It's a bit of a Berlin Wall moment, in my eyes, where progress, even if not yet made public, could be made towards a revolutionary change. Where history couldn be made.

It may feel to some as though it's impossible to plan ahead, make arrangements, and that's going to shift, at least a bit, and every small shift can lead to bigger shifts. The Sun arrives in Aquarius this Sunday 20th at 0900hrs UT/GMT Moon is in Cancer. Intuition will be strong. Getting an overview/ clearer insight is possible. Information comes into the public domain as the Moon swells to her fullness, which happens, in eclipse, at 05:16hrs UT/GMT Monday 21st January, Put heart and soul into what needs to be addressed, and be willing to work as hard as it takes to make plans and projects work. Venus and Jupiter align on Tuesday, and there could for so many, be relief and a stronger feelgood factor than has been evident in a while. On a mundane level, you'll have reason to feel positive, hopeful, and maybe there'll be a boost to fortunes. On a higher level, there could be favourable developments around matters international. Friday will bring action that builds bridges and sets wheels in motion that were previously stuck. A bigger overall aspect forming now is about social conscience, duty of leadership, doing what's best for the people, and perhaps that'll draw some good people to the fore in politics to begin the process of balance after too much focus on extremes and tyrannical behaviour from leaders. We each, as individuals need to lead our lives in a way that's responsible and mindful of others, reminds the cosmos.💫💖💫

Thursday 10th January 2019  The Sun aligns with Pluto this Friday 11th  in the sign of Capricorn, where Saturn already is, where Mercury is, where that eclipse happened last Sunday..murky politics is surging around us. Pluto represents the end of , transformation of, or rebirth of something quite substantial.

Capricorn is the sign of government, of large organisations, parental and other authorities in our world. Security, the roof over our heads, the mountain to climb to reach our goals. Capricorn energy links to our heads of state too. So there's a wind of change blowing, as we all know. The cosmos reflects what's happening here on Earth.  We're hearing and will be hearing news of closures and endings and resignations, exposure of corruption.

On a personal level, things may give up the ghost and need to be replaced, renewed, moved. This next week has serious discussions, secrecy and also a lot of people power through the wave of idealism and hopefulness that'll also be experienced as Jupiter and Neptune angle each other by Sunday.

The cosmos tells a story of mountains to be climbed and challenges to face in the quest for what we truly believe in, what we want to manifest in our lives, "Believe and Achieve" has never seemed a more appropriate phrase!  That hard work and sincere, direct effort could be rewarded within the next two weeks. Good news will come as quite a surprise next week, to many. Hope you'll have some, too. 💫✨💫💖

Saturday 5th January 2019. Best 2019 wishes! We are now in the shadow of tomorrow's Capricorn solar eclipse. An eclipse is like the ripples that come as a stone is thrown into water. The stone is the eclipse date..but those ripples are around, behind, ahead. The event is already decided, happening or has happened, and this eclipse (new Moon) 🌒 will mark the turning point, the action point, the milestone. An eclipse sees the light going out, or marks events where a light went out, and it's all more emotional, more sensitive now, as we are in some way told "hold still" till the light returns.

Try not to fret about what you don't yet know how to deal with. The signs, the pointers, they will come. Do what you know how to, your best to clear, tidy, pause, reflect, do the homework on what you could benefit from understanding. Avoid crazy risk taking. It won't be worth it. It's like trying to rewrite a play you're in, right before curtain up. Use energy wisely. Maybe you can't rewrite the play, but you can put your own unique spin on it. This eclipse is powerful, feels like a moment in history where the world pauses before rolling forward towards revolutionary changes. Politically, that's obvious. Choices we make need to be carefully researched, wise. The ripples of the eclipse mean that what's unfolding now goes back too, very possibly to last May for some, and for others, to 19years ago when this eclipse last appeared. Tomorrow's eclipse is accompanied by the forward station of radical change planet Uranus in Aries, the pioneer. "Never say never" springs to mind, aswhst looked impossible, might not be. The harder we've worked to bring about the results we seek, the more focused we are about what we now want to manifest in our lives, very likely involving future security and independence, personal and otherwise, the stronger our chances are of succeeding.

Being present, being engaged in the process of bringing the changes we seek is so important. Assuming everyone else has it sorted, sussed leads to surprises or even shocks. Maybe you're better equipped than you think for that new job or role. Do your homework. Prepare to point yourself with faith at the goals that matter now, then, as the light returns after tomorrow's new Moon, solar eclipse.. Walk your own best path. Trust that you came equipped for your journey. What looked like or perhaps has been an end may well turn out to be a beginning.

This Capricorn eclipse in the sign of government and heads of state, with pioneering leader sign Aries underlined as breakaway, revolutionary Uranus is about to go forward reflects political changes, moves towards new lifestyles, careers, towards independence, setting up new businesses, for some, life landmarks linked to alliances and relationships that support, protect as well as actions that can lead to restriction hence the initial suggestion of going gently, not leaping right now, not taking risks. If there be doubt or lack.of clarity, "Make camp till first light shows you the way". 💫💖💫

p>Friday 14th December 2018  There's a Pisces Moon phase until Sunday and a wobbly aspect between Uranus and Neptune this Saturday 15th. This can bring a sense of frustration over aeas where you feel powerless and it can also bring dizziness. Sounds a bit random to be saying that, but those two planets aligned often do that. Watch for folk saying they feel the's as thought all of the political madness has made heads spin. Sunday is smoother and good for getting things settled, agreed, done and dusted. Big efforts will be made over the next few days, and Wednesdy 19th brings soothing, sorting, encouraging, reassuring mments as well as  for some,  overindulgences, whether it's going large with gifts or enjoying some festive goodies and cheer! The cosmos has no idea about Christmas, so it's good to make the most of the moments regardless of the date! By the time we get to Friday, it'll be Winter Solstice and the early evening aspects are loving and lovely for enjoying all that's good in life. Moon is swelling full then, exact on Saturday 22nd in the sign of Cancer, the family and hospitality sign, wonderful for gatherings . Enjoy ✨💫✨


Monday 10th December 2018 

CAPRICORN Moon day = TCB Take care of Business time✨💫✨. Cosmos helps us to be productive over the next seven hours, to tend duty with diligence, to be organised and to deal with the practicalities. The Moon is in a positive productive phase between now and around 9pm this evening when lines then may blur more and as she jars with contrary Uranus, the revolutionary awakener and wave maker. Political discussions on tonight's news and current affairs chats will be "lively". Moon goes into the "people's" sign of AQUARIUS,very late tonight, at 23:39hrs.. so there's an "up in the air" feeling around all sorts of commitments and until tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon from around 1pm, that continues. Then there are signs of improvement and guess what? A glimmer of common sense could even make an appearance. 💫

Thursday  6th December 11:20am (UT)Mercury is STATIONARY just now. Paused. There are umpteen communications issues around. 02/Tesco/giffgaff down today. I got locked out of a work sharing Microsoft account where I upload recordings. Arrangements changed around. Altered schedules, altered workload (more). Have you had communications/ technological/transport/ schedule issues? Mercury has been in shadow since 29th October, and retrograding since 17th November. He will take a while to get back on track, but many issues begin to clear as he makes that forward station tonight at 21:23hrs (UT/GMT). New Moon tomorrow December 7th at 07:20hrs in hopeful Sagittarius, which puts new options on the table, so don't rush to assumption about matters that are currently fogged up, and try to stay fairly flexible for now., Maybe you'll have a chance to catch up in other areas.

Monday December 3rd 2019 has this been an day with agitation around it? Possibly beginning on Sunday 3rd, as Uranus has been stirring things at the same time as Mars has been jarring with the Sun, meaning that something's getting to us..different issues probably for us all. Pluto is also in this picture and he's in Capricorn, and that's giving a general sense of dread over what we feel w ought to have more power to do something about, but our hands are in some way tied. Mercury and Venus are both in Scorpio, with Mercury retrograding and Venus arousing intense emotions, and this comes right after Venus then about to leave Libra opposed Uranus retrograding over Aries. on Saturday 1st.  Controversy around women is a theme.

Look at what's happening in the UK with Theresa May, who's a Libran, and also with the rumours spiralling around the younger Royal Duchesses. Controversy is spinning. And sometimes the mood of the collective is such that we ned to project it all out there onto someone or something rather than address what feels too scary to do anything about on a more personal level.

Is there something driving you nuts that you can't seem to do anything about? Sometimes instead of addressing how we really feel, we deflect. Be conscious of where you may be pouring emotional energy that's just draining you, or of where you are burning inside with the desire to see things changing, but staying put and feeling low.  Honest and open discussion may feel like a mountain too far to climb, but as Mercury turns forward this Thursday 6th, followed by a new (truth loving) Sagittarius Moon, there's a better chance that you will find the way to express yourself honestly and reasonably.

Try to avoid rumour mills and poison pits where folk are being negative. Mix with the folk who see the water glass as there to be filled. Do something positive, whether it's clearing and cleaning out a personal space on the home or work front or doing something to make a difference to others. 

Tuesday 4th is promising for those who need to get things done, while Wednesday's Sun/Neptune aspect comes alongside an all or nothing Scorpio Moonphase, which warns against placing too much expectation on anyone, yourself included, as there may be some vitality draining moments, especially by the evening. The act of clearing and cleansing this week, of preparing for fresh chapters, has a positive effect, giving a sense of order in situations that feel a bit chaotic or daunting. Go gently with yourself and look forward to the new Moon rays that'll give us all a wee lift!

Thursday 22nd November 2018  Sun arrived in Sagittarius today at 09:01hrs GMT/UT  opening our minds to wider realms of possibilities, stirring the parts of our souls that so want to believe in all that's bright and positive. We're often more open, more tolerant and more im the mood to make the best of life over the month when the Sun shows up in this part of the sky.

Sagittarius stirs us to look at educational options, to look at travel advertisements, to check out the deals, and to go big, not  play safe. That isn't advice though, it's simply the Sagittarius mood and theme! In fact exclamation marks are very Sagittarius too !!!  

Sagittarius, and its ruler planet "go large" Jupiter,  is linked to actors and clerics, lawyers and politicians. To those who put on a performance, using larger than life self expression.It's also associated with the media, taking words and adding volume to them.  Sometimes embellishment too! There's another exclamation mark ..

Moon swells full This Friday 2rd at 05:39hrs GMT/UT and she's in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. This full Moon is restlessness personified, an agitation Moon, called the Beaver Moon, incidentally. We're trying to dart forward and sort everything but being held back.A bit like running a race with a blindfold on. SLOW down. Go gently..Right now messenger planet Mercury is retrograde, (since last Saturday 17th November) which also tends to mean a done deal might not quite be a done deal, so reserving judgement seems like a good idea, as does research, not rushing into things, taking time to fully digest what's said rather than responding immediately. It's a good time to catch up with folk and with what you've left unfinished, and often a delay in one area is your chance to make up time in another under communications planet Mercury's retrograde phase which happens three times a year and lasts for three weeks.

Take notes, double check them, check figures, make sure they are not transposed. take a few beats longer because when Mercury backtracks, often his astute powers of observation are dulled. He moves forward on 6th December, right before a new Moon, and what emerges around then could include previously missing information. 

This coming week has larger than life Jupiter aligning with the Sun and Mercury. BIG messages being delivered, some with BIG promises. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde. Not necessarily a done deal or all of the details of a plan in place yet. Although for some this will mark the beginning of a joyful  "return" trip..As this month closes and December begins, watch for big shifts around prominent women, creating quite a stir.. A changeover is ahead. Tuesday's announcements or findings will have a follow through point on 21st December.. when deals are more likely to be done, that are indeed "done deals". 

Till next time! 

Thursday 15th November 2018 Late this evening..Mars crosses the border into Pisces leaving the air sign of Aquarius, communicator sign of humanitarianism, of large groups of people, of social justice, where he has spent an unusual length of time since last summer, agitating our social conscience, stirring us to be anything but complacent over values and issues that really matter to us all. This is a time to be informed, so as to be very clear about what you do want,not just what you don't.
Mars is on a critical degree in Aquarius, where the Moon ( pulse of the day, of the people) is also travelling, so no wonder this is a fired up date. Mars is making a cooperative connection to Uranus, the innovative, shake it up planet linked to big social shifts. 
Whatever you do on a personal level today, try to do it with integrity and sincerity, and think of the bigger picture, of what's right and best for all. No man or woman is an island, says the cosmos. 
An example of this energy channeled well is the many stories of communities rallying to help those affected by the wildfires in California. Lady Gaga mucking in and quietly delivering pizzas to keep folk fed, looking out for folk. Better to be an assertive humanitarian, than an angry observer. If you can do one kind thing for someone today, you'll have added to the positive power and potential of today's fired up energy. 💫💞💫

Thursday 8th November 2018   Jupiter just arrived in his home sign of Sagittarius now! It's a positive and uplifting energy, and the news will increasingly reflect the stronger sense of hope around needed change.. This is where things will expand and where you'll feel his larger than life influence:

ARIES.. You will feel like travelling more, and most likely will. Educational plans and matters legal are more hopeful.

TAURUS Joint resources feel liberated perhaps by less demand, and you're going to feel more confident about embracing the transformational changes you might previously have resisted.

GEMINI You benefit from what's done in twosomes and teams and start feeling life really opening up more. Good people come into your life and you feel free of tie that never fitted.

CANCER Happier, freer times beckon around work and wellbeing. Improving surroundings? Getting the right people on board feels simpler.

LEO Love and friendships can blossom and all sorts of reasons for personal happiness multiply. Look out for baby news, happy announcements and more confidence to shine like the star you are.

VIRGO Home life gets happier.You might extend, improve or move. Starting out on a new chapter feels good. Launching a new business, or beginning a family? Jupiter sends blessings.

LIBRA The world of writing, music, mobility, teaching or learning could occupy more of your daily routines. Siblings have success news, and your neighbourhood may be upgraded.

SCORPIO Jupiter boosts money making opportunities and angles well to your career point, so the next year could herald a financially beneficial chapter. You are more in tune with the path you seek.

SAGITTARIUS You are in your element! Go big and go far is your theme! Home life gets livelier and your confidence rises. Watch for excesses, but you always seem to land on your feet!

CAPRICORN Karmic vibrations draw strangely unexpected luck and good people towards you, A partner's life is altering, perhaps at last. The giving you do is the best of ways.

AQUARIUS The word "impossible" is transformed to "I'm possible" as hopes and wishes that you might have thought could never materialise, just might. Focus, visualise, and communicate widely and warmly.

PISCES Ambitions blossom into success stories, whether they are your hopes for family or the goals you've set for your career. Jupiter expands your public persona and opens doors of opportunity that remind you to "believe and achieve".

Wednesday 7th November 2018   At 16:02hrs (UT) New Moon happens in Scorpio at 15 degrees. Today is a day for gently working towards new projects and plans, for doing the groundwork.

I'm going to tell you something that'll seem unusual for me, until I explain .. there's a theme with this new Moon and it's "KNOW THINE ENEMY"..

Is your enemy yourself? Through the millions of life changing ideas that never get set in motion? Is it overindulgence? Is it extreme emotional reaction? Is it overgiving to those who never quite return that to balance the relationship? (Maybe that's not the relationship to be pouring so much energy into?)

Is your enemy a tendency to let molehills become mountains?

Is it comparing yourself unfavourably with others? Believing the one person(probably out of a hundred positively encouraging folk) who puts you down?

You're hopefully getting the theme here..

Scorpio asks you to be truer to your own inner, excellent, authentic self. You don't have to prove yourself to people who aren't really "your Tribe". Be proud of YOU, just as you are and you're going to attract those who see all that's great about you, too.

It's important, too, to address the topic that nobody can escape and that's about death and closure. Scorpio time is when all the leaves fall and it feels like everything is dying off. Only what's lived its cycle in your life is dying off, though, even though for some that might involve a gut wrenching horrid time, and if you are going through something sharply painful, Scorpio isn't telling you this is all sweet and that you need to be all spiritual and philosophical about heartbreaking experiences. In fact Scorpio is very much in favour of you swimming right to the bottom of what feels like a bottomless pit of emotion, because that, too is part of life, just as the trees die off, branches of our lives go, chapters end. Grief and deep emotion are signs that you are fully living, truly caring. Scorpio new Moon is here to tell you that your heart will go on, that you can and will make new chapters of joy.

As the new Moon forms, from 16:02, your emotions may well be deeply stirred, and there's a rising passion as Mars and Pluto connect, then that new Moon's first aspect is to Pluto, her own (Scorpio's) ruler planet, and it's about purging, purifying, detoxing, decluttering, stripping things right back and making them work better than perhaps they ever did. Here's a little bit of lunar magic. This new Moon could be helpful in bringing to fruition something that was suggested, thought about, around 22nd December last year, and June 4th this year. Those dates saw Jupiter, the "go large" planet of travel, law, performing, liberation, expansion and of opportunity at the degree th

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